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“His body darker than night;

His eyes as gorgeous as gold;

Black wings go deep into the black night;

The king of the night opened eyes of daylight.”

The moment Olivia opened his eyes, Mu Gen heard Mr. Sith whisper this.

Mu Gen:  ̄▽ ̄

Uh…are you chanting poems, Mr. Sith?

He seemed to have discovered a similarity between Oli and Mr. Sith again, do they both like to chant strange poems?

After a silent glance at the frozen Mr. Sith, Mu Gen paid more attention to Oli, who just woke up. He quickly ran to Oli’s hospital bed and suddenly realized something was wrong!

“My God! Oli, what’s wrong with your eyes?”

Olivia’s eyes were originally brown, although they occasionally turn amber with his mood changes → dark brown → light brown, it has never become this color!

Yellow, with almost no pupils visible, could it be…

With a tight heart, Mu Gen hurriedly pressed the bell for help. At the same time, his other hand waved carefully in front of Olivia.

“Oli, what’s this? Can you see clearly?”

Olivia looked at it for a long while and finally shook his head:

“Can’t see clearly…”

Mu Gen felt a pain in his heart, and Mr. Sith next to him couldn’t help but stand up. However, at this moment, Olivia continued:

“…my eyes seem to be smeared with oil and I can’t see anything…Mu Gen, am I blind?”

With his head up, Olivia glanced at Mu Gen.

Mu Gen:  ̄▽ ̄ Too much oil…

Not long after pressing the bell for help, the expert medical team swarmed into Olivia’s room. The experts split up and surrounded Olivia, so Mu Gen had to stand in the corner with Mr. Sith.

After the doctor cleaned Olivia’s eyes with a special solution, Olivia could finally see clearly. Finding exactly where Mu Gen was standing, Olivia smiled at him.

Olivia thought it was a handsome smile. Whenever he smiled like this in the Academy, there’s always a group of people stupefied at the scene, but he had never smiled like this at home. However, after waking up this time, he suddenly wanted to smile like this to Mu Gen and see how he would react.

Appearing calm but actually nervous, Olivia saw Mu Gen smile at him encouragingly.


Under Mu Gen’s encouragement, Olivia was pushed out for inspection.

Then, Olivia saw his current appearance in the mirror of the examination room.

“Ah!!! My hair!!!!”

Olivia collapsed!

No wonder Mu Gen just smiled so reluctantly. No matter how evil and charming, the smile made by a bald person will never be so!

Olivia was hit hard.

When he was asked to return to his original form to continue the inspection, the blow became even more serious.

Since his original form’s state was so uninspiring, Olivia would never go anywhere outside the house!

Although it’s not easy to transform outside due to his dignity, Olivia was privately satisfied with his abundant fur. Because of the painful experience of hair loss in his childhood, he’s particularly concerned about how much hair he has. Even in the dormitory at the Imperial Military Academy, he would deliberately check the number of hairs cleaned by the robot every day and he’d get nervous every time he lost a hair!

But now, he’s bald!


In the mirror, he was bald with not a single hair on him. He was desperate and let the expert nursing team perform various checks on him. Immersed in his sadness, he didn’t notice that the experts around him were stunned!

Golden pupils! Does this little guy actually have the legendary golden blood?

As early as when Olivia woke up and opened a pair of golden eyes, the group of experts headed by the white-bearded old man collectively fell into a crazy state. No one knew the meaning of a golden-eyed Kantas better than them!

King Louis I, who led the Kantas to unify the entire universe, is a Kantas with this blood!

This is royal blood!

The intelligent species among dinosaurs believe that the strongest is King, so the males will choose the ultimate strongest among their species——especially so for the Kantas.

Even if they’re the same Kantas species, their bodies would either be strong or weak, and their level of ability is completely different from the moment of their birth.

This is determined by the “blood”.

It’s said that the Kantas’ ancestors lived in an extremely cold environment and there were female Kantas at that time. They’d mate, give birth, and nurture their next generation on that cruel land.

It’s said that all Kantas at that time had golden eyes, had the strongest body, the hardest black armor, and wisdom far superior to other creatures.

