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Mu Gen’s steamed bun shop has stabilized and earned a small reputation nearby. In addition to the endless stream of robot nannies who will come to purchase every day, there are actually many human guests visiting.

“The buns in this shop is very hard, so it’s good for the teeth. As long as I give my baby a bun, he can eat for two days~” Old customer A said while holding a bun.

“En, my husband has a tooth decay earlier. Because of the special tooth structure of his species, we have to go to other planets to undergo surgery. He ate a bun that day and that tooth fell by itself! Now he wants me to buy some more buns to deal with another tooth decay!” Customer B echoed.

“…” Robot Alpha who was making buns. Hearing what they said, his mechanical arms stopped for a while. The screen on his face got stuck for a moment, and then——

He immediately contacted the nanny robot at the nearby dentist clinic.

So aside from nearby residents, Mu Gen’s steamed buns are now exported to major local dental clinics \(≧▽≦). Because the dentist’s office bought the buns only to grind their patients’ teeth, under Alpha’s wise guidance, the stuffing on the steamed buns sold to the dentist’s clinic declined day by day. In the end, the steamed stuffed buns became just steamed buns.

Not to mention, they sell pretty well.

Turning harm into profit, and keenly discovering business opportunities. According to the customer needs, we can change our business model in time. Uncle Alpha is really great!

“Uncle Alpha, Uncle Pi, I’m back!” As usual, Mu Gen and Sigma trotted home.

“I’m back.” Sigma also greeted, and then, Mu Gen took a bath while Sigma washed his hands and the two separated.

“Sigma is going to military training with Mu Gen tomorrow.” After washing his hands, Sigma lightly jumped onto the table with his hands. Pulling out the charging plug from the hidden board on the table, he installed himself on it: “As extra luggage.”

“What——” Hearing this, Uncle Alpha turned around menacingly. With that movement, the snow-white flour rustled down from him.

“You sell buns at home and Sigma and Mu Gen go to military training,” Sigma repeated obediently. Although his tone was flat, there was always some unknown tremor hidden inside. His former companions, now his elders——the Alphabet Series Robots caught it!

A dangerous red light flashed across Alpha’s screen, so fast that Sigma, who was charging quietly on the table, didn’t notice and was suddenly caught by Epsilon, Pi, Beta, and Eta from four directions. Alpha walked slowly from the chopping board and coldly unplugged his charging plug.

“Sigma can’t go, he’s out of power.” At dinner, Alpha told Mu Gen very calmly.

“Huh?! He’s fine this afternoon!” Mu Gen stood up in surprise.

“Don’t stand up while eating, sit down and continue eating.” After instructing Mu Gen to observe table manners, Alpha continued to explain: “He plugged in the wrong plug when charging and it shorted out. Epsilon will take him to repair tomorrow.”

“Ah? What about tomorrow’s military training?” Sitting upright at the dinner table, Mu Gen was a little worried.

“It doesn’t matter, I will pretend to be Sigma and accompany you.”

At this point, Uncle Alpha finally revealed his true intentions!

Looking at the serious-looking Uncle Alpha in front of him and imagining him as the innocent and lively Sigma without legs and butt——

Mu Gen: “(⊙o⊙) huh?”

Can’t imagine ah!

“But I originally planned to take Sigma and First Uncle there. Dobby doesn’t have a robot, so I think First Uncle can come. You can help Dobby when appropriate and you can also train Sigma along the way.” Speaking of his difficulties, Mu Gen looked at Uncle Alpha again.

Alpha: An unexpected answer!

Lifting his chin, Alpha stretched out his mechanical arm and gave a thumbs-up: “No problem, I will fix Sigma tonight. Tomorrow, I promise that he can get up and go to military training with you.”

Mu Gen: “Huh? Didn’t you say that you have to go outside to fix him?”

As if he hadn’t heard Mu Gen’s question, Alpha already left the table.

“Then, I’m going to prepare the military training items now!” H-he is still pretending to be stupid!

“Mu Gen, eat one more steak. Beta lined up to buy this delicious steak.” Their fingers were too thick to use human tableware, so Robot A pushed the plate containing the steak toward Mu Gen.

“But, isn’t this delicious steak from the popular steakhouse on the other side of Bailu Star?” Looking at the huge steak on the plate, Mu Gen was stunned.

As the most famous steak shop on the planet, this shop’s advertisements are everywhere. Mu Gen heard of it from the other students in his department and had wanted to eat there more than once but because the steakhouse was too far away, he could probably only go during the holidays.

“Beta ran fast.” Sitting across from Mu Gen with an electronic newspaper, Beta’s cold voice came from behind the newspaper.

