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No one knew that the seemingly massive assassination attempt in the Imperial Palace was planned by SiYue Junzhu of Rui Wangfu.

Had it not been for Xiao Ting intervening and stealing the treasure map, the real map should have been in her hands.

“How important is that map? This princess knows better than you. Now that they’ve been alerted, they will no longer leave the map in an obvious place, and will definitely hide it in a place no one knew.”

“If you want to start again, it’ll be even harder. What’s more, many people in Yaochi Palace, as well as Jiu Wangfei, have seen you. If you enter the Palace again, it will be a death sentence.”

The woman in black no longer spoke, but quietly listened.

SiYue Junzhu thought for a moment, then returned under the grape racks while telling the one behind her, “I’ll give you the second task.”

“Please rest assured that this subordinate will never hesitate to die and complete the task.”

SiYue leaned back and said, “This princess doesn’t need you to die, just find a chance to get into Jiu Wangfu.”

Jiu Wangfu? Are you asking me to monitor Jiu Wangye?” The black-clothed woman reacted quickly, somewhat surprised.

But SiYue Junzhu chuckled lightly and said, “Just you? Do you think it’s possible to monitor Ninth Uncle? This princess wants you to approach Jiu Wangfei. No matter what method you use, you must get her trust and stay by her side.”

“Subordinate has received the order.”

SiYue waved her hand and then said: “Go back and remember to change your face.”

After speaking, the woman in black didn’t hesitate at all. She got up, turned around, and left.

All the people who knew the news were secretly busy, but Xiao Ting already left this matter behind her, even leisurely going out with the two little ones, calling it “suppressing the shock”.

Housekeeper Mu smiled and watched the five of them leave. He was smiling so much that Xiao Ting thought this old man’s third spring had come.

“Sister, where are we going? Haven’t we walked all over the Capital already? There’s nothing fun.”

After this incident, Xiao Xin felt a little uneasy and looked uninterested.

However, Chu Yun, the heir son of Jiu Wangfu, was not affected at all.

She curled her lips and said, “It must be that this woman just wants to go out. My father won’t allow it so she pulled us to use as shields.”

Xiao Xin raised his small face, looking suspicious. Speechless, Xiao Ting pointed at Chu Yun’s forehead and said, “You are so cunning at such a young age, how can you get married in the future?”

Xiao Ting didn’t deny Chu Yun’s statement and began to change the subject.

But this sentence lit up Chu Yun’s hot temper.

Chu Yun jumped away from her claws in an instant, looked around, and seeing that no one noticed, she then whispered: “This heir son warns you, don’t talk nonsense outside. I am a son, how can it be possible to marry me off?”

“Furthermore, this heir son is going to marry a gentle and virtuous woman in the future.”

Obviously, this four-year-old girl, although precocious, didn’t understand the feelings between men and women.

“Why do you look down on this miss so much? It’s really sad.” Xiao Ting made a sad gesture as she walked, holding her heart and sniffling.

The little heir son turned her little head to the other side arrogantly, not looking at her.

“Hahahaha…, your mother knows that you don’t look down on me, but I’m sorry. Before you can get a wife, you can only be controlled by a woman like me, your mother.”

Xiao Ting was in a good mood. She was tossed in the Palace all day and night, so she didn’t eat well at all, let alone rest.

So taking advantage of Jiu Wangye not having the time to take care of her, she slipped out of the wangfu with the two minors to see the beautiful world outside.

There’s no other way, the group of people in the wangfu were too gloomy, so she couldn’t see anything beautiful anymore. She’s afraid she’d also become gloomy.

“I say, why are you such a happy-go-lucky woman when your Aunt was sent to the Cold Palace? Are you not worried at all?”

Chu Yun also likes Xiao Guifei very much. At that time, she and Xiao Xin were left in the side hall. She didn’t hear much but she could guess what happened from hearing some words.

But she was still young, so what she says wouldn’t have any weight at all. Even her father couldn’t do anything about it, so obviously, the ending is unchangeable.

However, her little mind was still a bit uneasy, and at this moment, seeing Xiao Ting taking them out to play, alive and kicking, she felt a trace of anger in her heart.

This woman doesn’t deserve Xiao Guifei.

“What are you worried about?” Xiao Ting looked at her in confusion, then smiled: “Your father said that Aunt will be fine, just that she’s much more leisurely than before. Aunt doesn’t like the excitement. Isn’t this better?”

Although Xiao Ting is a transmigrator who had read a lot of novels and watched a lot of movies about ancient China, no one knew the harem better than a man who lived in this world like Jiu Wangye.

After hearing this, Chu Yun became speechless, and flatly said, “Do you believe in my father that way?”

Xiao Ting answered without hesitation, “Of course, he is my husband, how could he lie to me?”

In fact, Xiao Ting felt that Jiu Wangye is the kind of person who wouldn’t lie at all, nor would he bother to lie.

