TINA V2C077: The Correct Way To Eat Uncle Alpha’s Buns

TINA V2C076: Dobby Is An Expert
TINA V2C078: Pig Beast

It was already afternoon so the sunlight was no longer harsh, but softened. The other three companion planets hidden in the sky are now completely visible. If they’re on Earth, this kind of scene would probably be called the sun and moon appearing at the same time.

A very dreamy scene, but unfortunately, no one appreciates it.

85% of the freshmen have arrived. However, because there are still some freshmen who haven’t arrived, the instructor wouldn’t give them food at all.

Everyone could only wait while hungry.

Brad was also waiting in line, sitting on a rock as he stared quietly into the distance.

Except for Chairman Domra, all the freshmen from the Mecha Department have arrived. Their rankings are very high, no surprise there, so according to the group average score, they should be the first.

But the Battleship Command Department is also good: Because Domra had some problems midway, Brad was the first to arrive this time!

Even if their team average score can’t beat the Mecha Department, they got the individual first place which is good enough.

Then, it depends on when the four remaining people in their department will arrive…

Up to this moment, his mind was still very calm.


He suddenly heard a roar.

And a rumbling sounded like thunder. No, not thunder.

A head slowly emerged from the horizon, and then a long neck. An extremely strong brontosaurus appeared in front of him, which was not what surprised him the most. What surprised Brad was the neat team in front of him!

There were six people in a row and they stepped on neat steps as they unhurriedly run towards the finish line!

Then, with that lineup, they passed the finish line one by one and the sensor device on the line automatically recorded their time and department. The information of each student was immediately transmitted to the wrist-type brain of the military training instructor.

“Cooking Department, Fine Arts Department, Music Department, all members are here!” After the final Dobby passed, he announced the statistical results. After a long while of reading the names on his watch, he glanced at the little tyrannosaurus on the other’s back. The instructor, who had been cold-faced all this time, showed a smile that was not easily noticeable. He then announced: “All members of the Mecha Department are here!”

Because of his words, there was a brief ruckus among the freshmen who had already arrived: The instructor didn’t say that before! He would only tell the freshmen who had crossed the finish line how long they’d spent running! This time, he announced that everyone was here!

For some reason, Brad had a bad feeling in his heart.

Two hours later, his hunch came true:

“The results of this physical fitness test have been recorded. The first is the Cooking, Fine Arts, Music, and Mecha Department, 10 hours and 29 minutes.”

There was an uproar——

“How could that be! They’re obviously the last one to arrive!” Someone protested on the spot.

“…I don’t need to answer your question.” Facing the noise below, the instructor in black just pulled the brim of his hat. His voice was not loud, but after he spoke, all the noise disappeared.

“Just this time, to make an example: The results of this test are based on departments, and only the results of the last student are saved!”


“In the army, everyone lives in groups. A general brought a group of soldiers to the battlefield but the general himself came first and the soldiers were left far behind. You tell me how he will fight next.”

Finished, he turned and walked in the direction of the Cooking Department.

“Can you tell me why you guys ran like that?” The entire testing process was equipped with a monitoring system and the performance of the freshmen was all in the eyes of the instructors.

“Because…” Mu Gen glanced at Dobby: “Dobby told me many stories about raising cattle. As long as they live in a group, even if a cattle is injured or lost, they will not panic and quickly cheer up while walking a long distance; but occassionally, there will be lost cattle. Dobby said that once a cow was lost, it basically won’t survive since running alone must be very tiring, so running together will make it much better.”

Scratching his head, Mu Gen smiled.

Looking straight at the black-haired boy, the instructor didn’t speak. His gaze fell on Dobby, who was sweating profusely and came back with a tyrannosaurus on his back. He fell from the first row to the last row, but even then, his classmates didn’t abandon him either. Everyone slowed down and ran with him.

“Aren’t there other students whom you left behind before? Why did you only help this student?”

Not expecting the instructor to take the initiative to talk to him, Dobby was flustered for a while. After a long while, he stammered: “B-because the others can still run? Only this person looks very uncomfortable but he’s still running, his knees must be broken…”

Sweat and blood were running down his back, these are proof that Domra is still struggling to run forward in a state of extreme pain.

“Help those who are motivated, give up those who have already given up. You are a fine and principled person.” Nodding, the instructor smiled at Dobby for an unprecedented time, then turned to look at Mu Gen: “Do you think so too?”

Mu Gen had rushed over with Dobby. After Mu Gen did so, all the freshmen came to help.

This teenager already had considerable charisma in his team.

Who knew that after hearing the instructor’s question, Mu Gen scratched his head in embarrassment.

“Can I not answer this question?”

