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SS 09: Atavism
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Releasing the next phase of the task, pretend to be Love Lotus until the data of Sinful Love Lake is repaired, the current estimated repair time is 15 days.

“Let’s go, there’s still a long way to go.” Feng Lianzhu said.

Dog 16’s words made Feng Lianzhu have a lot of thoughts for a while but quickly forgot about it. In the end, only a few words from his text document remained in the storage space.

Words of comfort were too broad so Feng Lianzhu couldn’t say them; Words of encouragement were too complicated and it was a waste of time to find a piece of chicken soup literature on [Basic Teaching of Interstellar Common Language].

Feng Lianzhu was a powerful NPC. This was the case with all the NPCs in “Travel the Heavens”. As long as the trigger conditions were met, they would execute the order immediately and perform their duties according to the established trajectory so that the game could run smoothly.

At this time, there was only one thought in Feng Lianzhu’s mind–to complete the task of poverty alleviation as soon as possible. This was the conclusion he came to after listening to the words of Dog 16. The thinking process no longer existed but the conclusion was enough.

Dog 16 looked at Feng Lianzhu and saw that he didn’t say anything and lowered his head in disappointment. Dolphin 66 sneered as if laughing at Dog 16’s innocence.

After being rescued by Feng Lianzhu twice in a row, Dog 16 had a little expectation for Lord Kirates, hoping that he was here to save them.

He admitted that the idea of entrusting his fate to someone else was too whimsical, but he couldn’t help but hope that the Kirates Dragon could help them. Therefore, when Feng Lianzhu asked, Dog 16 opened the wound in his heart and told Feng Lianzhu what happened to them.

And got no response.

Dog 16 resolutely packed his bags and continued to move forward with Feng Lianzhu.

The physical strength of the two was better than Feng Lianzhu imagined and their recovery speed was also faster. They kept traveling at 20 km/h, resting for 2 hours every 12 hours, and arrived at Pang Kirates’ lair after 34 hours.

There was still 400km to go and Feng Lianzhu sighed slightly. Stepping into the lair but not seeing the two follow, he turned around and saw Dog 16 and Dolphin 66 lying on the ground, unable to get up after several struggles.

“What’s wrong?” Feng Lianzhu flipped through the book and asked.

“Lord Kirates, we….might not be able to enter your residence.” Dog 16 barely propped up his arms and looked at Feng Lianzhu, “The level of repression is too great and our body’s instinct is preventing us from moving forward.”

Really? Feng Lianzhu felt it attentively and didn’t feel anything.

“What’s going on?” Feng Lianzhu asked the system in his mind.

Regarding the interstellar era, as long as he asked, the system would give the answer but this time, Feng Lianzhu waited for a long time but didn’t get an answer.

“Why?” Feng Lianzhu asked again.

[This is not information that Host needs to know about the mission at this stage.] Under his repeated questioning, the system gave an answer.

Pang Kirates’ lair was his mother’s body so could it be racial oppression? For example, in “Travel the Heavens”, there were also dragons who were overlords of the sea. The Phoenix tribe was the king of birds, and the species they lead would involuntarily bow their heads in front of superior races.

This was troublesome. There were a lot of things piled up in the fat dragon’s residence. Feng Lianzhu didn’t know which one was the communicator and he still needed Dolphin 66’s help to identify it.

There were too many items in Pang Kirates’ lair and it was impossible for Feng Lianzhu to bring them all out since he didn’t have the Qiankun Skill in his sleeves.

Just when he was at a loss, the system suddenly popped up a message: [Pang Kirates has completed the task of “Defeat the Love Lotus” and became a level 50 boss.]

“What!” Feng Lianzhu was surprised, and his mood fluctuated considerably.

This time, the smart cleaning program didn’t start automatically since his memory expanded!

The system synchronously conducted the first stage task summary——

[Congratulations to the host Feng Lianzhu for completing the primary stage task. The aura value and blood bar have all reached the peak of level 50, increasing your appearance by 20%, getting the reward “doubled memory” and becoming a level 50 boss; Obtained “Love Lotus” skin. Equipping this skin can change the blue clothes to red clothes, and increase the buoyancy by 50% when encountering water; Obtained the level 50 healing skills “Clear Plague” and “Blossom”, and have the ability to understand “Sound Transmission”.]

[Releasing the next stage of the task, disguise as Love Lotus until the data of Sinful Love Lake is repaired. The current estimated repair time is 15 days.]

Seeing the next task, Feng Lianzhu frowned tightly and asked in his mind: “What happened to Love Lotus?”

[According to the original setting, after the host completes the task, Love Lotus will be resurrected at the refresh time and the next stage of the host’s task should be to challenge the level 60 boss. Pang Kirates erased the entire Sinful Love Lake from the game map when performing the mission. Losing the resurrection environment, Love Lotus can’t be reborn so someone must take the place of Love Lotus for a while. Pang Kirates overdraft 5000 points to rent the Sinful Love Lake, and because host Feng Lianzhu failed to complete the task, you cannot return to the game, and Pang Kirates will continue to perform the next stage of the mission.]

