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TINA V5C170: Happy Reunion (囧)
TINA V5C172: Hope

Worried about Mu Gen’s physical condition, Olivia hurriedly jumped up and examined Mu Gen’s body up and down. Fortunately, even though Mu Gen was in a coma, his complexion was ruddy, his breathing was smooth, and all physical parameters hadn’t changed much from before. Fearing that Mu Gen will also have those bugs, Olivia also touched every inch of Mu Gen’s skin with his hands, pressing even the most hidden places then confirmed that Mu Gen had no other changes except for a little weight loss and a much lower body fat rate, so Olivia was a little relieved.

However, he still couldn’t completely relax. He dialed Hansel’s communicator to confirm what happened and only then did he know that when Hansel and the others were patrolling a few minutes ago, they suddenly discovered a huge bug appear outside the base. In the past few days, the fisherman gained proficiency in fishing so they fished the bug very skillfully. But after salvaging the bug, they discovered that it’s just an enlarged bug and that bug even picked up a mecha!

↑This is Epsilon carrying Mu Gen and the others.

Alpha and the other robots were left outside for debugging, while little Mu Gen, who passed out during the debugging process, was sent to Olivia.


What happened to Uncle and the others?

Olivia was full of question marks.

But First Uncle and the others were fine. After speaking to Alpha in person, and sending Mengmeng to entertain the uncles, Olivia was truly relieved.

With this relief, Olivia didn’t feel very well.

Mu Gen, who’s already a young man, is slender and strong, with broad shoulders, narrow waist, and plump hips.

Mu Gen’s waist attracted Olivia’s sight the most——there are two shallow dimples on it, and at this moment, Olivia’s sight was fixed there. Except for Mu Gen, Olivia never saw these shallow dents on other people. Unable to hold back, Olivia poked those dents with his fingers.

He didn’t control his strength and the two full b*ttocks under the waist shook under his jab.

Human skin is very warm, smooth, and firm, like poking a pudding…

For some reason, Olivia felt a little dizzy and like receiving an electric shock, he hurriedly retracted his hand.

On one side is Mu Gen, who is lying naked on the table, and on the other side is Olivia, who is in a straight military uniform with his shirt buttons fastened to the top. The atmosphere in the room was a bit weird.

Since the third grade, they have rarely bathed in the same tub, because——Olivia grew bigger and bigger (囧orz).

In the third grade, just one Olivia could fill the bathtub and Mu Gen could only take a shower outside in his shorts, but seeing that human figure, Olivia always felt weird but not very embarrassed. ←-←

Both of them grew taller and taller. Although neither is the type with bulging muscles, when they sleep together in Mu Gen’s original bed and woke up, they were always intertwined. It’s not in line with the reasonable per capita dominance of human space ← First Uncle’s words.

And so, starting from that year, Uncle Alpha also made a separate room for Olivia. It’s next to Mu Gen and the bed is also big, so even Olivia can roll around on it.

“You two are about to enter puberty and shouldn’t continue to sleep together.” Uncle Alpha said. As a robot, he didn’t know how to talk euphemistically, so he directly explained his reasons to the two children.

Olivia and Mu Gen went online to check information about puberty that day.

Olivia didn’t know what happened to Mu Gen, but Olivia felt weird since that day.

Just like now, his heartbeat accelerated, which was very strange.

“Puberty is terrible.” After a while, Olivia stood up.

Taking off his military jacket, Olivia enveloped the youth while shaking his head. With the honey skin under the crisp black cloth, Olivia, who just felt his heartbeat return to normal, in the next second, caught sight of the young man’s two long legs exposed outside and forced himself to look at Mu Gen’s dark and soft hair. Olivia put Mu Gen on the couch where he’d been sleeping these days.

Not knowing where Mu Gen’s clothes were thrown, Olivia took his spare clothes and placed them neatly next to Mu Gen’s head.

Olivia looked again at Mu Gen, who was quietly wearing his clothes and sleeping on his couch. He turned his head away from the young man’s face to the epaulets on the shoulders of the military uniform.

Sure enough, a Private First Class is still too low.

This is the first time Olivia has thought about the future these past few days.

Being trapped in a place that wasn’t part of the Empire’s star chart for a long time, without any news of a rescue, Olivia’s ambitions were obliterated by reality day by day.

From an objective point of view, he believed that his chance of being rescued is less than 10%:

1% due to his race;

3% for Tortland Haida;

And 5% for Eustaza.

