TINA V3C098: Roll Over! Chick Oli!

TINA V3C097: Headless Knight
TINA V3C099: Listen to Mengmeng Talk About Laying Eggs

The league is progressing in an orderly manner.

The freshman league is mainly divided into three parts: Physical fitness test, project competition, and actual combat simulation. Among them, the physical fitness test and actual combat simulation belong to all student events, while project competitions are small group competitions.

Each student can only register for a maximum of four games. The original intention of this rule is to allow more freshmen to have the opportunity to show their abilities.

Quite a few students stood out in the project competitions. For example, Avery, with his Akimota’s Head Twisting Style, let everyone know his name and academy. Like Willard, a genius mecha warrior. After he played, the Imperial Military Academy did not send a second player.

Olaf is on the list of players “not sent” by the Imperial Military Academy.

As the only remaining Chief competitor of the Imperial Military Academy, he has been vigilant about Olivia’s next move.

He knew that qualifications were decided by the Commander, but Olaf was not particularly nervous: His grades are very good, and his mecha operations and logistic armaments are among the best. Especially in logistics and armaments, his grades were the first in the whole grade. Even if Olivia is reluctant to give him a chance to perform, he can’t stop him from playing. It’s a matter of face for the Academy. To not reduce the chances of the academy winning, Olivia wouldn’t dare ban him from playing! If he dared, just wait for an impeachment!

Faintly, Olaf even looked forward to that moment.

However, what disappointed him was: Olivia didn’t play any tricks on his qualifications. He applied for four events and in the end, he got qualified for two projects, and at the same time, he also got the right to participate in two projects that he did not sign up for but still had good results.

Olaf was quite satisfied with this result: In the first place, not everyone can get what they want. Even Olivia must choose to give up some advantageous subjects and give opportunities to others.

Not only those under Olaf, but Oliva also made proper arrangements in accordance with their wishes and achievements very fairly.

He asked himself, if Olaf was the one assigning, it’s impossible to make a better arrangement.

He was greatly relieved but also disappointed. In this complicated mood, Olaf’s first game started.

Then, he didn’t even touch the fighting platform and Imperial Military Academy successfully defended its title!

This is something he should be excited about, but Olaf was ashamed at that moment!

It turned out to be here! Here is the trap that Olivia arranged for him!

The roster is fixed, but the order of appearance can be adjusted! Confident in Willard’s abilities, he sent him here, and with Willard in the field, he will never have a chance to play. He obviously participated in the competition but he was unable to make it to the arena and even wasted a project opportunity. Olivia made a good calculation!

“I think it’s okay. Fortunately, Willard defeated the Headless Knight. Even removing the head of the mecha, he can still operate the mecha smoothly, but I don’t think I can do that. It would be really embarrassing to lose to a student of the Cooking Department from the Imperial Comprehensive Academy.” However, the other students were not dissatisfied with this result.

Olaf froze in place.

The next two project competitions were similar. With the best students being the first to appear, the other people have no chance to perform at all. While the first one shows off, the others…

It can’t go on like this!

There’s only one chance left, and he must make sure that he can do it beautifully.

Finally, before the start of the last event where he’s allowed to play, after persuading the students of his own camp, Olaf found Olivia and the chief instructor at the same time——to request the change in lineup.

“I know that this time, the participants are judged based on their results, but the next Logistics War Preparation Project is a team project. As the first place in this area, I will be the general coordinator of this competition. In this case, I hope to use the students with whom I’m accustomed to cooperating.” Olaf said this sentence directly to the instructor. As for Olivia next to the instructor, he didn’t even look at him.

However, after listening to his words, the chief instructor looked directly at Olivia.

“As the Commander of the Imperial Military Academy in this league, I’ll ask you to handle this matter as you see fit.” As soon as this remark came out, the chief instructor meant to directly hand over the ruling power to Olivia!

Frozen, Olaf had to turn his head to look at Olivia.

At first, he was just a lone ranger, thin and gloomy. However, in these short months, he took everyone outside his camp!

Yes, except for his own faction…everyone else was under him.

The strong are always rebellious, just like Willard. He didn’t mean to compete for the Chief position, he was just unwilling to surrender to someone casually.

Olaf wanted to take him in under his command more than once but he was turned down every time. Wandering outside of all camps, with his strength, Willard lived freely.

However, such a Willard, after the mecha game that put him in a limelight, amazingly showed a friendly attitude towards Olivia.

This is the charm of power.

Olaf just wanted to sneer when he was told about it, but he didn’t. He gently looked at the students who told him the news, even encouraging them to come to his side. Even if he’s sneering in his heart, he still showed a calm look.

He’s not like that idiot Voge, blindly sacrificing the interests of his subordinates. No matter how strong his belief is, it will fade away when there’s no hope. In this case, it’s just a matter of time for the tree to fall and scatter. Look, Voge himself is now a dog at Olivia’s feet. He even set up a Chief club and became the representative himself. He could be considered shameless in that state.

