RTBAS 099: The Woman I Want To Marry

RTBAS 098: Unfortunately, It's Too Late
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Xu Zhi sat in a precarious position where he had to wear armor all year round, carry a sword at his waist, and his hands on the hilt all the time.

“That might be with him, but it has nothing to do with Xiao Ting.”

“Hehe…” Xie Jingtian looked at Xiu Zhi with some surprise.

He knew his friend very well. When Jiu Wangye was ordered to marry the eldest daughter of Duke An’s family, his good friend was extremely unhappy at that time. He went to Jiu Wangfu and had a fight which troubled Duke An.

Although nothing changed, Xu Zhi never said a word to Jiu Wangye again apart from official business.

But now that Xiao Ting is also married to Jiu Wangfu, his view of her was different.

“It’s nothing strange. Sixth Miss Xiao is not sophisticated and frank so this matter has nothing to do with her.”

“Seems like she’s truly extraordinary for even Commander Xu to speak for her.”

“Don’t talk about me, why did you reject the marriage so resolutely?” This was the most incomprehensible part for Xu Zhi.

Even if Xie Jingtian didn’t like this marriage, at best, he wouldn’t marry. Given the Emperor’s favor, he wouldn’t be reluctant, but his actions at that time was a bit too extreme.

When Xie Jingtian heard those words, the corners of his mouth twitched as he showed a wry smile, “Remember that I once told you that I met a girl when I was eight years old and she saved my life?”

“En, I remember. We were in Lake Tianchi at that time. You didn’t go into the water with us since you can’t swim, but when I saw you again, you were wet. Only then did I find that you were pushed into the water after asking.”

After Xu Zhi finished speaking, he suddenly realized, “You said that time that you were rescued by a little girl, then, wouldn’t that girl be…”

“Yes, it’s Sixth Miss Xiao.”

“Then, did you refuse to marry because of her?”

Xie Jingtian nodded. The surprise in Xu Zhi’s heart could no longer be described in words. This was nothing short of a farce.

“You’re saying that the girl you wanted to marry when you grow up was Xiao Ting!”

“Then, why did you refuse to marry?” Xu Zhi was truly confused.

Xie Jingtian smiled bitterly, “I refused to marry her because I didn’t know that she was that girl.”

If he had accepted this marriage, that girl would now be his wife.

Instead of sending her to another man’s house by himself.

“Then, when did you know?”

Xie Jingtian smiled and shook his head, “Today, just now.”

He talked about his experience of meeting Xiao Ting behind Hanshan Temple, how melancholic and anxious he was, and how she witnessed his distraught confusion.

“I remember the flower-shaped birthmark on the inner side of her wrist, which happened to show when she greeted the Housekeeper of Jiu Wangfu.”

“That might also be a coincidence.” Xu Zhi wanted to divert his attention. Xiao Ting is now Jiu Wangfei. Even if the rumors deny it, he knew that Jiu Wangye cares about her.

Therefore, it’s impossible to let his friend fall into this predicament.

For the time being, he won’t mention anything about Xie Jingtian’s career and what kind of entanglement he has with Xiao Ting so that he wouldn’t decide to not marry forever…


When the previously mentioned Xiao Ting returned to Jiu Wangfu, she went straight to Jiu Wangye‘s JingHua Garden.

Two fierce big men stood still at the gate of JingHua Garden, not even moving when they saw Xiao Ting.

Xiao Ting thought for a while then finally raised her foot and walked forward. She was about to greet the two, but who would have thought that these two guys would face her at the same time, then bend over at 90 degrees and shout, “Greetings to wangfei.”

Scared, Xiao Ting jumped back, almost stepping on her skirt and falling.

The two big guys looked at each other, wondering what happened to her.

Seeing that they weren’t being malicious, Xiao Ting patted her chest and calmed her mind. She then pretentiously said, “What are you two doing? You want to scare this consort to death by being loud?”

The two big men scratched their heads and smiled honestly, but didn’t say anything more.

This was what the housekeeper ordered. If they saw wangfei, they must use this behavior to remind their master.

In fact, it was indeed useful. Jiu Wangye was reading in his room at the moment and hearing that howling voice, he slowly stood at the window and just saw Xiao Ting patting her chest, looking a little frightened.

He stood there, looking at the woman who sneaked in like a thief, a little amused.

Xiao Ting was indeed like a thief. There’s no helping it since she has a guilty conscience. If she didn’t deliberately let Cheng YunYi take her away yesterday, how could Cheng YunYi succeed?

Let alone whether YuChi XinHan would agree, afraid he wouldn’t be able to pass through A’San and A’Si’s level.

She expected that with Jiu Wangye‘s intelligence, he would have known her little abacus a long time ago, so she disagreed when Housekeeper Mu said that wangye was worried about her.

It’s impossible for him to look for her, so he must have expected her to come back by herself.

At this moment, she still lowered her posture to beg his forgiveness, otherwise, she’d feel a little guilty!

As for Sixth Miss Xiao’s guilty conscience, don’t think too much.

