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After being in the Academy for so long, Olivia knew that Kan Mengmeng spacecraft’s shell is too eyecatching. It didn’t match the impression he gave to others, so he designed a second form for Kan Mengmeng: A black egg-shaped spacecraft.

Olivia had always driven a black egg when he went out on missions before, and this time was no exception. However, when he went to go through the internship formalities, Mu Gen helped him pack his luggage and while doing so, he had Mengmeng transform.

Mengmeng liked his original chick shape, so he showed the original yellow chicken shape of Kan Mengmeng to Mu Gen. Mu Gen’s subsequent renovation project was naturally based on this shape (for example, an umbrella can’t be inserted on a black egg without hands orz).

Olivia accepted Mu Gen’s kindness.

If someone else did this, he would probably be furious, but the one who did this was Mu Gen——

So Olivia was very happy.

People can be so unreasonably biased, he thought.

“Welcome to Kan Mengmeng. Kan Mengmeng has taken off. Estimated time of arrival at the designated destination in 38 hours. Now playing music.” A deep voice came from inside the spacecraft and then, there was deafening heavy metal music!

“Awesome——” After whistling, Olivia loosened his tie frivolously. Throwing the fitted military jacket on the chair and unfastening the top three buttons of his shirt, with his shoulders swaying lightly to the rhythm, he went to the broadcasting station.

Olivia picked up the shell of the music disk on it:

The humans of the entire empire can go die——Heavy Attack! Watch the new album of the Dead Band!

Seeing the name on the disk, Olivia smiled.

This disk was obviously placed here by Mu Hen.

Only Mu Gen knew his preferences best.

The head of the seventh grade of the Imperial Military Academy declared that his hobby was classical music. In fact, it’s not wrong, but an attribute word must be added: Classical rock music.


He was very interested in this type of music when he’s still a “little chick”, remember? When Mu Gen first met Olivia, he was listening to rock music!

One of his favorite heavy metal rock bands is the “Dead Band” with their retro-style rebellious attire, messy hairstyle, punctured body, and holey clothes being their hallmarks. Olivia, who had fallen into idol fascination when he was a child, also wanted to make holes in his body but was afraid of pain.

After barely punching a few holes in his ears, he cried for a long time. As for punching holes in his body…just forget it.

But the hairstyle and clothes can be imitated.

That’s how Olivia, who looked abnormal when the two first met, came out!

After meeting Mu Gen, Olivia gradually ceased to dress that rebellious. Born with good artistic cells, coupled with an acquired taste, the current Chief Olivia has an elegant manner and rigorous behavior in the eyes of outsiders. He could wear the most ordinary military uniform and make it look like a high-level attire, making him look like an ordinary aristocratic officer.

Okay, he looks much better than the ordinary ones!

During his life in the Imperial Military Academy, Olivia gradually found his own philosophy in life. He knew what kind of person that the others like more and he also knew how to be likable. The clean and tidy appearance of the top student is undoubtedly more convincing than a small gangster, so Olivia forced himself to get used to neatly combing his short platinum blonde hair, use spotless military boots, use a meticulously ironed shirt…

While training in the bases of senior military officers, Olivia also learned how to taste various fine wines, how to choose a suitable perfume according to the occasion, and how to enjoy classical music…and many more.

Olivia now even plays the “13 string zither”, which is a representative of a classical musical instrument listed as a cultural heritage, known as the king of musical instruments. It can emit beautiful music like heaven, but it’s very difficult to use!

When the Academy began to have a compulsory classical instrument course in the third grade, Olivia chose it without much thought. The reason was very simple: It’s the cheapest of all musical instruments.

Because the difficulty was too high and the Empire really wants to promote it, it was very cheap.

No matter what it is, Olivia will do his best as long as he started it——the 13 string zither is no exception. He’s just unwilling to fail at the beginning so Olivia practiced very hard and in the end, playing the 13 string zither became a habit.

