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When not at home, Olivia had always been very self-disciplined. Even if his daily sleep time has been extended to reduce consumption, he will definitely get up at 7 every morning and start the day’s work.

Yes, he didn’t treat his current situation like an accident. Olivia carefully wrote on his daily internship diary. While the personnel relations and professional training are lackluster, he carefully recorded the environmental indicators of the day every day: Temperature changes, wind direction, the various element composition in the external air…etc.

After going back, these records will become very precious information.

Unexpectedly, those local dinosaurs started earlier than him every day and would play around! The method is very simple, it’s to run around the base, even the youngest brontosaurus stumbled behind his father and uncle’s a$$. Not to mention, although not as good as an adult, these three little dinosaurs are much stronger than those cubs that Olivia had seen before!

The next day when Olivia shared his food with the others, the squad assembled automatically early in the morning. In the end, the pterosaur soldier became the representative and took the initiative to lead them in training with Olivia.

Olivia agreed and after training in their way for a day, he had a meeting with them that night to announce that they would train his way starting the next day.

There’s no problem with the training method of these soldiers, but as a result of long-term lack of human guidance, their movements have accumulated a lot of problems. However, these soldiers are actually very good. Their physical fitness is much better than ordinary dinosaurs! Many moves that are difficult for novices to do are easy for these guys. If this group of guys was put in the Imperial Military Academy, they will be geniuses!

Seeing this group become more and more soldier-like under his training, Olivia suddenly felt a strange sense of accomplishment.

But no matter how satisfied he is mentally, he can’t grow feelings——their food is getting less and less.

The dinosaur species was originally a race with strong animal nature. There were more than a few carnivorous dinosaurs and even Olivia felt that it wouldn’t be long until he completely transformed.

In the end, it was Mu Gen who saved his sanity that was on the brink of collapse.

It was one morning when the squad was running around the base border while training and patrolling, Olivia returned to the control room.

Trying to focus on the logbook of Tortland Haida, Olivia couldn’t help but look at the little tyrannosaurus…a$$.

Fatty, looks very round and delicious…

Olivia thought blankly.

The little tyrannosaurus with a plump b*tt seemed to be aware of it. The little guy turned his head and could see the meaning in Olivia’s gaze at a glance.

He’s hungry.

So he took out the egg he was holding in his arms, but the egg was covered with the saliva of the little tyrannosaurus ←although he gave the egg to Olivia, he would come and lick it frequently.

“Roar!” The little tyrannosaurus motioned for Olivia to lick.

Olivia rejected him cruelly and ruthlessly!

So the little tyrannosaurus continued to hold the egg and lick it aggrievedly.

Olivia withdrew his sight nailed on the little tyrannosaurus b*tt.

He thought of Mu Gen again.

Mu Gen had already graduated!

Damn, he hadn’t bought a graduation gift yet! He promised to go to his graduation ceremony and take a group photo together, even take the family on a trip along the way…

Hateful! Hateful! Hateful!

All his plans were disrupted!

“Ah…I miss Mu Gen so much…” Looking out the window, Olivia murmured. There’s only a little tyrannosaurus who can’t even speak and only in this case will he reveal his true thoughts.

“Roar?” The little tyrannosaurus seemed to understand something. The little guy grunted up from the ground and bit the corner of Olivia’s clothes for a while. Olivia lowered his head and saw the little guy put a few Mugen grass under his feet.

“Not Mugen grass, but a person.”

Olivia became interested. He took out the electronic notebook he carried with him and sketched something on it.

Had to admit that Olivia is indeed a literary Kantas with a lot of artistic talent. With a few simple strokes, he outlined a young man with a vivid expression. The first time they met, he saw a teenager wearing a small animal skin, but he still looks like a good boy even in ripped jeans and a serious teenager who can’t do well in cooking…the teenager grew up slowly, and finally became a youth.

Black hair, black eyes, skin always healthily tanned from the sun, and always has a smile, as if nothing would make him sad.

Unable to tell when, Olivia had firmly engraved Mu Gen’s appearance in his heart. He knew everything about this person, even the details he hadn’t noticed.

Obviously, they agreed to go out together every year, and even when they’re as old as Granny Maria, they’d still go out together.

It’s okay even they got Alzheimer’s disease like Boss Joe, they just had to take their contact information with them and it’ll be okay as long as the uncles are there.


Olivia drew an imaginary photo of Mu Gen’s graduation on the electronic notebook.

The Mu Gen in the drawing was smiling gently at him.

Mu Gen smiled as if telling him: No problem, just hold on, everything will be fine.

Yes, if Mu Gen was here, what would Mu Gen do?

Olivia suddenly thought of something that Mu Gebn had given him before leaving: Recipes from the cooks in Canteen 3 of the Imperial Military Academy!

Remembering it was uploaded to Mengmeng’s hard drive, Olivia ran to Mengmeng immediately and pulled out the material that Mu Gen uploaded. Olivia felt like being hit by a pie in the sky!

