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Every young adult understood that they were abandoned by the Alliance.

Contact the interstellar pirates? When everyone heard Feng Lianzhu’s words, their hearts were full of disbelief. They had been educated by the Alliance since childhood and they were completely unable to associate the Kirates dragon to the interstellar pirates.

Kirates Dragon was a legendary creature written in books such as biology books, history books, interstellar science textbooks, and “Wonder Interstellar Epics”. Biologists and astronomers used telescopes to observe the traces left by the Kirates Dragons tens of thousands of lightyears away and archaeologists searched for the remains of Kirates Dragons from the remains of the planet, visualizing the trajectories of this gigantic creature through fossils.

Yes, in human cognition, Kirates dragons were the most powerful interstellar species that had long been extinct. If they hadn’t come to this Primitive Star and seen the juvenile Kirates Dragon hovering in the sky with their own eyes, they couldn’t even imagine that this terrifying race still existed in the interstellar.

Interstellar pirates were sinful, greedy criminals who should be sent to the interstellar court. They committed various crimes such as robbing spaceships, harming innocent people, attacking Alliance troops, secretly manufacturing powerful weapons, and selling weapons to the imperialists. In the orphanage, the teachers often used interstellar pirates to scare children who wouldn’t eat or sleep well. “If you don’t obey, the interstellar pirates will come to catch you”, almost everyone had heard this as a child.

Compared with the people in the era of Feng Lianzhu, it’s equivalent to Godzilla being real and now it had contact with the terrorist organization!

Cat 57, who was standing behind Dog 16, couldn’t help shaking his pointed ears, suspecting that he heard it wrong.

Seeing the crowd not respond for a long time, Feng Lianzhu felt uneasy, worried that he translated it wrong and didn’t express the meaning clearly.

Still, Dog 16 flattered and said: “If there’s an interstellar communicator and the coordinates of the pirate’s planet, Dolphin 66 can contact the pirate’s planet since he has the most developed brain among us.”

The named Dolphin 66 was not good-looking. His forehead was raised high, his mouth also not like a human mouth but more like a dolphin’s beak. The person looked like a human with a dolphin head. If Dolphin 66 really had a dolphin head, it wouldn’t be so ugly, but his head retained the skin color and facial features of humans with the forehead and mouth jutting out and not a single hair on top of his head. Even among the aboriginal people who were full of beastly features, Dolphin 66 was impressively ugly.

[You betrayed me?] A pleasant voice appeared in Dog 16’s mind.

Although Dolphin 66 looked ugly, his voice was beautiful and the vocal range was also very wide. His singing would remind people of the legendary siren.

The most special thing was that he could use brain waves to talk directly to other people’s brains, so outsiders couldn’t hear what they were saying.

Feng Lianzhu couldn’t hear Dolphin 66’s words, but he noticed that someone had used the sound transmission technique.

This was learned after many duels with Love Lotus. Love Lotus was a lotus without a shape and would use illusions to let the male players see a lot of beautiful women and also let them hear very beautiful voices in their minds. It had a leapfrog lethality for male players but female players didn’t have this problem.

The strategy of male players to deal with Love Lotus was to buy temporary transgender items or wait until after level 90. Male players below level 90 had a 100% mortality rate in the Sinful Love Lake. In the time when the game’s full level was 50, Love Lotus was the most difficult and most popular boss to deal with at that time. Many players would rather be killed by her and experience the feeling of an illusion. There were also many female players who specially used temporary transgender items to become males and brush bosses. There’s even a “when Love Lotus die, romance will also return to zero” saying.

Feng Lianzhu, who couldn’t transform without the strategy, really suffered a lot under Love Lotus. Bewitched fifty times in a row, as a result, when he saw a beautiful woman now, he wanted to kill Love Lotus by suicide.

It’s because of the fifty failures that Feng Lianzhu was very sensitive to sound transmission. He quickly took out the book, checked for a while, and said: “Forbid, private, conversation.”

Dolphin 66, who was using his 200,000-350,000 Hz pulsed sound waves to curse Dog 16 in all directions, heard Feng Lianzhu’s words and was so frightened that he knelt down. He didn’t dare torture Dog 16’s ears again and stammered: “I, I, I, I can, I will!”

Dog 16 rubbed his aching ears, looked at Feng Lianzhu who had rescued him gratefully, and his tail swayed with a small frequency. Before taking a bath, his tail was grey and white but after cleaning, the dog’s tail returned to being pure white and fluffy.

Feng Lianzhu ordered Dog 16 and Dolphin 66: “You two, follow me, others, standby.”

Feng Lianzhu didn’t know what the interstellar communicator was. He felt that since Pang Kirates could have this mission, there must be a way to communicate in the cave. Feng Lianzhu couldn’t control the communicator so he let the aborigines do it.

It’s equivalent to him issuing the aborigines a “contact the interstellar pirates” task and the reward was naturally, materials.

Taking into account the speed of Dog 16 and Dolphin 66, Feng Lianzhu caught five more beasts and threw them to the aborigines before they left, lest they starve to death if they fail to catch prey during this time.

