RTBAS 093: Jumping Out The Window To Escape

RTBAS 092: The Walls Have Ears
RTBAS 094: Held Hostage

Xiao Ting didn’t know that Jiu Wangye was in the private room next door and just separated from her by a wall while she was talking nonsense which was a pity, but would heir son Chu Yun obediently take it?

“Are you saying that this heir son is not literate?”

“The matter between you and my father is well known in the Capital. If you want to add oil and vinegar, just add a few more. After all, the agreement was written by this heir son.”

Chu Yun snorted coldly. She had never seen such a nonsensical woman.

“Then what do you want? This miss won’t go back anyway.”

Xiao Ting laid on the table and began to mess around.

At this moment, Xiao Er knocked on the door and began to serve food. Xiao Ting then started to move her chopsticks while humming and ignoring Chu Yun.

Chu Yun became very speechless. She’s obviously acting like a child, okay?

Why is the person who should be her mother consort messing around?

“Hmph!” In the end, Chu Yun could only snort heavily to show her dissatisfaction.

Xiao Xin was sitting on Xiao Ting’s right while Chu Yun was sitting on Xiao Ting’s left. Seeing this scene, Xiao Xin got up, jumped off the chair, and ran to Chu Yun’s left to sit down.

He reached for the distant dishes and put them in the bowl for her.

Chu Yun was already angry, so she naturally wouldn’t accept it and directly picked up the chopsticks to throw them back.

Xiao Xin blinked and looked at her with a bit of puzzlement, but didn’t say anything, and once again put vegetables in her bowl.

“Don’t want it.”

Chu Yun slapped her chopsticks on the table.

Xiao Xin blinked again and then fell silent for a moment. He then picked up the vegetable from Chu Yun’s bowl, put it in his bowl, and then began to eat.

There was no sign of anger at all. Chu Yun looked a bit on the left, and then at the annoying woman on the right. She’s already smoking from the two Xiao family’s tricks.

Xiao Ting was in a good mood. She asked Hong Shao and Lu You to sit down and eat together, but the two shook their heads. Don’t joke around.

Even for ordinary people, there’s no reason for a maid to be at the same table with the master.

Xiao Ting didn’t force them and waved away Xiao Er while Hong Shao and Lu You took the bowls and chopsticks to the short table next to them and happily ate.

For a time, Chu Yun was the only one with a sullen face in the entire room and didn’t know what to do since everyone was eating with relish.

The more she watched, the more aggrieved she felt. In the end, she got up, picked a dish of side dishes nearby, and threw it at the door to show her sense of existence.

“Don’t you care about this heir son?”

Before everyone could react, they heard a wailing sound from the door.

There’s also the sound of something breaking…

The door to the room was opened and there was a man dressed as a little eunuch standing there, clutching his forehead and screaming.

Under his feet was the plate that Chu Yun had just thrown over, which had shattered.

The soup was sprinkled all over the floor and it soaked the eunuch’s clothes.

“Huh, who are you?”

Two palace maids followed the eunuch.

Hearing that, they immediately came up to pay homage to Jiu Wangfei, “Empress is waiting for Jiu Wangfei in the Jiu Wangfu. Please go back with this servant immediately.”

What, Empress?

This surprised Xiao Ting. What did the Empress want for her to go to Jiu Wangfu in person?

“Isn’t wangye in the wangfu?” Xiao Ting asked.

The two palace maids were dumbfounded and didn’t know how to answer. They weren’t part of Jiu Wangfu, so how could they know if Jiu Wangye was in the wangfu?

Chu Yun snorted softly, “Aren’t you capable? Since you found us here, did you follow us?”

How would the two palace maids dare? They quickly knelt with a plop.

“Servants dare not. This servant only found this place after inquiring all the way.”

Xiao Ting pulled Chu Yun behind her. This incident was directed at her, so she couldn’t let a child come forward. She then said, “You two go back and tell the Empress that you didn’t find this wangfei.

“Also, take the little eunuch with you. Didn’t you just have your head smashed? Why weep as if your parents died?”

The little eunuch felt wronged. Why don’t you try getting hit by a plate on the forehead? However, he only dared think about it in his heart, not daring to say it.

Xiao Ting looked at these helpless people at the door.

“Why are you still not leaving? Do you want this miss to give you a ride?”

Lu You directly stepped forward and gave some money to the little eunuch then asked them to return.

But the little eunuch dared not accept it, stepped back, and begged for mercy: “Jiu Wangfei, please go back with this servant. The Empress has been waiting for a long time. If she doesn’t see you today, this servant can’t go back. Besides, she was ordered by the Empress Dowager to take you into the Palace.”

“What, that old witch wants to see this miss? Didn’t this consort just come out of the Palace? Why does she want to see me again? Does she miss me?”

Xiao Ting was already incoherent and even changed the way she addressed herself. One can imagine the dissatisfaction and surprise in her heart.

As soon as she said these words, even Chu Yun despised her. The Empress Dowager thinking of her would be a national joke.

“This servant doesn’t know!”

“Since you don’t know what’s going on, why are you still here? Go, go, go quickly.”

Xiao Ting felt that the food on the table was more pleasing to the eye, and she immersed herself in eating again.