This is the first time he heard such a response from recruits, so the instructor raised a brow and then sternly rejected Mu Gen: “No. In the army, the Chief might not answer the questions of the subordinates, but the subordinates must answer all the questions of the Chief. You must answer truthfully!”

Mu Gen’s face turned strangely red.

He looked around carefully and noticed that Domra had been pulled away by the medical staff, so Mu Gen whispered: “Doug said that the test track was used to transport food, so at that time, we wondered if we could pick up the fallen food on the side of the road. Then…then I saw Domra over there.”

“He looks quite fat…” The last sentence was so low that almost only the instructor could hear it.

“Pfft——” The instructor, who had always been cold-faced, actually laughed.

The freshmen are fine since they’re not familiar with the instructors here, but the other instructors standing on the side were stunned. o_o

Who’s this person in front of them? Is this still their colleague they’d been with for half a year, who never smiles and never gets angry, making people timid?

“I-I’m not very good at distinguishing between classmates and food!” After a while, Mu Gen lowered his head in embarrassment.

“…” In the face of someone who would mistake him for food, the instructor was speechless: “Your appetite is very good!”

“Thank you, Dad said the same.” Taking this sentence automatically as a compliment, Mu Gen smiled with his signature white teeth again.

Seeing those two rows of familiar little white teeth again, the classmates of Chairman Mu Gen unanimously had weak knees.

The instructor was taken aback:

“You’re not afraid of me.”

He used an affirmative sentence.

This guy dared to refuse to answer his questions and dared to smile at him so happily, the instructor hadn’t seen anyone like him in fifty years.

“Uh, why should I be afraid? You are very similar to my First Uncle, making me feel that you’re very kind!”

Freshmen with -_-||: Openly flattering the instructor in public, do you think these humanoid weapons will be moved by you? Too naive!

Instructor: “Thank you, I also hope to have a nephew like you!”

Freshmen: Mothereffer! He was moved!

“As usual, today’s dinner will be prepared by the last one.” Another instructor stood up at the right time and announced the long-awaited news about a meal.

Under the leadership of the instructors, the freshmen walked towards the cafeteria with hungry stomachs.

However, under the guidance of another instructor, the students of the Battleship Command Department walked towards the back kitchen of the camp.

The last one in this military training is——Battleship Command Department.

With his back straight, Brad felt the sight of the other departments behind him as sharp as thorns.

“Yo! Are you freshmen from the Cooking Department of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy? Your seniors’ seniors’ seniors have all played against me!” The three cooks have been waiting there for a long time and seeing Brad and the others come in, the lead cook couldn’t help but smile.

“…we are from the Battleship Command Department,” Brad said this sentence with extreme difficulty. For the honor of the Battleship Command Department, he had to show his identity to the other party.

However, this identification is the most detrimental to the reputation of the Battleship Command Department.

Looking stiffly at the chef’s wide waist, Brad said every word.

“Oh…it’s okay for anyone to come. Come and help.” Beckoning to Brad casually, the fat chef led the future commanders to the kitchen. A large vegetable patch covered the entire garden. Pointing to it, the fat chef ordered:

“You, you and you, find six more people to pick crunchy vegetables about 300kg; the tall man over there, you and the six people behind you are going to pick the yellow cabbage, about 600 kg; the heavy fat guy at ten o’clock over there, you take a few more people to pick up 300 melons, not less than one! In 15 minutes, all the vegetables must be picked up and filled the basket over there!”

Orders were quickly spat out from the fat chef’s mouth, and following his instructions, the freshmen ran to do things. With fewer and fewer freshmen behind him until Brad was left alone.

Silently following the fat chef, Brad frowned: It smells...

Crossing a corner, Brad followed the fat chef to a terrible place he’d never seen before:

Inside the door is a small dark room with only one light bulb. Brad couldn’t help taking a step back at the smell of the feces.

However, this step back was even worse! He felt his foot step into the mud and reflexively wanted to lift it, but the sole seemed stuck.

Disgusting——this is the only thought in Brad’s mind.

But it’s not the worst yet. The next moment, he felt something hot suddenly hit his feet! He almost gagged, that thing has a terrible smell!

“Go away!” The next moment, Brad felt a light tap on his leg but the fat chef kicked the thing away mercilessly.

“The illuminator is broken again.” As he spoke, the fat chef took out a portable light source from his pocket, and Brad finally saw the scene inside.

“This…this…” He was stunned.

“What’s the fuss about, haven’t you seen a pig pen before!” The fat chef gave Brad a reproachful look.

Brad froze for a moment: He really hadn’t seen a pig pen before.

Since childhood, life has been excellent and this barracks is the dirtiest place he’s ever been to.

