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As the first academy to arrive, the freshmen of the Imperial Military Academy have stood for the longest time. Standing for such a long time and not moving was not because they have also received ancient training methods, but that Chief Olivia is standing in the last row.

After accumulating prestige for a long time among the freshmen of the Imperial Military Academy, the freshmen have long formed the rigorous habit of “continue to keep the last order before the Chief has issued the next order.”

In fact, Olivia doesn’t look scary at all and never scolds others. He’s a Chief who likes to read looks very gentle, however, don’t know why but many freshmen are afraid of him. This kind of panic is hard to describe, it’s like…like Chief Olivia is a terrible creature.

But Chief Olivia is very cute ←everyone only dared say this in their hearts and didn’t dare actually say it!

“The genes of the weak will eventually be covered by the genes of the strong!”, “What is passed down will always be better genes.” ——under the dominance of gene definitive theory, the dinosaur species overwhelmed humans from other genetic sources with absolute superiority. After generations of genetic modification, their bodies almost represent the highest level humans can achieve! Excessive heights and short heights have been eliminated, and the heights of adult men and women are approximately the same, tall, slender, and extremely powerful.

The freshmen who can enter the Imperial Military Academy have no physical defects. These freshmen are obviously still children but they’re very tall and the average height is close to the height of an adult! In this case, Olivia, who had just started growing, looked a little petite. Not to mention the male students, most of the girls in the Academy are taller than him orz.

With height much lower than the average and a lean body type, Chief Olivia can almost be described as petite in the military academy! A petite body with a big palm face and big eyes…

The freshmen concluded that Chief Olivia is very cute.

But though he looks cute, he felt terrifying! What kind of dinosaur is this?

This is a common doubt among all freshmen.

In this era where Kantas is becoming scarcer, these children had never gotten close to Kantas cubs from childhood. They also couldn’t see the related introduction of Kantas cubs. If they were lucky enough to read some precious material about Kantas cubs hundreds of years ago, they would find:

“Kantas larvae refers to the pre-adult biological form of the carnivorous dinosaur Kantas. The juvenile Kantas is covered with feathers and has a mouth like a beak. It’s yellow with milky white teeth inside, resembling a chick.”

Hmm, that means, a Kantas cub is furry all over, the mouth is like a bird, colored yellow, and also has small teeth inside, which looked very much like chickens and are very cute.

Then there’s a remark at the end: “Even in their juvenile period, Kantas’ larvae seemed to have racial coercion. Most dinosaur species will instinctively feel threatened upon seeing them.”

Although it looks cute, it feels terrible——that’s a Kantas cub.

These freshmen didn’t know: Chief Olivia behind them is such a cub.

After the arrival of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, all the freshmen in the Imperial Military Academy wanted to straighten their necks and look to the right. Unfortunately, the entire group was oppressed by Olivia’s strong pressure and the entire team was silent. Everyone maintained their initial positions and just stood there without moving.

Since they didn’t dare move, they naturally didn’t see that Chief Olivia standing behind them…from the moment the Imperial Comprehensive Academy arrived, his neck had never turned back!

Mu Gen! Mu Gen Mu Gen Mu Gen!

For the students of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, in the months after enrollment: they made a lot of new friends and met new professors. Later, even though the military training was very hard, there were still interesting points. For them, this period was very fresh and pleasant;

However, for Olivia, this period was gloomy, without a trace of light.

In his days in the Imperial Military Academy, Mu Gen’s letter was his only comfort. Now that he knew news from Mu Gen’s school, how can Olivia not be excited?

However, after months of training, Olivia will not show his excitement anymore, so he just turned his head to look in the direction of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, his eyes burning and eager.

The freshmen from other Academies who were staring at him shivered uncontrollably!

 ̄▽ ̄ The petite and lovely student from the Imperial Military Academy looked at me with such enthusiasm, does he think I’m very handsome and reliable? Immediately, some freshmen whose brains are missing a few screws became complacent.

But those who are a little more normal could only shiver even more: Instructor…what should I do if I suddenly want to go to the toilet?

But it’s too far!

There’s a team of students from the five academies in the middle. The distance between the Imperial Military Academy and the Imperial Comprehensive Academy is too far. The students in the other academies were also so tall that Olivia could only see a white line in the distance.

What the person on the podium said, he didn’t listen at all. He only heard the roar from the Imperial Comprehensive Academy. In that roar was someone he wanted to see…

The homesickness surged up like a wave and instantly flooded Olivia’s whole person.

It wasn’t until the people on stage finished speaking and Jopson lightly touched his side that Olivia came back to his senses. Ordering the entire team of the Imperial Military Academy to turn back, they waited quietly in place.

The speech was over and all freshmen are required to go to the dormitory to put down their luggage. Due to the position of the queue, the last to arrive, Imperial Comprehensive Academy, became the first team to leave this time. And the Imperial Military Academy was at the end and the last one to exit.

Until this time, the freshmen of the Imperial Military Academy hated why their academy had always been number one!