After settling the others, Dog 16 carried the fruits and marinated barbecued meat that Lord Kirates liked to eat, then followed Feng Lianzhu in the direction of the dragon’s lair.

He’s in a good mood. If Lord Kirates wanted to kill them, there was no need for such trouble at all. Since he saved them and gave them food, there must be a place for them.

He didn’t know what other people think of him but Dog 16 was willing to serve Lord Kirates.

Feng Lianzhu controlled his speed considering the physical strength of the two. The three hurried on their way and ran all night. Dog 16 and Dolphin 66 gradually showed signs of fatigue but Feng Lianzhu didn’t stop and they continued to grit their teeth.

After running at a speed of 20 km/p for a full 12 hours, the two could actually follow, just how good was their physical strength?

Feng Lianzhu was puzzled.

He knew that advanced players could travel thousands of miles in the blink of an eye. After all, it’s normal for them to be better than novice players who had just entered the game.

However, the physique of a novice player was said to be the same as that of a real human being. A level 0 player would be out of breath after jogging for half an hour. Was the physical strength of the two aborigines a little too good? Even without learning from a teacher, they had the physical strength of a Level 15 player.

“I can’t run anymore!” When Feng Lianzhu was puzzled, Dolphin 66 lay on the ground and refused to move. Even if the Kirates Dragon wanted to tear him apart, he didn’t have the strength to hide.

Dog 16 was also very tired. He gasped and stopped. He took a sip of water to moisten his throat, picked up Dolphin 66 with one hand, and while keeping the original speed, continued to follow Feng Lianzhu.

Feng Lianzhu saw that he could still move so he didn’t stop. He wanted to see how much Dog 16’s aura value was, and to what player level it’s equivalent to.

Dolphin 66 was arguing loudly on Dog 16’s shoulders: “Still running? Do you want to live, puppy? Have you forgotten that we’re not normal human beings? We’re defective, defective, and not so strong! Keep running and you’ll be exhausted!”

Hearing his words, Feng Lianzhu stopped, read the book, and said: “Rest, two hours.”

What he said was actually one hour which was two hours in interstellar time.

A day in Primitive Star 419 of the Blue Galaxy was about 25 hours. It’s not much different from the 12 hours a day that Feng Lianzhu was familiar with, and he’s quite used to it.

Dog 16 and Dolphin 66 were paralyzed on the ground, so tired that even when bugs crawled over their faces, neither of them moved.

Still, Feng Lianzhu couldn’t stand it and manipulated the surrounding plants to drive away the mosquitoes.

The two fell asleep soon after but Feng Lianzhu didn’t need to rest. He sat on a tree trunk and said to the system: “What’s a defective product?”

[Finished and semi-finished products with serious defects that don’t meet the requirements of the design standards produced by the manufacturer in the manufacturing process.]

The system’s mechanized answer left Feng Lianzhu puzzled.

Two hours later, Dog 16 woke up on time like there was an alarm clock in his head. He patted Dolphin 66 awake and said to Feng Lianzhu: “We’ve rested.”

Feng Lianzhu was not in a hurry to leave, so he asked: “You two, defective products?”

Dog 16’s slightly swaying tail stiffened and he was stunned for a few seconds before nodding with difficulty: “Yes.”

“What is it, a defective product?” Feng Lianzhu asked again.

Dog 16 opened his mouth but made no sound.

Dolphin 66 was still confused but when he heard Feng Lianzhu’s question, he directly said: “According to incomplete statistics, in the past 200 years, there’s a 3% probability of atavism in the newborns of the Alliance. The common characteristic of atavistic babies is that the gene level is lower than the D level, the mental level is lower than the C level, and the appearance of xenogeneic biological signs. Biology textbooks don’t define us as defective, but some call us that.”

After saying these words, Dolphin 66 gradually woke up. Depressed, he kicked the tree trunk next to him.

Dog 16 added: “One hundred years ago, there was a proposal to deal with atavistic newborns, which was voted down by the citizens. After parliamentary research, the Alliance decided to respect the [Minor Protection Act]. Before the age of eighteen, atavist newborns are given the most basic education and care. After the age of 18, adult atavists will be exiled to primitive stars. The [Atavist Protection Law] believes that atavists are more suitable to survive on Primitive stars. The teacher at the orphanage told us that we have learned enough knowledge, that the ecological environment of primitive stars is good, and that we can build a new home here. And here, we’re the only intelligent beings and no one will discriminate against us.”

At the age of 18, atavists in the same orphanage as Dog 16 are all expected to go to a Primitive Star when they’re adults. They’re fed up with being discriminated against by the so-called normal people of the Alliance. At least in a Primitive Star, they’re the smartest.

But after coming to a Primitive Star, Dog 16 discovered that everything was just a beautiful lie.

Without materials, weapons, and tools, they couldn’t even sustain the most basic life here.

The so-called [Atavist Protection Act], the so-called Primitive Star that wouldn’t discriminate was just the Alliance’s self-deception. For this reason, the Alliance could put their failures on the invisible planets and tell themselves that this was for their own good.

The moment they set foot on the planet, every young adult understood that they have been abandoned by the Alliance.

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SS 08: Poverty Alleviation Begins
SS 10: First Call

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