He looked at the newspaper that hadn’t been turned over for a long time, then looked at the steak in front of him——that shop’s steaks are very popular and basically sold out within an hour of being out of the pan. Even if kept in a warmer, once he comes back from school at night, the taste would have lowered although it hadn’t cooled down.

This is a subtle change that the robots cannot detect.

However, thinking of his arrogant and indifferent Uncle Beta setting off early in the morning, huddling with a group of nanny robots in line to buy steak, and then coming back quickly…

He cut a piece and took a big bite, then chewed and swallowed, a big smile blooming on Mu Gen’s face.

“It’s delicious!” Mu Gen made a thumbs-up gesture at Robot Beta who was pretending to read the newspaper on the opposite side.

Beta put the newspaper on the table: “There’s still a bag in the warmer. Take it to school tomorrow to eat with your classmates.”

When educating Mu Gen on human knowledge, the robots also learned a lot of “human methods”: For example, sharing food with classmates can often make their relationships more harmonious.

Even the indifferent Beta has mastered a lot of common sense from the human world. To prevent Mu Gen from being bullied at school and having a better relationship with his classmates, he also silently did a lot of things in his own way.

“However, I think Uncle Beta can make more delicious steaks. The steaks in this shop are not cut neatly, so the chef is probably not strong enough.”

After eating the steak, Mu Gen added.

Even if Uncle Beta is very powerful and runs fast, running such a long distance will always increase the wear and tear on the body. Mu Gen didn’t want Uncle Beta to work too hard for him.

“Then I won’t go to that store to buy steaks, I’ll cook them for you.” Everything is prioritized from Mu Gen’s wishes, so Beta immediately took the bait. Putting away the newspaper, he was ready to invade the brains of the owners of the butcher shops to see if there were any recipes.

Unable to see Uncle Beta’s hard drive activity, Mu Gen gnawed on the steak and heaved a sigh of relief.

Then the next day, Mu Gen was going to military training.

As soon as Mu Gen woke up, he saw Alpha sitting awkwardly on the side of his bed.

“Uh…have I overslept?” As long as Uncle Alpha and the others are there, Mu Gen is safe so he wasn’t that surprised. Mu Gen’s first thought was: Did I oversleep?

“No, it’s only an hour before the assembly. It takes 50 minutes to walk to school and five minutes to wash, so you can sleep for five more minutes.” Knowing Mu Gen’s activities, Alpha didn’t panic at all.

Looking at Uncle Alpha who had put on the necklace early in the morning, Mu Gen understood: Knowing that he can go with me to military training, Uncle Alpha…

Can’t wait? Because he’s very happy, he got up earlier than usual.

“I also want to go to military training! I’ll get up now!” Jumping from the bed and putting the chick filled with Oli’s hair on the pillow, Mu Gen casually turned on Sigma.

“Sigma, get up, we have to go!”

Saying goodbye to the remaining robots, Mu Gen went to military training with Sigma and his First Uncle.

“The business of the bun shop must be done well and the prescribed number of buns must be sold out every day. I can start researching new fillings when I come back.” Before leaving, as the patriarch, Alpha reminded the other robots who stayed behind again.

“Yes.” As the master robot in Alpha’s absence, Beta solemnly promised.

“I’ll take care of Mu Gen and Sigma.” Alpha also made his own promise.

A group of robots exchanged a signal that only they could understand then left and opened the shop.

If you didn’t see their appearance and just listened to their voice, people would think that this is a scene that happened in a real human home.

This is the first time Alpha went to school with Mu Gen.

The planet was very safe. After Alpha accompanied Mu Gen and Olivia in the exam, he never walked this road with Mu Gen again.

However, this route to school was planned by him and several other robots in advance, choosing the closest distance with the best scenery, and most importantly, the safest. So Alpha is no stranger to this road.


“Mu Gen, good morning!” As always, the pastry shop was the first to open. Don’t know if you still remember the pastry shop that Mu Gen passed by when he went to report on the first day. The pastry shop owner who was confused by Mu Gen at that time was now quite familiar with him. He took the initiative to greet Mu Gen every morning.

“Good morning, Mr. Tony!” Mu Gen smiled and greeted the pastry shop owner.

“Good morning, Mr. Tony.” Standing next to his brother’s legs, Sigma also greeted him.

“Sigma is still so cute!” Touching Sigma’s head, Boss Tony took out an energy tube for robots and put it in Sigma’s hand.

“This is a strawberry-flavored liquid energy source which is very popular among robots nowadays! Does Sigma like strawberries?”

“Like!” Sigma loudly said then took the energy tube and carefully stuffed it under his belly.

