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The three fighting platforms specially designed for the mecha competition are in parallel and the competition will start at the same time. All those who wanted to watch would see the situation of the three arenas at the same time and the players could also see the scene next door.

“The opponent is the Imperial Comprehensive Academy! Should, should we throw the game?” In the preparation room of Colton’s military cadets, a freshman who is about to represent the academy in the competition was a bit tangled: “If we win…I mean, if we hurt them, will it leave a bad impression on them?”

It’s a very proud thing to marry a wife who graduated from the Bridal Academy. These children have this kind of consciousness just after entering school. It makes people wonder what to say  ̄▽ ̄.

Obviously, many people think the same way, so everyone worried for a while.

When they drew the Bridal Academy at the beginning, everyone was so happy: Those are bride candidates! Being able to get in close contact with the freshmen of the legendary Bridal Academy is a treatment that other academies can’t enjoy at all!

But after a few seconds of being happy, they woke up: What if we hurt them, and from then on, they’re listed as a refusal household? Even if the students of Imperial Comprehensive Academy have no objection, if their future suitors found out, what to do if they make life difficult for them?

This…this game is so hard to play!

The contestants of the Colton Military Academy frowned for a while.

At this moment, one of them suddenly stood up.

“Do you want to lose? Losing to an opponent nicknamed the Bridal Academy?” He sneered: “Once you lose, what will they think of you?”

The one speaking was Ivan Comrow, he’s the freshmen grade chief of the Colton Military Academy.

Hearing what he said, the other students were stunned: What would they think?

“If they can’t even beat us, such a person can’t be trusted for life!”

“Shrinking back really lacks masculinity!”

“Too weak! The Imperial Military Academy looks more handsome (づ ̄3 ̄)づ.”

“The freshmen at Horsey Military Academy next door are also quite good~”

Once we lose, the lovely freshmen of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy will definitely kick us out of the husband candidate list ←the players of Colton Military Academy immediately thought of this terrible result T-T.

Once we lose, the other military cadets will definitely kick Colton out of the competition ←Ivan Comrow squinted his eyes.

 ̄▽ ̄ Why did both sides thought differently?

However, no matter what the two parties thought of, the result was still the same. Colton’s players realized the dire consequences they might face after losing.

Can’t lose——seeing the raging fighting spirit behind Colton’s players, Ivan nodded in satisfaction.

Although he was the second son, Ivan Comrow was treated by his father as the eldest son who could inherit the mantle. Everything must be the best, like looking elegant and being self-disciplined, but also extremely aggressive——now only 18 years old, Ivan had grown into the look his father expected.

Ivan has put entering the Colton Military Academy as his goal since he was a child. Of course, for him: Successful admission is only the most basic requirement, and becoming the chief is considered being qualified.

Now, Ivan has completed the first step of his plan.

Excellent results in the freshman military league would leave a deep impression on the senior military officers, especially the Marshal, and strengthen their impressions of the Academy. Then after graduation, he can successfully enter a base with five stars or more if there’s no accident. His grades accumulated as a student was enough to make him a Second Lt upon enlistment to the army. Then, he’ll be promoted to Lt Colonel in five years. Considering that a perfect married life is a plus for political and military affairs, he’ll get married during this time, and then he’ll continue to accumulate military merits and continue to promote——

When his peers just thought of being lazy and going out after training, Ivan had already made a complete plan for his future.

He is a cautious and precocious teenager, knowing what goals he needed to achieve each year. It’s because he knew why he wanted to do this, so he worked harder than the others in training.

“Avery is a waste, you have to take his share together, so the Comrow family depends on you to carry it forward!” ——these words were what Ivan constantly heard from his father since childhood.

“Ivan, you must have sucked all the nutrients in your mother’s stomach while you were there. Your brother is so weak, you must take good care of your brother in the future…” Where his father can’t see, his mother would always catch him and secretly confess this.

Father valued him because, in his eyes, he was the hope of the Comrow family;

Mother valued Avery more because she felt guilty for him.

Regarding this situation, Ivan has no dissatisfaction: According to different abilities, people will take on different responsibilities in the future and will also obtain different levels of rights and status. This era is fair which is very good.

Different abilities will do different things, so don’t touch things beyond your abilities——this is Ivan’s basic principle.

He doesn’t discriminate against the weak, he just dislikes their overreliance.

