TINA V3C099: Listen to Mengmeng Talk About Laying Eggs

TINA V3C098: Roll Over! Chick Oli!
TINA V3C100: Mu Gen's Careful Planning

“At this time when marriage rate and fertility rate are decreasing year by year, early love, early marriage, and early childbirth are protected by the law! Provisions: If you lay eggs in the first breeding season, in addition to giving away free hatching robots, the government will also issue a large amount of nurturing funds!”

“Why is there such a law?” Olivia was stunned.

“It was announced 50 years ago and you will study this course specifically in third grade.”

“…” Olivia was speechless.

“People in modern times live longer and the mating period is also extended. Finding a legal mate during the student period is also very good for the empire’s security!” Mengmeng continued to talk about common sense.

“Ha?” Olivia continued to refresh his worldview.

“Soldiers with a spouse have a more stable psychological quality. Didn’t you see, these freshmen became very impetuous when they saw the freshmen of the Comprehensive Academy, which is very bad! Generally, soldiers who have a stable mate after graduation will have a smoother career!”

“Good chicks will never be left, Olivia. You are now the Chief, so make good use of your privileges!”

After the lesson, Mengmeng finally advised earnestly.

“Privilege? Do you want me to use my privileges to find so-called mating partners in the Imperial Military Academy? I’m not interested in any of those guys.” Olivia immediately thought of some of his men and shook his head.

“No way! You haven’t gotten hair yet! Kantas’ estrus period is about 35 to 40 years old, so you’re still a little chick, you can’t fall in love early, chirp!” Mengmeng immediately jumped up, trying to stop Olivia’s imagination. “Among your classmates, only Todd’s butt is qualified, but his brain is not very smart, which is not conducive to the development of the next generation of eggs!” Olivia could only silently look at Mengmeng: You told me to not think about it, but didn’t you measure everyone’s hips? Laying eggs is directly beyond puppy love, Mengmeng, you are so——

Olivia didn’t know what to say anymore.

At this moment, Mengmeng threw a heavy bomb——

“I meant that Mu Gen is approaching puberty. It’s hard to keep a good one, Olivia, so you have to make good use of your privileges to help Mu Gen keep one! Mengmeng thinks Olaf is good…”

Olivia couldn’t hear the latter words at all.

“Mu Gen? Puberty?” His face became very strange.

“Yup! Alpha said that Mu Gen is the only remaining human being from Earth, a kind of ape. Compared with other races, their breeding season arrives a lot earlier! So before that came, you have to help Mengmeng pay attention to any targets!” Mengmeng said, thinking that he was about to complete the task Alpha gave him and couldn’t help but flap his little wings. However, before he could do so, Olivia grabbed his wings and picked him up.

“Wait—— What did Uncle Alpha tell you?” Olivia frowned.

“Yes, chirp!” Mengmeng tweeted, “The graduates of Imperial Comprehensive Academy not only find it easy to find jobs but also easy to get married! Alpha has planned it from the beginning ⊙▽⊙.”

“Many of the wives of military generals are graduates of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy. Isn’t it the lifelong dream of many military academy cadets to marry a wife from the Comprehensive Academy?”

Olivia’s expression became a bit stiff:

“Isn’t the lifelong dream of a military academy student to be a high-ranking officer in the military department and find a good job that guarantees income?” Olivia weakly said the advice from Uncle Alpha.

“But, after becoming a high-ranking officer in the military, the ultimate goal of finding a good job with high benefits is to marry a wife who graduated from the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, chirp!” Mengmeng blinked, subverting Olivia’s outlook on life.

If you use a sentence to describe Olivia’s current thoughts, it’d be “the door to a new world has opened…”

During this period, the good mood that had arisen from seeing Mu Gen suddenly disappeared.

Olivia suddenly became expressionless.

He thought of the first day of the league when his heartbeat almost jumped out. He looked excitedly in the direction of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy just because he wanted to see Mu Gen.

At the same time, he also noticed the sights of other academies falling on the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, their eyes as eager as his own. In this regard, Olivia’s understanding is: Like him, they also have relatives and friends at the Imperial Comprehensive Academy.

Under his precocious appearance, Olivia is actually an innocent cub in terms of feelings.

