TINA V2C073: Mugen Grass Found

TINA V2C072: Alpha's Buns
TINA V2C074: First Event

At the end of the first day, the military training base, Tarol, sent the results of the freshmen military training to the Imperial Comprehensive Academy.

“What?” Hearing the results, Sorom, the Battleship Command Department Chief, frowned: “The Battleship Command Department only came second? Then the first place is the Mecha Department, right?”

His first concern was his opponent.

“The Mecha Department is currently third.” The supervising professor in charge of the freshmen this year——Professor Geller, respectfully reported the results of the Mecha Department. As the number one opponent of the Battleship Command Department, he must know his opponent’s information in any situation so that he can answer his boss’ questions correctly at all times.

“The Mecha Department is actually third? Then…who’s in the first place?” Sorom’s brows frowned even more.

“The combined group of the Cooking, Music, and Fine Arts Department. They’re currently tied for first place.” Professor Geller uttered the answer, and as expected, Department Chief Sorom was stunned upon hearing it:


Not only the Battleship Command Department but also the Mecha and the Mechanical Engineering Department, even the Department Chiefs of any well-known department in the Imperial Comprehensive Academy responded like this after knowing the military training results:

The three wallflowers actually took first place? Are you kidding me?!

The Department Chiefs who were originally just routinely asking about their student’s grades suddenly couldn’t sit still and put down the things in their hands. One by one, they walked to the elevator and directly clicked on the top floor. They were going to ask the Dean to understand!

So, starting from the seventh floor, the elevator stopped at almost every floor and every time the door opened, a Department Chief will come in. By the time they reached the thirtieth floor, the elevator was full, and no more people could come in.

All the Department Chiefs are here, except for the Cooking, Music, and Fine Arts Department.

“Is Dean Ode here? Regarding the results of this military training, I have questions that needed answers.” Mecha Department Chief——Floren pressed the intercom bell of the secretary. A minute later, the door to the Secretary’s Office opened and a blond lady in a black suit gracefully came out. The conservative and serious suit couldn’t hide her good figure and the name tag on her chest indicated that her name was Doma.

Doma smiled and greeted the Department Chiefs outside: “Dean said good morning to everyone and to please come in and sit down!”

As the Dean of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, Dean Ode alone occupies the top floor of the Professor’s Office Building. In addition to his own office on this floor, there’s also the office of the Dean’s secretaries. A total of seven secretaries serve Dean Ode, and some secretaries are responsible for assisting him in handling various affairs in the Academy while some are responsible for handling external affairs.

They are the Dean’s personal secretaries and their salaries are paid from the Dean’s personal allowance. The other faculty and staff in the Academy don’t have the right to order them to perform any tasks.

Doma——the chief secretary of the Dean’s Secretary Office has been present in the Imperial Comprehensive Academy since the day Ode became the dean. She has served here longer than any professor in the room.

The moment they saw her appear, all the Department Chiefs couldn’t help but follow her and walk into the Secretary’s Office.

A very concise and atmospheric office, except that the owner of the office was a woman. There’s no trace of femininity here and it’s simply like a combat meeting room.

At Doma’s sign, the Department Chiefs sat at the conference table.

“Serve drinks.” With an order from Doma, six female secretaries dressed in the same suits as her entered one after another. Each secretary walked over with a tray in hand and with several cups on each tray. After placing a drink in front of the last Department Chief, the tray was empty.

The number of cups and the number of visitors were exactly the same.

“I hope that the tea will satisfy you, from Sir Dean.” Sexy red lips curling up slightly, Doma was always smiling.

Lowering his head, Department Chief Sorom took a sip of the coffee in front of him: 30mL of freshly ground black coffee beans, a specialty of Hodder Planet, served with 50mL of fresh milk. Doma actually knew his little hobby.

Freeing up the middle of the conference table, Doma took the second seat and the six female secretaries immediately stood behind her.

“I know that you all have some small questions, so we have prepared the relevant information a long time ago. Since Dean is not in the office today, I am here to welcome you.” Doma smiled and nodded slightly to a secretary behind her. The light screen at the other end of the conference table lit up and as the pictures appeared, everyone immediately realized that what was being broadcasted was the scene on the first day of military training yesterday.