The possibility of the Empire sending people to look for them is actually not very large because of Tortland Haida. If this base was really so important, then the Empire would have sent someone to look for it, so he only guessed there’s 3% hope. Olivia based this on the base’s most sophisticated technical structure at the time and the astonishing number of Dark Light cannons in storage;

There’s also Lt General Michel Otte, Marshal Rothsay’s loyal subordinate on Eustaza. This base performs secret missions so it’s a matter of great importance. Olivia believed that the military will never give up searching for Eustaza’s whereabouts easily. However, exploring the Star Gate not only includes the decision of the Military Department, but also the support of the Parliament, the technical support of the Imperial Research Institute, and the financial support of the Ministry of Finance…all need to be dispatched by the Council and Olivia didn’t think that the Council, who had always been at odds with the military, will easily let go;

As for himself…

To be honest, 1% might be an overestimation.

Olivia is very smart. He had guessed Mr. Sith’s identity from the clues. Although he didn’t match him with the famous Nashkiel, he thought that Sith might be part of the Council. He once guessed that Mr. Sith was the Minister of Finance, but found after reading the report that he wasn’t. Even so, he identified the other party’s intentions from their contacts.

Kantas is indeed very rare, but it’s not so rare. There are a lot of cubs under Mr. Sith and though they maintained a friendly relationship all year round, Olivia didn’t think it was so important that Sith would shake hands with the military to develop the Star Gate for the sake of a mixed…no, even weaker Kantas.

Okay, although he learned a lot about the Kantas race from Mr. Sith, he also knew that the offspring of Kantas will never produce hybrids. There are only two possibilities for the offspring of Kantas and other races: Either purebred Kantas or other races. It’s said that as early as hundreds of years ago, in the heyday of Kantas, the latter situation didn’t exist at all, but the reproduction of Kantas is extremely difficult. However, once born, it would undoubtedly be a Kantas! A Kantas’ genetic superiority dictates that it will never allow other weak genes to contaminate its high-quality genetic chain! However, after the galactic explosion, the current situation is that Kantas genes are gradually weakening.

Since childhood, Olivia’s body was relatively weak so he felt that he must be a weak species with bad genes. Except for Mu Gen, the Uncles, and Mengmeng, he guessed that no one will care about him anymore. Otherwise, why would a Kantas be thrown into the orphanage?

Sensitive by birth, Olivia had always been brooding about his identity. Being abandoned by his relatives made him suspicious of himself when he was born and his frailty after growing up aggravated his inner self-esteem. If he can live his life as an ordinary person, he can live a relatively normal life with his ingenuity. However, the place where he was abandoned was a relatively primitive dinosaur orphanage, then he was sent to the Imperial Military Academy where all the students are dinosaurs. In these areas where intelligence is just the icing on the cake and force is the foundation, his weak and growing body is undoubtedly his biggest weakness.

Character determines fate.

No matter how beautiful his looks are on the outside, Olivia’s heart is always gloomy.

He thought of everyone and everything in the worst case, prepared for the worst, and only then will he feel okay with what happens next.

Without hope, there will be no disappointment.

He didn’t trust anyone.

If he didn’t meet Mu Gen, Olivia will undoubtedly develop in this way eventually. The smarter he is, the greater his ability. Once his inner stability became more precarious and tilted, more harm will be caused.

He met Mu Gen at the best time when his character has not yet finalized and he was still looking forward to the world.

Mu Gen is a very simple person, so simple that no matter what Olivia guessed, what he said and did was the same as what he thought. Olivia’s various dark speculations are useless.

Gradually, Olivia stopped guessing.

At the same time, Mu Gen is very optimistic so both good and bad things have advantages in Mu Gen’s eyes. He will share what he feels with Olivia in a very frank approach. Though he sometimes doesn’t fully agree with his views, he’s willing to defend the world in Mu Gen’s eyes.

Since he thought things should be like this, then things are like this——Olivia is very paranoid and very short-sighted. Once he had a person he cares about, Olivia brought his paranoia into every aspect of this person’s life.

So Mu Gen also met Olivia at the best time.

Mr. Sith met Olivia a step too late. Although Olivia was not indestructible at that time, his narrow heart was already full.

It’s a pleasure to talk to Sith since he’s a person worthy of acquaintance——this is certainly one of the reasons why Olivia maintained his relationship with the other party, but the more important reason was Sith’s background.

Similarly, Sith is also very complicated. He’s willing to point out Olivia’s future developments for his own reasons and Olivia faintly felt it.

I am a Kantas (I was born) in good health (conditioned by Mu Gen) and the Chief of the Imperial Military Academy (the result of personal hard work)——the above is all the chips represented by the name “Olivia”.

