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TINA V2C075: On The Road
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The freshman was walking slowly on the side of the road at the moment and no one had passed by him for a long time. He thought he might be the last one, but it’s okay since the other people in the Life and Breeding Department are very strong. They will run ahead and it won’t hurt if he’s last. However, the only thing to worry about is that he’s really hungry right now and he didn’t know if he can get something to eat before he starves to death…

While he was thinking about that, he suddenly heard footsteps behind him.

Turning his head in surprise, he opened his mouth as if seeing an incredible sight.

The wallflower squad, which had always maintained their starting formation, ran past him at a constant speed like this.

Four hours and thirty-six minutes after the start of the long-distance physical fitness test, the wallflower squad surpassed the last freshman from the Life and Breeding Department;

Four hours and fifty minutes after the start of the test, the wallflower squad surpassed the last freshman from the Medicine Department;

In five hours, they surpassed the last two freshmen from the Natural Sciences Department;

Five hours and ten minutes, they passed the last four freshmen from the Battleship Command Department…

Everyone who saw the wallflower squad reacted similarly to the first person, staring wide-eyed and with an unbelievable look.

The miscellaneous squad composed of the Cooking, Fine Arts, and Music Department is not neatly arranged. Their steps are not the same after all, and they haven’t undergone formal queue training. However, they always kept the queue arranged by Mu Gen at the beginning, so no one was left behind and the student next to everyone was always the same.

Dadada, the lined-up miscellaneous wallflower squad passed by the dumbfounded freshmen one after another.

“We’ve been running for more than five hours! I didn’t even notice!” Lined up one after another, the once ignorant team members of the miscellaneous squad only now noticed the time. Many were shocked when they noticed that they had finished most of the distance!

What’s more, compared to the desolate looks of other people, they look simply superb! They didn’t feel very tired even after running for so long. On the contrary, they feel that they can continue to run at the same speed.

“We ate a lot of high-sugar foods on the spacecraft yesterday, so we had the necessary nutrients among those who participated.”

“The socks prepared according to the list are also air socks specially prepared for long-distance running!”

“This morning, I also sprayed the sunscreen spray that was on the list…”

Thinking of who brought this to everyone, everyone looked back:

“Chairman Mu Gen, did you know the content of the military training in advance?”

“How can I?” Mu Gen waved his hand quickly: “The food that day was given by the bosses along the way. It just happened that they’re all operating dessert shops and the other things so those are their regular menu items! Because I don’t know what to take, I want to bring as many things as I can. At most, it took a little effort to pack all these things into a backpack.”

“As for everyone not feeling too tired until now, you have to thank Dobby.”

“Ah?” Everyone’s heads turned back at the same time and they all looked at the big man Dobby in the first row. When gathering everyone in line, Mu Gen placed Dobby in the first row on the far left. This arrangement seemed nothing at first since Dobby ran neither fast nor slow, nothing special except for the eye-catching things of “gathering classmates behind his back” at the beginning of the military training, so this big man is not very noticeable among the freshmen.

During the entire run, Dobby didn’t do anything besides burying his head, not even communicating with everyone that much, so what did he do?

“He controlled everyone’s speed throughout the process and made appropriate adjustments according to each person’s situation. Everyone feeling good right now is thanks to this expert Dobby~” At Dobby’s direction, Mu Gen gave a thumbs up.

The freshmen discovered: Huh? That’s true! They followed him all the way! Because Dobby is in the most critical position in the first row, the people next to him can’t help but follow his rhythm.

So that’s it—

“Dobby, are you a long-distance running expert?” In their opinion, there was only this explanation so many freshmen looked up at Dobby at this time.

Dobby finally turned his head, showing his big white teeth and smiling honestly:

“I’m not a long-distance running expert, but I’m good at raising cows ~\(≧▽≦)~!”

Freshmen: 囧!

“Every morning, I drive three hundred cows to a place 40km away from home to graze and control the speed of each cow, not letting them get tired before they reached the destination. This is the most important job for cattle-driving people.” Thinking of the cattle in his hometown, Dobby’s face showed a look of nostalgia. It’s been a long time since he drove the cows and although the number of people today is a bit less, it’s still a habit. ⊙▽⊙

Freshmen: 囧! So your cattle is the long-distance running expert, right? Running 40km while hungry just to eat grass, those cows are real cows!

“However, as long as the cow is trained well, I let the cows lead the herd forward, so it’s much easier.” Dobby continued to reminisce.

Freshmen: =.= So Dobby, you not only regard us as your cows, but you also substitute yourself as a cow?

“Then, what if we’re tired from running?” Someone asked on the spot.

It’s not enough just with someone controlling the speed!

“Aren’t there those three behind us?” Dobby said.

