TINA V3C096: Akimota’s Head Twisting Style

TINA V3C095: Ivan Comrow
TINA V3C097: Headless Knight

Avery walked towards the fighting platform step by step.

At this moment, at least three-quarters of the audience’s eyes were focused on him.

He’s quite tall——many people who knew him couldn’t help but think so. Can’t blame other people since Avery used to walk with his head down. His back was also curved, so it’s no wonder that everyone always thought he’s quite short.

“Very weak.” “Poor grades.” “Gets up early every day to practice basic movements.” ——this was the only recognition his Comprehensive Academy schoolmates knew about him.

They didn’t understand why Chairman Mu Gen sent such a person to participate in the competition instead of him. Everyone was a bit suspicious in their hearts but they chose to believe in Mu Gen.

The Commander must have his reasons for doing things and they trust Mu Gen’s decision.

“Avery, you can do it!” Don’t know who took the lead and shouted, but the neat voice cheering for Avery came from the Imperial Comprehensive Academy.

The sound of cheering reached Avery’s ears and he stiffened. The standing posture cultivated by the military instructors in months of military training was not enough to defeat the walking posture formed over a decade. Only then did he realize that he had forgotten to walk correctly.

With the wave of cheering coming from behind, Avery stood blankly for a while.

“I have never been headstrong.”

“Because no one has ever allowed me to.”

“However, here, everyone allowed me to do so.”

“I want to live up to their tolerance.”

He can’t shame Chairman Mu Gen who sent him to play! He can’t embarrass the students who cheered for him! He can’t shame the academy!

One by one, many “can’ts” appeared in Avery’s mind as he stared at his toes for the last time. The humped back slowly straightened and Avery raised his head fiercely.

Firmly looking ahead, Avery finally straightened his back. Each step was one and a half feet as the key points learned in military training rolled in his mind. Avery stood opposite Ivan at the perfect soldier’s pace.

After he stood still, the portal in front of him immediately opened. A black mecha immediately rose from the ground. Seeing this mecha, the scene was in an uproar!

After all: This mecha is so funny! The heavy shoulder blades made it look like a person with a heavy turtle shell on his back. Because it looks too bulky, many people wondered if he could even move.

There was a round of whispers from the audience:

“I think I’ve seen him…”

“I also feel like I’ve seen him before…”

“He looks really weak.”



Turns out that, like the “executioner” Ivan, Avery’s mecha is also well-known among the freshmen, but this reputation was miserable: Almost everyone has won against such a tortoise-like mecha.

“Very weak.” “Only one move.” “Good at getting beaten.” ——this is the unanimous opinion of all those who have played against this mecha.

At the end of the game, the system will only announce the name of the winner, so no one has ever heard the name of this mecha operator.

“His tortoise shell is bigger than when I was against him…”

Amidst the audience’s discussions, the funny, no-name mecha piloted by Avery was pitted against the mecha piloted by Ivan——

In full view, Avery awkwardly put on a confrontation posture. This is the first time he has piloted mecha in a real environment. Although this mecha was almost the same as the one in the virtual environment, Avery still has some maladjustments and because the upper body was too bulky, his body was even crooked, so it’s already good that he didn’t fall.

“Hurry up and clean up this shameful guy, Ivan!” Although Dean Comrow sitting on the stands looked calm on the surface, the violent veins on the back of his hand still revealed his true thoughts.

As if hearing his heart, Ivan suddenly ran. His movements were so fast that the audience in the outfield hadn’t seen what he did. The next second, the head of the tortoise shell mecha fell to the ground!

A clean-cut! Perfect beheading!

One second! In only one second! Comprehensive Academy’s new player set a new record again and only persisted under the executioner’s knife for a second?!

This, this…did the Imperial Comprehensive Academy gave up struggling?

The audience was in an uproar!

Not only the audience did not react, but it also seemed…even the tortoise-shell mecha didn’t respond as he blankly held his head. Uh…turns out that even though he didn’t react, he knew how to hold his head, but…

It seems useless after all?!

“Know your ability. Go back to the kitchen! Avery, this dangerous place is not where you should be——” Looking at the funny black mecha in front of him with cold eyes, Ivan squinted his eyes and said the first sentence he said after entering the mecha. Without the patience to play with Avery anymore, he quickly issued the second attack.

Three steps forward! Right hook! This time, Ivan aimed at the chest of the “turtle shell”——that is the core part of the mecha. Once it’s fatally hit, the referee will immediately decide to out him!

Thinking so, Ivan sent a precise blow to the right chest of the turtle shell mecha!

“Boom!” With a huge dull sound, Ivan quickly landed in the air after hitting the target. His eyes fell on the referee off-court, and Ivan waited for the moment when the referee announced the result of the match.

“Perfect block! Invalid Attack——” The referee did speak, but he said something like this…

Ivan slightly opened his eyes and turned his head to look at the black mecha behind him——

The sturdy right arm blocked his chest and Avery’s mecha was unscathed.

