TINA V1C041: Reunion

TINA V1C040: Miss Dolai
TINA V1C042: Not Dead

Olivia and Mu Gen’s faces immediately turned to ⊙▽⊙.

Miss Dolai had to have a long life if she’s not dead at this age.

“You reminded me that I’m here to find Miss Dolai this time.” Jimmy then smacked his head: “Look at my memory! Ai…I always feel a little forgetful recently. I often forget the things I should do. To enhance my memory, I also bought Aluru fish oil, wait——where did I put the fish oil?”

Then he started rummaging around for that so-called Aluru fish oil.

Alzheimer’s disease? Olivia looked at Mu Gen.

Alzheimer’s disease! Mu Gen nodded.

“Haha! Found it, I should quickly take two pills.” Jimmy poured two pills from the medicine bottle like it’s a treasure and swallowed them. His Adam’s apple bobbed and when he raised his head again, he looked confused: “Um…what am I doing here?”


“Aren’t you here to find Miss Dolai?!” Olivia roared.

“Ah! You’re right.”

Then he started bustling around again.

Olivia secretly complained to Mu Gen: “He says he’s not old, but he’s clearly at the late stages of Alzheimer’s disease!”

He also nodded affirmatively:

“It’s indeed necessary to adjust the national legal retirement age to 185 years old.”

Not knowing what to say, Mu Gen could only smile. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Jimmy probably forgot something again and is now looking around for it. Seeing this scene, Mu Gen took Olivia to help.

“What are you looking for? I’ll help you find it with Oli.”

“Thank you, you came at the right time, I’m looking for Miss Dolai!”

⊙▽⊙ The two friends were shocked.

“Miss Dolai likes to come to the tavern to drink alone, ah! Of course, she’s the only person on this planet, so she can only drink alone.” As he spoke, he digressed again, and before Olivia was about to jump over and pinch Jimmy’s neck, Mu Gen held his waist.

“A-aren’t there only robots here?” He and Olivia asked. They checked the robots here one by one, so if Miss Dolai was among them, they would have discovered it a long time ago.

“Uh…it should be there, I have a locator here and it shows that she’s here.” Putting on reading glasses and glancing at something like a watch, Jimmy affirmed: “Miss Dolai is a tall woman with long white hair. By the way, she likes to wear floral clothes, right! About the same as your taste!”

Jimmy suddenly yelled at Mu Gen. Following his gaze, Olivia’s gaze finally fell on Mu Gen’s thick and fancy coat.

“When did you get a woman’s coat? Where did it come from?” Olivia frowned.

“Ah? I took it off the robot with a mask in the corner…ah!”

Mu Gen suddenly yelled, almost at the same time as him, Jimmy also screamed!

“Miss Dolai! What happened to you? Why are your clothes stripped!?”

Jimmy’s scream was so horrible that people who don’t know might think that Miss Dolai had something terrible happen to her, for example, being XX first and then XX.

A drop of cold sweat slowly dripped from Mu Gen’s forehead and he had an unknown premonition in his heart. After a second, his hunch became reality:

He saw the person held by Jimmy.

That person is the owner of his clothes, the female robot wearing a mask.



Miss Dolai, who was suspected of being a robot, was moved out of the corner by Mu Gen and Olivia.

Her body is very heavy——this is the first thing Mu Gen noticed.

Her skin is still human skin——this was the result of his later confirmation.

“Miss Dolai fell asleep with her mask on again,” Jimmy said and skillfully took off the mask on Miss Dolai’s face. The exposed face was very familiar to Mu Gen——it’s the Miss Dolai in the memory of White Cloud Duoduo, but there are some differences: the face in front of him was much older than Duoduo’s memory, with wrinkles over wrinkles, and Jimmy’s action of taking off the mask was a lot more difficult because——the mask is pinched by wrinkles! ⊙▽⊙

Jimmy turned Miss Dolai over and fiddled with her neck for a while. And then, something even more surprising happened:

Miss Dolai, who was motionless and like a robot, suddenly moved her neck and slowly opened her eyes.

Quite different from her old appearance, her eyes were just like a newborn child, very clear and blue like the color of the sky.

The moment she saw Jimmy, she was taken aback for a moment, then sighed a long time.

“Great, Miss Dolai, you’re alive again!” Jimmy immediately said in surprise.

“Hmph…what are you talking about? Even if I die, I can live another five hundred years!” Although her voice was a little weak, Miss Dolai was in good spirits and even laughed.

“Of course! The mechanical heart produced by our company is very durable! It’s not a problem to live another 600 years!” Jimmy proudly said.

“But it’s been 598 years…” Staring at the roof, Miss Dolai didn’t say a word for a long time after saying this.

Jimmy didn’t know what to say for a while. After some time, he finally remembered that there seemed to be two small guests besides him and Miss Dolai, so he hurriedly pushed Mu Gen and Olivia to Dolai like they’re his savior.

“Guests are looking for you!”

“Oh?” Hearing this, Dolai finally sat up. Her movements were very strenuous as just a simple movement took a lot of effort. Mu Gen reached out in time to help her sit up firmly.

“Thank you.” Just like in Duoduo’s memory, Miss Dolai is a very polite lady. She instinctively thanked Mu Gen who helped her and noticed the floral coat on Mu Gen. She even praised:

“Good taste, I also like this coat.”

“Huh? Ah! Sorry——” Mu Gen hurriedly took off his coat and put it on Miss Dolai again.

“However, your temperament is more suitable for wearing pure color clothes, blue and white are good choices. On the contrary, your friend next to you is more suitable for this kind of large floral pattern. I think your friend will suit my coat better.” Miss Dolai obviously had a great fashion sense and she didn’t forget to tell them even at this time.

“Stop talking! I’m not interested in women’s clothes. Let’s talk about serious things!” Waving, Olivia made the atmosphere serious again: “We have brought back White Cloud Duoduo!”

The smile on Dolai’s face slowly receded.

“Do you know where the people who have lied to me with fake news before have gone?”

“Miss Dolai, look!”

That awe-inspiring threat and a boy’s hearty gesture was made at the same time. He didn’t notice the change in the other’s face at all. Mu Gen dug out the thing that has been on him from his backpack…White Cloud Duoduo’s big head!

As a result, the pair of owner and spacecraft, who hadn’t seen each other for hundreds of years…reunited just like this.

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TINA V1C040: Miss Dolai
TINA V1C042: Not Dead

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