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TINA V3C090: Military Conference
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“Oh! This bun is very delicious~” With the corners of his mouth raised slightly, Dean Argos took off his gloves and stretched out his hand to take a bun. However, when he was about to get one, his hand slipped and the bun accidentally fell on the tray of teacups below.

“Crack” ——with a sound, the tray cracked.

The heads of the senior military officers turned over and everyone’s eyes were focused on the thing that accidentally smashed onto the table…on that steamed bun.

Steamed bun: (づ ̄3 ̄)づ

Several officers who were extending their claws immediately withdrew their hands casually.

Smiling slightly, Argos picked up the bun without minding it, and with two fingers pinching the bun, he bit down.

“Crack” “Crack”

Hearing the sound from his mouth, the expressions of the other officers became even more bizarre.

“Thank you.” Just when everyone was secretly paying attention to Dean Argos’ teeth as he chewed the bun, Dean Ode’s secretary had already given a bun to the Marshal.

After thanking the secretary, Lord Marshal reached out and took a bun. Without waiting for the others to politely advise him not to eat the suspicious thing in his hands, the Marshal had already taken a big bite.

“Crack”, accompanied by that suspicious cracking sound, everyone looked at the Marshal’s…teeth while sweating.

The Marshal’s chewing movement paused, and a moist light appeared in his eyes.

Everyone (except Dean Ode & Dean Argos who is eating the steamed buns  ̄▽ ̄) turned pale: It’s over! This weapon called steamed bun hurt the Marshal!

Who knew——

“After eating the bun skin for so long, I finally ate the delicious meatballs inside. It’s really touching!” Closing his eyes and feeling the deliciousness between his lips and teeth, the Marshal’s voice was full of satisfaction.

With a bun in the left hand and a bun in the right hand, Lord Marshal moved left and right as the buns that the secretary brought over for all the officials here to taste all went into Lord Marshal’s stomach within a minute. No, he has three buns left.

“The one in my family likes to eat the meatballs in buns, but he can’t eat the buns, so every time, he’d eat the meatballs and I’d eat the buns. God knows how long I’ve been thinking about eating the meatballs in it…” Staring at the meat buns on the plate emotionally, Lord Marshal obviously didn’t eat enough, but he didn’t touch the remaining buns: “The remaining three are to be reserved for Sagei.”

Sagei is the name of Marshal’s partner. After being together for centuries, their relationship has always been very good.

“Please enjoy the delicious steamed buns by yourself. I have sent another secretary to deliver a portion to your wife. Don’t worry, the steamed buns sent had the skins already broken.” Turning his head to look at the Marshal in the center, Dean Ode nodded slightly and explained.

“You are the most thoughtful person.” Nodding with satisfaction, after three “swish” sounds, Lord Marshal quickly packed the three remaining buns into his mouth. ~\(≧▽≦)~

General Condon, who was sitting at the lower right of the Marshal, thought he could get one of the three buns this time, but was dumbfounded at seeing the Marshal’s actions.

Secretly swallowing his saliva and thinking of the buns on Argos’ side, he hurriedly turned his head, but it was too late: The plate containing the buns was clean and the officers closest to the plate had bulging cheeks, every one of them having a very psychedelic expression.

“This, this stuff called steamed buns is so delicious!” Brigadier General Hu Di was the closest to the bun and he was lucky enough to grab one.

“The taste of the meatballs inside is incredible…I have never eaten such delicious meat before, and it makes me want to chew my tongue together and swallow it.” The other Lieutenant who grabbed the steamed buns was a gourmet. With his eyes closed, he began to express the touch of the steamed buns he had just eaten: “The hard shell is also very good. With a careful taste, it has a different flavor and a very strange taste…”

“Of course it’s incredible.” With the corners of his mouth slightly bent, but still with no expression on his pale face, Dean Ode unhurriedly said: “The meatballs are made from the meat fiber of the Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon. Bailu Star has successfully bred one.”

This news fell on everyone like a heavy bomb.

Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon! In the eyes of most people, this term is just a symbol of top ingredients, but in the military, it’s a top material!

Immediately, many generals stood up arrogantly, staring at Ode with piercing eyes. However, no matter how they stared, Dean Ode’s expression remained the same.

“The anti-reconnaissance function of the bun’s shell is very powerful and the military’s current state-of-the-art monitoring equipment cannot identify the contents under the bun’s skin.”

It’s another bomb!

“Dean Ode!” If not for the Marshal’s presence, it’s estimated that everyone would have rushed to Ode.

Picking up a cup of tea, Dean Ode took a sip quietly. Long eyelashes covering his eyes, his expression was also hidden by the teacup, the others only seeing half of his pale face.

“Hehe, Hengtian Star also successfully bred a Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon~” When everyone was looking at Dean Ode anxiously, Dean Argos said this with a smile.

The meeting room was almost boiling!

