TINA V6C178: Olivia’s Secret

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Olivia’s body is very healthy and his data is even much stronger than the previous physical examination report. The Imperial Military Academy will provide medical examinations for all students once a year and these reports were delivered to the experts at the Imperial First Military Hospital as early as when Olivia got admitted.

Under the experts’ advice, he still needed to stay in the hospital for three days. The new cells generated made him very hungry and he needed to be supplemented with a lot of high-energy nutrients.

But Olivia’s least favorite thing to eat since he was a child is nutrient solutions, so Mu Gen asked him what he wanted to eat. After confirming with the doctors nearby that Olivia can eat these things, Mu Gen decided to go outside and buy him something delicious to celebrate.

After Mu Gen left, Mr. Sith’s secretary and the expert team in the ward also withdrew. Only Olivia and Mr. Sith remained in the ward and they had a private conversation between them.

Then Mu Gen returned.

Olivia and Mr. Sith ended the conversation in due course and when Mu Gen came in with a big bag and a small bag, all he saw was the scene of Mr. Sith cutting Gaga fruit for Olivia.

The secretary and the experts behind Mu Gen also saw this scene and knew the position of the young man in the ward in Mr. Sith’s heart.

Cutting the Gaga fruit in half, Mr. Sith smiled and handed half to Olivia, then the other half to Mu Gen.

“In Ifadia, both the food industry and cosmetic industry are very good. If your family wants to open a branch there, you can find Lenny.” Mr. Sith said, pointing to his secretary who came in behind Mu Gen: “He’s a local and can help you find the most cost-effective location.”

Ifadia…the Imperial Capital?

“Thank you, I will discuss it with my family.” After receiving the fruit, Mu Gen thanked him.

“You mean the robots in your house? Don’t worry, your admission letter to Pendra has been approved. It’ll be in your hands in a few days and you don’t even need to worry about the materials, the Empire’s government will bear all expenses.”

This is the first time Mr. Sith had shown his authority in front of Mu Gen so Mu Gen had to repeatedly express his gratitude to him and Mr. Lenny behind him. Rejecting Mu Gen’s suggestion that they stay for dinner, the two quickly bid farewell.

Mu Gen kept sending people to the door before leaving. Closing the door, he still felt a little nervous.

“Mr. Sith…does he want Oli to settle in Ifadia?”

The bun shop was all excuses. No matter how you look at Mr. Sith, he is interested in Oli.

“He should be. He asked just now and I refused.” Olivia nodded and put the Gaga in his hand on the table. He reached out to the bag that Mu Gen brought and pulled out a pie from it. His eyes lit up and he ate happily.

Sitting on the chair next to the hospital bed, Mu Gen still looked confused.

Seeing him like this, Olivia simply revealed the content of his conversation with Mr. Sith.

“…he said I was Kantas royal blood and hoped that I could live on his territory. That’s probably what he meant.”

Mu Gen blinked: Although I don’t understand about the royal family, it sounds very bullish!

But just because of this, he can’t wait for Oli to live in his house, isn’t that a bit too much? Thinking of Mr. Sith’s gold and silver eyes, Mu Gen’s thoughts diverged:

“Oli, do you think Mr. Sith is your father? You two are a bit similar.”

Olivia opened his mouth wide——

After a long while, he carefully said: “Are we really alike?”

“En, your dressing style is very similar and it feels like you’re alike. Then you both have one golden eye.” Mu Gen gave an example.

Olivia: …in short, we don’t look alike, right?

“That shouldn’t be. I don’t have any special feeling when I see him.” After thinking about Mr. Sith’s expression, Olivia finally denied Mu Gen’s guess.

Taking a deep look at Mu Gen, Olivia said solemnly: “Ten years ago, I thought about finding my parents. I’m very concerned about my abandonment and pedigree, but now, ten years later, these are completely unimportant.”

Staring quietly at those golden eyes, Mu Gen was calm at first, however, when Olivia didn’t look away for a while, Mu Gen felt a little uncomfortable.