Therefore, when he saw Avery on the opponent’s team, Ivan frowned.

“Change of plans, I will go directly.” He stretched out an arm, stopping the Colton freshman who was about to enter the game, and coldly said that.

“Ah?” The freshman who was stopped by him was stunned: According to the previous plan, Colton will play in order from weak to strong. Doing this will increase practice opportunities for everyone, and secondly, the pressure of failure won’t be too great. Because even if they lose, there are stronger classmates behind them who will win the next games for the academy.

The order of appearance was set by Ivan himself, but now he’s pushing it all away by himself. This——

“There’s no need to delay time for this level of competition.” After only saying such words, Ivan then gently jumped onto the fighting platform.

“Well done! Ivan, hurry up and get that trash out of the field!” From beginning to end, his line of sight had been focused on his son. Seeing his youngest son’s behavior, Dean Comrow suddenly yelled out in his heart.

Other players might delay the game because they wanted to practice their hands, but Avery’s clumsy appearance would definitely be seen by the audience. The longer it drags on, the duller his face becomes! So if Ivan was the first to end him, he could clear that guy out as quickly as possible!

Truly decisive——Looking at his youngest son in the field, Dean Comrow’s heart that had been hanging in the air finally fell.

The moment Ivan landed, there was a vibration under his feet. A dark blue mecha immediately rose from the portal on the ground. This is the mecha that Ivan will use in this game!

When the contestants were determined, the tournament organizer could easily call out the various parameters of the mechas they used from the virtual system of the military network. After a period of practical operation, their mechas had changed towards their preferences. Those who paid more attention to defense in virtual training will have their mecha defense attributes enhanced and those who prefer to attack will have their attack attributes strengthened.

After adjusting these parameters, there will be a special mecha craftsman who will modify the existing mechas for these students on the spot, making sure that the mecha they used when participating in the competition feels the same as the mecha used in the virtual system.

A person’s true “heart” might be concealed in ordinary life, but in combat situations, it’s impossible to hide “what kind of person uses what kind of mecha”——this is an interesting statement in this era.

At this time, the blue mecha that appeared in the eyes of everyone still has a human-shaped frame structure, but part of the torso had begun to appear beastly. The end of the mechanical arms turned into claws and that huge claw appeared cold under the lights.

This is a purely offensive mecha——although it’s their first time seeing it, everyone at the scene knew this.

He might look gentle, refined, and polite, but Ivan Comrow is essentially an offensive person. Those claws have evolved after tearing through countless enemies in the virtual environment.

“It’s the executioner!” In the stands, some freshmen recognized the identity of this mecha! Too shocked, he accidentally called out the nickname given by others in private.

And under his prompt, more and more freshmen recognized the identity of this mecha, so the audience buzzed for a while.

There’s no helping it——this mecha, to be precise, the person driving this mecha is famous!

The ID of the owner of this mecha is “Execution Officer”, and it’s a frightening existence within the four-star arena! It’s hard to shoot and used one move to kill. All opponents were kicked out after he had their heads torn apart!

The feeling of being cut off by a sharp claw and dying was truly terrifying. Over time, a nickname slowly spread among the students who were defeated by him——the Executioner.

“I…I didn’t expect the executioner…no! The executioner is Sir Chief!” Because of the silence, Colton’s students didn’t even know the identity of the executioner until today. Many of them have suffered from the pain of decapitation and they’re swearing in their hearts. Until just now, they were thinking: Don’t know which academy the executioner came from but don’t let his academy fight their own. Now, once they knew that the “executioner” was the chief of their academy, this feeling…

No need to say anymore, they felt quite safe  ̄▽ ̄.

Such a powerful person turned out to be a student from their academy, so Colton’s students loudly cheered for their chief.

Ivan has already gotten into his mecha and the huge dark blue mecha was standing leisurely in a corner of the fighting area. If you ignore the terrible claws, then the standing posture of this mecha looks really elegant.

“It’s over——” Domra screamed inwardly!

As the one with the highest score among the contestants representing the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, his results only reached the three-star arena while the opponent was already in the four-star arena! The gap is self-evident!

If it’s said that there’s still a chance of winning against the other players in Colton, now that Colton sent this one in the first game, they didn’t give the Comprehensive Academy any chance of winning at all!