The team standing next to the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, the Daolan Aofa Military Academy, who had been last for the past thousand years, actually obtained the right to follow the angels…this, this is unfair to the Imperial Military Academy!

However, despite the fire in the freshmen’s eyes, they could only stand stupidly in place, watching the snow-white team going away at the far end.

As a bridal academy, the impression that the Imperial Comprehensive Academy gives people is that they embroider with their hands and legs, but this time, they will participate in the military training league between freshmen. Although many were excited, in the end, they don’t think they can do anything. The effect of motivating students from other Academys to work harder is more prevalent.

However, when the team from the Imperial Comprehensive Academy passed by the students of these military academies, they were suddenly uncertain.

Too neat! Their way of walking is too neat!

The sound of leather boots stepping on the ground was like the sound of one person’s footsteps but amplified thousands of times. When this white team approached, everyone felt the ground under their feet vibrate slightly!

Not only the frequency but also their walking style was the same. No matter how high or low to swing their arms or the height their toes kicked out, all were exactly the same.

A very mechanical and very simple action, when thousands of people implemented it neatly and uniformly at the same time, all those who witnessed it felt an overwhelming momentum coming from them!

So cool——many freshmen had this idea in their hearts.

Then they were dumbfounded: Is, Is this still the bridal academy? Is this really the Empire’s Bridal Academy that had always been known for being gentle and harmless?

In the beginning, people who thought that this was some kind of etiquette training unique to the bridal academy admitted that they had misunderstood: This is definitely not etiquette training! It must be some kind of special training! These brides must have received some special training!


Not paying attention to the reactions of the freshmen of the other academies, the freshmen of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy just tried to move forward following the usual training.

It’s their first time coming to such an occasion and in front of so many top military academies’ students while walking in a square formation. They were a little nervous at first, but their well-trained bodies defeated their nervous brains. When Dobby’s slogan sounded, they immediately followed and began to move forward.

Because they were too nervous, their gazes became fiercer and their footsteps harder, so the whole phalanx gave people the feeling that they’re particularly impressive  ̄▽ ̄.

As the person with the richest and loudest voice (experience in raising cattle?), Dobby was given the position of shouter by Mu Gen. Carrying out his duties tremblingly, Dobby walked beside Mu Gen, the Commander-in-Chief. Once the Commander-in-Chief has any temporary instructions, they will be communicated through Dobby.

To receive the commander’s instructions in time, looking down at Mu Gen has become Dobby’s most important task every day. Mu Gen has always been very calm and had a smile on his face. He’s a very good person——this is Dobby’s knowledge of Mu Gen, but today’s Mu Gen was very different. Dobby is aware of Mu Gen’s eagerness. He seemed to want to turn his head but because of what he’s doing now, Mu Gen was trying to suppress his own impulse.

Commander….do you want to go to the toilet? In this case, do you want to change the frequency of the slogan and let everyone hurry to the toilet? Dobby thought very considerately.

However, as the frequency of slogans increased, Mu Gen didn’t relax and looked even more anxious. Dobby was stunned, then the light bulb in his head lit up: Olivia should have transferred to the Imperial Military Academy, Mu Gen…must be looking for Olivia, right? But there’s no reason to turn your head in the queue…this…

“Forward——go!” The next second, Dobby yelled out a new slogan. Under his command, the phalanx of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy immediately changed, the footsteps of all freshmen became more formal and positive!

The sound of the soles of their boots hitting the ground became heavier and the amplitude of their arms larger, the shock they brought people became more intense!

“To the right——look!” The second order was issued after changing the pace. All the freshmen’s heads twisted 35 degrees to the right neatly, so that their gaze hit the other military academy on the right side waiting for them to pass!

Their faces were either dumbfounded, surprised, even a little awe, all of these appeared in front of these freshmen.

Those guys looked like they were saying “wow! those guys are so cool!” right~

Seeing this, the freshmen of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, who were originally nervous and stiff, suddenly became relaxed. The originally hesitant gaze became firm in an instant and they looked at the military academy students who were secretly looking at them openly. Gaining more and more admiring gazes, these worried children were getting bolder and bolder.

Their attitude changed and the momentum of the entire team rose again.

They’re almost a bit aggressive.

At that moment, no one regarded them as the bridal academy, but as formal opponents!

At the same time, Mu Gen’s eyes finally met Oli’s.

As if their hearts were the same, at the same moment, Olivia also discovered Mu Gen!

Looking straight at each other, they just looked at each other.

“Oli, how are you?”

“I’m fine, and you look fine, so I can rest assured.”



Although they could not talk, they instantly understood the meaning in each other’s eyes.

Their eyes intersected and then separated.

Following Dobby’s “look ahead” command, Mu Gen turned his head to the front again. Looking ahead, he whispered a thank you to Dobby beside him.

“You’re welcome ^_^.” Dobby smiled slightly.

The author has something to say:

Dobby is so sweet.

TINA V3C091: Military Conference 2
TINA V3C093: Not A Loser

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