“This is a meat beast introduced from a country planet called Earth. It’s called a pig beast. It’s easy to feed and it grows quickly. The improved meat yield rate is extremely high, but the captive process is a bit dirty.” Obviously, the fat chef couldn’t stand it either as he took a few steps back. Clutching his nose, he glanced at Brad: “From today to the end of the military training, your task is to raise this pig!”

“What!” Unable to maintain a calm expression anymore, Brad yelled! “I have objections!”

The amiable expression disappeared from the chubby chef. The moment he was stared at by those slender eyes, Brad felt all the hair on his back explode!

“This, this…this is not fair!” Brad tried to fight for it.

“This is punishment.” The fat chef shattered all his concealment in one sentence.

“If a team completes its tasks well, their leader will receive the highest reward; in the same way, for a team that fails a mission, the leader must be punished the most severely.”

“As many privileges there are, so are the responsibilities that must be assumed. Not only you but the leader of the penultimate department in any test will be punished.”

“It’s not discrimination, nor is there any unfairness. This is punishment, nothing more.”

After saying this, the fat chef’s tall body disappeared from the door.

Brad stood there in despair, until a minute later, the dirty pig touched his calf again.

This evening, the freshmen of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy had a terrible dinner:

The lettuce was not cleaned, dust and sauce were poured together as if it’s never been cleaned! The size of the meat varies and in some pots, the meat is cooked while some are not cooked at all! Forget the problem of raw and cooked, the key is that it’s extremely salty!

“Abuse! The Cooking Department of the barracks is abusing students!” Someone stood up on the spot.

“The one who abused you is the Battleship Command Department who prepared dinner for today. Please settle accounts with them and don’t find the wrong person.” The fat chef didn’t get angry as he smiled at them.

Behind him, the group of future commanders in aprons dropped their heads lower, wanting to bury it in their chests.

This evening, everyone was not happy at all while eating, but thinking that a terrible task awaits them tomorrow, everyone still ate.

Except for Brad.

After spending two hours with such a dirty creature, he had already vomited twice. There was nothing in his empty stomach and all that’s left was to dry heave.

There was also Domra who didn’t eat anything. His abdominal pain was caused by intestinal cramps, a common problem for tyrannosaurus, and the operation was very simple. In comparison, the more serious ones are the sunburn on his body and his broken knee.

When the intestinal spasm attacked, this little tyrannosaurus continuing to run for more than two hours shocked even the medical officer!

After returned to the bedroom, Dobby talked to Mu Gen. On behalf of all the members of the miscellaneous departments, Dobby went to condolence Domra.

There are a total of five members in Domra’s dormitory——all tyrannosaurus species.

As a herbivorous dinosaur that broke into the tyrannosaurus den, Dobby’s performance was very…dense.

“Turns out your companion secretly hid food for you.” Dobby saw a few pieces of meat lying next to Domra’s window, wrapped in soup-soaked napkins. The meat that was not tasty at first glance looked even more unpalatable.

“But this meat is ugly. I brought you delicious food!” Dobby sat down on Domra’s bed and looked around. Making sure that there are no instructors, Dobby dug around and took out two big buns from his uniform!

“It’s from Chairman Mu Gen’s First Uncle as condolences.” He told the source of the buns.

Looking at the buns, Domra was stunned.

“Look, break this white hard shell and the round meatballs inside are super! Super! Super delicious! ~\(≧▽≦)~” With a big hand, Dobby showed Domra the correct way to eat Mu Gen’s steamed buns.

 ̄▽ ̄

That night, Domra ate the best steamed buns he had eaten in his life!

He knew deeply: In the barracks, the food that was brought in secretly are precious things! And Dobby gave him two so casually…

Looking at the direction Dobby left in a daze, Domra was stunned.

When he turned his head back, he saw four big mouths drooling.

Only then did Domra realize: To hide some food for him, these companions smuggled back the rest of their food, so they must have not eaten enough, not to mention that the meatballs in the buns are so fragrant!

“For you to eat.” Domra broke the other bun apart and handed the meatballs inside to the other four little tyrannosauruses with him.

“It’s delicious!”

“As expected of the Cooking Department!”

The little tyrannosaurus sighed while eating this small poor meatball.

After a long time, tyrannosaurus people would eat the stuffing but not the skins of steamed buns. This way of only eating the meatballs inside is said to have started on this day, headed by a certain group of five tyrannosauruses.

The author has something to say:

Did you guess the question yesterday?

Attached is the correct way to eat Uncle Alpha’s buns~

︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿

TINA V2C076: Dobby Is An Expert
TINA V2C078: Pig Beast

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