Not a hobby, just a habit. He’s accustomed to playing the 13 string zither when he encounters problems, when he’s excited, when he’s angry, when he wants to kill, and…when he’s homesick.

Perhaps this is why the Academy specifically offered this course. Having studied the zither until now, Olivia’s emotional changes have been very stable, and it’s difficult for outsiders to see his true emotions from his expressions or words.

Life in the military school for nearly seven years has completely changed this young man.

Olivia has become accustomed to dividing himself into two people. Chief Augustus, who is trusted by the professors and admired by the students outside, and Bailu Star’s beloved little Oli.

There’s nothing on Hengtian Star that fits Olivia’s hobbies except Big Horn: The choice of courses, the style of dressing, the layout of the room, the smell of cologne, the collection of music disks…

Everything is presentable, but it doesn’t represent Olivia’s preference, just the “Olivia” that Olivia wanted to show people.

Only Olivia’s room on Bailu Star is truly the room full of Olivia’s tastes (←Uncle Alpha also prepared a room for Olivia after the family became rich). It’s always messy, the quilt is never folded, rock star posters are pasted and strange symbols are sprayed on the wall with an airbrush——

Well, most of the time, it’s still neat since Mu Gen will help him clean it up.

To save time cleaning up his room, Olivia still slept in Mu Gen’s room most of his days at home.

Listening to the music, Olivia squatted in front of the small vegetable garden on the floor and took a look. Touching the green leaves, the corners of his mouth bent.

Although the Academy stipulates that you can use the Academy’s standard spacecraft when performing missions, Olivia is still used to driving Mengmeng. He likes to transform Mengmeng, yes, but he doesn’t pay much attention to Mengmeng’s internal layout. For him, Mengmeng will take him to the next place of work, nothing more.

However, Mu Gen just stuffed a lot of seemingly unnecessary things into Mengmeng…after that, the feeling inside Mengmeng completely changed.



For the first time, Olivia felt that flying alone is also a very happy thing.

He turned off the loud rock music.

After the deafening music suddenly stopped, the spacecraft became extremely quiet. Sailing in the vast universe, it seemed like the whole universe only has him and Mengmeng…

Olivia lightly closed his eyes.

He quietly felt the fluffy, grassy feeling under his feet——Mu Gen laid grass on the metal floor, which seemed to be the Mugen grass grown in the yard at home.

Olivia suddenly discovered: Seems that even without the rock music, he didn’t feel lonely anymore.

“Listen again, Mengmeng likes the 12th song.” Just when Olivia fell into a mythical hipster vibe, Mengmeng’s voice suddenly came to his ears.

Finding that Olivia didn’t immediately agree, Mengmeng even gave a “chirp”.

It must be explained here: Unlike Mengmeng’s cute robot voice, spacecraft Kan Mengmeng’s voice has a very deep uncle voice.

“Not cute at all.” Olivia had no hesitation: “I like the third song, play the third song.”

Accompanied by their dialogue, the rock music sounded again inside the spacecraft.


While listening to Death Band’s latest album play for the seventh time, Olivia arrived at his destination.

Eustaza——Olivia was not notified of the specific coordinates until before departure, and the notification letter required him to arrive at the destination within 40 hours, otherwise, if he reported late, he will be deprived of his internship opportunity.

This is not a planet, but a moving mechanical fortress. Eustaza is an artificial star constructed by humans using wisdom and machinery. It can act as a planet in the universe or it can be separated from the intervention of the universe and sail according to the route established by humans. We can understand it as a huge super spacecraft.

Very, very huge, much larger than Uncle Epsilon. According to different missions, the layout of these mechanical fortresses is also different. However, all mechanical fortresses serve the military since each one is a superweapon.

Before Eustaza appeared within the scanning range of Kan Mengmeng, Olivia received a warning message from the fortress. After showing his ID, Kan Mengmeng was scanned and accepted by the other party.

But even so, Olivia received a very strict body search after getting off the spacecraft.