During the video playback, Doma didn’t say a word, so the Department Chiefs saw the performance of the freshmen in their departments, especially the freshmen from the Cooking, Music, and Fine Arts Departments.

They saw the Chairman of the Cooking Department waiting alone, completely different from the chairpersons of other departments around him. This Chairman has been looking down at his hands from beginning to end, and while most of the freshmen from other departments have arrived, there were only two people from the Cooking Department. Even so, he didn’t seem hurried at all.

Then, the Department Chiefs saw the little brontosaurus coming over with a bunch of classmates on his back. Hearing him speak about his experience of driving cattle, many of the Department Chiefs laughed out loud. However, several also noticed what he said before.

“To complete the task assigned by the superior, we will use all means, although this method is quite stupid, this brontosaurus is a good soldier.” The Mecha Department Chief, Floren, is one of the few people who paid attention to what he said before: “This freshman should come to our Mecha Department. What’s his admission score? Why did he go to the Cooking Department?”

“This freshman’s overall score is ranked 975th, and there are three scores that did not meet the requirements of the Mecha Department.” A secretary behind Doma immediately read out Dobby’s information.

Floren didn’t say anything more.

The admission criteria of the Mecha Department is based on the results, and the results of this freshman didn’t meet the admission criteria of the Mecha Department.


This freshman is the student with the best “execution” among the on-site students. In terms of performance alone, he’s even better than those freshmen who meet the admission criteria of the Mecha Department.

While Floren was contemplating, the screen continued to play. The freshmen of the three departments finally arrived. On the screen, the Chairman of the Cooking Department began to put digital tags on their luggage one by one. In the beginning, no one noticed it, but now that the luggage of all three departments was gathered together, they suddenly noticed:

There’s only one baggage for these students?!

When the other students have at least three pieces of luggage, the students of these three departments brought only one?

However, thanks to their lack of luggage, the freshmen from the three departments who specialized in being wallflowers boarded the ship first. Seeing that the students in his department can only rank second, the Department Chief couldn’t help but feel aggrieved. Then the screen changed. When the freshmen of the wallflower departments started to eat the food under the reception of the Chairman of the Cooking Department, Department Chief Sorom once again synchronized with his students: These little guys ate the all-important food, see if they have a good life during military training!

Bringing only one piece of luggage is also: To save trouble, there are few things to bring, so when there’s nothing to use in the barracks, see what they’ll do!

However, before he could say this, the screen had already shifted to when the spacecraft arrived at its destination.

“Only uniform backpacks issued by the Academy are allowed to enter the barracks and no other luggage is allowed inside! No food in the luggage is allowed inside! Human food on the robot is not allowed inside!”

When he heard these words, Department Chief Sorom once again had the same expression as Brad.

Seeing the students of his department stunned while the wallflower group took the lead to enter the barracks, Department Chief Sorom was also stunned.

“If you read it well, read the fine print too. You are the brains of the military, if the brains can’t even remember to read, what can you expect from the limbs?” The last words that the officer told Brad was also heard by him and he turned to the manual sent to everyone’s mailbox by the Academy the day before yesterday. Department Chief Sorom used the search function to quickly check it and when he saw the remark about baggage restrictions in the middle, he suddenly realized.

At the end of the screening, he suddenly asked:

“What’s the name of the Chairman of the Cooking Department?”

“Mu Gen, his name is Mu Gen.” Doma is still smiling, and just like when Dobby’s material was just played, she also sent Mu Gen’s information to the light screen so that all Department Chiefs could see it.

Looking at the happily smiling teenager in the profile picture, Department Chief Sorom sighed:

“What a great little guy.”

“Before the military training, each department has sent special personnel to explain the military training. However, all the explanations were conducted following the usual practice. In previous years, the military training requirements of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy were not strict. They allowed students to be late and also allowed students to carry multiple pieces of luggage. Even I didn’t know that the content of this year’s military training was reformed.”

