RTBAS 100: I Want You To Tie My Hair

RTBAS 099: The Woman I Want To Marry

When Xiao Ting came out of Jiu Wangye’s JingHua Garden, she felt a little lost. But seeing Xiao Shi at this moment, she finally recovered.

And started to tease this little cutie.

“Poor me, I’ve been thinking about my little cutie all night. If he hears news of his sister’s disappearance, he’ll definitely cry. Sister felt like a knife is in her heart, so she has to run back to see her little cutie.”

“If something happened to her little cutie, how can sister live? Unexpectedly, when she met her little cutie, he said that he didn’t want to see me. Ai, I’m really sad.”

She said she’s said, but there was no trace of sadness on her face as she walked inside with Xiao Xin in her arms.

The maids waited for her to take a bath and dinner with Xiao Ting comforting him afterward. Little young master Xiao had a wounded heart, so she didn’t have the time to chat with the maids until her little cutie returned to his courtyard to rest.

Wangfei, who’s the woman you brought back?”

This time, Lu You asked first.

Xiao Ting didn’t think much of it. She told them about what happened to her and Lu You felt that something was wrong, so she told her that this woman couldn’t stay.

However, Xiao Ting felt that it was okay. She trusted her instincts, so she wanted to keep the woman by her side.

“She’s Bing Ning.”

Wangfei, since she knows your identity, this name might be fake.”

Xiao Ting didn’t care and said, “No matter what her name is, she’ll be your sister in the future. You have to get along well.”

Wangfei, how can you take in such a woman of unknown origin?”

Hong Shao had always listened to Xiao Ting, but she didn’t compromise this time and raised her dissatisfaction. That woman was obviously unkind.

And she looked like a block of ice with no temperature at all. At first glance, she didn’t look like a normal person and more like a killer. If wangfei wants to keep her, there might be an accident.

“I know what you’re worried about, but don’t worry. If she wants to kill me, she had the chance yesterday.” Xiao Ting was right. If Bing Ning wanted to kill her, she wouldn’t be an opponent.

Based on what she saw earlier this morning, if ten, no, she couldn’t even beat her even if she’s multiplied by twenty!

“If she wants to stay with you, she might have another purpose.”

Lu You had always been careful and thoughtful, so she raised this question.

Xiao Ting also agreed with this and said, “So what? Anyway, this consort needs her protection now, and this consort doesn’t feel that there’s anything I have that would be coveted by others. En, if I did, they can take it all except for the money.”

It’s the first time Hong Shao and Lu You heard this mindset, but after being persuaded by a few more words, Xiao Ting still insisted on keeping the black-clothed woman.

The two maids glanced at each other, and they both saw each other’s thoughts. They could only watch Bing Ning carefully.

After finally dismissing everyone, Xiao Ting lay on the bed and wanted to sleep, but when she closed her eyes, her thoughts were a little restless. Every scene of her return home flashed before her eyes like a movie. Scene after scene, she saw everyone’s expressions and actions.

Especially Jiu Wangye, that immortal, not surprised nor disturbed, without sadness or joy. Just thinking about it made her angry.

Now it seems like Hong Shao and the others behaved more normally. Her cheap husband is truly abnormal.

Incomprehensible, doesn’t care about worldly affairs, unreasonable to the world, truly making her mad.

Huh? What the hell is with these feelings?

Xiao Ting fell asleep while cursing Jiu Wangye. Unfortunately, her good dreams didn’t last long. Before dawn, she was dug out from the bed. Opening her eyes, she saw it was Hong Shao and said in an angry tone, “Hong Shao, what are you doing? This consort hadn’t slept enough yet.”

The sweet potato went away as the other girl lifted her quilt and said, “Wangye is already waiting for you outside. You can’t sleep in anymore. Please get up quickly and get dressed.”

“This consort doesn’t want to get up, why is he outside? Why’s he waiting for this consort?”

Hong Shao was speechless. Why would she dare go and ask wangye? She’d be slapped to the wall, okay?

“This servant doesn’t know. Wangye just said you have to follow him to the Palace.”

Upon hearing the words “to the Palace”, Xiao Ting reflexively bounced off the bed and became sober, “Enter the Palace? Why would I want to enter the Palace? This consort finally escaped the Empress’ invitation, and now she had to go? Does this consort look stupid? Why would I eagerly send myself to the door to die?”

Before Xiao Ting finished speaking, she wrapped herself in the quilt and even retracted her head inside.

“This consort don’t want to go! You go tell wangye to not call this consort, let him go by himself.”

Hong Shao was speechless again. She wanted to say: Do you think Jiu Wangye is dead? Roaring in such a loud voice, how can Jiu Wangye not hear it? Can you not scream?

How should she proceed?

Before she could think of how to reply, Hong Shao heard the door slam and kicked open from outside. Jiu Wangye walked in, his eyes calm and his voice indifferent as he said, “Go.”

Hong Shao secretly mourned for her wangfei in her heart. Her wangfei was truly capable to make Jiu Wangye angry.

Hong Shao bowed then stepped back.

Xiao Ting wrapped herself tightly in her quilt, motionless and fooling herself.

It’s a pity that even though she’s wrapped in the quilt, she couldn’t fully tuck her whole body inside. Turned upside down, she met air.


Xiao Ting exclaimed and watched as she was about to fall to the ground. She closed her eyes and was ready to make intimate contact with the Earth.

But both person and quilt fell lightly.

Jiu Wangye hugged her and then pulled off the quilt with one hand. He didn’t even look as he accurately threw it on the bed.

