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“This year, Colton’s results are also good, even surpassing the National Defense Academy.” When all the officers looked down, General Condon noticed Lt General Comrow standing behind the crowd.

He has another identity, that is, Dean of the Colton Military Academy.

The deans of the six military academies participating in the league today are all military generals. The students below are competing while in the room, how could these deans not secretly compete?

“Yes, these kids worked hard this year.” Facing the praise from General Condon, Dean & Lt General Comrow just nodded reservedly.

“Speaking of which, Lt General Comrow’s son should be at this age of enrollment, and the first student of Colton that reached the finish line is surnamed Comrow. Could it be that he’s…” At that moment, another person took over the question. Looking at his epaulets, this is also a Lt General.

“He’s my second son.” Dean Comrow immediately replied.

“Huh? Second son? What about your eldest son, Dean Comrow? Isn’t he also a Colton?” Someone immediately asked.

Hearing this question, Dean Comrow’s shoulder slightly stiffened. He then turned around with a smile and tried to shift the subject:

“I can smell the scent of cookies, are the Madams finally willing to give us some food?”

He spoke very stiffly. As a military officer known for his self-discipline, Lt General Comrow has always been dismissive of enjoyable pastimes. No one ever heard that him being interested in these things.

But now, everyone knew that he didn’t want to answer the questions just now, so the person who just asked the question wisely followed the topic change.

Everyone went to the table, and only Lt General Comrow was left at the reviewing table.

He first glanced with satisfaction at the youngest son standing in the front row of Colton’s team, and then…

His gaze fell to the last row of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, and when he saw a figure among them, his face instantly morphed into anger.

“Truly unbelievable!” He softly cursed. After glancing at the figure one last time, Lt General Comrow finally walked away.


Not all students who enter the six military academies can set foot on the competition field of the league. Military training results are the first screening and all those who don’t meet the requirements will be brushed off. Those who could represent the academy in foreign competitions must first be recognized by the academy.

Therefore, the quality of the freshmen from the six military academies is naturally very good.

But the Imperial Comprehensive Academy is different.

Before their departure, some instructors euphemistically hinted that Mu Gen should wipe out some students. To get better grades, some sacrifices were worthwhile.

However, Mu Gen didn’t understand their suggestion.

Don’t know if he really didn’t understand, but the instructors finally didn’t continue persuading him. For the Imperial Comprehensive Academy where the majority of students won’t enter the military in the future, military training performance doesn’t mean much.

It’s just a pity for Mu Gen.

He’s obviously so good——

So in this case, Avery got the right to participate in the league like the others.

Avery, whose full name is Avery Comrow, is the eldest son of Dean Comrow from Colton Military Academy. He has a twin brother who enrolled at the same time as him this year, but unlike Avery, his younger brother entered Colton Military Academy.

The Comrow family has always graduated from Colton Military Academy for generations. For Avery, whose grades and physical fitness didn’t meet the requirements of the Colton Military Academy, he was destined to disappoint his father.

The younger brother is the same as the father, both are Carcharodontosaurus, a very ferocious dinosaur species. While Avery followed his mother, a raptor. Although Avery is much stronger than his mother, as a raptor known for dexterity, this has become his weakness.

When Avery was born, his father was very upset. According to the gene definitive theory, Avery’s birth proved that his father’s Carcharodontosaurus genes were inferior to raptor genes, which was impossible, so this became Avery’s fault.

The younger brother’s species further confirmed his father’s argument.

Avery grew up in the shadow of his younger brother and never heard a word of praise from his father since he was a child, but in the end, his mother comforted him.

“The cake you made is delicious, honey, you can go to the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, where mother graduated. There are many good teachers and classmates there and you will not be bullied there.”

Because of that last statement, Avery finally fought for his life. Studying hard every day and using all his life’s luck, he was admitted to the Imperial Comprehensive Academy.

He finally left the shadow of his brother and father.

However, even after leaving home, he’s still a waste.

Everyone in the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, which is not known for its strength, is very good and Avery was disappointed to find that he’s still the weakest there. Until——

He met Mu Gen.

At the expense of his positioning match, Chairman Mu Gen told him a secret combo. In addition, Chairman Mu Gen praised him.

“Your defensive form is the most correct!”

Avery secretly remembered this sentence in his heart. It was also recorded in his diary as the first praise he received in his life.

After that day, he worked harder and gave up all training subjects. He wanted to practice that trick. Avery didn’t understand why he would do this, but…his physical strength is not good, and his body is also very weak. He has no hope for other subjects that rely on physical fitness to win, but if it’s a mecha…all mecha parameters are the same at the beginning. As long as you’re proficient in its operation, you still have hope of practicing.

