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After confirming that they’re safe and sound and expressing enough being moved, Olivia hurriedly put Mu Gen in his military uniform and went out: First Uncle and the others are still outside~

When he found that First Uncle and the others were also placed on a plate like Mu Gen, Olivia panicked!

Alpha sitting…in a silver-white plate, his robotic arms cautiously placed on the knees, and beside him were several dinosaur soldiers very diligently picking the bugs on his body. Fearing that he’s not clean, Xiao Tao will also lick the place where they have finished picking.

The other robots beside him were treated in the same way. These dinosaur soldiers are very powerful that they can even move the heaviest Epsilon, so he didn’t even need to turn over. To find more bugs, those dinosaurs would turn him over themselves.

However, it looks…like…like…First Uncle and the others look very happy.

How can he tell that a group of robots are happy? Just look at the screen~

Olivia: (⊙o⊙) ah!?

After picking up all the bugs, the dinosaurs were in a good mood and said: “Thank you for the hospitality.” ← there are so many delicious bugs on you!

Robot Alpha also nodded reservedly: “Thank you for the hospitality.” ← Your cleaning service is also in place.

As a result, the conflict that Olivia feared did not occur at all: First Uncle was not upset and his subordinates are not injured. Although the exchange between the two sides is not right, the results made everyone happy.

That’s great!

Even better things came. When sitting together for dinner, Olivia had just directed the people to bring Mugen grass with the sauce, but Epsilon took out a bunch of nutrient solutions from his stomach: All meat nutrient solutions ← Boss Booney and Mu Gen love to eat meat!

Smelling the meaty smell of the nutrient solution, the eyes of the dinosaurs who hadn’t eaten real meat in the past few months turned green!

Mu Gen distributed all these nutrient solutions and the soldiers on the base finally had a full meal.

After eating, Mu Gen took out a big bag of candies from Sigma:

“There’s none sold on Hengtian Star, so I begged a colleague in charge of purchasing materials for the canteens to order a bag, but it’s a pity that it arrived late.”

“Fortunately, I can give it to you now.”

While speaking, Mu Gen smiled and looked at Olivia.

With bright eyes, Olivia opened one and put it in his mouth. It tasted of sweet strawberry.

Upon eating the candy, Olivia looked down and saw three cubs looking at him tangledly. Seeing their saliva dripping, Olivia grabbed a handful of candy and handed it to them.

The beautiful candies were placed in front of the cubs, but how to eat them became a problem. Take a look at these three cubs: Two small brontosauruses with four paws on the ground and a little tyrannosaurus, though having two front claws, it’s too short, so the candy on the ground….is out, out of reach!

In the end, Sigma walked over and flexibly tore open the packaging of the candies then put them on his palm and stretched it towards the cubs.

Having never seen a robot, the three cubs were a little scared at first. However, the candy on Sigma’s hand was so tempting that the cubs soon happily played with Sigma.

Full, the long-awaited reunited family sat together again, and they talked about what happened before they arrived here.

“…Tortland Haida was farther than we thought and when we just traveled halfway, the fuel was gone! Hahaha!” To be able to laugh so heartily even without fuel, Boss Booney, your heart is so broad!

“At that moment, we found a mecha nearby that was floating in our direction.” After picking up the topic, Mu Gen continued.

“I just thought that maybe I could get some fuel from the other party, so I let Uncle Epsilon fly over with our last bit of fuel. I didn’t expect there was such a big bug on that mecha.” Thinking of the scene he saw that time, Mu Gen had a lingering fear.

There was a bug as big as half the mecha tightly attached to the back, its body forming a hard carapace. A section with a cylindrical mouthpart and liquid saliva gushing out of the cylindrical mouth, but it didn’t drip, and rather floated in the surrounding space, which was very weird.

When they grabbed the mecha, they didn’t see the big bug behind it at all. By the time they found it, it was too late. The bug was actually alive! After discovering Epsilon and other new targets, it immediately gave up the mecha it had originally lived in and quickly climbed onto Epsilon!

“I can’t get it off. Fortunately, I found you not long after that.” When he discovered Tortland Haida, Alpha immediately sent a landing application to the base. It also informed the base that there was a strange bug on its mecha and everyone knew what happened next.

The mecha that was first inhabited by the bug also came to Tortland Haida with them, but there was no one in that mecha. The emergency exit in the mecha was open so the operator must have fled the moment he couldn’t get rid of the strange bug.

It’s worth mentioning that: That mecha is a standard mecha in service at Eustaza base, which can be seen from the number outside the mecha. They just don’t know where the pilot who drove it at the time was and whether he survived smoothly after leaving the mecha.

After carefully comparing the giant bug and the bug found in Lt General Michel Otte’s body, they found that the two looked the same except for the difference in body size. In addition, the bug that Mu Gen first discovered was also the same as the first two!

The vitality of this kind of bug is extremely tenacious so Boss Booney experimented. He successively tried to kill this worn by boiling, freezing, drying, and radiation, however, it all failed. The vitality of this bug that can survive in space is beyond human imagination. They can eat everything: Whether it’s human food or free micro-matter in the universe. Even solid metals are well accepted. When the environment is really bad, they can survive in a dormant state.

“You’re right, the only way to deal with them is to eat them.” After being chewed and crushed by humans, it dissolves and differentiates through layers of digestive organs and the bug was completely digested in this process.

Many life forms can survive in space, and most of these life forms will not cause harm to human space navigation——most of them are small, wise, safe, and harmless. However, there’s another very dangerous part——it’s said that Kantas is also a powerful creature that can survive in space for some time, but now, Kantas is too scarce so few people could prove it.