Those in the know already knew that with Xiao Guifei, her biggest backer, out of the picture, if she went against the Imperial family again and lose the asylum of being Jiu Wangfei, her life will be miserable.

Anyone could beat her, but she can’t beat others and even if she has the money, she has no power to hold on to it.

The little abacus in Xiao Ting’s heart, Jiu Wangye didn’t know, but even if he knew, he wouldn’t care. On the contrary, he’d feel very happy.

So when Xiao Ting came in, she saw Jiu Wangye sitting at his desk with a calm face. Just as she expected, he didn’t worry about her at all.

Jiu Wangye was dressed in a blue robe, with his legs crossed under the table, one hand supporting his head and the other hand turning the pages of a book.

At this moment, him being quiet and peaceful looked like a still picture.

His profile was more perfect than the front and looked more dazzling under the candlelight.

Ai, he looked really good. After realizing what she was thinking, Xiao Ting immediately came back to her senses. This man is an ordinary person, Xiao Ting, what are you thinking?

“Hi, wangye, this consort is back.”

Xiao Ting had entered for a long time, but she didn’t even get a glance from him, so she had to come out and say hello.

Jiu Wangye finally moved as he stretched out his hand, leaned back on the chair, and faintly nodded, “En, you’re back.”

Uh, just like that? That’s too perfunctory. Xiao Ting felt that Jiu Wangye really didn’t care about her.

According to normal thinking, at this time, even if he didn’t scold her, um, he’s an immortal so he wouldn’t scold her.

Then he should at least say a few more words. No matter how bad it was, he should mention her a bit. For example, don’t be so capricious next time.

It could be regarded as comforting her turbulent heart that has been drifting away for a day and a night!


But with just one sentence, it blocked Xiao Ting’s words that she had typed dozens of times in her head.

She can’t say a word.

After leaving JingHua Garden, Xiao Ting felt a little lost. She herself didn’t understand what it is, but she felt dissatisfied hearing those simple words from Jiu Wangye.

In her LanYue courtyard, seeing that she returned, Hong Shao and Lu You was waiting anxiously outside.

The moment they saw her, Hong Shao rushed over and before she spoke, her tears are already flowing.

Wuwu, wangfei, you’re back, this servant is scared to death, this servant thought that she would never see you again.”

Although Lu You didn’t cry, she also had red eyes. She remained standing at the gate, but compared to Hong Shao, her mood was more stable. She stood there without taking a step forward.

Xiao Ting’s mood improved in an instant, and her somewhat injured heart was healed by the two maids.

“Why be scared to death? It’s just you, you scaredy-cat, but you still dare to follow this consort, en, otherwise, this consort will send you to the cemetery to practice.”

Xiao Ting knocked her forehead and wiped her tears.


Hong Shao pouted and called out to her, very dissatisfied.

“What else can I do? Hear me out! This time, it’s not an accident. I blame that YuChi XinHan. He usually boasts that his martial arts is so high, but he can’t even handle a little thief. What can this consort, a weak woman, do but follow the other party pathetically.”

Regarding the story that Xiao Ting made up, Hong Shao was indifferent and said directly: “But this servant heard Master YuChi say that you voluntarily went with the thief.”

“Maybe you don’t want this servant anymore because we’re annoying and you want to run?”

That’s it, right?

This girl has a poor life in her previous life but now, she finally managed to live a real aristocratic life. These days, she only had to open her mouth to eat and can sleep after eating. Why would she want to escape unless she’s crazy?

“That’s what Yuchi XinHan said?”

Both Hong Shao and Lu You nodded.

“F**k, don’t run into this miss again, otherwise, I’ll make him cry to his mother. Why would this miss not want you? Don’t listen to his nonsense, let’s talk inside. Also, Xiao Shi’s still here. How can I be willing to leave my younger brother!”

Xiao Ting said so and winked at Hong Shao. When Hong Shao looked back, he saw Xiao Xin standing not far away, pouting. His face was full of dissatisfaction, his pink and tender mouth about to bulge out, looking very angry.

Not only angry but also worried, as the tears in his eyes rolled down.

Looking at Xiao Ting sadly, he wanted to come over and talk to her, but he also had an aggrieved expression.

Chu Yun stood beside Xiao Xin with a sardonic smile on her face.

“You woman, if you came back two days later, father will have a reason to divorce you.”

Xiao Ting patted the back of Hong Shao’s hand, then strode forward and said, “Didn’t I do what you want?”

She casually picked up Xiao Shi and wiped his tears with one hand, “Oh, my little cutie, what’s the matter? Who made you angry?”

“Hmph, sister don’t care about me.”

Xiao Shi turned his head and avoided her hand, but his fingers gripped the corner of Xiao Ting’s clothes tightly, not letting go.

“You don’t care about sister? Sister was so pitiful last night, you know? After being startled by the Empress and then forced to be a bargaining chip, she didn’t sleep all night.”

RTBAS 098: Unfortunately, It's Too Late
RTBAS 100: I Want You To Tie My Hair

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