TINA V5C153: Lord Chief’s Fiancee

TINA V5C152: Canteen No. 3
TINA V5C154: Little Mu Gen's Weakness

Although Olivia decided on where to eat very quickly, the well-trained seventh-grade joined him after receiving the assembly notice. By the time they walked to the entrance of Canteen No. 3, the whole team had assembled. Behind Olivia, Todd, and Jopson, the others were silently marching, their momentum very frightening.

As the only group in the entire Academy dining together from the second grade to the present grade, the seventh grade is very famous. The seniors will only appear at this time for one reason and all the students in the Academy knew: They came to have a group meal.

In the Imperial Military Academy, the students are divided into departments from the second grade. Starting from this year, the students in the same grade gradually dispersed and from this time on, the Chief’s control over all the students began to decline. In this case, most former Chiefs chose to control the students by controlling the chairmen of various departments. However, although this approach simplified the management, it highlights the importance of the chairman. According to previous examples, these chairmen often end up becoming the most powerful competitors for the Chief position.

But Olivia chose a group meal.

Uncle Alpha said: One of the best ways to enhance feelings is to have dinner together, so even when we robots don’t have to eat, they will still dine with Mu Gen.

Olivia applied these words to his life in the Imperial Military Academy: All students in the whole grade must dine together for three meals a day! Even line up neatly! And go to the cafeteria together!

Considering the number of people in this group meal, this is a rather overbearing rule.

The other Chiefs might not be able to do this, however, at the end of their first year, Olivia’s prestige was unprecedentedly high. The students are still young so this method can be forcibly implemented.

The canteens in the Imperial Military Academy don’t guarantee that all students will have a full meal. Those who came first can eat, so the popular cafeterias often have fights, which are not included in the Academy rules.

At that time, Olivia and the others were in the lower grade of the Academy and was often bullied by the senior students so they couldn’t eat enough. However, after the group meal regulations were issued and several rounds of making the seniors agree, this group of lower grade students never went hungry again and so, they complied with this overbearing rule. They gradually discovered that they had inadvertently possessed the qualifications to be domineering:

They gathered with high discipline, lining up neatly. When so many people enter a canteen at the same time, the other students eating would immediately feel a strong exclusivity. After defeating a few thorns, the other students even cleared the venue as soon as they came over.

After dining together day after day, Olivia got used to listening to the reports of the chairpersons of the various departments during the meal. He will also communicate with ordinary students and give them various suggestions, so even though they belong to different majors, Olivia’s current grade is completely unified. As time went by, Olivia’s control over his grade got stronger and stronger.

When approaching the entrance of Canteen No. 3, Olivia suddenly stopped.

When he stopped, Jopson, who was beside him, hurriedly stretched out his arm to give a signal, and the whole group instantly stopped!

Everyone’s gaze followed the Chief’s gaze to the green belt in front of the Canteen——

Canteen No. 4 used a small garden full of sunset flowers to attract countless students to dine. With this successful model, several other canteens also worked hard on their dining environment and also began to plant flowers and grass outside the canteen. Canteen No. 3, which is not efficient, naturally followed suit, but——

Canteen No. 3 planted Rafflesia!

 ̄▽ ̄

This plant, called the t-rex in the plant world, is huge and carnivorous. These carnivorous plants don’t refuse anyone, even flies! Since planting them, there’s no more food waste in Canteen No. 3, just throw it into the flowers at the entrance of the cafeteria, clean and environmentally friendly!

For Canteens, this is truly a very useful plant, but this is not the case for the students who are dining: Rafflesia, smelly…

At this moment, Chief Olivia was staring at the nearby rafflesia flower field.

There are no leaves, no flower stems, and the entire plant consists of a huge corolla. Don’t know what good ingredients are eaten by these rafflesia flowers to become so fat and strong! The diameter of each corolla is more than 2 meters and the petals are especially plump. The blood-red petals have dense white spots and the center of the flower looks like a black hole. The yellow turbid liquid dripped down from the black hole and down the petals. People’s scalps went numb when they saw it and as the breeze blew, the air was filled with a rancid smell…

Barely maintaining the serious expression on their faces, the highest grade students of the Imperial Military Academy collectively complained in their hearts: 囧! Why plant rafflesia at the entrance of the cafeteria? What kind of aesthetics is this!

However, their Sir Chief seemed to be attracted by the mysterious flowers. He looked at the huge red flowers without blinking as if he saw God.

No…not right! He’s not looking at the flowers, but the person among the flowers!

Todd discovered that a person is standing in the sea of red flowers.

It’s a man wearing a snow-white chef’s apprentice coat, with broad shoulders and narrow hips. He’s very well proportioned and at the moment, he was bending over with his back to everyone. Holding a big bucket in his arms, he seemed to be watering the flowers.

The belt of the apron sketched out a thin waist, and due to the bending motion, his b*tt jutted out, looking quite plump.

Cough cough——the sequelae of the long stay in the military academy: Regardless of whether the person is a man or a woman, look at the a$$ first.

See, even the Chief is not exempt. But why is Sir Chief, who had always been ascetic like a flower on a mountaintop, staring straight at someone’s a$$?!


Todd cautiously glanced at the Chief, then carefully looked at the man he couldn’t see clearly in the distance, secretly crying: Sir, you have a fiancee! Every time you go home, you’d ask what gift to give to your fiancee and it’s been almost seven years. Don’t give up on your fiancee and change people at this time!!!

Todd complained repeatedly.

At this moment, the man turned around and saw their side at a glance. The moment the man looked at them with wide eyes, Todd saw the Chief smile.

“Oli!” The man in the distance showed a big smile, put down the big bucket in his hand, and ran over with his long legs.

