TINA V5C154: Little Mu Gen’s Weakness

TINA V5C153: Lord Chief's Fiancee
TINA V5C155: Special Counterfeiting Skills

In the sunset, the slender (relative to others) white-clothed (cook apprentice work clothes) young man working in a fiery red flower field (Rafflesia flower field)…

Is breathtaking (thrilling).

The seat occupying group from the seventh grade of the Imperial Military Academy quickly occupied Canteen No. 3!

At this moment, in Canteen No. 1, which was planning to welcome the arrival of the seventh graders, were stunned: Huh? The menu they announced today has Kara fish, which is the favorite dish of the seventh-grade Chief, they’re just waiting for him to bring the seventh-grade students!

At this moment, the lower grade students of the Imperial Military Academy who regularly visit Canteen No. 3 these days was also stunned: Why are there so many terrible seniors in Canteen No. 3, which has never satisfied people before? Today, they also plan to ask the cute apprentice chef to recommend a menu for them…

They reluctantly want to find a seat in the cafeteria, but in the next second, they were frightened by the coercion of the seniors inside. Several junior students were about to go out, but they were stopped by Mu Gen.

“Why don’t you go in?” Mu Gen was puzzled.

“No, no more seats…” One of the students cried and said with grievances.

“Okay, I’ll help you find a place.” Smiling and patting his chest, Mu Gen took the few junior students into the canteen again. Then, under the gaze of the seventh-graders, a few pale-faced students were placed in the only empty seat among the seventh-graders——next to Olivia.

“Look, there are a lot of empty places here!” Standing next to Olivia, Mu Gen smiled.

After solving the matter, he hurriedly left.

Olivia: …

Seventh Graders of the Imperial Military Academy: …

The reason why no one sat there was because the Chief is sitting there ahhhhh! Who would dare sit with Sir Chief!!!!!! Even Todd and Jopson didn’t dare!

If someone else arbitrarily arranged someone to sit next to Sir Chief, the seventh graders would jump up and immediately beat the other person, killing the thing who didn’t have eyes! But——

This person who doesn’t have eyes is Sir Chief’s fiancee.

So no one said anything.

“Are you regular customers in Canteen 3?” A mechanical clear voice rang from above the juniors who had their heads down. They raised their heads in a panic, but it was the senior sitting here who spoke to them.

As the best student currently enrolled in the Imperial Military Academy, except for the freshmen, almost no one would fail to recognize Sir Olivia, the Chief of the seventh grade, and these junior students are no exception.

Knowing who they were sitting with made these students shiver like a quail.

“I thought you were very familiar with the apprentice chef just now.” Olivia continued with a faint smile on the corner of his mouth. With his appearance meticulously arranged, he looked very elegant.

“…the, the green rice that the master sells is delicious…” With a little trembling voice, one of the students mustered up the courage to answer: “H-his recommended side dishes are also delicious.”

“Oh, I rarely eat green rice. Will you take me to buy it later?” Olivia still smiled.

“W-we would be very honored!” Reflexively, the junior bowed while still on the chair. Forgetting that he was still sitting at the moment, his forehead almost hit the tabletop.

Sir Olivia, the seventh-grader, is so kind. Excited in his heart, this junior student took Olivia to buy food.

No one dared to buy food in front of Olivia, so Olivia became the first customer of Apprentice Chef Mu Gen today.

“Welcome——” Holding a serving spoon, Mu Gen, who had just said his welcome speech, was taken aback when he saw Olivia. But then the smile on his face increased and when he asked Olivia how much he wanted according to the procedure, he frowned.

“You ordered too few staple foods. The quality of the green rice here is very good so you should eat more.” He knew Olivia’s appetite and preferences well, so Mu Gen knew the proportion of the other foods he will order as soon as he heard the amount of rice he wanted!

“Okay, listen to you.” Olivia didn’t object but looked at him with a smile.

Nodding his head, Mu Gen put twice as much green rice in Olivia’s lunch box, then added two more spoons for him.

Olivia smiled and watched Mu Gen do this.

“Quickly go to Window 4 to buy Kara fish. Today’s Kara fish were intercepted by Canteen 1 so we only got two in the canteen, but they’re made by the head chef, so it tastes pretty good. Hurry up! It’ll be gone if you’re too late.” After revealing the internal news, Mu Gen quickly hurried Olivia to leave.

Unexpectedly, Olivia didn’t leave immediately. Holding the steaming green rice, he leaned his upper body further in Mu Gen’s direction:

“Where do you live?”

“Huh?” Mu Gen was stunned.

“What’s your internal communication number in the Academy?”

“Ah…” Mu Gen was stunned and after a long while of whispering something, Olivia left with satisfaction.

This is a matter of course for the seventh graders: This is Sir Olivia’s fiancee~

However, for the lower graders behind Olivia, this conversation was like a bolt from the blue!

Ahhhhhh! How could this be?!

In the past few days, don’t know how many people wanted to get the communication number of this lovely chef apprentice, but before they could ask, this Chief made a shot as soon as they met! Chief! Have you forgotten your fiancee who’s waiting for you to graduate from your hometown!!!!!

The younger students who didn’t know the relationship between the two wept.

