TINA V5C166: Facing Each Other From A Long Distance

TINA V5C165: Turning Point Of Fate
TINA V5C167: New Food

New Eustaza Base

In order to develop the Star Gate, the Military added a brand new six-star base nearby. The new base was named Eustaza and to separate it from the missing Eustaza, people added the word “new” before the base name.

Lt General Yoland Rafael Clezy was appointed as the Commanding Officer of New Eustaza, and his deputy was a civilian official sent by the Parliament. Within three short days of the base’s establishment, all the officers of the base were in place. A large number of soldiers and researchers were transported to the new base in batches and their tasks were assigned as early as during the transport. After arriving, everyone began to perform their tasks.

At 3:55 in the morning, the portable brain on Mu Gen’s wrist vibrated on time. Mu Gen sat up reflexively, but he got up too fast that he hit the sleeping capsule above him heavily. He held his forehead and rubbed it, but thanks to this knock, he became completely sober.

The sleeping capsule is not completely dark. It senses the user’s mental state so there’s now a faint light inside the capsule. With the brightness just right, it can activate the dormant cerebral cortex without stimulating the eyes that stayed in the dark all night.

In the dim light, Mu Gen’s eyes shone slightly. He patted his cheek then gently unlocked the safety lock that fixed his body. He lifted the cover and lightly jumped down.

The place where Mu Gen sleeps is the sleeping cabin for soldiers to rest. The base was very expensive to build so space is very precious, and the soldiers’ living space is compressed into sleeping capsules. The space inside the sleeping cabin was very thoroughly used and there’s only enough space for two people to walk side by side. The walls and ceilings are densely packed with neatly arranged sleeping capsules. A sleeping cabin can hold a thousand sleeping capsules.

The space in the sleeping cabin is not large for many soldiers but it’s very comfortable for Mu Gen who’s only 1.9 meters. Although it’s a bit difficult to sleep upright, he could use a pillow and the width is just right that Sigma didn’t need to be placed in a warehouse like the other people’s robots.

Mu Gen was also lucky to not draw the sleeping capsule on the ceiling. His capsule is only three meters high from the ground, making it easy to go up and down.

When he jumped off the capsule, Mu Gen was holding the folded clothes inside and borrowing the two capsules below as foothold, falling to the ground gently like a cheetah without making a sound. Not long after, Sigma also climbed down.

The sleeping cabin was very cold so Mu Gen wore his clothes as fast as he could. Not long after he got dressed, Sigma also packed himself up. Using a deformation function, Sigma changed his shape settings and now looked like a small backpack. The long mechanical arm hooked up when Mu Gen put on his military jacket and attached it to Mu Gen’s back.

Carrying Sigma on his back, Mu Gen ran gently. Five other soldiers ran out with him. No one made a sound and the door of the sleeping cabin only opened and closed when they passed. Silently, several people took a brief wash in the washing room outside the cabin. After skimming some notes, they immediately went to the mecha cabin to gather.

The sky is still dark.

There are no solar stars nearby and the base doesn’t intend to waste too much precious energy on lights. As a result, the whole day in New Eustaza is dark, but there are enough light sources for everyone to illuminate the base.

After all, they are professional soldiers. When Mu Gen and the others arrived, the other soldiers were gathering from all directions. When the assembly time came at 4:00 in the morning, all the members were on the platform, the Privates lined up neatly, waiting quietly. (T/N: I refuse to believe that they did all that sh*t in less than five minutes. I absolutely don’t believe it!)

The temperature outside was so low that Mu Gen couldn’t help but sneeze quietly.

Immediately, he felt warmth behind his back as Sigma raised his temperature to warm his brother.

“…” Unable to speak, Mu Gen warmly accepted his brother’s kindness in his heart.

The new base is responsible for mining the Star Gate. To complete the task in the shortest time and find their missing comrade in arms, the officers and soldiers of New Eustaza worked overtime all day long, but even this took care of the physical condition of the soldiers. Reasonably arranging everyone’s training, work, rest, and mealtime, the shift system was implemented here.

There are 40 hours in a day here and Mu Gen worked 27 hours each day. With 8 hours of rest and 1 hour of training, the remaining 4 hours were his meal time and free time.

However, the 27 hour service time was divided into three shifts, and Mu Gen’s turn is the morning shift from 5:30 am to 9:30 am.

First, gather at 4 in the morning for an hour of collective warm-up training. After this, Mu Gen and the soldiers of the same shift will go to the Star Gate a few light-years away to perform mining missions.

Nowadays, the ancient training method had been fully implemented and several sets of exercises have been practiced collectively. After a complete set of punches, Mu Gen began to sweat on his forehead. After he lined up and returned to their original positions, the mechas are already slowly rising from the ground.

It’s not a fighter mecha that youngsters yearn for, but a batch of heavy-duty mining mechas wearing thick armor.

A black #24 was printed on the shell of the mecha assigned to Mu Gen.

“Good morning, big man.” Habitually patting this big guy…’s toes, Mu Gen climbed up as flexibly as a monkey. He skillfully operated the mecha to enter the military transport ship waiting ahead. Five minutes after all the mechas had boarded, the doors of the military transport ship closed, and a thousand mechas were carried to the mining site not far away.

There are many asteroid groups near the space where the Star Gate opened. If they want to develop the Star Gate, they must clean up the nearby asteroid groups, uh…just like when a lot of garbage piled up in front of the door, if you want to open it, first you have to take a vacuum cleaner to clean up the garbage. Mu Gen’s job now is a bit like a cleaner.

But this is definitely the most difficult garbage cleaner job to apply for: Among the Empire’s top mecha battalions and the mecha department of the military academies, they have undergone heavy assessments. The 20,000 people who won in the end successfully got the job of cleaner.