However, Oli was unwilling to let him go. Opening his arms, Mu Gen saw Oli smile at him:

“What, you don’t want to give me a hug to celebrate me waking up?”

Mu Gen was stunned and was pulled into Olivia’s arms. The two finally lay quietly like that in Olivia’s hospital bed.

It’s detected that no one is standing on the floor, so the lights in the ward automatically turned off. Lying in Olivia’s arms, Mu Gen fumbled on the head of the bed. After pressing on a button, the roof and two walls immediately became transparent and the ward suddenly became semi-outdoor.

Olivia’s luck is very good. This time, he was admitted to one of the best wards in the Imperial First Military Hospital.

It’s night now and the environment of this planet is very good. You can see the galaxy through the window, which is a very different beauty from the one seen in space.

“Boss Booney…did he see this starry sky when he left?” The two quietly admired the starry sky for a while. Just when Mu Gen thought Olivia was asleep, Oli’s voice suddenly rang in his ears.

Yes, of the two memorial services for Boss Booney, Olivia was in a coma and didn’t participate.

“He saw. The doctor said that his heartbeat stopped after entering the Imperial Star Gate. He must have seen these stars.”

After hearing this, Olivia didn’t say a word.

Knowing that he must be sad, Mu Gen told him about the situation on the day of the memorial service. Mu Gen’s memory is very good, he even memorized all the eulogies that day. After retelling the speeches of various big names, he recalled what Dada told him that day:

Then he emphatically described the second memorial service held in Bailu Star. Speaking of which, when asking for an autograph for Boss Booney, Granny Maria beat everyone on the table and managed to win the first position to ask the lead singer of the band.

“The sign that Granny Maria took was the photo of Boss Booney in black and white. That’s fine but she also specified what the big star should write.” Probably thinking of the scene that day, Mu Gen’s voice became cheerful: “Guess, what she wants to sign it with?”

“Sign what?” Olivia followed and asked.

“Love even if you die.” Mu Gen laughed.

Imagining the rock singer’s confused expression that day, Olivia laughed too.

The laughter of the young people gradually melted together.

After a long time, Olivia said seriously:

“For Boss Booney, leaving this world in the starry sky might be his ideal, however, I don’t want that.”

“I want to leave this world in my home, in my bed, with my family sitting by my side, and holding my hand tightly before I left.”

“I don’t want to die in a place where my family can’t find me at all.”

“Mu Gen, thank you for coming to me.”

“Thank you, First Uncle, Second Uncle, Third Uncle…Thank you Boss Booney. The moment I saw you, you didn’t know how happy I was.”

“Thank you.”

Mu Gen didn’t speak, but found Olivia’s hand under the quilt and held it tightly.

“When I’m discharged from the hospital, shall we go pay respect to Boss Booney?”


“Boss Booney said that he left me stuff in a red box under the bed. I’m going to check it out.”


“Hansel and those guys should be in this hospital, right? Shall we go see them tomorrow?”

“No problem.”

“This time, the uncles’ body repair costs are all paid by the Military, so we must plan what kind of material to buy. We should buy the materials that we couldn’t afford before.”

“Uh…is this okay?”

“No problem at all!”

In this way, the two young people discussed and planned their arrangements for the next few days and while talking, they fell asleep.

Running back and forth between several planets these days, Mu Gen hadn’t had a good night’s sleep. After Olivia woke up, he was completely relieved so he slept well. When he woke up, Olivia had already gone out for a jog and came back.

After lunch, they went to visit Hansel and the others together.

Strangely enough, the people on the base were met with cosmic radiation to some degree, but no one had an accident.

Olivia didn’t have an accident because he was Kantas with royal blood and Mu Gen didn’t have an accident because he was wearing Oli’s uniform at the time. ←the inner lining is made of the Life Tree fibers, but it’s a bit strange that these dinosaur soldiers were not injured.