She didn’t know that at this moment, the Empress was already standing on the top of the stairs on the second floor, and just heard her say these words.

Jiu Wangfei have such big honor for me to come invite you in person.”

The moment she heard this voice, Xiao Ting slipped off the table.

Mamma Mia, this is the Empress’ voice.

How did this woman get in? Is it that? She only came out for a while, so how could these people have dog noses that they could find her everywhere.

Besides, why chase after her? Did she take their money?

Xiao Ting looked left and right and found a window on the second floor slightly open, so without saying a word, she opened the window wider and was just about to jump down, but Hong Shao’s hands were quicker and stopped her.

Wangfei, what are you doing? That is the Empress.” Hong Shao didn’t expect her wangfei to hide from the Empress in this straightforward manner. That is the Empress, ah, the master of the Six Palaces, and the mother of the empire.

Xiao Ting had already stepped on the window sill with one foot and patted Hong Shao’s hand then said, “This miss knew she’s the Empress, so I’m escaping.”

“Ah…” Hong Shao was surprised, “Why?”

It’s a pity that Xiao Ting has no time to explain to her. While pushing her hand away, she said, “Didn’t wangye say that without him, this consort can’t enter the Palace casually. If something happens, can you afford it? Let go.”

As soon as Xiao Ting’s voice fell, the person swished and jumped off the second floor. Before Hong Shao heard what she said, her master was already on the corner of the street.

The noble Empress also stood at the door at this time, staring at the window dumbfoundedly as the corner of the green clothes disappeared in front of her eyes.

There was no sound in the room for a moment, until a long time later, Chu Yun reacted first. She adjusted her clothes, got off the chair, and saluted the Empress. The others also reacted and quickly knelt.

“The one who jumped down the window just now was your wangfei?”

Hong Shao wanted to cry without tears, can she say no?

It’s a pity that it won’t work, so she nodded, “Replying to the Empress, wangfei is unwell, so she’ll go back to rest and let this servant wait on the little masters.”

“If she went back to rest, she should have taken the stairs, but she decided to just jump out the window?” The Empress coldly snorted. Does this girl think she’s hopelessly naive?

“A maid like you is bold enough to dare lie to bengong?” Sure enough, there’s a maid for every kind of master.

Hong Shao hastily kowtowed and said: “Empress, please calm down. This servant didn’t know that you’ll come over suddenly. Wangfei just said she’s unwell and wanted to go back, but the heir son didn’t want to, that’s why she stayed with him for a while.”

Bengong doesn’t talk to lowly maids.”

“I want to see where she can hide. Go back to Jiu Wangfu, bengong will wait for her there.”

The Empress came and went quickly. Fortunately, there were no people in the private rooms on the second floor, so no one saw this scene. Otherwise, what would they think? Hong Shao and Lu You accompanied the two little ones and slowly walked behind the Empress.

At this time, the private room next door opened from the inside. Jiu Wangye and YuChi XinHan walked out, looking at their backs, speechless for a long time.

“A’Li, your little wangfei is truly capable. She even dared to hide from the Empress.”

YuChi XinHan sighed. This time, his friend really married a treasure, and it’s truly a treasure, a treasure that would cause trouble.

Jiu Wangye didn’t answer him, but just asked, “Is anyone following wangfei?”

YuChi XinHan shook his head and said, “I’m afraid not. At this moment, A’San, A’Si, and the others should be following Xiao Yun and the others!”

Jiu Wangye nodded and said, “Then you go and have a look, nothing should happen.”

YuChi XinHan smiled, “What will happen to her? Will she get lost?”

Jiu Wangye faintly glanced at him, “You think benwang‘s wangfei is an ordinary person that would return to the wangfu obediently at this moment?”

YuChi XinHan surrendered and directly left.

When YuChi XinHan found Xiao Ting again, he patted his forehead. As expected, A’Li knew Xiao Ting best.

This girl really didn’t return to the Jiu Wangfu but went east and west chaotically. At this moment, don’t know what trouble she caused as she was hunted down by a group of people.

And even with her mediocre martial arts, she wouldn’t last long. The few people who chased her didn’t have weapons, but Xiao Ting couldn’t deal with them with her bare hands. However, to his surprise, those people didn’t seem to want to kill her, and soon, a woman in black walked out from the dark and went to help Xiao Ting.

Xiao Ting was also very depressed. Where did these people come from?

Did the Empress send these people to catch her? But that didn’t seem like it.

Seeing that they weren’t killers, she was happy since she’d be fine. Anyway, she had nothing else to do but practice her skills. Unfortunately, this place was too remote and few people passed by, so she didn’t know where she was heading.

At this moment, a black-clothed woman suddenly rushed out and fought those people with a sword. Why did it feel like she hated these people more than her, seeing as her moves were fatal? Those people received bloody holes in their bodies in an instant.

Xiao Ting stepped aside carefreely and just watched the show. After a while, the black-clothed woman, who cleaned up those people, was speechless since Xiao Ting acted as if this had nothing to do with her.

After watching the excitement, Xiao Ting clapped her hands and didn’t even greet the black-clothed woman as she just turned and left. The black-clothed woman asked, “Is this how Jiu Wangfei treats her savior?”

RTBAS 092: The Walls Have Ears
RTBAS 094: Held Hostage

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