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TINA V2C069: Mu Gen's Daily Life
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At the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, the Cooking Department has the smallest number of teachers and students. However, the Academy didn’t reduce the office space of the Cooking Department. On the contrary, the office allocated to the Cooking Department is the same size as the faculty offices of other departments, occupying the right half of the sixth floor. In the entire building, the office of the Cooking Department is truly vast and sparsely populated.

Mu Gen and Dobby couldn’t help but open their mouths when they came in:

I-it’s so beautiful!

Completely different from the Life and Breeding Department they’ve just visited, which is exactly what Mu Gen imagined, full of desks and office chairs with the professors’ belongings scattered on the table, while the high-level professors have offices on their own. For example, Professor Mu Lansha. Even so, Professor Mu Lansha’s office looked like an ordinary office and at best, the desk and chairs looked more comfortable.

The faculty office in the Cooking Department is completely different. It looks like a natural outdoor environment: Green grass replaced the carpet and aside from that, the office was full of various plants, even two very tall trees near the window. When the sun shone on its branches, it looked very pleasant.

Just when the two teenagers and a robot were in a daze, a flower flew over Dobby’s nose and he couldn’t help but sneeze loudly!

“Wow! It’s blooming!” Picking up a small white flower from the ground, Dobby lifted it to Mu Gen in surprise.

“So beautiful!” For Mu Gen, who was born on a barren star since he was a child, flowers are truly rare things. Even when he arrived at Bailu Star later, he had never seen a flower once.

Looking closely at the flowers he’d only seen in books, Mu Gen took a deep breath of the humid air with the faint fragrance of flowers, his whole body refreshed.

“Sigma, look, this is a flower!”

A small white flower was placed on his robotic arm and Sigma curiously observed the five-petaled flower. Collecting the flower, he cautiously followed his brother onto the green grass.

“There are even cows in the office!” Dobby is the most excited one. This teenager who had just arrived in the big city from the countryside is still unable to adapt to life in the big city, so the environment in front of him made him feel as if he had returned to his hometown all of a sudden: “My family raises cows!”

“Every morning I have to drive my younger siblings and a herd of cows to graze and wait until they’re full before they can go to school.” (←Hey! There seems to be something wrong in this sentence.)

“The grass here is really good and looks delicious.” Looking at the green grass, Dobby couldn’t hold back in the end. After accidentally taking a bite, he hurriedly shook his head: “This is the teacher’s office, I can’t eat.”

Looking funnily at Dobby, who convinced himself to endure, Mu Gen smiled and ran to him.

At this time, Dobby had already run to see the only being in the office一一a cow.

“This is a bull.” Skilfully lifting the hind legs and taking a look, Dobby told Mu Gen with great experience: “I don’t know what breed it is, but the lean meat rate is very high and it looks like a very good beef cattle.”

While talking, Dobby checked the bull’s eyes and opened the bull’s mouth to look at the teeth inside: “This is a mature cow. I don’t know which professor raised it, but it’d be great if we could breed it with my sister’s cattle because there’s a serious shortage of good breeding cattle!”

“My little cow looks really pretty!”

When it comes to things from his hometown, Dobby, who’s usually shy and untalkative, became very talkative.

“I know, but, can you put it down first, Dobby? It looks uncomfortable.” In the end, Mu Gen reminded him, and only then did Dobby noticed that he actually lifted the entire cow. At this moment, the bull was staring at him with wide eyes as if he was about to die.

Dobby hurriedly put the cow back on the grass.

In the following time, Mu Gen and Dobby arranged the office very diligently: Carefully use a trimmer to shave the overgrown grass from beginning to end and putting the shaved grass aside for the only living being in the office一一to be used as the cow’s feed, and then, they carefully dewormed the two trees in the office. Aside from raising cattle, Dobby, who also raised fruit trees at home, looked at the barely blooming fruit trees and felt it was a pity. So under his proposal, Mu Gen, Sigma, and he artificially pollinated the two trees.

“Then the Professors can still eat fruits in the office in the future!” After wiping off his sweat, Dobby smiled refreshingly.

With grass clippings on them, Mu Gen, Sigma, and Dobby closed the office door and went home happily.

What they didn’t know was: Just one minute after they left, the originally quiet office exploded in an instant!

“Take a bath! Take a shower now! I don’t want to have your baby!” From a tree to a human in an instant, the Secondary Professor of the Cooking Department with bare buttocks——Levi, turned green!

“I don’t want to have your baby either ahhhh!” The big tree opposite him quickly turned into a human, but it was another Secondary Professor of the Cooking Department——Brut.

In this universe, many species can transform into human forms, and naturally, plants that can become humans are included. The two Secondary Professors of the Cooking Department are two such plants.

In the plant world, flowers = reproductive organs.

