TINA V5C157: Olivia Went For An Internship

TINA V5C156: Little Mu Gen Was Bullied → Little Mu Gen Bullied People
TINA V5C158: Olivia

The cooks in Canteen 3, who returned with a full load, immediately retrieved the resume of their intern. After clicking the hidden option, they saw a new world:

Mecha Maintenance Intermediate Course (optional): A (Note: First place in the school year)

Advanced Mecha Operation Course (optional): A (Note: First place in the school year)

Battleship Command Intermediate Course (optional): A (Note: First place in the school year)

Close Combat Advanced Course (optional): A (Note: First place in the school year)

Extraterrestrial Plant Breeding Intermediate Course (optional): A (Note: First place in the school year)

Diplomatic Etiquette Advanced Course (optional): A (Note: First place in the school year)




The densely packed high-level elective courses are all ranked first. In addition, Mu Gen even won Bailu Star’s Close Combat Inter-Academic League Championship for three consecutive years! Even when he was in first grade, he was awarded a medal by the Marshal for his outstanding performance in the military training league!

Uh… to collect credits, Mu Gen worked hard enough (←extra edits can be added for participating in the inter-academy league.)

 ̄▽ ̄

Talin blinked and looked from Mu Gen’s resume to Chef Ronan: “Mr. Ronan, the Dean didn’t open the back door for this intern, but opened the back door for you, right?”

“Hahahahahaha!” Chef Ronan laughed until his beard curled up as he stuffed this treasured resume into his chest pocket. He pinched his beard and shook his head to say: “Of course, that boy Argos likes the food I make the most! I knew he would not be easily abducted by the old fairy in Canteen 1!”

The old fairy in Canteen 1 → has a sturdy waist and a height of 2.5 meters, width of 2.5 meters. The old dinosaur, while reprimanding the intern, suddenly sneezed.

The sneeze went all over the intern’s face, and the old fairy, no, the old chef quickly continued his scolding:

“And you just let him punch you? To deal with this kind of little guy that’s very agile, you should have immediately turned into a human, catch him, then push him down——”

The old fairy, no! The Head Chef in Canteen 1 started his apprenticeship by grocery shopping, so he has rich experience in fighting (grabbing ingredients)~

“If you can’t even beat up the intern from the Imperial Comprehensive Academy’s Cooking Department, there’s something wrong with your Academy’s competition, right?” Finally, the Head Chef in Canteen 1 was puzzled.

The spitted intern from Canteen 1 blinked: What…that guy this morning is from the Imperial Comprehensive Academy?

He lowered his head again.

Can’t win! Definitely can’t win!

Who didn’t know the fame of Imperial Comprehensive Academy! Don’t know how many famous suitors are behind every Imperial Comprehensive Academy student. Fortunately, he was defeated by the opponent this morning. In case he hit the other party and something happened, God knew how he’d be pocketed by the other’s mysterious suitors!

The Head Chef, who discovered that Mu Gen was overqualified, immediately dismissed him as a truck driver and appointed him as the purchaser! This wise decision brought sufficient ingredients to Canteen 3! No longer using shabby ingredients, the cooks in Canteen 3 used these ingredients to make a big splash. As a result, the diners found that the taste of the food in Canteen 3 has changed drastically!

The seventh graders who come to Canteen 3 every day to occupy seats are the direct beneficiaries of this change. More than once, more than one person said this:

“It must be the result of Chief’s fiancee! Chief’s fiancee must have told the cooks here about the Imperial Comprehensive Academy’s cooking secrets.”

 ̄▽ ̄

Okay, although it’s not what they imagined, to some extent, this change does have Mu Gen’s credit. Not only did he go out to grab food every day, but he also taught his fighting method against the offensive moves of other canteen cooks to his canteen colleagues. “It’s better to teach people how to fish than to give people fish.” Now, the combat effectiveness of Canteen 3 has been greatly improved~

From the Head Chef to the apprentice chefs, the staff in Canteen 3 are in a good mood. They are chefs. Everyone has their own tips and secret recipes, and there’s no need to teach them all since there are dozens of chefs here who can teach one or two things, which benefited Mu Gen a lot.