The freshmen subconsciously looked at the last row. The first thing they saw was Chairman Mu Gen, and then…

They saw Chairman Kerry and Chairman Godot running on both sides of Mu Gen with a smile.

The cow-driving master controls the speed in the first row and the big beasts line up in the last row. Even if they don’t run fast, they don’t dare fall behind, so all the freshmen were circled by these four dots in a square formation.

Looking closely, the freshmen in the back row of the team seemed to be all carnivorous species. The farther back, the more terrifying they are, so based on their instinctive fear of the carnivorous species, everyone dared not fall behind! Chairman Mu Gen, you arranged this on purpose, right? It’s intentional! This is completely intentional!

Mu Gen: ⊙﹏⊙

Freshmen with lingering fears: Sure enough, Chairman Mu Gen, who faintly lags behind Chairman Kerry and Chairman Godot and running in the last row is the most dangerous of the three departments, right?

Because everyone’s gazes were unclear, Mu Gen could only ⊙▽⊙.

“Actually, I was very good at grazing when I was in my hometown!” While running, Mu Gen chatted with Kerry and Godot beside him.

“As long as Sigma and I ran behind those horned beasts, they always run very fast! Right! When Uncle Beta is behind them, they ran the fastest!”

Godot & Kerry: What kind of breed does your family raise? o(╯□╰)o

Six hours after the start of the test, they met the first freshman from the Mecha Department.

That’s right, the “first”.


On the exposed suspension lane, the originally boisterous Domra is now crouching and kneeling beside the road. A small pool of water stains was under him and the sweat dripping down his jaw explained the source of the pool.

He looked really bad.

Kneeling there, Domra’s throat made a sound like a bellows.

Domra didn’t know how long he’d been kneeling there but the pain on his body made him unintentionally return to his original form. However, without the protection of the uniform’s coat, he faced a worse situation: Now is when sunlight is the strongest, and the sunlight on this planet is extremely harsh. The military uniform issued by the Academy played a shielding function so losing its protection, his huge black body was completely exposed to the harsh sunlight.

His dehydrated body felt abnormally uncomfortable and his brain was blank. He felt like he’s about to evaporate.

In the first three hours, he had been at the forefront. Quite confident in his physical strength, Domra believed that he should be able to get first place in this test.

Under his leadership, the students of the Mecha Department are far ahead. The students who can be admitted to the Mecha Department have very good physical fitness and basically have no problems with basic physical fitness, but after another three hours of running, some people still fell behind. For these students, Domra chose to give up on them.

“There’s no need to wait for the slowest person. We just need to ensure that most of us arrive at the destination first.” He warned his classmates this way, and then, when he fell to the ground due to severe pain, he was left behind by his classmates who faithfully followed his orders.

Everyone一一after passing him, the elites he was in was the first one, then the classmates who were a little behind before, and then the weak chickens of the Battleship Command Department also passed by, then the Mechanical Engineering Department, the Medicinal Department…

In the beginning, he could proudly raise his head and try to hold on to move forward, but as soon as more and more people passed him, his footsteps were getting slower and slower until a sharp burst of pain made him unable to support it anymore. His knees softened and he knelt heavily on the ground.

Domra’s proud head finally fell heavily.

With his broad forehead resting on the pavement scorching hot by the sun, he heard footsteps running past him.

The students he left behind passed by his side一一and went past.

No one stayed for him.

For a long time, no footsteps sounded in his ears.

Hungry and thirsty, his stomach hurt terribly and he felt that his head was about to turn into a paste.

In Domra’s limited life so far, there had never been a moment that made him feel as deeply as this moment: He was abandoned.

His brain was blank.

He wanted to stand up and continue walking but found that he had no strength at all.

At this moment, he heard footsteps again.

Domra didn’t even think of raising his head. He felt grateful that others couldn’t see his face with his current posture.

The sound of footsteps this time was different from before.

It sounded very heavy and with his forehead on the ground, Domra felt the ground tremble. Who’s this? With such heavy footsteps, how big is that person?

But he soon realized that he was wrong: No, that’s not right! This is not just one person, but a group of people!

Surprised, he raised his head with his last strength and then saw a team running forward in neat lines.

He saw the team running towards him!

Too late to express his surprise, the next moment, he felt like he’d been caught and landed heavily on a warm and generous back.

It’s a brontosaurus! The person carrying him at the moment is a brontosaurus.

Domra closed his eyes and warm liquid slipped past the corners.

Finally, someone ran towards him…

So this is how it feels to be abandoned.

This feeling is not good and very, very unpleasant…

The author has something to say:

Question: Why did the wallflower squad, who turned a blind eye to the other students, ran over when they saw Domra?

︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿

Correct, it’s called a bug.

TINA V2C075: On The Road
TINA V2C077: The Correct Way To Eat Uncle Alpha's Buns

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