“…” Alpha in the crowd.

“Mu Gen left earlier than usual today! Going to school?” After saying hello every morning, Boss Tony naturally knew that Mu Gen was a student of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy.

“No, today is the day to set off for military training. For the next three months, I can’t say hello to Mr. Tony in the morning.”

“Ah…so I won’t see little Mu Gen for three months…” Hearing this, Boss Tony showed a trace of disappointment, but he quickly became busy again. Taking out a big box and filling it with the most expensive snacks from the store, Boss Tony then ran out from behind the counter.

“Military training is very strict. It’ll be bad if you delay your schooling so this is the snack that I just made today. Bring it to eat with your classmates. Don’t forget to give your instructor some so that he wouldn’t be so strict with you and Sigma.”

“I’ll tell you a secret, the professors at the Imperial Comprehensive Academy love my snacks~ they often line up to buy it, but can’t! This is a good bribery method!” With his right hand covering his mouth, Boss Tony quietly told Mu Gen when he wanted to refuse.

“Thank you very much, this is our shop’s bun in return.” Hearing the word bribe, Alpha’s screen flashed. Standing out from behind Mu Gen very politely, he bent down and took the heavy box in Tony’s hand. After putting away the box, he also put a big box from his side as a gift.

“Huh? This is——” Why didn’t he notice such a tall robot until now?

“Mr. Tony, this is my Uncle Alpha. The box contains the buns I gave you before, and my family is selling buns!” To the surprised Boss Tony, Mu Gen explained in time.

When he opened the box and saw four big buns inside, Tony stiffened.

When Mu Gen gave him buns the other day, he went home and took a bite, but it was too hard…

Not wanting to hurt this cute boy, Boss Tony didn’t throw away the buns that he couldn’t chew. Instead, he put the buns in the fridge. Now he received four more buns, then——

Turns out that this is a steamed bun from Mu Gen’s family shop? With such a hard bun, Mu Gen’s business must be very bad…

As a result, Boss Tony, who raised his head again, was full of sympathy in his eyes.

“From now on, put the information in your store in mine and also bring some buns over here, I will help you advertise.” Boss Tony patted his thin chest loyally: “I’m not boasting! The business in my shop is very good and there are a lot of people who can’t buy snacks in the queue every day! Give the buns to me and they’ll surely be sold!”

When the last sentence came out, Tony was actually a little guilty, but he changed his mind: If I can’t sell it, just tell the customer they can get snacks if they bought the steamed buns. How about that?

Thinking of this, Boss Tony slapped his chest.

“Then please ~\(≧▽≦)~” Uncles’ bun business is very hard. If there were multiple opportunities, it’s the best. Mu Gen immediately gave Boss Tony a big hug.

Leaving Beta’s contact information to Boss Tony, Mu Gen bid farewell to Boss Tony and his pastry shop.

Before leaving, Boss Tony also gave Alpha a special gift——apple-flavored energy liquid.

Seeing the turquoise energy liquid, Alpha was startled, treasured it, and put away this gift for a long while.

While following Mu Gen and Sigma, Alpha met the proprietress of the clothing store, the grandma of the cold drink shop, the young couple in the fast-food restaurant…there are so many human beings and everyone was very friendly. Knowing that Mu Gen was going to military training, they all gave various gifts, not only to Sigma but also to Alpha whom they met for the first time.

Alpha’s empty personal space instantly received a lot.

“Bailu Star is a really good planet! Uncle Alpha’s choice is really correct!” He heard Mu Gen say this to Sigma cheerfully.

“Yup!” Sigma nodded vigorously.


In his heart, Alpha also nodded quietly.

The humans here are really good! He thought to himself.

The author has something to say:

Aside from Mu Gen’s gift, Uncle Alpha received a gift from mankind for the first time.

Sigma had received all kinds of friendly gifts from humans other than tomatoes and rotten eggs before this.

PS. Reader Soy Sauce drew the character set of Mu Gen and Oli with steamed stuffed buns (←yes, it’s the king of the buns in Mu Gen’s family’s bun shop!)! And Big Horn who can only crawl after gaining weight! Hurry up and like it! Just posted it on Weibo!


Comment from the comment section:

So good~ The legendary youth with five morals. I’ll also send a brain hole: By the way, at the end of last year, a thief broke into the Boss’ house! But there was no weapon in the shop, so he threw out the buns in the fridge. ⊙▽⊙ the thief, died——

by 语未休 (yu wei xiu)


I have a low fever last night so the update is late~

The weather fluctuates greatly in spring, so everyone should keep warm.

TINA V2C070: Mu Gen's Daily Life 2
TINA V2C072: Alpha's Buns

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