In this age when plants blooming in public is illegal, it’s rare to have good sun in the office. Who knew the two dumb boys would suddenly break in and even smell their flower, and then, and then…

And then they even smeared their pollen on the colleague next door!

Can they continue being colleagues?!

Professor Levi and Professor Brut stared at each other for a moment before going to the hospital like there’s a fire in their ass.

When Levi and Brut left, the office became quiet again. Only the chuckle of the cow grazing can be heard.

Mu Gen and Dobby all hoarded the shaved fodder aside and at this moment, the cow was eating the shaved fodder.

While eating, the cow suddenly spoke:

“Moo——” Department Chief, you’re so delicious.

囧! A magic cow?! Could it be——

“Thank you.” Accompanied by that sound, the nonexistent Department Chief touched his head and got up from the ground: “Salen, what do you think of my hairstyle?”

Removing his hand, the head was completely exposed, revealing a brand new flathead, with the stubble still new, looking like it’s just been cut.

The cattle——that is, Professor Salen continued to chew and chew. After a long while, he mooed.

“You look younger.” Professor Salen complimented the new hairstyle of the Department Chief.

“That’s good, the student named Mu Gen has good craftsmanship. I was about to go for a haircut…” Touching his stubble, the Department Chief finally showed a relieved face.

“Moo?” Do you think what that little brontosaurus said was true? Is his cow really beautiful?

“Uh…you can just indirectly ask later.”

“Moo!” Okay.

So when Chief Professor Kurno returned to the office, everything had drastically changed.

“Ah!!!! Gods! The little boys I carefully raised on Levi and Brut, why are you all leaving me!” Holding the corpses of a handful of bugs in the trash can, Professor Kurno’s three heads cried loudly at the same time.

Well, the worms that Mu Gen and Dobby worked so hard to get rid of are actually Professor Kurno’s beloved little pets ^_^.

For the office organized by Mu Gen, Sir Department Chief and the Secondary Professor Salen gave full marks, Professor Kurno gave zero points, and the other two Secondary Professors abstained. The minority obey the majority so Mu Gen was allowed to continue to serve the professors in the future.

The next day, Professor Levi and Brut took maternity leave. Professor Kurno had to do everything to make up for the shortage of professors. At the same time, there’s a big box on Professor Mu Lansha’s desk.

A big white egg was in the box with a note beside it. There’s a line of big characters saying:

“To Professor Mu Lansha:

Delicious eggs (with a recipe).”

Professor Mu Lansha couldn’t help shaking.


All Academies with the word “Imperial” in their names are all Academies under the direct jurisdiction of the Empire’s Ministry of Education or the Military Department. According to regulations, freshmen in such academies have to undergo military training for some time after the beginning of school.

The Imperial Comprehensive Academy is no exception.

The reason why a chairperson was elected was actually to prepare for military training and the reason why military training was not started as soon as school started was to leave time for the students to get to know each other. When the chairman from all departments was elected, the annual military training of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy began.

Before the start of the military training, Dean Ode led the first meeting between all freshmen chairpersons.

The Imperial Comprehensive Academy has a total of 39 departments, and each department sent its chairperson to the meeting. 39 chairpersons are sitting at two long tables with the Dean as the center, looking particularly imposing!

As the chairman of the Cooking Department, Mu Gen was naturally assigned a position. Sitting next to him was a boy with a very serious expression. Mu Gen greeted him but was ignored. The other party only asked which department he came from and after learning that Mu Gen was from the Cooking Department, he never looked at Mu Gen again.

Unlike the Cooking Department who only had 13 students, the Mecha Department and the Battleship Command Department are both super large departments. The number of new students in the Mecha Department has exceeded 600! The chairman, who stood above these 600 outstanding freshmen from all over the universe, is completely different from the chairpersons who were elected without pressure like Mu Gen.

“That’s the chairman of the Mecha Department. He’s looking down on people from marginal departments like ours.” Seeing the scene just now, a boy on Mu Gen’s left took the initiative to speak to Mu Gen: “Hello, your name is Mu Gen, right? I’m Kerry, the chairman of the Music Department. This year, there are very few freshmen in our two departments. We’ll most likely be separated during military training, so please take care of them when the time comes! I like to eat meat.”

“Uh…please take care of me.” Stunned by Kerry’s last words, Mu Gen smiled and shook hands with the other party.

“I am Godot from the Fine Arts Department.” When Kerry was talking to Mu Gen, another teenager from behind came over on his own initiative.

In the history of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, the chairmen of the three departments, who have always ranked first, second, and third from the bottom, finally got together.

The author has something to say:

Still a transitional Chapter


It’s been dark for so long, so let’s relax a little.

TINA V2C069: Mu Gen's Daily Life
TINA V2C71: Little Gift From Boss Tony

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