“Only this little guy, Mu Gen from the Cooking Department, has carefully read the information sent by the Academy. Not only did he read it, but he also carefully planned all the things he had to carry. It’s said that only one backpack is allowed, so he prepared according to the capacity of one backpack. But looking carefully at the things he chose to prepare, the size of each item was carefully compared and just fit in a backpack with limited capacity, no more no less. If you put together these things casually, it won’t fit in two backpacks.”

Seeing that some Department Chiefs don’t quite understand, Department Chief Sorom gave an example: “For example, regarding the spare batteries in Mu Gen’s list, he pointed out that he wanted to prepare Baiyun brand e-type batteries. This is an old brand and it’s hard to find in general supermarkets. Then he stated that he would use Famu Star’s special product. These two items seem to have nothing to do with each other, but if put together, you’ll find: The shape of the Baiyun brand e-type battery can fit into the outer bottle of the mosquito repellant produced by Famu Star. This saves the space of a battery.”

“At first glance, it seems inconspicuous, but all the items on his list can be stacked and stored. All added up, the remaining space is enough to load more necessities.”

“I just adjusted all the items on his list. In the beginning, he should have chosen the brand and let the intelligent system arrange and group them according to volume. The conclusion is that a backpack can’t fit all these and he needed at least two or three more backpacks of the same size. The second time, I called up all the items in accordance to Mu Gen’s list and have it rearranged and combined by the intelligent system.”

“This time, it’s just fine. All the items fit perfectly in one backpack.”

“This student actually used a loophole to pack three backpacks.”

Does such a small backpack have so much? The Medical Department Chief next to him couldn’t help but look carefully at Mu Gen’s face on the light screen. After a while, he asked in a daze:

“This freshman, does his family…own a supermarket?”

Department Chief Sorom chuckled softly.

This is a small skill that the Medical Department Chief doesn’t understand but a must-have for battleship commanders: To be a good commander, it’s not just about understanding tactics, there’s another branch to a commander’s job called overall planning. Knowing the details of each mission item is professionalism that a commander should possess. To be a commander, knowledge is the basic condition.

Looking at the silly boy in the photo, Department Chief Sorom seemed to be infected by his smile and after a while, a smile appeared on his always rigid face.

“One, do all the data investigation and precise planning before proceeding, strictly observe the rules, as the officer said. As a commander, you must first develop your brain and fully fulfill your responsibility as the brain.”

“Two, excellent ability to recognize people. Trust and rely on your subordinates. Doing everything by yourself might indicate you’re a good soldier, but definitely not a good commander. Sooner or later, things had to be done separately. On this point, some commanders refuse to let others do it, and some commanders commanded the wrong person to do it. And this Mu Gen picked the right person.”

“Three, affinity. During the time before the spacecraft arrived at the military training base, through sharing food, he spoke to all his future partners. Have you noticed? He had remembered everyone’s names and also knew everyone’s background. Regardless of whether he did it intentionally or unintentionally, he has succeeded in gaining an in-depth understanding of the manpower available to him before the mission began. At the same time…”

Brad of the Battleship Command Department didn’t say a word to his future companions.

This sentence almost came to his lips but Department Chief Sorom didn’t say it in the end.

“Anyone who wants to become a leader in a team can go in roughly two directions: Let everyone willingly do things for you, or let everyone dare not disobey your orders.”

“The student who should have entered the Battleship Command Department this year entered the Cooking Department. Such is the will of heaven…”

At this moment, the eyes of all Department Chiefs present fell on Mu Gen’s smiling face on the screen. At this point, the unremarkable Mugen grass that sprouted and rooted on the barren star was finally noticed.

The author has something to say:

It’s late, sorry~

Translator’s Note:

Sorry, got fed up with typing the three departments again and again so I just dubbed them as the three departments. Hope no one’s confused.

When I did that, the author must have been fed up too since the next one didn’t specifically mention them anymore and just dubbed them as the wallflower departments. Author, you should have done that earlier.

TINA V2C072: Alpha's Buns
TINA V2C074: First Event

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