However, these chips are as light as feathers in the entire empire, so the 1% rescue possibility is based on these, which is just comforting himself.

Even after objectively analyzing his hope of being saved, Olivia still has a faint hope in his heart coming from Mu Gen’s family.

However, this hope was even slimmer.

My family is just an ordinary person who runs a bun shop. Mu Gen is a student who will be a cook in the future. Even if they want to rescue me, how will they do that?

Olivia thought about a lot of reasons why Mu Gen could not rescue him.

But he has no complaints about his family.

However, on the day when Olivia is almost desperate, Mu Gen suddenly appeared in front of him. What does this mean…

Did Mu Gen care about him very, very much that he was growing crazy looking outside?

Staring at Mu Gen’s face, Olivia’s expression was very calm.

Under his gaze, Mu Gen’s eyelashes moved, and then his eyes slowly opened.

Mu Gen got up from the low couch and as he did, the black military uniform that Olivia put on him fell off. Mu Gen first glanced at the military uniform on him, then raised his head suddenly. When he saw Olivia sitting on the side, his eyes widened as if he couldn’t believe it.

“Oli…” He called out Olivia’s name.

“I finally found you.” He said.

Like in Olivia’s dream, those always smiling eyes welled up in tears and in front of Olivia, Mu Gen, who’s already a young man, cried unabashedly.

There were tears in his eyes, but the corners of his mouth was raised high.

Jumping off the low couch, Mu Gen hugged Olivia, his hot tears dripping into Olivia’s neckline.

“Oli! Are you alive?” Mu Gen’s strength when embracing people is very strong that even Olivia felt it but at this moment, nothing felt more real than that solid hug.

Olivia stiffened for a while, then, he tentatively raised his arms and awkwardly wrap them around his shoulders like Mu Gen. Because of the difference in body size, Mu Gen was then held by Olivia.

Just the right size.

So Olivia also laughed.

“Of course I’m alive, see, I’m still warm.”

“…but, you’re obviously cold to the touch…” As if feeling Olivia’s temperature carefully, Mu Gen hesitated.

Olivia: …

“Because I’m wearing clothes and the shirt is made of heat-insulating material. If you don’t believe me, unbutton it and touch me.” Whispering coaxingly, Olivia untied his necktie and with a free hand, he took one of Mu Gen’s hands and pushed that hand into his chest.

“Warm.” Mu Gen sighed.

“En.” ^_^

Then Mu Gen didn’t say a word.

Maintaining this somewhat awkward posture, the two quietly leaned against each other. Mu Gen then whispered to him about what happened after Eustaza disappeared.

When he heard that Mu Gen had given up his dream job of becoming an assistant teacher and became a soldier instead after the internship, Olivia pushed him away.

“Why?” After seven years of training in the Cooking Department, no one knew Mu Gen’s efforts better than him! The long continuous learning finally paid off, but Mu Gen gave up so easily, why?!

Olivia simply couldn’t understand.

Mu Gen just looked at him with a slight smile.

“To find you! One more person meant one more chance of hope!”

To dig the Star Gate, New Eustaza recruited a hundred thousand personnel from all over the Empire. Mu Gen is only one among the hundred thousand and compared to the base, Mu Gen’s power is very small, but Mu Gen is still there.

And it was this one hundred-thousandth that finally found Olivia.

At this moment, Olivia suddenly understood his value:

Maybe for others, the current Olivia was just a talented young man, but for Mu Gen and the robot family, he’s an essential family member.

This is the value of the name Olivia in Mu Gen’s heart.

Seeing Mu Gen’s newly calloused fingers as a result of operating the mecha, Olivia made an unexpected move:

Lowering his head, he gently kissed Mu Gen’s fingers.

“Yah! Oli, what are you doing?” With goosebumps about to rise, Mu Gen blushed.

“Nothing, just showing how moved I am.” After explaining, Olivia continued to express “how moved” he is.

Of course, Uncle Alpha and his party also received Olivia’s “being moved” moment.

The author has something to say:

Uncles will naturally not be beaten down by something ordinary. Since they used the term being beaten down, there must have been an accident.

As for the reason~ This chapter explains partly and will continue in the next chapters.

Mu Gen and Oli’s perspectives are not the same, and sometimes, the things that happened in between can’t be finished here.

Translator’s Notes:

I…did not expect this at all. It’s like teasing me but retracting it because one of them is still a minor (Oli). Remember, Oli will only reach puberty by 30, so, he’s still a chick.

TINA V5C170: Happy Reunion (囧)
TINA V5C172: Hope

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