According to the rules of the kitchen, no matter how big their background is and no matter how advanced the skills they learned before, the interns must start from buying ingredients, then cutting vegetables. Aside from that, all sanitary cleaning of the canteen is also the job of the interns. They often use the beautiful vegetables cut by Mu Gen. Feeling his cleverness when helping the kitchen, the cooks felt it’s a pity: Such an excellent student should really let him cook earlier. It’s rare that he can’t touch the stove but is still not impatient. He still worked diligently as an apprentice every day, so the cooks in Canteen 3 have a better impression of Mu Gen.

People who don’t know the truth, you should really thank those who made this rule.

The rules set by their predecessors are justified!

Mu Gen’s internship life stabilized in this way. He arranged his life in an orderly manner. Time for work, time for housework, time for practice, and time for visiting Oli.

He had recently become very interested in how to use the weeds in the eyes of others to make food. He could find materials on the campus of the Imperial Military Academy, so there’s no need to waste the ingredients in the Canteen. After finding enough ingredients, Mu Gen began to try and do it himself. His best subject was Big Horn ← Big Horn loves to eat grass (especially Mugen grass). As a result, Todd and Jopson, who had to enter and exit Olivia’s dorm every day, was fortunate enough to often meet Mu Gen carrying a small food box at night.

Sir Chief’s fiancee is truly virtuous. He came to clean the dorm every day (yes), wash the sheets (borrow Oli’s washing machine), and take care of the garden (vegetables). He’d even come here to help Chief feed Big Horn. The diet and nutrition combination from the Imperial Comprehensive Academy must be very reasonable. After eating what Chief’s fiancee made for two weeks, the originally overweight Big Horn finally regained a healthy weight. This is unbelievable even for the doctors specially sent by the hospital to check Big Horn’s physical condition. The rumor that the Chief’s fiancee is particularly favored by Professor Mu Lansha from the Imperial Comprehensive Academy’s Life and Breeding Department must be true!

Big Horn, who knew the truth, almost cried out——

Moo~ Too much ~moo! There are so many unpalatable dishes!

Mom, go home and give these dishes to my brethren! ←(hey!)

Under the ardent hope of Big Horn, it wasn’t Mom who returned home but Dad who left.

18 days later, Olivia’s internship began.

There’s always no shortage of internship units to accept students from the Imperial Military Academy. Especially when it comes to Olivia’s level. It’s no longer the internship unit that picks him, but he’s the one choosing the internship unit.

He eventually joined a certain team under the command of the No. 1 Legion, and the commander of this legion was Marshal Rothsay himself! In recent years, he has participated in dozens of large and small missions with different teams. This team is just one of the best teams, but the reason why he picked this one among the many candidate internship units:

That is Marshal Rothsay.

For the students of the Imperial Military Academy, their internship unit will basically become their official receiving unit when they join the military in the future. Olivia, who was smashed with many olive branches, will inevitably offend others if he chose one over the other. For those who want to develop further in the military, this is not good, so Olivia’s selection criteria is very simple: Choose the one with the biggest fist.

During this period, Mr. Sith also chatted with him through the communicator. After their encounter in Planet Doli during the holiday, he’d often receive communications from Mr. Sith. Most of the time, it’s just small talk but these chats aren’t meaningless. Mr. Sith would give him some practical tips based on his physical development and occasionally send him some small gifts based on his needs.

For example, the very expensive Kantas cub special molar rod.

However, practice proved that those molar rods will shatter as soon as they’re bitten and the ground taste is incomparable to the ladyfingers made by Mu Gen himself. At that time, Olivia took the initiative to mention what he’s facing when choosing an internship unit. Olivia directly told Mr. Sith his choice.

Mr. Sith first affirmed that Olivia’s choice was very correct and then cited the advantages and disadvantages of the other units. After asking and knowing that Olivia’s goal was to be promoted to a position where he can make more contributions to the Empire as soon as possible, he gave Olivia very proper advice.

Olivia once again affirmed Mr. Sith’s status as a senior military officer. It’s impossible for someone who is not in the military department to know so much! He even knew the extremely secret secrets of two corps commanders who fought while still in the Academy, a certain colonel who likes to torture newcomers, and a certain captain who likes to chew melons!

However, it’s undeniable that this information helped Olivia a lot.