The distance was not that far and the man ran fast with his long legs, soon arriving in front of Chief Olivia. He’s very petite, only reaching Chief’s shoulders with black hair and eyes. When he raised his head to look at the Chief, his eyes were sparkling and extremely clear.

“Mu Gen.” Sir Chief finally spoke.

Two very simple words but said very gently. Having been in school together for almost seven years, Todd has never heard the Chief call someone’s name so softly. The Chief was also very gentle when he called Big Horn, but the tone was different now.

With a smile, the Chief ignored the fist that the other party stretched over, and hugged the other party.

“Huh?” The black-haired man——Mu Gen, glanced at his fist inexplicably. Just like the boys of the same age in Hengtian Star, he and Olivia have always greeted each other with fist bumps, so why did they change to hugs this time?

Uh——is it possible that Hengtian Star’s meeting etiquette is a hug?

Mu Gen then graciously spread his fist and patted Olivia on the shoulder.

Olivia didn’t come back this holiday due to Academy affairs, so they haven’t seen each other for more than a year. No wonder Olivia is so excited, even he is very excited.

However, Oli seemed to have grown taller again…alas, his feet were hugged off the ground…

Hugs replaced the language and the two stayed quietly like that for a while before Olivia put Mu Gen down.

“This is Mu Gen.” With his expression quickly returning to normal, Olivia naturally introduced Mu Gen to the people behind him: “He’s the same grade as us but from the Cooking Department of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy. He sent the cookies from the Comprehensive Academy’s Cooking Department that many people should have eaten.”

A very clever and complete introduction.

But everyone understood in seconds!

“Hello everyone, thank you for taking care of Olivia.” Although the people behind Olivia are tall and looked uncomfortable, Mu Gen’s face was normal: After all, the miscellaneous departments in their school have a lot of dinosaurs in their grade. What’s more, as a student of the Cooking Department, don’t know how many non-intelligent dinosaurs he had cut in seven years. No wonder little Mu Gen is used to them!

“This is Jopson, and next to him is…is it Todd?” He also quickly called out the names of Olivia’s two subordinates.

Jopson and Todd felt flattered, thinking about how to greet each other, but Mu Gen stood on tiptoes and hugged the two of them separately (←quickly applying Olivia’s greeting in real life  ̄▽ ̄).

“I know you. Oli often mentions you to me. You’re one of his best friends here.” Mu Gen’s tone was particularly sincere, but Jopson and Todd, who were hugged by him, were too frightened and couldn’t help but tremble a little.

“Are you Olaf? Oli said you’re very smart and very beautiful.” ←Olivia’s original words are: He’s a little white face and had four eyes! Especially cunning.

“You should be Voge. I know you from Oli, you like to collect photos! I also brought some of my classmates’ works for you this time.”

Voge: In the first grade, he competed with Olivia for the top position. His hobby was to tear Olivia’s photos. In the end, he discovered that he couldn’t beat Olivia and became the number one fan in Chief Olivia’s fan club.

PS. Now the president.

With a cheerful smile, Mu Gen greeted Olivia’s important subordinates very familiarly.

Olivia didn’t even know that Mu Gen remembered everything he said casually. According to the description of their characters in just a single sentence, he can actually match people with the names!

The accuracy is also so high that it looks like he valued these guys and talked about them with him.

Seeing his subordinates moved by Mu Gen’s naming, Olivia curled the corners of his mouth slightly and said nothing.

Mu Gen’s memory is really good. If you give him time, he might be able to carry on his “naming people” activity, but unfortunately, some people can’t stand it:

“New intern! Is it necessary for you to water the flowers for so long?! Hurry and finish the work then come back here and sell the rice!” Through the thick walls, Chef Ronan’s roar came from the canteen.

Shrinking his head, Mu Gen hurriedly stopped his greetings temporarily, waved to Olivia and the others, then quickly ran back to the rafflesia flower field to water the flowers.

Unacceptable! To actually let the lovely fiancee of Chief Olivia water the Rafflesia!

The subordinates who were touched by the cordial reception of their Chief’s fiancee were filled with righteous indignation. On the spot, many people volunteered to help Mu Gen water the flowers.

“No thanks!” Waving them off, Mu Gen smiled and refused everyone’s help. They saw him put on his gloves and take from the bucket…a bloody intestine?!

“These are the food waste in the canteen, which is not usually easy to deal with. The Head Chef especially asked me to come and feed the rafflesia.” As he explained, Mu Gen quickly put the intestine into the black hole of the Rafflesia flower!

A cold light flashed and with a crisp clicking sound, everyone realized that these flowers had teeth! The sharp teeth were like piranhas, densely packed, and not like from plants at all!

The teeth of this flower bit very fast and with a very strong force. If it wasn’t for Mu Gen moving fast enough, his forearm would probably be bitten off in one bite.

The seventh-graders who witnessed everything: (The Rafflesia) so cruel!

This one is even very picky. Probably not satisfied with the taste of the intestine Mu Gen just stuffed in, that rafflesia trembled and after a long while, its mouth opened again and vomited out the intestines it had eaten!

“Don’t be a picky eater~” With hands quickly catching the half-digested intestines and in full view of everyone, Mu Gen smiled and stuffed the intestines back into the black hole of the Rafflesia flower. Finally, worried that the flower would vomit again, he even pressed the other party’s “mouth” with his palm.

The seventh graders who witnessed everything: (Chief’s Fiancee) so cruel!

After a while, everyone’s image of a gentle, lovely, and virtuous fiancee who’s good at cooking…suddenly had a crack.

The author has something to say:

Really, what a delicate flower~

TINA V5C152: Canteen No. 3
TINA V5C154: Little Mu Gen's Weakness

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