“Be quiet. Now is the time for the freshmen league, please discuss this after the league.” Putting the teacup heavily on the table, wherever the Marshal’s eyes swept across, everyone went quiet.


The freshmen stood there for three full hours and while waiting, many freshmen became visibly anxious. The two teams, one black and one white, became particularly eye-catching at this time.

The students of the Imperial Military Academy in black uniforms remained silent, no matter what the other academies did, they always stood motionless.

Just as quiet as them, there is the white team of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy on the other end.

Looking carefully, many students’ foreheads are already covered with sweat. However, even so, their backs were still straight and the other students can see that they’re different:

Looking straight ahead, chin slightly raised about 5 degrees, relaxed shoulders, standing with arms naturally towards their back, hips, and legs straight and tense, heels firm and toes opened fifty degrees and in the same straight line. Their movements were neat and uniform, exactly the same!

Worthy of being a bridal academy! They started etiquette training as soon as they enrolled——standing on the side and sneaking a peek here and there, the other academy students can only come to this conclusion.

When the belated Marshal led other senior military officers to the reviewing stand, what he saw was a scene of tension at the two ends and a little mess in the middle.

“Where is the military training camp of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy this year?” At a glance, he recognized the identity of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy through their uniform and the Marshal turned his head to ask his guard.

“It’s the four-star military base No. 173.” After doing enough homework in advance and making sure that he can answer any questions from the boss, the guard answered in a hurry.

Marshal Chu squinted his eyes and tilted his head again: “The instructor in charge of their military training over there…”

“It’s Lt. General Fraffetal.” The guard replied again.

“Oh…I remember. It’s that little guy who insisted on training soldiers with ancient methods. So he’s still there…” With a suddenly realized expression, the Marshal’s face immediately revealed a little nostalgia: “This way of standing looks good, but it’s very hard. I also received this kind of training when I first joined the army, but this kind of training method is no longer used.”

Today’s military training pays more attention to tactics and the practical use of weapons. Standing and marching training that takes a lot of time is considered too fancy and a waste of resources. It’s listed as part of military etiquette and only elective courses will teach it, but few students take this course every year.

The standing posture displayed by the students of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy seemed simple, but after calling up their training records and looking at them, Chu found that their standing training only took a month!

Lord Marshal frowned slightly.


It seemed trivial and wasteful but when it’s shown in front of them at this time, why does it look so….pleasing to the eye?

“Imperial Military Academy…along with the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, these two teams looked the most like active soldiers.” Lord Marshal commented on the scene he’s seeing.

In fact, the team closest to being active military should be the Imperial Comprehensive Academy——this is the remaining half that Marshal didn’t say.

“Obedience” and “endurance” is the kind of temperament that can only be manifested in active servicemen after many years of a real military career. Now, he actually saw it on the faces of the freshmen from the Imperial Comprehensive Academy.

Without further comments, Lord Marshal began his remarks to the freshmen before the league:

“Hello recruits, I am Rothsay Tangula Chu.” As soon as the name came out, due to being well-trained, the freshmen didn’t fall into chaos but regarding how shocked they were, just look at their expressions!

This is an extremely great name! Starting from their parents, this is the name of the highest leader of the Empire’s Military Department! How many people will never see the big people in their entire lives, and now the person standing on the stage in front of them was this Lord! This is simply unimaginable glory!

At this moment, these young people were full of pride!

“There are a total of seven participating academies. This number happened to be the number of legions owned by the Emperor at its initial formation. The commanders of these legions are no longer there, but their legions still exist. To commemorate their establishment, but also to inspire the fighting spirit of young people in this peaceful era, the Military Department holds this league every year.

Due to the merger of two academies last year, we have a new participating academy this year, so the total number of participating academies is still seven.”

Lord Marshal briefly talked about the background of the league. The students from other academies have long heard of it, so he explained it to the freshmen of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy who participated in the competition for the first time.

“I announce that the 320th Inter-Academic Military Training League will begin now!” Without too much fancy language, Lord Marshal immediately pressed the bell for the start of the league!

“Yes——” Bigger than the activation bell was a roar that suddenly broke out from the audience! As soon as the roar came out, both the military officers on stage and the freshmen of other academies below the stage were shocked.

This amazing roar that shook the audience came from the (relatively) weak-looking angels in white of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy. After roaring, they quickly changed from the back-hand position to a natural standing position.

Those who are familiar with ancient training methods will know that this is a position that can carry out the next action command at any time.

The whole process of changing movements was very fierce, whether it’s the roar or the sudden position change, the freshmen of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy behaved exactly the same and they looked so cool!

There’s an exact form in every word and deed with personal behavior minimized. Comprehensively standardizing military capacity and military discipline is the essence of the ancient training methods.

“These kids almost startled me.” His mouth relaxed, the Marshal’s eyes were staring at the white team below, his eyes filled with interest.

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TINA V3C090: Military Conference
TINA V3C092: Meet

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