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As expected, the galactic explosion also affected this planet. Within two hundred years after the disaster, the climate conditions of planet M7 gradually deteriorated until it’s no longer suitable for human habitation. Under the government’s organization, the planet’s inhabitants immigrated to nearby planets in batches within ten years.

This is already a dead star.

The above information was pieced together by Olivia and Mu Gen based on the clues they found.

“Everyone is gone, only Miss Dolai didn’t leave.” As long as they traced the time, it’s not difficult to come to this conclusion.

After the others left, she continued to live alone in this harsh climate for about 100 years until she passed away.

For Olivia and Mu Gen, a hundred years is a long, long time.

They went silent for a while. After a long time, Olivia proposed to go back to the spacecraft first, but when they tried to open the door, they found that the door could not be opened.

Finally, Olivia broke the upper window and took a look outside: “The snow is too high so the door got stuck.”

“Seems like we can only sleep here tonight.” Mu Gen also leaned over to look, so he knew that they couldn’t go out today. After notifying the uncles who were staying on the spacecraft, Mu Gen and Olivia decided to sleep here for the night.

Although the houses here used special materials to prevent the cold, it’s still very cold when they’re staying overnight. In desperation, Mu Gen decided to “borrow” clothes from the robots in the tavern.

Miss Dolai is really good to these robots. She put beautiful clothes on each robot and the material is very good since it didn’t break apart after so many years.

“Sorry, ma’am.” The thickest clothes in the entire tavern was worn by a person sitting in a corner of the tavern…unfortunately, the robot has a mask, but she seemed to be a lady with her hands folded like that. Mu Gen was very embarrassed to tear the fancy coat from the female robot, but he still put it on.

So warm. (≧▽≦)

“Thank you.” After pulling the zipper, Mu Gen thanked the robot doll that was stripped naked.

Then he ran to Olivia. Olivia quickly emptied a place behind the bar counter and covered it with a thick coat (←removed from a robot in the tavern). In addition to the ones on the floor, he also tore down the curtains and used them as a quilt. By the time Mu Gen got in, the bed was already warm.

“Oli, you are so warm (≧▽≦).” Rolling in the bed, Mu Gen quickly rolled to the source of the warmth——Olivia. Olivia is like a small heater constantly emitting heat.

“…” The moment he rolled over, Olivia’s body stiffened, strongly restraining the urge to run away and finally let Mu Gen hug his arm.

“Oli, good night! Dad, good night!” After whispering good night to his friend and family, Mu Gen closed his eyes.

“Oli, good night.” After Mu Gen fell asleep, Robot A also mechanically called out to Olivia.

“…G-g-good night…” The word good night lingered on his tongue for a long time, and when it finally came out, there’s only silence around Oli.

Look to the left: Mu Gen has fallen asleep while snoring;

Look to the right: Robot A has consciously turned off.

Motherf*! Why did you sleep so fast?!


Olivia then carefully drew up the curtains on his body. Mu Gen’s head was on the left side of his neck so to not disturb him, Olivia didn’t dare move. The room was very dark, but not completely dark. The snow outside reflected the light of the surrounding moon and faintly came through the curtainless windows, hitting the robots in the tavern which looked terrifying.

But Olivia was very calm.

Mu Gen’s breath quietly sprayed on his neck and Robot A’s knee touched his right side. Surrounded on both sides, Olivia felt extremely comfortable.

The two people’s body temperature gradually warmed up the curtains and the coats under them became warmer and warmer, almost a little hot.

He wondered if sleeping under dad’s wings was like this.

“Chirp…” He whispered.

Olivia slowly closed his eyes. For the first time, he fell asleep not long after closing his eyes. Normally, it’s always difficult for him to fall asleep.

But this time, he fell into a deep sleep.

Olivia had a dream. In the dream, Mu Gen looked at him very intently while smiling.

Olivia was frightened by that smile, but then, Mu Gen stretched out his hand.

“Your head is loose, let me give you a twist.” He heard Mu Gen very heartily say that to him.

Motherf*! My head is attached to my head!

Shouting these words, Olivia abruptly opened his eyes.

The feeling of being touched lingered on his neck and he suddenly woke up: It’s not a dream! There’s someone nearby!

But there should be no one on this planet, right? Uh…

Is it a man or a ghost?

A thin layer of sweat formed on his forehead as Olivia felt his heart beat faster.

He heard the quiet breathing sounds next to him. He didn’t know if that was a human or a ghost, but it didn’t leave them and even went to Mu Gen’s side.