Growing up in an orphanage, Olivia had never experienced a normal marriage and family atmosphere. He’d never seen a mother and father holding a small hand and kissing their child’s small cheeks, so no wonder he’s completely ignorant in this regard. That’s why he never thought about it.

Unlike him, they looked at Mu Gen from the perspective of taking a spouse. (Hey! That’s wrong! The others are watching all the freshmen!).

Olivia was stunned and he began to search for keywords with his spare smart brain.

“puberty”, “reproduction”, “spouse”…

Line-by-line explanations and vivid dynamic graphs appeared in the search results. Looking at the text and video records, Olivia’s face became completely dark.

“Dirty, disgusting.” Olivia sullenly said all the thoughts in his mind at that moment.

Mengmeng froze: This…Olivia will not have the legendary Plato syndrome, right? Where he can only accept spiritual love and is unable to accept any physical contact.

Mengmeng tilted his head and flipped through his hard drive: Olivia really doesn’t like having physical contact with humans, even trying not to participate in the fighting events. But…

But before, Olivia obviously slept with Mu Gen? Even his cub form was picked up by Mu Gen!

By the way, in this era where people of the same sex and opposite sex might have relationships, Alpha was not very happy at that time, but he came forward to explain that Olivia was just a cub. Only then did Alpha agreed for the two teenagers to hug each other while sleeping. It was also after that, Alpha mentioned the issue of puberty for the people on Earth.

“I will pay attention to Mu Gen’s matter and you will not care about it anymore. If anyone asks you about the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, you are not allowed to disclose any information.” Olivia only said this sentence.

Mengmeng nodded blankly. He didn’t know what he had done wrong, but from this evening on, the smile that Olivia had been having in private for the past few days completely disappeared.

This evening, Olivia had a dream.

There’s Mu Gen, himself, and Olaf in the dream.

He saw his cub form wanting to jump on the bed happily but Mu Gen refused.

He dreamed of Mu Gen telling him that he and Olaf were married and the law stipulates that they have to sleep to make monkeys together and Olivia can only sleep on his own.

That day, Olivia had insomnia and the long-lost dark circles reappeared under his eyes so that he looked gloomy when he appeared in front of people the next day.

After trembling from Olivia’s gaze, Olaf once again told himself that he will win this game. Although he didn’t know the reason, Olaf had the instinct that: Olivia will really kill him.

How long is the history of the army is how long is the history of logistical arms management. As a discipline, this management has been included in regular exam items of military commanders. Each army would rob someone of the budget they had applied for and eventually had to be handed over to the person in charge of logistics and armaments to arrange it to be spent. It could be said that in an army, aside from the Commander in chief, the most important job is the Logistics and Armament Coordinator.

The Commander in chief threw out a wad of money and said he wanted guns to someone; then the Logistics and Armament Coordinator would say yes, but he’d arrange for the specific guns and for how many people.

The relationship between the two is that crude and simple.

The jurisdiction of the Logistics and Armament Coordinator is more than that, except for the purchase and management of armament resources, in terms of military logistics, he must also do everything in detail.

An excellent coordinator is like an encyclopedia and at the same time, like a smart brain, with super-strong operational research and deduction capabilities.

The highlight of the freshman military league. The competition of the Logistics Arms Management project is arranged in the virtual training environment of the military network.

Seven teams from each academy descended on seven planets at the same time.

The situation faced by all teams was the same, and the resources given were exactly the same.

This is a brand new planet and their enemy is a kind of terrible aboriginal people on the planet and a fierce beast with a risk factor of level 4. To explore this planet, the Empire will send an entire army, led by a Lt General, to stay here in ten days.

The Logistics and Armament Coordinator will then lead his team to take the lead and arrange everything in advance for the garrison, and ensure all the military activities required by the army stationed here could last until next year.

Each participating team has 28 people. Among them, there will be one Chief Coordinator and 7 Vice Chief Coordinators who will manage the budget. At the same time, they all received a list of upcoming personnel and a list of material purchases, as well as the enemy’s various parameters, distribution rules, and the number of issued items. The players are allowed to use the brain-assisted data calculation provided by the system.

Olaf is confident because of this. Even though he’s only a first-year, his smart brain technological skills can reach the fourth-grade smart brain majors and he can establish a conditional screening system through programs. With that, he’d have several sets of the most ideal solutions. The more you master smart brain technology, the faster it will take to arrive at a solution.

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