Little Mu Gen is only one among the 20,000 people一一A recent graduate and someone that didn’t even come from a military academy.

His performance in the assessment was so good that he was admitted exceptionally. However, since he never did any military service before, his rank could only be Private.

Throughout New Eustaza, little Mu Gen was not the only Private, but among the cleaners, he’s a unique soldier.

There is no land near the Star Gate, so after arriving at the destination, a hole was opened at the bottom of the transport ship, and the mechas needed to jump out like parachuting.

Mu Gen’s position was at the forefront and he was the first to jump as usual.

Unlike land-based mechas, the landing of mechas in space is a test of skill. There’s no mecha operator in the transport ship who is not a veteran trained in the army for 5 or 6 years but even for them, something would go wrong during their first landing in space. However, Pvt. Mu Gen perfectly stopped the first time he landed. Without a doubt, he perfectly managed to get out of the cabin!

Watching the mecha with the #24 leave the cabin and float lightly in space, the soldiers in the surrounding mechas pursed their lips and the second mecha jumped off, then the third, then the fourth…

They had to extract a sample from the asteroid blocks approaching at a constant speed, then send the sample data to the headquarters’ research department. They could only blast it after receiving confirmation. According to the volume and quality of the asteroid block, the perfect blasting force is formulated to blow up these asteroids into stardust without affecting the surroundings——if you want to apply for a cleaner here, you also need a written test to test IQ!

Mu Gen cautiously performed the cleaning task and one hour passed. In this hour, he has completed a total of three pieces of A-level garbage, which is considered to be highly efficient among a thousand people performing the same mission at the same time.

However, just like the previous few days, all he cleaned up were ordinary asteroids. No other information about the Star Gate was found and the others were the same.

However, today is destined to be a good day. Towards the end of Mu Gen’s morning shift, Mu Gen heard an explosion in the public channel:

They found a shoe!

Remaining in this mood, Mu Gen finished the rest of his work in time. Back to the base, he absent-mindedly had breakfast and finally, when his second work shift was about to begin, the research office sent an announcement: The owner of the shoe found this morning has been found! It belongs to a Second Lt on Eustaza base!

Everyone was refreshed!

This is the second item they found related to the disappearance in the past few months!

He hoped to find some of Oli’s items, but he also hoped he can’t find them at all. With these contradictory thoughts, Mu Gen continued to work day after day.

I want to personally find a clue to let Oli go home——This is why he desperately applied for this dangerous mission.


“Oli! Oli!” Dimly, Olivia heard someone call his name.

That is…Olivia turned his head in disbelief and then saw the house in his hometown as well as those people who are standing in front that he’d been thinking about…

He ran over and held Mu Gen tightly in his arms.

Huh? It’s not right? Where’s Mu Gen’s hair? This bald feeling…did he embrace Sigma?

Olivia frowned and tightened his arms, then heard a nervous roar.

Even if he didn’t want to, Olivia woke up.

The tyrannosaurus named Xiao Tao screamed in a panic. Following his sight, Olivia realized that he was holding an egg.

When Olivia stood up, he threw the egg in his hand on the bed.

He took a look in the mirror. The young man in the mirror could only be described as gloomy. The pair of brown eyes were sharp, scaring people and the moment he stood in front of the mirror, Olivia felt like he’s glaring at himself.

Leaving the mirror, Olivia walked downstairs with a gloomy face.

He lived alone in the main control room now and no one would usually come over, only the three cubs would occassionally run over.

Probably because Olivia threw some sugar at them.

But then, Olivia ran out of candy but they still often ran here.

Olivia had been trapped in this ghost place for a year! To be precise, it’s one year, one month and three days!

The food prepared by Mu Gen had been eaten half a year ago. If these foods were only for Olivia, it shouldn’t be a problem to support himself for a year and a half but with so many people here…

Three months ago, there was a little brontosaurus crying for a day and it took a long time for him to learn: In the process of entering the Star Gate, all the vegetables and livestock raised by the soldiers died. As of that day, they have finally run out of ammunition and food. The cubs were too hungry and the brontosaurus with the most meat among them decided to commit suicide and let his companions eat him.

Olivia exchanged a few bags of food for that brontosaurus’ life.

All the food on Mengmeng was taken out for everyone to eat together. After a few months, these soldiers became very obedient to Olivia.

Now their daily food is only Mugen grass. This grass is truly very powerful. As long as it’s on the ground, it will soon grow. Fortunately, everyone has evolved a human form so the acceptance of vegetarian food is pretty good, except for the little tyrannosaurus.

Two days ago, Olivia finally killed the tortoise dinosaur——for this thing that Mu Gen and Sigma gave, Olivia really didn’t want to treat it as food.

Most of the meat was reserved for the little tyrannosaurus, which was a pure carnivore, and the others only had a little bit.

Tortland Haida’s energy is now only at 20%. To retain the last power, Olivia completely let go of the base operation. Tortland Haida is now like an isolated island, whether they can be discovered is almost entirely by luck.

Lifting the little tyrannosaurus at his feet and putting it aside, Olivia took out a box in his arms. He opened the box and looked at it quietly for a while, then casually looked forward to the dinosaur soldiers who are working hard to harvest the Mugen grass.

A total of 23 dinosaurs…there’s also an egg.

If it really reached that point, even if he had to kill the 23 dinosaurs, he would continue to persevere.

He’s going home.

The author has something to say:

In his last life, Olivia should have gone on a mission with 23 dinosaurs…but only he came back.

TINA V5C165: Turning Point Of Fate
TINA V5C167: New Food

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