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Regardless of what the other departments achieved on their first day, the freshmen of the wallflower departments have already allocated their own dormitories.

Since no one wanted to live in the same room with Chairman Kerry and Chairman Godot, the two of them were left out; because too many people wanted to share a room with Chairman Mu Gen, the result of everyone disputing is that Mu Gen was left out. With the three chairmen and little brontosaurus Dobby who wasn’t involved in the room grabbing, the four of them eventually lived in the same dorm.

“Mu Gen, you’re amazing! So many things can be packed in a backpack. I didn’t look at your picture first and after putting it in for a long time, there’s no way to pack these things into a backpack!” When he took the daily necessities out of his backpack, Dobby looked at Mu Gen with admiration.

“There’s no helping it!” Mu Gen then smiled: “The needles, threads, and fabrics on the planet where my family is from are very precious items, so I use a little less. The last piece of cloth is only enough to sew a backpack. To maximize the size of this backpack, I’ve been trying very hard to practice how to stuff as much as possible!”

“Is that so? I used to think that my family had it hard enough, but turns out your family has it even harder.” When he looked at Mu Gen again, Dobby had a hint of sympathy in his eyes.

“What surprised me was: Mu Gen, you actually knew so many item brands. This Baiyun brand battery is difficult to buy! My home has a supermarket and we have most of the brands on the market, so I thought I could prepare the things on your list in my store, but there are still a few things I couldn’t find. Finally, I ordered it through the online store on your list.” Taking out the battery in his hand, Kerry also joined their chat.

“My family doesn’t have much money, so we have to plan carefully. My usual hobby is to read supermarket brochures! Not only the brand, I remember the price of each item~ Which store is more affordable, I know it all ~\(≧▽≦)~.” Showing a beautiful little white tooth, Mu Gen pointed to the Baiyun battery in Kerry’s hand: “There are many online shops selling batteries of this brand, but the one on the list is the cheapest!”

He didn’t mind talking about the poorness of his family as Mu Gen smiled heartily.

“Then what about asking us to eat on the way? Did you know that food can’t be brought in?” This time, the questioner was Godot. He also packed up his things and went to bed. When Kerry took the position to Mu Gen’s left, he took the one on the right.

“I don’t know, but, those snacks must be eaten fresh to get the most deliciousness! Eat the food when it’s best so that it won’t be wasted, right?” This time, Mu Gen’s answer was even more unexpected.

Lying on the bed, the four boys looked at each other and smiled for a while.

“It’s too late when we arrived today so the cafeteria is closed and we won’t have anything to eat until early tomorrow morning. Why don’t we rest earlier?”

Mu Gen suggested and there was no objection, so the light in the bedroom was turned off early. Not long after, Dobby’s snoring could be heard from the side.


In the next room, several students were pasted to the wall close to them.

“Hey! Did you hear anything?!” After hearing nothing for a while, one of the students peeled his face off the wall. Still unwilling to give up, he poked the student in front of him.

“I only hear a snore. According to the characteristics of this sound, it should a brontosaurus.” After listening carefully for a while, the student finally removed his ear from the wall. He’s a student from the Music Department, and the student who poked him was in the Cooking Department. This time, the accommodation was not divided by department, so the students from the three departments are all mixed up.

“Brontosaurus? That’s Dobby. If he’s snoring, that means he’s not dead, or he hadn’t eaten yet. So if he’s snoring——” The Cooking Department freshman who left the wall first finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Just like the situation in Mu Gen’s dormitory, the people in each room gossiped, and while they’re having a preliminary understanding of each other——

They also realized that the chairmen of the Music and Fine Arts Department are some kind of “heavy dinosaurs” of unknown species.

“When I was woken up this morning, I almost peed in fright! I’ve never felt such a terrible feeling before. It’s probably what my mother said, the feeling of being looked at as prey…” Speaking of the experience of being awakened by Chairman Kerry in the morning, the two Music Department freshmen had lingering fears.

“I’m an Asian-American Gigantosaur! The dinosaur that can scare me is at least at tyrannosaurus level!” One of the music department freshmen frowned.