Perhaps there’s another important reason: His father and younger brother are both mecha geniuses whom Avery looked up to since he grew up with his father. Perhaps in his heart, he still hoped to get closer to his father and younger brother. Of course, this reason was something he hadn’t realized yet.

With a simple idea, Avery repeatedly practiced day after day, and when he arrived at the league, he saw his brother again.

Yesterday, with the “Right——look” order, Avery saw a little shock in his brother’s eyes. Although it’s only a bit and it’s for the entire Imperial Comprehensive Academy and not for him, Avery was still a bit happy.

And then——

That lasted until today.

Although he practiced hard every day, Avery still fell at a distance of about 120 kilometers. It was Chairman Kerry who ran back with him on his back and this was seen by his younger brother, looking as if he ran the entire course on another’s back…

The little self-confidence he gained yesterday was instantly erased, and today, Avery fell into depression again.

After the long-distance running test, all the freshmen were placed in cabins for a good night’s rest, followed by intensive testing of various projects.

According to the rules, aside from games where all students must participate, each person is only allowed to participate in a maximum of four items. So in the next games, Chairman Mu Gen began to allocate projects based on each person’s strengths, previous achievements, and wishes.

For example, in the shooting game, each academy sent 30 students to the competition and their score would be the average. In this one, Chairman Mu Gen took 30 students with very good grades to participate and Chairman Mu Gen was amazing! His final grades stunned everyone in other academies, including his younger brother who’s far worse than Chairman Mu Gen.

Avery was a little proud of his Chairman, then thinking of himself, he couldn’t help feeling inferior.

In the end, the Imperial Comprehensive Academy won first place in the shooting event. If people in this era like to wear glasses, then this achievement can simply shatter those glasses!

Chairman Mu Gen’s investigation courses are ranked first in their grade during internal assessments but since each person could only participate in four non-all projects, he didn’t participate in this one, so the Imperial Military Academy got first place.

Their chairperson…no, their Chief is also very good, and his grades are much higher than his younger brother.

Younger brother is not that powerful and not invincible. After watching a few games, Avery suddenly had this idea in his heart.

His younger brother has participated in three non-all events and he can only participate in one more competition. Avery knew that he would definitely take part in the mecha fighting event, which was his younger brother’s forte and Avery knew it very well.

Dad is the dean of the Colton Military Academy, so he must be watching the progress of this game. Avery also knew this.

Therefore, before selecting candidates for the mecha fighting event, Avery finally approached Mu Gen. Slowly and firmly, he seriously expressed his desire to participate in the competition to Mu Gen.

“Chairman Mu Gen, I only want to participate in this one, please let me participate.”

“Okay.” Staring at Avery’s eyes equally earnestly, after a while, Mu Gen agreed to his request.

Therefore, after the academies sent their list of participants for the mecha fighting event, the senior officers of the entire Military Department became interested in seeing the two students with the surname Comrow on the list.

One is Ivan Comrow from the Colton Military Academy, and the other is Avery Comrow from the Imperial Comprehensive Academy.

Seeing Dean Comrow sitting with a pale face, their relationship was almost self-evident.

“Turns out that Dean Comrow’s eldest son entered the Imperial Comprehensive Academy? Isn’t that…too strange? By the way, I rarely hear Dean Comrow mention your eldest son~” Dean Laura of the Imperial National Defense Academy is Dean Comrow’s rival, so she naturally will not let go of this opportunity to taunt Comrow.

Dean Comrow’s face became even stiffer.

“Looking at his face, he hardly resembles the dinosaur family and looks more like the plant family!” Dean Laura laughed.

In the end, Dean Ode, who has always been silent, relieved Dean Comrow:

“The instructor said that the Commander-in-chief of our Academy is very good this year. He had a very wide vision and I believe everyone has seen it from the previous games. I believe in the instructors’ vision and I also believe in the Commander’s vision. Any freshmen on this list representing the Imperial Comprehensive Academy must be the most suitable candidate for this project.”

“That is all.”

He said this very slowly. After entering this room, this is the first time Dean Ode said such a long sentence. His words were reasonable and well-founded, so Dean Laura was unable to refute him for a while and finally let Dean Comrow off.

Dean Comrow, who had always been rigorous and polite, didn’t thank Dean Ode immediately. His sight remained on the list, the corners of his mouth pressed downward, carving two deep marks.