But in this way, no one would dare inquire about the communication number of this lovely apprentice chef anymore.

“Good evening Karen, how much do you want to eat today?” Not knowing what was wrong with his behavior just now, Mu Gen continued to smile at the next guest.

After having dinner and dealing with some things in his dorm, Olivia couldn’t help it anymore and directly walked to Mu Gen’s residence.

Mu Gen lives in the staff dormitory behind Canteen 3. Generally, only the chefs on early shifts will stay here for one night, and they’d usually still live in their homes. As an intern, Mu Gen naturally has no home here, so he could only live there.

The dormitory is on the first floor, which is closest to the cafeteria so that the chefs can get to work as soon as possible. Inside were a bunch of rough guys who don’t pay attention to anyone. It’s very tiring to keep the kitchen clean and tidy every day, so they don’t have time to clean up their dormitory. Naturally, the environment here doesn’t look too good.

Along the way, Olivia’s brows wrinkled and tightened: The toilet is shared, the bathroom is also shared. There are no external clothes drying tables, and the washed clothes can only be dried in the public washing room.


Among the group of oversized old men’s underwear, Olivia noticed two white boxer briefs sharply.

Olivia and Mu Gen’s underwear was purchased by Uncle Beta. Except for the different sizes, most of their underwear was the same, so he recognized Mu Gen’s underwear at a glance.

Staring at the two white briefs, Olivia frowned.

“Oli, why are you just standing there?” At this moment, Mu Gen walked in from the outside holding a washing tub, shirtless and wearing a pair of shorts, dressed very casually.

“You…why did you hang your clothes here? Clothes, especially close-fitting clothes, are best dried in a dryer or dried in the sun so that germs that are harmful to the body will not grow.” The nitpicky Olivia became fussy.

“In particular——” Olivia pointed to the pair of dirty socks hanging behind Mu Gen’s briefs: “How can you hang your underwear with the socks? Especially this person didn’t even wash his socks!”

Mu Gen then scratched his head with a guilty conscience.

“That’s the socks I washed…”

Okay, Olivia once again discovered another shortcoming of little Mu Gen: Can’t wash clothes.

“If you rub it a little harder, it will break, and I just brought four pairs of socks.” Mu Gen tried to explain: “Sigma has never washed clothes either.”

Neither brother knew how to wash, so Mu Gen simply soaked it. Today’s laundry detergent is very powerful. It’s advertised that 80% of the stains will be removed after soaking for ten seconds, leaving 20% of the dirty stuff is not unbearable for the real man Mu Gen.

Olivia was speechless.

“Bring the dirty clothes to me from now on. I have a washing machine at my place.” Pulling off Mu Gen’s underwear and socks, Olivia raised his brows.

“~\(≧▽≦)~ Oli, you are so kind!” Without embarrassment at all, Mu Gen quickly handed over the washtub in his hand to Olivia.

Holding the washbasin, Olivia asked Mu Gen to take him to his dorm for a tour, which was even more unbearable:

Although he didn’t know how to wash clothes, Mu Gen’s cleaning ability is good, and though the whole dormitory is very small, it’s quite tidy. However——

Who can tell him why there are two green vegetables in the vase on the table? Who can tell him: why is there a violent tortoise dinosaur on the upper bunk?!! Ugh——this smell! That tortoise dinosaur must be urinating everywhere!

Olivia almost went crazy!

“Good evening Oli.” Just when Oli looked irritable, Sigma poked his head from behind the tortoise dinosaur. The little suit on his body was dirty and looks completely different from when he was at home!

“Sigma, take off your clothes and give them to Oli. Oli said that he’d help us wash the clothes!” Mu Gen quickly told Sigma.

“Oh.” Sigma immediately took off the little suit and threw it into Olivia’s washbasin.

And so, on their first day of meeting, Olivia spied on the dormitory of his “fiancee” and the result was: He went back holding a pile of dirty clothes, dirty socks, a dirty bed sheet, two green vegetables, and a violent tortoise dinosaur.

When Todd and Jopson went to discuss with him the next day, they saw a lot of clean clothes and sheets. All were clean and hang neatly in the spot with the best daylight in the backyard. Whenever the breeze blows, the snow-white sheets will be blown up, bringing a burst of green grass scent hidden behind the smell of sunlight…

Looking carefully, there are two green vegetables in the yard, and a tortoise dinosaur was in the swimming pool.

This is a scene they’d only see after returning home, belonging to a family’s backyard.

Todd and Jopson were involuntarily stunned.

They had never seen such a homey scene in the Chief’s yard.

Some of the clothes drying in the yard looked like Chief Olivia’s own, while the others looked like the size of that man from yesterday. There’s no need to think about the reason for this scene: It must be his fiancee coming to visit after getting off work last night! The fiancee even helped wash the clothes and dry the sheets~

So, virtuous, ah!

The author has something to say:

In the middle of the Rafflesia flower field is the shadow of the one who loves me, it’s the person I love the most giving a smile that eclipsed the flowers in the afterglow of the sunset. The intestines that the Rafflesia vomited is like the red line connecting you and me, just listen! Our red lines are shortening….by Moon Rabbit.


TINA V5C153: Lord Chief's Fiancee
TINA V5C155: Special Counterfeiting Skills

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