“I’m a Mapusaurus! And Chairman Kerry also scared me stupid!” Another music department freshman who was awakened by Kerry spoke up.

“My feeling was right. I didn’t want to approach him as soon as I saw him today! By the way, he shouldn’t be an ordinary tyrannosaurus since I’m one and I still feel nervous when I see him.” A freshman in the cooking department nodded and agreed with them.

“The chairman of our department doesn’t look much in human form, but when he walked into the dorm, everyone woke up in shock.” The only freshman from the Fine Arts Department also talked about his own situation.

Naturally, they’re all talking about the original forms of Chairman Kerry and Chairman Godot! How can such a race that scares people while walking on the road be admitted to such a peaceful department as the Music and Fine Arts Department?!

The four freshmen collectively complained.

At this moment, the only freshman in the Cooking Department who didn’t participate in the discussion silently pointed at them in his heart: Hey! Think about your own race! One is fiercer than the other, why are you all assigned to these peaceful departments?

Fortunately, they don’t like vegetables——the Cooking Department freshman of the plant species breathed a sigh of relief.

On the first night of military training, due to concerns about Mu Gen’s safety, several freshmen from the three departments listened to next door with fear all night.

The next day, Mu Gen and Dobby, who came out of the bedroom with radiant faces, undoubtedly attracted everyone’s attention.

It’s just that Chairman Kerry didn’t look too good.

“Mu Gen, you bit me when you were dreaming yesterday, and it hurts!”

Then Mu Gen wiped the corner of his mouth suspiciously:

“No wonder…I dreamed of eating barbecue last night. Did the bite hurt you? I’m really sorry. I’ll pay attention when I go to bed tonight.”

The person who can hold the terrible Chairman Kerry and treat him as barbecue——Mu Gen, is a truly mysterious creature.

Maybe he’s the one with the most dangerous race.

Maybe they should sympathize with Chairman Kerry and Chairman Godot.

So in the following days, Kerry and Godot were surprised to find that the fear in the eyes of the freshmen in their department disappeared a lot. Some people are even willing to speak to them at their own initiative.

For Kerry and Godot, who had been scarred by their racial issues since childhood and were unable to make friends at all, this is truly an unexpected change.


The next morning, the teenagers who thought that they could go to the cafeteria to eat early in the morning were doomed to be disappointed: Without having breakfast, they received the assembly notice just as they rushed to the entrance of the cafeteria. All freshmen must gather at the designated location.

And this designated place——

When they saw the notice from the instructor, many freshmen thought they were confused: The designated meeting place on the notice was not in this barracks at all but on the other end of the map!

Someone calculated it based on the zoom ratio on the map, and the answer was even harder to believe——

“75 kilometers?” A freshman yelled on the spot.

The km here is not the km of Earth, but the standard ground distance measurement in the interstellar. The so-called one km here is much longer than the one km distance on Earth!

“Is…is there a hover car?” Immediately a freshman said in a daze: “However, I haven’t gotten a driver’s license yet…”

“There are no public hover cars, only military hover vehicles. And these cars are not for you to use. You have to run to the meeting place.” The next words of the instructor ruthlessly shattered the last hope of the freshmen.

“This time, it’s just a physical fitness test, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost. We deliberately set aside a military hover car lane to be used as today’s test track. You only need to move along this lane and at the end is the meeting point.”

“This exam will be conducted based on departments. Chairpersons, please organize your department and the test will officially start in ten minutes.”

If yesterday’s black-clothed officers looked like cold wooden statues, today’s black-clothed officers look like demons!

“What? 75km? And running all the way…” The freshmen were stunned.

The time has come for the chairmen to play their role again. After the instructor issued the instructions, all the chairmen began to organize the students in their department to start running. Ten minutes later, the test started and the underwhelmed freshmen scrambled to set off.

Squeezed to the back by a large number of people are the wallflower departments of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy.

The momentum of the other departments running out is really amazing, so they’re completely stuck at the end, unable to move. During this period, Mu Gen didn’t idle and took everyone to do a set of warm-up exercises. Mu Gen looked at the map carefully during this time and then, he counted the number of students in the three departments before arranging them in order of height.

“Set off!”

Running with his team, Mu Gen yelled loudly.

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