Amidst this weird atmosphere, the mecha fighting event kicked off——

Mecha had always been a key training program of major military academies, so, the mecha fighting event is particularly eye-catching. The results of this competition are said to have a very large weight in the final score, so the Commanders of each academy went through several rounds to carefully select the candidates for this.

The rules of this competition are also different from the others: The mecha fighting event implements the guarding system.

The seven academies would send their players in turn and their opponents are determined by drawing lots. After the two sides fought, the winner can continue to draw the next opponent until they’re defeated. If they continued to win, they can stay there until someone defeated them.

The Academy representing the last victor is the ultimate victor.

These are very cruel rules, however, mecha competitions only had first place with no ranks after that.

If you want to become a mecha fighter, the most basic character trait is unparalleled eagerness. It’s not even an exaggeration to describe this kind of victory this way.

This competition was held on a special mecha fighting platform. All freshmen were seated in seven directions. The viewing platform in the center belongs to the senior military officers and the two wings below them that are closer to the fighting platform are where the instructors of each Academy are seated.

Fraffetal was actually puzzled by Mu Gen’s final decision.

The mecha fighting event only allows ten players from each academy to participate, so these participants are the top ten students in the virtual mech test in each academy. For the other nine players selected by Mu Gen, Fraffetal has no opinion. Only, regarding the last player that Mu Gen chose——Avery, he was very puzzled.

There’s no reason for Avery to replace any of the other nine players so Mu Gen gave up on the spot. The student with the best mecha scores in the Imperial Comprehensive Academy gave his place to the worst student. This is simply——

Simply an irresponsible choice.

If any other student did this, Fraffetal would think so, but now that Mu Gen made this choice, Fraffetal remained silent in the end. Aside from him, Fraffetal also noticed: His other four colleagues did not object to Mu Gen’s choice.

Sure enough, Mu Gen’s recent performance not only conquered him but also the others. Mu Gen might not play logically, but he’s definitely not a reckless person.

Enthusiastic and calm, logical and sensible, lucky and strong, this child is full of contradictions. At first glance, Mu Gen seemed to be the simplest innocent teenager, but sometimes, what he says or does is the choice an adult with a lot of experience can only have after many hardships. It’s this contradiction that gives this boy an incredible charm.

Yes, this is charisma.

He is still young. Although they respect the adults, the classmates around him are just instinctively willing to approach him. However, when he’s older and more mature, people will call this kind of ability “charisma”.

Since he was unable to compete, Mu Gen made a special adjustment in the order.

Without him, Domra, the next best mecha operator in the whole grade, was placed last.

“Sorry for my selfishness. In the end, this burden will be borne by you.” Before leaving, Mu Gen apologized to Domra.

“It’s my pleasure.” Domra was very excited to take over this task. After all this time of getting along and as the first person convinced by Mu Gen’s ability, he is very proud of the tasks Mu Gen entrusted him.

There’s no doubt that Mu Gen is more superior so being able to take the responsibility he gave showed that he’s recognized by a superior person!

Mu Gen said some words to each participating student and when it was finally Avery’s turn, Mu Gen made a gesture: That posture was very familiar to Avery, it was a defensive posture.

Nodding solemnly, Avery bowed slightly to Mu Gen.

Then, amid the cheering of all the freshmen, the ten freshmen representing the Imperial Comprehensive Academy in the mecha fighting competition stepped forward on the slender passage leading to the fighting platform!

As the winning team of the previous year, the Imperial Military Academy didn’t need to participate in the first round of the competition. In the first round, the representatives of the other six academies would draw lots and compete against each other. The three victorious academies plus the Imperial Military Academy will then enter the second round and the two would draw lots to compete again. In the end, two Academies would be wiped out and the remaining two Academies would compete for first place.

This kind of competition destined each Academy to send their most powerful students because no one could afford to lose. Once the student in front loses, the student behind will all have to bear double the pressure!

Under the nervous gaze of the audience, each of the six academies sent representatives to draw lots. The referee randomly announced the names of their opponents, which are:

Imperial National Defense Academy VS Daolan Aofa Military Academy!

Horsey Military Academy VS Grando Military Academy!

Colton Military Academy VS Imperial Comprehensive Academy!

When the last group of academies was announced, everyone’s eyes were on Dean Comrow in the stands where the big figures were.

The twins of the Comrow family were listed on the contestants’ list of the two academies respectively. The infighting of the Comrow family——was like a duel arranged by fate!

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TINA V3C093: Not A Loser
TINA V3C095: Ivan Comrow

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