After having a Dark Light cannon pushed behind his head, Olivia was asked to take off his clothes for inspection.

Without frowning, Olivia slowly took off his clothes.

His movements were very elegant as if they had been trained, and every movement made people’s noses itch.

“This small body is so white!” He heard someone say behind him.

“The b*tt is also very plump.” Immediately afterward, a hairy hand stretched out and touched him.

Turning his head, Olivia indifferently glanced at the two behind him: They were two soldiers wearing Imperial military uniforms. Because they had heavy masks on their faces, Olivia couldn’t see their face, but from the epaulets, they were two Private First Class.

“What are you looking at?” The man on the left holding a Dark Light cannon went towards him.

With clothes stripped off, Olivia stood in front of the two men without a hint of shyness, just looking at them calmly, as if looking them up and down. With his movements, the quiet thing below him quivered slightly.

“Damn! Show off!” The guy who had touched Olivia’s a$$ just now screamed. This guy is so thin and he’s not that tall, but the thing below was actually so big, it’s not scientific!

“En.” Olivia nodded and admitted, raising his brow, he also smiled: “How many years have you been a soldier?”

A very ordinary tone and not that loud, but strangely, the two high-ranking soldiers in the room suddenly felt like they had to answer his question.

“T-three years.” One of them regretted it just after talking: “Eff! Why should I tell you! I tell you! Lao Tzu is a veteran! I’m your senior, understand!?”

Then, he saw the irritating kid on the opposite side show a smile that made people even angrier.

“I haven’t graduated yet, but I’m already a Private First Class.” The other party suddenly picked out the two epaulets from his clothes on the ground and showed the pattern to the two, then smiled irritatingly: “So, I’m really showing off.”

“To still be a Private First Class after three years, haha.”

There were a total of three Private First Class in the room, two of whom were dumbfounded. The remaining one softly asked whether the inspection was complete, and after getting an affirmative answer, he slowly put on the clothes that he took off. After the shirt was the tie, knotting it perfectly and placing it on the centerline of the collar. He also asked for a mirror and then carefully checked his appearance. Without a comb, he gently fixed his already neat hair with his fingers.

It’s obviously a surveillance room at the entrance of the fortress with countless eyes watching inside and outside the room. There’s obviously someone holding a Dark Light cannon behind him, but his posture was extremely leisurely, just like he’s at home.

Olivia wore two armbands representing the rank of a Private First Class on his uniform.

This rank was too low so he didn’t want Mu Gen to see it and deliberately hid it. But in fact, as a student who hasn’t formally enlisted in the army, it’s already very good to be promoted from a cadet to a Private First Class by doing missions.

“Hateful——” Seeing the well-dressed little white face just walk out like this, the two veterans gritted their teeth with hatred.

They wanted to embarrass the other party to get rid of him and they’re really unwilling to fail like this. And so, after exchanging glances, they opened their communicator.

And so, while Olivia waited for his spacecraft to be inspected, he saw this scene:

The things that Mu Gen put were thrown out one by one. Blankets, food, music disks…

There are still people inside who continued to dig through them. They threw it so violently that even their companions were dissatisfied.

“Hey! This is the latest album of the Dead Band! You give me a tap! Lao Tzu is their fan!” A soldier under the spacecraft yelled very distressedly, picked up the disk from the ground, and carefully put it in his backpack.

Olivia looked at him blankly.

“The eff! This kid hid so much food on the spacecraft! Mothereffer! What is this stuff? I have never seen it before!”

Olivia heard the sound of unpacking and then the sound of eating.

“Also planted vegetables! Is this kid a b*tch? Hahaha!” Someone on the spacecraft smiled unscrupulously.

Then Olivia also laughed.

The author has something to say:

Everyone drew a lot of rafflesia pictures, so you can look at them on Weibo. I can’t place it on this site for the sake of regulations.

TINA V5C157: Olivia Went For An Internship
TINA V5C159: Devil's Whispers

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