The temperature of his eyes dropped again, and before Avery retracted his arm, Ivan attacked again. This time, his target was the abdomen of the opponent’s mecha. That is the energy cabin. Once hit, the opponent will definitely lose!

There was another dull “boom——”. This time, Ivan didn’t look away from beginning to end, so he naturally saw this incredible scene:

The mechanical arm sank at an extremely fast speed and Avery blocked his attack again!

“Perfect block! Invalid Attack!” The referee’s voice immediately reached the ears of everyone in the field.

“Oh my God!”

“The second time! This is the second time!”

“It’s a Perfect Block! The attack is actually invalid!”

The students’ comments came again from the outfield stands.

It’s not that the three students who played before had never blocked Ivan’s attack, but at best, they were just ordinary blocks.

Having said that, the concept of “blocking” must be explained. On the field, if someone attacked, there must be someone who defended and the defender will act to resist the opponent’s attack. This action is called “block”. If the effect of the block was less than 20% of the full attack power, it will be judged as “failed to block” or “invalid block”; if the damaged blocked is between 20%-60%, it’s called “normal block”; and if the damage blocked is between 60%-90%, it can be called an “effective block”.

So what’s a perfect block? Only a block that can withstand more than 90% of the enemy’s attack, so that the opponent’s damage to itself was minimal, can be eligible to be called a “perfect block”!

If the referee not only said the words “perfect block”, but also said the words “invalid attack” when making the judgment, the amount of information contained in this judgment was even greater!

100% absolute defense!

This was the hidden meaning of the verdict!

“Perfect block? Invalid attack? This is the first time I heard this judgment on the field today~” Hearing this verdict, Marshal Rothsay turned his attention from the other arena with great interest.

Today, the level of these freshmen was basically Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Even if there are particularly outstanding students, for these high-ranking military officers who are used to seeing the best mecha fighters, no matter how outstanding they are, they are still freshmen, very immature, and their moves fancy but impractical.

Amidst the judgments of “blocked” and “invalid block”, an occasional “effective block” was enough to make them turn their eyes. Suddenly, there’s a “Perfect block! Attack Invalid!”, how can they not notice?

In normal times, Dean Comrow wished that the others would notice his son. However, it’s definitely not now. Who made him not want to be noticed when his other son was also on the field?

“That…tortoise shell mecha looks pretty strong.” Marsha Rothsay laughed.

It’s over! The person he didn’t want to show was still seen——Deam Comrow’s already dark face was like a burnt bottom of a pot.

“However, that Comprehensive kid is pretty amazing! He can react even without the perception system and his reaction is very fast.” The eyes of the military leaders were naturally much higher than those freshmen who just entered school. Seeing Avery’s fallen head, the freshmen only saw Ivan’s swiftness, but General Condon saw Avery’s greatness.

“To perfectly block even in this case, this kid is really clever~ Is he a top student of Comprehensive Academy?” General Condon also turned his attention to Avery. Realizing that his boss was interested in this player, his Lieutenant hurriedly called up all of Avery’s information. The result surprised everyone——

1029 matches, 1 victory, the lowest score in the entire system and still staying in the novice zone to this day!

“This…is a joke, right?” General Condon was stunned.

Dean Comrow felt like he wanted to find a hole to burrow in!

He was going crazy and kept praying in his heart, hoping that his youngest will quickly oust the unworthy eldest son, but God didn’t listen to him at all.

The incredible scene in the venue continued.

“Perfect block! Invalid attack!”

“Perfect block! Invalid attack!”

“Perfect block! Invalid attack!”

No matter how sharp the executioner’s butcher’s knife, the big tortoise shell mecha stood still.

No matter which angle the butcher’s knife is swung from, the tortoise shell mecha could always block it. Over time, all those with eyes discovered:

“It uses one move from start to finish…”

“The first move of the first set of standard fighting techniques.”

“The defense form.”

Everyone finally noticed this: All the attacks were blocked by the same move! And it’s not even a sophisticated move, but the first set of standard fighting techniques that everyone has learned…the first move!

“Is the defensive move so powerful?” Recalling the defensive styles they had learned, the freshmen confirmed it in their hearts.

“Oh! It’s a perfect defensive style. I haven’t seen such a correct posture in many years…” General Condon narrowed his eyes.

“However, does he only use this move?”

“Yes, this kid can only do this.” It was Dean Ode who answered him: “Sacrificing his sleep time and spending several hours training every day more than the other freshmen. This freshman only practices this move.”

Although he wasn’t involved in the military training affairs, Dean Ode knew his students very well. He even knew about the training situation of such a humble Avery.

He must know that Avery is his son to pay attention to him like this——Dean Comrow thought with a deep face.

“Only defense. No matter how perfect the defense is, sooner or later, it will be broken. In his matches so far, he has only won once.”

However, the person he won against was Mu Gen, the most powerful freshman regarding mecha operation in the Imperial Comprehensive Academy——Ode didn’t say this.