Xiao Ting was lying in Jiu Wangye‘s arms at 120 degrees, a little dumbfounded and unable to react for a while. What’s with this situation?

“Seen enough? Since you’re awake, get up.”

It was still that indifferent face and expression, but it made her feel excited as her soul returned. Then she quickly crawled back into her quilt.

She wrapped her whole body and showed only a small face as she tragically said, “Wangye, can I not go? The Empress Dowager and the Empress, those women want my life and they’ve always disliked me. Still, you want me to go to the Palace and bully me, am I your woman or not?”

“Don’t you love me?”

“No, you definitely don’t love me, otherwise, you won’t watch those old women bully me.”

Xiao Ting kept her mouth flat, and matched it with her tone, looking a bit pitiful.

Her eyes blinked vigorously, trying to squeeze out a few tears, but it’s a pity that she was born with a lack of tears, so even though she kept squeezing until it hurts, nothing came out.

Jiu Wangye was stunned because of Xiao Ting’s unintentional words. He never expected Xiao Ting to ask the words, don’t you love me?

His mind was very complicated and even the expression in his eyes changed slightly. It’s a pity that Xiao Ting didn’t notice at all, and was simply playing tricks over there.

“Clean up and follow benwang to the Palace.”

Seeing Jiu Wangye not convinced, Xiao Ting coldly snorted but knew that death was inevitable, so she slowly climbed out of bed and sat in front of the dressing table.

Seeing her suddenly become well-behaved, Jiu Wangye felt uncomfortable and turned around to call Hong Shao to come in and serve. But then, he heard Xiao Ting say.

“I want you to tie my hair.”

Jiu Wangye stiffened and looked at her.

Looking strangely at the immature girl sitting in front of the dressing table.

Her tone was too honest and innocent.

Benwang won’t.” The cold answer was within Xiao Ting’s expectations.

So she continued, “I want you to comb my hair.”

“Otherwise, I won’t enter the Palace or go anywhere.”

Jiu Wangye stood on the spot, his feet rooted and unable to move, his voice stuck in his throat. He wanted to call Hong Shao, but he couldn’t.

The two stood in a stalemate for a quarter of an hour, and Xiao Ting kept staring at him with those extremely stubborn eyes. In the end, Jiu Wangye went behind her.

When he arrived at the dressing table, Jiu Wangye looked at the dazzling array of hairpins on the table, not knowing how to use them.

Xiao Ting looked at his bewildered and stiff arms through the bronze mirror and reached out to hand a wooden comb.

“Use this, have you never combed your hair?”

Jiu Wangye pursed his lips and looked at the wooden comb, which was more terrifying than a sword, and finally took it.

The moment he put his hand on Xiao Ting’s hair, he suddenly felt a softness in his heart.

Some memories also rose.

Xiao Ting looked at Jiu Wangye‘s extremely serious expression from the mirror. Seems like he didn’t dare exert any force on any strand of her hair. That stiffness and helplessness from such a powerful man made Xiao Ting laugh.

The sudden laughter awakened Jiu Wangye. He expressionlessly threw the comb on the ground, turned, and left while leaving an “I’ll give you a quarter of an hour, and I won’t come again. Wangfei shouldn’t blame me for breaking the contract.”

When Hong Shao came in, she saw her wangfei laughing loudly and felt somewhat inexplicable.

Wangfei, what’s the matter with you? Why laugh like this, also, did you make wangye angry? This servant saw him looking scary just now.”

Xiao Ting turned around and asked her, “Where is wangye?”

“That, in the courtyard.”

“Ah? He’s really waiting for me? I thought I didn’t need to go anymore?”

Xiao Ting wasn’t threatened, but the last words said by Jiu Wangye restored her sanity.

Never annoy this permanent meal ticket, otherwise, she’ll lose her wealth.

“Only a quarter of an hour. Hong Shao, quickly dress up this consort. This consort has to go to the Palace and meet the Empress Dowager.”

Hong Shao didn’t know why her wangfei was reluctant to enter the Palace before but anxious to go with wangye now.

Even so, she was still quick and dressed her in time.

Before the ministers came to court, Xiao Ting and Jiu Wangye took a carriage to the Palace and went straight to Ci’An Palace.

The two were led to the side hall. At this moment, the Empress Dowager was having breakfast. Seeing them come in, she hurriedly greeted Jiu Wangye then said, “Come here and sit down, have some breakfast with bengong.”

Jiu Wangye nodded and walked forward. Catching a glimpse of Xiao Ting not moving, he looked back and saw her uncomfortable and a little embarrassed, so he had to stretch his hand and let her sit down with him.

Translator’s Notes:

Sorry, but this is the end for me, at least for this novel.

There are simply parts of this novel that doesn’t sit right with me.

The ALIEN novel that I translated on this site was also rage-inducing at some times, but that one was a quick rage and a quick calm type with only 180 chapters.

This novel, on the other hand, was a slow burn. The MC’s personality doesn’t stick to me. I’d understand if she’s lazy and her machine-gun mouth is entertaining, but her irresponsibility gets to me, especially how she handles the kids. Oh well, breathe in, breath out.

I can grit my teeth through 180 chapters of ALIEN, but this one is 446 chapters long and frankly, I can’t be bothered. If each chapter had been short like in the first 50 chapters, I might be interested, but each chapter became too long-winded, so I’m dropping this one.

Sorry for those who are reading this. Still, when I’m in the mood, I might continue this one so I’m putting this on the [Hiatus] list.

RTBAS 099: The Woman I Want To Marry

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