No one in his family is an active officer, so he only knew the factions in the military very broadly. This greatly limits his development and cognition. The robot parents can make him have a good life, and if he needs it, they could also steal information for him. However, what he needs this time is this “flexible information”. During the call with Mr. Sith, pieces of secrets about the military department came to him as if they were stories. Over the years, although Olivia hadn’t entered the military yet, in fact, his understanding is no less than that of children trained and from the families of high-ranking military officers. With this knowledge, he can better deal with the relationship between his classmates during his stay in the military academy. In the process of completing off-campus missions, he became more and more like a fish in the water.

It can be said that he entered a virtuous cycle.

The seventh graders have successively reported to the army and Olivia is no exception.

Before leaving, he entrusted his dorm building and Big Horn to Mu Gen.

“There’s no one living here and it’ll be bad if someone breaks in. I hope you can talk to the Head Chef and move here.” Olivia once again suggested that Mu Gen should move. Now the relationship between Mu Gen and his canteen colleagues are very good and he’s familiar with his work, so he can move out.

“I’ll talk to the Head Chef.” This time, Mu Gen didn’t object.

When Olivia went through the internship formalities, Mu Gen took all the prep work:

Knowing that Oli will drive Kan Mengmeng spacecraft to report, Mu Gen specially painted a new layer of defensive paint! This is the result of Boss Booney’s recent research, not only did it have a better waterproof effect, but also an insect repellant effect! The more sophisticated the machine, the more they’re afraid of small bugs, which is why the development of seamless metal technology is in full swing;

Hearing that many veterans bullied the recruits by not letting them eat, Mu Gen also added a small kitchen to the inner corner of Mengmeng’s body, and secretly hid a lot of rice noodles and dozens of big buns in the storage bin under the floor. Mu Gen didn’t even let go of the floor and applied special waterproof treatment on a small area. He moved part of the soil in the yard and then planted some Mugen grass on it. The vegetables in the yard are not wasted either and planted inside. The fat tortoise dinosaur raised in the swimming pool was never let go. Sigma moved it in and put it in the kitchen. A small note was posted on the turtle shell: You can eat anytime;

When Oli joined the military, he has unlimited possibilities of getting injured. Thinking of this, Mu Gen hurriedly turned over the two sets of uniforms that Olivia had just brought back. In the past few years, Professor Mu Lansha has given him some cloth woven from the Life Tree fibers. He cut these hard-earned fabrics based on the military uniform and all were sewn into Oli’s uniform. Due to lack of materials, Sigma also took the initiative to contribute his little vest and gloves (←Professor Mu Lansha gave him these later since he often walks with his hands). Mu Gen didn’t want the gloves and only agreed to accept Sigma’s little vest (←Sigma prefers the little suit bought by First Uncle). The brothers unfolded the vest and sewed the rest. For the extra piece of fabric, Sigma sewed Olivia a hat;

Fearing that Olivia would encounter heavy rain, Mu Gen and Sigma even remade an umbrella for Mengmeng overnight. Not only can it cover the wind and rain, but it can also receive the rain from the sky and into the purified water system through a special pipeline to convert the collected rainwater into drinking water;

Mu Gen also wrote down some of the recipes that the cooks in Canteen 3 told him and entered them into Mengmeng’s system.




After completing the procedures and looking at the smug Mengmeng holding the umbrella triumphantly while walking around in the yard, Olivia didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but seeing the jealous eyes of Todd and Jopson, he was also smug inside and followed Mu Gen to listen to him explain the location of everything. Olivia went silent when he felt Mu Gen’s intentions.

He gently hugged Mu Gen and Sigma.

He’s a bit shy to act like a baby.

That night, under the watchful eyes of Mu Gen and Sigma, Olivia left Hengtian Star in Kan Mengmeng.

The author has something to say:

Plan to go to bed and get up early the first day, defeat!

There was a power outage while coding in the afternoon, which made me even more frustrated…

The author, who had nothing to do because of the power outage, cooked a pot of bone soup. Finally grew up and learned how to use a pressure cooker, feeling so capable. By the way, this author reflected on the reason why I could only write dark dishes ← Mom, this person can’t even use a pressure cooker and still writes food novels!

PS: Big bone soup is really delicious!

PPS: Thank you all for suggesting various ways to go to bed early! I will sort it out and share it with you if it’s useful!

TINA V5C156: Little Mu Gen Was Bullied → Little Mu Gen Bullied People
TINA V5C158: Olivia

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