These recipes are summed up by cooks who made food when ingredients are scarce in remote galaxies. Aside from introducing a lot of unexpected foods, it also introduced how to make vegetables taste like meat, and vice versa, while ensuring that the nutritional balance is not missing! There are even a few recipes documenting how to use the existing materials in the army to cultivate food ingredients when there’s no food!

These things are destined to be impossible to display in the Academy canteen, but for Olivia, whose eyes are almost green from hunger at this moment, this is simply a treasure!

Every year when he went home, he’d cook with Mu Gen. With Olivia’s talent in cooking and six years of learning, it’s enough for him to quickly master the methods of making these recipes. On the same day, he used the remaining condiments on Mengmeng to concoct a sauce from the recipe. The sauce was poured on the processed Mugen grass and it really tasted like meat.

Olivia didn’t find new ingredients but used sauces to make the dishes taste like meat. However, the inspiring power of this dish was extremely great, and the base that has been down for a while rejoiced again. Everyone memorized these recipes and began to collect the corresponding ingredients according to the recipes.

For example, there’s a mushroom in the recipe. This mushroom only grows on soldiers who have served for more than 500 years…rather, under their bed. The beds used by the soldiers on battleships and mechanical bases were made with some kind of metal. That kind of metal combined with human sweat, if not cleaned in time, will produce a kind of fungus on the metal layer and become an edible mushroom.

The middle protective cover has long been restored to its original shape and the soldiers’ dorm has also returned to its original appearance. Under the soldiers’ beds, they actually found thick mushrooms!

There’s also a page of recipes about insects: The distribution locations are mostly in the metal plate compartments at the bottom of large battleships and mechanical bases. This is a kind of insect that gnaws on metal. Wherever the metal is damaged and corroded, look for it. There’s a 60% chance of catching this black insect. Although it looks very disgusting, if you peel off the hard shell, the meat inside is very firm. The energy content is also very high, the point is that this insect has a very strong reproductive ability! After patiently feeding for about ten days, you can provide meat for the soldiers!




Have to say that the old cooks in the canteen are really knowledgeable. They found 60% of the life-saving ingredients in the recipes and food became more and more abundant. Everyone has a few more levels of confidence in leaving here alive.

Two weeks passed. On this day, Olivia was studying the logbook in the control room when he suddenly heard cheers from the soldiers outside——

“I found food! A lot of food!” Shouting, Hansel——the pterosaur soldier knocked on the door of the main control room and reported the exciting good news to Olivia.

“Oh?” In the past few days, Hansel and the others concentrated on searching for food near the base and discoveries have been made almost every day so Olivia was not surprised, but the other party was obviously asking for credit, so he decided to follow along and take a look.

At this look, Olivia was stunned:

Five dinosaurs, big and small, are tied to the open space of the outer camp. Compared with the other harvests in the past few days, this is simply a meat mountain!

However, although this group of dinosaurs is bare n*ked, there was a chain hanging from their necks. The same chain that Olivia also has——this is not an ornament, but a memory device that records all the personal information of military personnel.

At this time and place, who else would appear in front of him with a chain on their necks but Imperial soldiers?

Olivia felt his mouth twitch as his eyes fell on the white debris around the five dinosaurs.

“Sir, didn’t you ask us to monitor this space area every day to collect asteroid samples along the way? Just now, we suddenly discovered these eggs floating there and accidentally broke one when collecting samples. We didn’t expect that there was such a fat dragon inside!” Hansel said beamingly, his saliva almost flowing down.

“Is this an alien? See how much it looks like a tyrannosaurus but we tyrannosaurus shouldn’t be so fleshy. Just look at how skinny I am!” A bone tyrannosaurus named Lei whispered beside him, and Olivia was even more speechless when he heard those words.

Most of the tyrannosaurus species in the Empire are of this size, but the tyrannosaurus on Tortland Haida really looked strange.

The three cubs were the most excited. Looking at Xiao Tao who had opened his mouth and bit one of the tyrannosaurus’ a$$, Olivia knew that he had to stop them:

“Not aliens, they’re just like you, they’re Imperial soldiers.”

“Ah? Do you want me to untie them?” Hansel’s voice was full of disappointment.

“No, let’s verify their identity first.” Being very careful at all times, Olivia didn’t drag these people back to the base camp. Having confirmed their identities through the chip on the chain, Olivia was surprised to find an unexpected big figure among these dinosaurs:

Lt General Michel Otte——the commanding officer of Eustaza base and the immediate boss of Olivia’s internship unit.

Looking at this Honorable Michel Otte…Olivia squinted his eyes at seeing the row of small tooth prints on the b*tt chewed by Xiao Tao.

The author has something to say:

These chapters are indeed more detailed

However, there are a lot of unknown things involved in these chapters to let everyone understand the living environment of Mu Gen and Oli and to better understand that era.

So I think it’s necessary to better understand the following chapters.

In fact, the number of words will be larger and the length longer, but I’ll try to reduce the tedious details so that everyone’s reading experience is better.

However, I’ve been busy lately so I can only code this much every day with the amount of time I have.

Basically, this is not a romance novel.

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