The universe is too vast and there are still many secrets left for mankind to discover. Even now, interstellar navigation is still very dangerous. The reason lies in the space creatures that have suddenly evolved in some space environments. A considerable part of the significance of the army is to fight against these space creatures. They must always send people to patrol the territory and clean up dangerous ones to maintain the safety of the Empire’s land.

Whether it’s Boss Booney or Olivia, they don’t know much about space creatures. However, in their impressions, there’s no record of such bugs at all.

This is a brand new creature.

Olivia added the information of this new creature to his report. In addition, he was very generous in showing the various materials he had collected during this time to Boss Booney and Mu Gen.

The daily weather changes are basic and he insists on collecting the content analysis of nearby meteorites every day. In addition, Olivia also depicted the star map of this galaxy through the scanning system!

The first two records are already good, but the last star chart is amazing!

If the Empire wants to open up a new starfield, the star map is a must. Not to mention that there are eight unknown metals among the metals that Olivia discovered earlier. In addition, there are two rare metals that the Empire is in desperate need of!

Just because there might be a large number of rare metal deposits in this star field, the Empire will definitely not give up developing this starfield.

“Little Oli, you have done a great job this time!” Boss Booney exclaimed: “At your rate, you can at least become a Military Officer after graduation. Maybe you can surpass me before you are fifty!”

Olivia knew about the fact that Boss Booney is a Major General from the Research Institute. The neighbors in Idoli Commercial Street are filled with hidden dragons and crouching tigers, but Olivia was not surprised at all.

Hearing Boss Booney, Olivia smiled slightly: “If we can go back.”

“With me and you, we can definitely go back.” Patting Olivia on the shoulder, Boss Booney turned his head and called Mu Gen: “Get the tools ready and go with me to check this base thoroughly!”

“Yes!” Mu Gen saluted him.

Boss Booney and Mu Gen brought not only brought food that could support them for a week, but also hope.

Without using the system self-check program, he took everyone and walked around the entire base. In the process, he found a lot of damage problems, and pointed it to ask Mu Gen to address these problems一一it should be mentioned that Boss Booney was still collecting repair materials during the inspection.

He even used existing materials to build an energy machine, although the production capacity is very small, it can solve the most serious fuel problem of the base right now一一as expected of Boss Booney who never pays electric bills to the Empire!

The local soldiers are all strong, able to fight and defend, but there’s no one proficient in maintenance. Although Olivia knew a little bit, it’s all surface knowledge at most.

But Boss Booney was different: Boss Booney himself is an expert in this area so Mu Gen’s performance in the mechanical maintenance elective course is very good. For Alpha and the other robots, battleship maintenance is a necessary software upon installation!

Under the arrangement of Boss Booney, the entire base was completely “revived”.

Olivia’s eyes lit up for the first time witnessing Boss Booney’s superb performance at work: “Grandpa Booney, when I become a Commander in the future, how about hiring you as my Chief Maintenance Officer?”

Boss Booney laughed after listening: “You kid is very discerning!”

However, he refused Olivia’s request: “I will retire in ten days, I’m already an old man! I didn’t care about these things a long time ago and if you hadn’t been missing, or if little Mu Gen hadn’t decided to run to such a dangerous place for you to join the army, I wouldn’t get out of my mountain so easily.”

“Then I will hire Dada, but I don’t know how good Dada is.” Startled, Olivia quickly put a smile on his face again and he resigned to second place.

“Let’s talk about it when he graduates, it’s up to him to volunteer.” For the future of his children and grandchildren, Boss Booney is very indifferent.

“I expect to complete the basic restoration of the base in four days, and then sail from here to the location of the Star Gate in three days. At the same time, in these seven days, send people throughout the day for machine production. Then use the last three days to find a way to enter the Star Gate and go back.” The Star Gate on the side of the Empire already punched a hole and the exit on this side has been marked before, so Boss Booney is very sure that they can leave this place.

“Just leave the repair work to Alpha and the soldiers who originally lived on the base, and leave the affairs of the Star Gate to me and Mu Gen, uh…you can add Sigma to my group and send someone to continue salvaging the people on Eustaza’s side. Finally, someone has to take care of the wounded so let the few cubs look at them.” Boss Booney talked about his arrangements.

“What about me?” Not hearing his name in the plan, Olivia froze for a moment.

“You?” Boss Booney raised his head to glance at him, then lowered it: “Practice how to drive the base well these few days. I have seen your driving record during this period. It’s terrible. You can’t pass through the Star Gate.”

Olivia was stunned. He suddenly remembered the control system that was the same as the hover car. This question has been circling in his heart for a long time, and this time, he finally had a chance so Olivia asked this question.

“Hah…of course, it’s the same! Hundreds of years ago, I was the best pilot in the Empire! I often assisted the guys in the Research Institute to do tests. At that time, various operating systems were designed based on my operating habits!” Boss Booney said proudly.

A driver who can influence the design is so good——Olivia thought.

“But now I’m too old to operate the base, alas…not to mention the base, I can’t even drive a spacecraft. I can only drive the elderly hover car for fun.” With his shoulders collapsed, Boss Booney didn’t struggle too much with this issue. He quickly revived his spirit: “I don’t have time during the day, so I can only come to teach you at night. You can concentrate on driving practice these days.”

After saying this, Boss Booney waved his hand and left.

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TINA V5C171: Best Period
TINA V5C173: Time To Go Home

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