Hearing what Xiao Ting said, Chu Yun’s heart made waves. She didn’t speak anymore but quietly followed Xiao Ting, looking at the woman in front of her who was much older and also livelier.

The bits and pieces in front of the hawkers on the street, even a mud puppet, can attract her attention and make her stare at it for a long time very happily.

This made Xiao Yun very puzzled. What is so good about these things? Aren’t they all meaningless?

However, the woman didn’t pay attention to the two children at all.

Instead, she played by herself.

Hong Shao and Lu You stayed with the two little ones and asked them if they wanted this, or wanted to look at that, but the two seemed uninterested in these things as both shook their heads.

So there was such a group of people on the street. A teenage girl ran in front, picking and choosing things, jumping very happily like an inexperienced child.

There were four tails behind her, walking behind her in a hurry as if to protect her and also look like her foil.

It was getting dark and seeing that Xiao Ting had no plans to go back, Chu Yun finally couldn’t help but step forward and tug at the corner of her clothes.

“Huh, Xiao Yun, why are you pulling me?”

Chu Yun didn’t want to talk to this woman because she’d definitely get angry, so she pointed at the sky.

It means it’s late and they should go back.

However, Sixth Miss Xiao understood it differently. Surprised, she patted her forehead then said, “Oh, look at my memory, it’s already this time. You must be hungry after walking all day, so let’s go to Fengxian Restaurant to have a meal. Today, this miss will treat. Hong Shao, did you bring money?”

Hong Shao was still in a daze when Lu You brought her back, “Don’t worry, wangfei, I took some silver.”

Hearing that, Xiao Ting narrowed her eyes into a line. Holding Chu Yun with one hand and Xiao Xin with the other hand, she went straight to Fengxian Restaurant.

“Xiao Er, three adults, and two children. Bring us some wine and food.”

Xiao Ting had been here before, so Xiao Er recognized her. He led them to an elegant room on the second floor and without looking at the menu, Xiao Ting directly ordered.

Happily taking it, Xiao Er shook the towel on his shoulders, and then backed out, closing the door of the room along the way.

He quickly served the refreshments.

The service was very attentive.

Hong Shao and Lu You stood beside them, helping the three masters add tea and pour water.

Xiao Ting waved her hand and said, “Sit down you two. Let’s go for a stroll after dinner.”

“What? Father will be worried if we return to the wangfu so late.”

Chu Yun stood up directly and looked at Xiao Ting while expressing protest.

Xiao Ting propped her head with her right hand, tilted her head, and looked at her amusedly before saying: “Do you really want to go back? Then I’ll let Hong Shao take you back. Anyway, your father is worried about you, not us.”

Chu Yun’s anger eased a little, “It seems that you’re quite self-aware.”

Xiao Ting pursed her mouth, changed her tone, and said: “The world has always said that this girl is self-aware, so you can go back when you finish the meal.”

Just as Chu Yun was about to agree, she suddenly reacted, “I won’t. If you don’t go back, this heir son will not go back. What the hell are you going to do?”

“Hey hey hey, I say, are children in charge of the adults?”

Xiao Ting picked up the chopsticks and started knocking on the table in protest.

“What’s your deal? You’re obviously not serious. Besides, you are Jiu Wangfei. You now represent the face of Jiu Wangfu, and you still want to dangle outside at this late hour. If others saw you, what would they say?”

“What about my father’s face?”

There was only one big word on Xiao Ting’s face, embarrassment.

Even after marrying someone, she still acted unsatisfactorily.

“What kind of face is there? Did this miss do anything shameful? Besides, your father and I have an agreement not to interfere with each other, including our future.”

Xiao Ting then started to ridicule him. Anyway, Jiu Wangye isn’t here.

After leaving the Palace, Jiu Wangye, who was sitting in the room next to Xiao Ting and the others, heard these words and paused the hand holding the teacup.

YuChi XinHan, who almost dozed off, heard this and his eyes flashed. He stretched his neck and gossiped: “I say, A’Li, you really didn’t make any promises to your little wangfei, did you?”

Jiu Wangye lightly glanced at him, then looked at the man sitting opposite, saying: “This heir son asked benwang to come, why?”

Opposite them were two men, one is the heir son of Jiangnan King and the other was the brightly smiling fifth son.

“Ninth Uncle, TianKuo came to see you privately just to convey a wish from my Jiangnan wangfu.”

“Speak.” Jiu Wangye put down the teacup and tapped his fingers on the tabletop.

Chu TianKuo bluntly said: “Cheng YunYi is not only obedient to my father.”

“So?” Jiu Wangye said, simply and clearly.

“I also want to ask Jiu Wangye to convey TianKuo’s request and give Jiangnan wangfu more time.”



Jiu Wangye didn’t agree or refuse. He still tapped his fingers on the table, as if lost in thought. The expression on his face was faint, making people unable to guess his thoughts.

RTBAS 091: The Older, The Wiser
RTBAS 093: Jumping Out The Window To Escape

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