“For this child, this is the biggest gain in his military training. He is now showing you his most important learning achievements.”

“Please take a good look and see the results of this child’s efforts.”

Everyone was silent, including Dean Comrow. Everyone’s eyes fell on the black mecha that was constantly being beaten in the field.

Facing the enemy’s agile attack, he only had one move from start to finish: Parry.

However, with this move, the executioner, who has always been known for quickly resolving his enemy, was stunned and couldn’t do anything about it. As time went by, it became so hard that they came to a stalemate for four hours! (T/N: Yes, not a typo. It’s for 4 hours.)

As calm as Ivan was, he was also a little anxious.

This level of competition could be called unilateral torture, and Ivan didn’t have the hobby of doing that to his opponents. This could be seen from the fact that he always likes to kill with one blow, not to mention——

The person who was being hit by him at this time was Avery.

The elder brother of the same species as his mother.

Hurry up and end this——tightening his lips, Ivan slammed a fatal blow.

“Perfect block!” The referee’s voice came again. Hearing the first half, Ivan’s heart became even more anxious, until——

“Effective attack.”

Ivan was stunned, lowered his head, and looked at Avery. The blocking posture was still perfect, but the metal on the arm of the mecha cracked.

“Bang——” A huge piece of metal fell off and with that crack as the center, dense cracks appeared on Avery’s tortoise shell mecha. Not only Avery’s mecha, but Ivan also noticed: With the mecha piloted by Avery as the center of the circle, cracks appeared on the ground which he was standing.

Ivan suddenly understood.

“Avery, give up, your mecha is about to disintegrate.”

Standing condescendingly in front of that black mecha, he found that the opponent completely ignored him. Ivan raised the corner of his mouth and waved the butcher knife in his hand.

Just a single slash——

Along with the rapid swing of his arm, Ivan’s claws drew a white crescent moon in the air.

Avery didn’t hear what Ivan said to him.

Since a while ago, he could no longer hear any sound from the outside world. In his eyes, except for the blue mecha constantly attacking him, there are no other figures.

The constant blocking action is quite energy-consuming and his physical strength has reached the limit.

He kneeled on the ground. If he didn’t he will definitely fall. However, even so, his blocking action was still perfect. One move, when you keep repeating it over and over every day, thousands of times, even after hundreds of thousands of times, it will become a part of your reflex arc. No matter if others attack from any angle, his body will instinctively make a perfect block.

No one knew that Avery is now on the verge of running out of stamina.

However, the more this happened, the more perfect his movements became.

Training with good people will make you better. And Ivan was much better than the others.

Doing boring repetitive exercises every day, what Avery needs is combat opportunities. More opportunities to fight with better opponents. Now, Ivan had given him this opportunity.

“After the defensive move, just an elbow blow. As long as the angle, strength, and position are correct, no one can escape this blow and they will fly out with a piu…” What Chairman Mu Gen said once again came to Avery’s mind.

He’s not surprised.

Whenever he’s extremely tired and his eyes blur and he’s about to collapse, this sentence would always appear in his mind. Chairman Mu Gen’s actions in front of him at that time will also appear particularly clearly in front of his eyes.

If he can do that set of actions and imagine the enemy flying away, Avery would immediately cheer up.

It’s not that he hadn’t practiced the latter movements, but his reaction was too slow. His body would always be too late so it wouldn’t connect.

“…as long as the angle, strength and position are correct…” Avery didn’t understand these points that Chairman Mu Gen said.

However, when Ivan hit him with this slash, Avery suddenly sobered up.

In an instant, when the blade was ten cm away from him, his body suddenly bounced, his knees twisted and his body experienced a very strange state in this very short time!

The elbow, which had always been only used to block the chest, completed a strange angle and the elbow made of hard alloy faced the enemy.

This is an attacking posture——Avery, who has always only been on defense, realized this in an instant.

It’s now!

“After the defensive move, just an elbow blow…”

“No one can escape this blow!”

Piu...it went.

Ivan’s mecha instantly flew out, and then——

The head of the opponent’s mecha was severely knocked out by this elbow!!!

With a “boom——” sound, the executioner’s head rolled into the dust, his body fragments further away.

The mecha with a heavy tortoise shell on its back became the only mecha standing in the arena.

The metal layer on his body shattered and fell off, but even so, he didn’t fall.

Victory and defeat was decided——

“Colton Military Academy vs. Imperial Comprehensive Academy. Fourth match ends. Winner: Imperial Comprehensive Academy.”

No applause! No cheers! No sound! Everyone present was stunned by the scene just now!

After a long silence, someone finally yelled out:

“Akimota’s Head Twisting Style! Oh my God! It’s the Akimota’s Head Twisting Style!”

The author has something to say:

^^ Everything is for a reason, don’t deny the power of hard work

I don’t think Avery’s victory is a cheat.

This is the result of his hard work.

Of course, there are other factors but I’ll mention them in the next chapter.

TINA V3C095: Ivan Comrow
TINA V3C097: Headless Knight

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