ACDWL 032: Fully Realizing The Current Situation

Since yesterday, I know I’ve been clinging to Rodo too much. Ever since we came to Uriest, I haven't left Rodo. And I didn't want him to leave. ...though when taking a bath, I don't like being hurriedly undressed. We often talk about "marriage" and "children", so I think it's strange that he didn't look … Continue reading ACDWL 032: Fully Realizing The Current Situation

ACDWL 031: The Two Strongest People In The World!?

─Renneiga's side─   I and Kou would always tease and joke around like friends. I talk like the 18-year-old Kou and I'm aware that I'm childish for my age. Still, Kou, who always pays attention to his surroundings, would have childish arguments with me. He'd get angry and sulk sometimes. Even so, we maintained a … Continue reading ACDWL 031: The Two Strongest People In The World!?

ACDWL 030: Kou’s Astonishing Power

─Rodo's side─   We arrived at the fort town of the Sixth Corps barracks ─Uriest─ and once I returned to the barracks, I simply looked around. I made Kou cry before leaving the town where the Third Corps barracks are located ─Kalzen (karuzen)─ but after stroking me as a beast, he's now in a good … Continue reading ACDWL 030: Kou’s Astonishing Power

ACDWL 025: Unexpected Situation

─Rodokiaus side─   "Rodokiaus-sama! Come to the Tower of Trik immediately──" I started running without waiting to hear the words of the magician who rushed into the barracks. The fact that a magician came to call me meant that something happened to Kou. So I aimed for the tower without looking back. (Did he get … Continue reading ACDWL 025: Unexpected Situation

ACDWL 024: Extra ─Excellent Child─

Author’s Notes: General comments over 10,000! Here's an extra as commemoration! (^^)/ Thank you very much. ─Rudikda(Trik's Representative)side─   From the child guardee of Rodokiaus Serafine, the Captain of the Third Corps, who is said to be the last Akinist, I can feel a great deal of magical power. Have I ever felt such a … Continue reading ACDWL 024: Extra ─Excellent Child─