His heart constricting, Olivia immediately clenched his fist hidden under the curtain——

“Oh…your head is loose, let me give you a twist…”

It was a man’s voice, and it sounded very old. At this moment, he was speaking in a deceptively childish voice. And then, Olivia felt a pair of cold hands reaching for Mu Gen’s head over his ears.

At that moment, Olivia’s mind went blank. No longer caring whether the opponent was a human or a ghost, he jumped up and kicked that person——

However, his leg kicked air but he heard a loud noise. Olivia followed the noise and looked intently, but was then dumbfounded:

Because that “thing” was thrown out by Mu Gen.

Grabbing his hair, Mu Gen turned away, unaware of what he’d just done. He squirmed a few times until he buried himself in the warm bed and continued snoring ( ̄︶ ̄)zzzz.


What the——

“What the hell was that just now? Aiyo!” Before Olivia could speak, someone had already said what he wanted to say, but it’s said by the one Mu Gen threw into the corner.

When he said this, Olivia was greatly relieved: It’s a human! This tone meant he’s a living person!

There’s nothing to be afraid of so Olivia shook his head. He stretched out his hand to wipe off the cold sweat from his forehead and smoothed his hairstyle along the way. And then, Olivia turned on the flashlight (←Mu Gen’s antique flashlight ^0^).

“Who are you? What are you doing sneakily touching our heads in the middle of the night?” With the light hitting the man’s face, Olivia asked very majestically.

Well, if the hair on his head was less messy, perhaps, others can barely admit that he’s a bit majestic.

At this time, Olivia was wearing thin clothes with his hair flying wildly, even covering his fierce eyes. With Olivia’s head like that, it looked like he just crawled out of bed and hadn’t slept enough. Coupled with Mu Gen, who’s still snoring at his feet, the whole scene looked very homely.

Even the affected person felt no grievance after seeing this scene.

“I’m sorry to disturb your sleep.” He immediately apologized.

“There should be no one on this planet, right? What do you want to do, appearing in this place at this time?” Olivia raised a brow as he asked.

“Sorry, sorry. I’m just doing a routine job to oil the robots here. I just saw the weather forecast saying that it’s snowing again. I’m worried that their heads would be frozen again. You know, these robots’ heads are not strong enough…” The person explained weakly, but after a long time, he finally reacted: “No, I should be asking you!”

“Why did two little kids show up in this place at this time? This is no man’s land, so you can’t just run around here!”

The man and Olivia stared at each other.

At this moment, Mu Gen finally woke up. He was awakened by Olivia’s flashlight.

“Oli, are you going to pee? I want to go together…” Waking up in the middle of the night = going to the bathroom, this equation was already deeply ingrained in Mu Gen’s mind.

Olivia and the man then turned their eyes on him.

Under the two’s gazes, Mu Gen finally woke up. Seeing the big living person suddenly appearing in the room, Mu Gen was stunned. After a while, he finally spoke:


“H-Hello.” The man also blankly greeted Mu Gen.

His gaze fell on the man’s face and after carefully observing for a moment, Mu Gen finally spoke cautiously: “You…don’t look so good…”

He was referring to the person’s eyes. The entire left eye socket was blue, and it looked so painful~

“…” Hearing these words, the man finally jumped up: “As if it has nothing to do with you! You beat me! You beat me, ah! You brat!”

So this time, it was Mu Gen’s turn to be stunned.

He carefully massaged the man’s eye socket and saw the wrinkled skin under his hands. Mu Gen whispered to Olivia next to him: “Oli, do you think I broke the law? This is an old man…”

Olivia looked at him speechlessly.

“You’re the old man, I’m only 280 years old!” Hearing those words, a puffy retort sounded from below.

Mu Gen was stunned.

“Uh, sorry, grandpa…” He habitually apologized.

“Don’t call me grandpa, I’m only 280 years old.” The person protested again.

“Then…how should I call you?” Mu Gen was embarrassed.

“Just call me Jimmy.” While letting Mu Gen massage him for a long time, the man finally reported his name.

Mu Gen also introduced himself. After talking about their experience today, they finally explained their reason for coming here.

“We are here to find Miss Dolai. Unfortunately, after listening to her messages from these robots, we know that she’s no longer here…”

Who knew——

“These robots were left by Miss Dolai.” Jimmy looked at Mu Gen with his right eye: “But who told you that she’s dead?”

The author has something to say:

Miss Dolai is not dead~

The author has to catch a plane after getting off work tomorrow. I don’t know if I can update on time, just saying in advance~

Good night!

TINA V1C039: Message Left By The Owner
TINA V1C041: Reunion

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