Aside from Colton’s freshmen, the moment the other academies discovered Ivan’s ability, the arena boiled more and more!

Young people at this age worship the strong and for them, Ivan was strong enough to the point where others would cheer for him! For a time, cheers were shouting Ivan’s name in the arena!

Although it emphasizes discipline, the nature of military academies was to encourage students to have a combative spirit. Therefore, this kind of cheering was within the allowed range of the league. Amidst this noise, the game extremely tests the psychological quality of both sides. It could be said that the league welcomes such a degree of interference from off-field spectators.

This situation was unexpected to the freshmen of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy. Domra was stunned.

At this moment, in the stands of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, the freshmen suddenly stood up!

“Comprehensive Academy will win——”

But the freshmen of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy were unwilling to show weakness and stood up to cheer for their classmates. Different from the noisy cheers of other academies, the freshmen of the Comprehensive Academy, who have been trained in the ancient method, were the best at “doing things at the same pace”. Although they’re smaller in number, when everyone shouted at the same time, their voices suppressed all the voices on the scene.

Huh? Right! Their idol’s opponent isn’t someone else, but Comprehensive Academy ahhhh!

But they cheered for their idols. If it weren’t for saving face in front of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, this, this wouldn’t be possible!

Their enthusiasm immediately retreated and the sound of cheering for Ivan faded away. After saying that, the freshmen of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy also sat back neatly.

Seeing the support of their comrades, the players of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy also strangely recovered their calm.

“Then, according to the original order of appearance, we will…continue!” After a head-to-head discussion, Domra decided to keep the original order.

He knew in his heart that he was probably the closest person to the executioner in strength, however, even after knowing this, he would never be the first to play.

Once he, the strongest, is defeated, the others will have no chance.

Domra made the above decision with difficulty, and under his anxious gaze, the first player of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy——Caton, tremblingly stepped onto the stage.


Completely different from the others, facing the freshmen of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, Ivan didn’t have any thoughts of cherishing the beauty. He found the flaw in Caton and his left claw made a silver crescent. The moment it fell, the head of Caton’s mecha rolled down.

For mechas, although the head wouldn’t kill them, it’s the most critical part of perception. Losing the eyes, Caton instantly panicked and he was instantly defeated when he could have avoided one or two moves. After five seconds, the mecha that Caton was driving fell heavily to the ground, finally lying next to its broken head.

“Colton Military Academy vs. Imperial Comprehensive Academy, first-round over. Winner: Colton Military Academy.” The referee’s cold voice immediately announced the result of the game.

“This, this is too fast, right?” Although he felt that he was going to lose early on, Domra didn’t expect to lose so fast.

“I’m next…” The second person to appear was Yot, whose results was better than Caton’s. Although he’s a little pale, he still fulfilled his order of play. However, his results were not better than Caton’s, and even the time he persisted under the executioner was shorter than Caton’s.

After the referee announced Colton Military Academy as the winner, Ivan actually stretched out his hand and directly pointed to the players of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy!

He didn’t speak, but everyone understood the meaning of his gesture:


He’s ruthlessly declaring war on the Comprehensive Academy.

Nothing more!

Under the absolute power of the opponent, there’s very little room for a strategy!

Ahhhh? Why isn’t Chairman Mu Gen at the end? If he’s at the end, he could definitely stop this damn executioner! Chairman Mu Gen is the only one who made it to the five-star arena!

In despair, everyone’s eyes glanced at Avery at the end of the team. Then they cast their gazes in Mu Gen’s direction in the audience.

“Next, I…I will appear.” After the third player from the Imperial Comprehensive Academy was taken out, just when the referee announced the fourth player to come to the stage, suddenly, Avery stood behind Domra and offered to play.

“You?” Hearing this request, Domra was stunned. He didn’t even think about letting Avery play! At most, Avery can participate in one round. It doesn’t matter if he loses, he’ll find a way to win it back!


He never expected that they would meet the demon Ivan from the beginning!

“Please——” However, Avery bowed.

He became confused. When the referee urged the next player to take the stage for the last time, Domra nodded unconsciously.

Bowing again to express his gratitude to Domra, Avery walked slowly towards the fighting platform.

The author has something to say:

Ivan’s personality is actually not very simple

He has his persistence and upbringing

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TINA V3C094: Comrow Family
TINA V3C096: Akimota's Head Twisting Style

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