Due to the usual wooing, the small group on Olaf’s side is fairly stable, but he also knew that if he doesn’t make some achievements to let everyone see hope, it’s a matter of time for those people to leave.

And that was the last thing Olaf wanted to see.

It was on this premise that he made this decision.

Olaf resolutely met Olivia’s eyes.

He was ready to see ridicule and sarcasm there.

But no, there was nothing in Olivia’s eyes.

This is the first time Olaf looked directly at these eyes at such a close distance. Don’t know if it’s because of the light, but at this time, Olivia’s pupils are very shallow, looking like a faint golden color. When he looked at you, it’s as if you’re being stared at by some kind of unsentimental beast. Olaf suddenly shuddered!

That gaze fell on Olaf’s face for a moment before Olaf heard him speak:

“This time, the list of entries is based on the results. To maintain the first-place results, Imperial Military Academy should send the strongest lineup no matter who the opponent is.”

“Yes, I agree with that, but in team competitions, the strongest is not necessarily the most united. I want a team that will make it more convenient.” This sentence…was a bit provocative.

The chief instructor couldn’t help but glance at him:

This kid…sure enough, he’s still a child who couldn’t tell who’s the boss at this time. Obviously, he had already said that the command authority will be handed over to the chief, but in this situation, he first looked for the instructor. What is he expecting? Is he counting on the instructor to call the shots for him?

He’s wrong. An army is a place that pays attention to the division of duties. Now that the Commander of this league is Olivia, the instructors will not intervene in anything regarding the league.

Seeing someone blatantly not taking the Chief seriously, even insisting on confronting the other person, to describe it nicely, he’s arrogant, and to put it bluntly, he’s ignorant of the current affairs.

The instructor couldn’t help smiling.

Of course, this is also the education of the Imperial Military Academy for freshmen. He wanted to see how the Chief will handle it.

“Do you want to transfer the manpower you usually used from the other projects?” Olivia asked calmly.

“Yes, I have talked to them beforehand and they have agreed, just watch…Chief, do you approve?” Olaf kicked the burden completely to Olivia’s side.

“Abandoning the superior projects that highlight their strengths and participating in…less obvious small team competitions, did they really agree?”

Olaf nodded: “Yes.”

Seeing him still not letting go, Olaf gritted his teeth and said: “If there are any consequences, I will bear it.”

Hearing what he said, Olivia’s amber eyes narrowed, and he stroked his chin: “Very well, you can ask them to hand in the replacement project application.”

Ah? He actually agreed to that?

Olaf was stunned.

Olivia agreed too quickly that he wondered if this was another trap.

He raised his head but saw that Olivia’s eyes have already left him. With his head down, he was talking to the chief instructor.

No, not right, this is my request. The students are also decided by him and the project is his strong subject. As long as he played well, he will definitely win this game.

And this is not an ordinary competition. As the only subject with a weight comparable to actual combat exercises in this league, the logistics armament project meant planning how to use manpower, material resources, and financial resources. It’s an important project to guarantee military affairs construction, combat, and other activities!

His abilities gave him this precious opportunity to participate in the competition and he couldn’t tolerate the enemy’s interruption.

Yes, he will not lose. Rather than let his partners participate in other projects where they can’t even play, it’s better to win with him.

Once again strengthening the conviction in his heart, Olaf bowed and said to Olivia: “Thank you for your trust.”

After speaking, he turned and left.

Not long after he left, Olivia sent away the instructor. Seeing the project replacement application sent by Mengmeng, the corners of his mouth rose slightly.

After forwarding these replacement applications to Todd’s smart brain, Olivia couldn’t help but open another entry list.

That was the entry list for the Imperial Comprehensive Academy and Mu Gen’s name was in the first row!

“I don’t trust Olaf, but I trust Mu Gen! He can definitely help me beat the bad guys!”

Poking at Mu Gen’s name on the screen, Olivia’s smile suddenly became more real. Picking up Mengmeng (the screen that shows Mengmeng’s big eyes), he began to roll on the bed, “Ahhhhh! I finally saw Mu Gen! He looked different in his white uniform!”

“He also looks good. Hearing that I know Mu Gen, chirp, many people asked me about him today!” Supported by Oli in the air, Mengmeng couldn’t help but flap his small wings.

“Ah? Why ask? Why do they want to ask about Mu Gen?” Olivia suddenly frowned.

“Because the Imperial Comprehensive Academy is nicknamed the Bridal Academy, so everyone wanted to have a good wife. For this reason, they sent their robots to ask me for information! Olivia, haven’t you noticed that your popularity has improved recently?” Mengmeng said very cockily.

It’s still Mu Gen’s charm, his power even radiated to the Imperial Military Academy, chirp! The other (robots) people who used to bully him for his cuteness have recently been bribing him!

“Wait—— what the hell is the Bridal Academy? Why don’t I know? Mengmeng, what else are you hiding! Tell me everything!” The overwhelming news interrupted Olivia’s happy rolling time and he got up. Olivia sat cross-legged on the bed with a serious expression. He decided to have a long talk with Mengmeng.

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