Feng Lianzhu: “…”

Pang Kirates emptying the entire Sinful Love Lake didn’t surprise him as this was expected from Kirates.

“I haven’t completed the first task yet and he already performed two. Does it mean that I should also undertake the task of the next stage for Pang Kirates?” Feng Lianzhu asked.

[No need. Pretending to be Love Lotus belongs to the finishing work of the previous stage task and counts as a side quest, not the main quest. After completion, host Feng Lianzhu will not be rewarded and the reward of Pang Kirates is to restore his Dragon Wings.]

Feng Lianzhu felt a little relieved this time.

“How many points does he owe?”

[-15400, Pang Kirates has already repaid some of the points through the penalty.]

Seeing that the points didn’t continue to increase in the negatives, Feng Lianzhu breathed a sigh of relief. At this time, two emotions rose in his heart.

The first was a vague sense of frustration. He had been in the interstellar era for three days and the mission hadn’t progressed at all. He’s still on the go but Pang Kirates had gone through a series of processes of challenging the ultimate boss – destroying the game map – being punished and rebuilding the game map – performing the task – being punished again.

The second was an unexpected happiness!

After expanding his memory, Feng Lianzhu had a clearer memory of the past. He remembered the appearance of Love Lotus and couldn’t help but want to laugh when he thought that Pang Kirates needed to disguise as this boss for a while. Don’t know if the fat dragon could perfectly dress up as Love Lotus and perform illusions on male players.

“It’s a pity I can’t see it with my own eyes.” He thought to himself.

This idea was captured by the system and the system prompted: [After completing a stage task, the player can query a video and share both sides.]

Feng Lianzhu was even more joyful in his heart. He bound this feeling to the “evil fire” so as not to be deleted as trash.

[Player Pang Kirates replied to your message. After the stage task is over, you have a chance for a call. Do you want to connect with each other now?]

“Wait!” Feng Lianzhu quickly said.

He said to Dog 16 and Dolphin 66: “Stay away, wait for me.”

Seeing the two obediently nod their heads and retreat, Feng Lianzhu quickly entered the lair and ran toward the fat dragon’s treasure house.

He wanted to take advantage of this call to ask Pang Kirates where the interstellar communicator was placed and the location coordinates of the Pirate Star.

The promotion to level 50 not only improved his aura and blood volume, but also significantly improved his strength, agility, and endurance. Feng Lianzhu’s running speed increased from 50 km/h to 80 km/h. This time, it only took 5 hours to reach the center of the lair, which was much faster than last time.

After stopping, Feng Lianzhu eased his breath and instructed the system: “Listen to the message first with the lowest volume.”

Even at the lowest volume, Feng Lianzhu covered his ears, for fear that the fat dragon’s roar would disturb his program again.

“Roar!” Sure enough, Pang Kirates roared. Fortunately, Feng Lianzhu was prepared this time. After level 50, his defense was also improved but his ears still rang for a while.

Tinnitus would not prevent the fat dragon’s voice from reaching Feng Lianzhu’s ears. He heard the dragon say: “My volume is this loud and will be even louder as an adult! Roar!”

The two roars shook Feng Lianzhu to almost vomit blood. If the volume of the next conversation was still this high, he really couldn’t take it.

After adjusting his aura to heal the injury, Feng Lianzhu asked the system weakly: “Will his volume still be that loud when I call?”

[Not for now. Currently, Pang Kirates is wearing the skin of Love Lotus and his voice is the same as Love Lotus.]

Feng Lianzhu said: “Contact Pang Kirates.”

The system sent a call request and after waiting for the prompt sound for a while, a female voice was heard: “Roar~~~”

Love Lotus’ voice was charming and even the end of her roar was seductive.

Although he couldn’t see the other party, Feng Lianzhu suppressed his smile and said very politely: ”Hello, Pang Kirates, I’m Feng Lianzhu.”

The other side was silent for a while. When Feng Lianzhu was wondering if the communication was cut off, he heard the voice of Love Lotus angrily say: “My name is not Pang (fat) Kirates, my name is Pang Kirates, Pang meaning huge. I’ll be the strongest and most powerful Kirates Dragon~~~”

Whenever Pang Kirates tried to roar, his final tone was half annoyed and half angry.

Feng Lianzhu used his strongest self-control to hold back his laughter but secretly saved this recording.

The author has something to say:

Players who came to see the beauty illusion: When did the game change the setting of Love Lotus? Isn’t it that male players will see beautiful young ladies and sisters when they come to Sinful Love Lake? I bought a temporary transgender talisman on purpose but what did I see? A bunch of dragons rippling in front of me with a bulging belly? What about my ladies? (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻

It’s an hour late but it’s still a double update, covering my face and running….

There are still 200 random red packets in this chapter today, I welcome my dear little angels to despise my procrastination TAT

SS 09: Atavism
SS 11: Take the First Step

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