The hospital was very interested in their species and can’t wait for them to be discharged. These soldiers were frightened and wanted to go very much but they didn’t know where to go. Secondly, they’re still thinking about the comatose Olivia so they stayed in the hospital.

“You can live in Boss Booney’s house in Bailu Star in the future. These are his last words.” Olivia solved their problem in one sentence.

“Ah?” Mu Gen glanced at him cautiously.

“Boss Booney wouldn’t care!” Olivia whispered in his ear.

And just like this, the Military and the Council, who were vying to get the more than 20 soldiers from Tortland Haid, lost with the last words of Boss Booney, who had just made great contributions and was the former reserve navigator of Tortland Haida. Aside from that, Bailu Star originally belonged to a neutral position so the household registrations of these soldiers were successfully placed on Bailu Star.

Two days later, the military sent a spacecraft with staff from the Council to accompany him. Olivia and his party then returned to Bailu Star.

After hugging and saying hello to Robot A, Sigma, and the few big heads who stayed at home, Olivia solved the problem of residence of the Tortland Haida soldiers and without stopping, took out the red box under the bed that Boss Booney told him about. Olivia then returned home with the red box in his arms.

It’s an ordinary metal box, the kind used by Boss Tony for his snacks. However, the red paint was mottled and seemed to be opened often. It’s quite old.

That night, Olivia and Mu Gen opened the box containing Boss Booney’s last relic with serious faces.

There’s a stack of disks neatly arranged inside.

A disk that teaches people how to fly a plane.

Olivia & Mu Gen: 冏rz!!!

Although super 囧, the two young men accepted the final guidance of Boss Booney.

 ̄▽ ̄

This time, Olivia can’t stay home for long. Three days later, the Imperial Military Academy held a graduation ceremony that was postponed due to the Tortland Haida incident and Olivia will speak as the representative of the graduates.

What he needs to do these days is probably ironing his clothes, preparing his speech, and…quickly growing his hair.

Robot A and Sigma prepared a lot of walnut oil when they knew Oli went bald. These days, Olivia’s body and food were all covered in walnut oil. Not to mention, walnut oil is a really good thing. In just three days, Olivia’s eyebrows and eyelashes had grown well and a short layer of golden stubble was attached to his scalp.

For the sake of Olivia’s face during his graduation ceremony, the family also worked hard. Anyone who had a hand came over to help cover Olivia with the oil and to achieve the best results, they helped Olivia in his original form.

This movement was not small and upon seeing this scene for the first time, Boss Tony almost thought that the Mu Gen family was going to sell a roasted chicken!


With the family’s efforts of covering him five times a day, Olivia’s fur finally improved.

“Oli’s hair is 1cm now.” Putting down the small brush and observing Olivia up and down, Mu Gen was satisfied.

Olivia is now in human form, so it’s convenient for them to check the effect of his hair growth.

When he looked at the place below Olivia’s waist, Mu Gen blushed: “There’s nothing over there and it’s not convenient for others to help you apply it there so you should pay more attention.”

“That’s fine, I never had hair over there!” Looking at the mirror and carefully observing his eyebrows and hair, Olivia was delighted. He didn’t even notice what he was saying and by the time he realized, it was already too late.

“Ah? There’s no hair at all——” The dark screens of several robots flickered at the same time.

Olivia’s whole body froze.

“Hateful! I’m still a cub! So there’s naturally no hair down there…hateful!”

So, even after experiencing many hardships, with even some losing their bodies and someone losing his hair, today, a certain family in Bailu Star is still very happy!

The author has something to say:

Almost titled it Victoria’s Secret.

Bald Oli by Soy Sauce

?C? asked: A tractor passed by chick Oli and was violently dismantled by chick Oli!!! why?

Moss replied: Bald! Bald! Bald! Bald!

Kidami: -_-||| It’s so cold…

The cold joke and the picture made by Soy Sauce are a good match…

TINA V6C177: Royal Family
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