Over time, the Kantas evolved into human forms and the planet’s environment also changed, with many places becoming less cold. Those Kantas who still lived in the polar regions also left their cold birthplace to live in a place with a more comfortable climate and more abundant food.

In their breeding season, they will still go to their cold hometown to look for female Kantas to give birth to offspring.

Time passed and gradually, the female Kantas disappeared——one theory is that the female Kantas died, and the other is that the female Kantas sank into the sea and became a completely different creature. In short, the male Kantas can’t find any wives anymore.

Fortunately, at this time, they have evolved into a human form. Using their human forms, they can have their next generation with any intelligent creatures. From this time on, Kantas began to appear in various pedigrees:

Kantas, who are used to combining with the tyrannosaurus species, although their descendants are still Kantas, but the wings will be shorter and the leg muscles more developed; The descendants of Kantas who habitually combined with the brontosaurus would have longer necks than the average and better able to absorb vegetarian food…

Although their descendants are still Kantas, over a long period, they were inevitably branded with their mother’s species, and the eyes of the Kantas was no longer a uniform golden yellow. It’d be more emerald green or blue. At the same time, these Kantas won’t be as big as their ancestors, and their strength is also not as strong.

Only one Kantas still sticks to the extreme cold even after leaving their hometown, still going to their hometown on time during the breeding season to give birth to the next generation. Archaeologists have yet to study what happened to them at that time. In short, these Kantas maintained the glory of their blood, their eyes are always as clear as gold, and their size and posture are as powerful as their ancestors!

All Kantas under this pedigree finally stood at the pinnacle of the Kantas race and became the most powerful Kantas. The Emperor who had golden eyes——Louis I, became the most powerful spokesperson of the royal family among Kantas.

However, descendants of the golden bloodline are originally scarce. They also had a fierce internal fight and the only one left after that, His Majesty Louis, actually encountered the galactic explosion…

The royal bloodline was severed.

With one golden eye and one silver eye, Sithili Rho Nashkiel’s face sank like water, his lips were tight, his hands clenched into fists, shaking slightly beside him.

It’s actually a royal bloodline!

This wild chick, who grew up freely outside, turned out to be the royal bloodline that he had sought for years to recover!

“The black wings go deep into the black night…

…the king of the night opened eyes of daylight.”

These two lines describe the most famous golden pupil owner in history——His Majesty Louis I. Sith had never seen that great Majesty. Although he imagined the appearance of the Emperor countless times from this poem, the image remained faint until he witnessed Olivia opening his eyes with his own.

Although Sithili Rho Nashkiel had one of his eyes golden yellow, when the other party opened his eyes, he realized that he got it all wrong:

The color of those eyes is like burning gold and liquid as if flowing;

It’s also like the sun star seen up close in the universe, hot, as if a fire will gush out the next moment.

When those eyes opened, everything around it seemed to be plunged into darkness.

A very strange and very incredible feeling.

At that moment, Sithili Rho Nashkiel suddenly felt a trace of fear from the other party.

As the Chief of the Council who had been in power for many years, Sithili Rho Nashkiel will not fear anyone in this world in principle. However, the moment those eyes opened, he did shrink.

This is the best proof of the golden blood.

Standing quietly outside the glass window of the examination room, he wanted to laugh first, then covered his eyes for a while.

When he removed his palm, Sithili’s gaze fell on the young Mu Gen who was standing beside him and looking nervously into the examination room.

This is a clever and cunning youth.

Yes, “clever and cunning”. This is the opinion of the Prime Minister, who had read countless people, on this young man.

At his age, he’s a rare sensible person: always knowing what bargaining chip he has and always guessing what the other party wanted most.

It’s like the Star Gate development.

With clues, he guessed his approximate position in the Parliament and then dialed his communicator.

“You have hatched so many Kantas cubs, so I want to ask, what does a Kantas egg look like? Look at the egg in the photo. Is it a Kantas egg?”

Sithili still remembered what the young man told him on the communicator that time and he even remembered the other’s tone clearly.

First, he reminded him that Olivia is a Kantas and this Kantas is missing right now, and that it’s only possible to save him by opening the Star Gate;

Second, he reminded him that there might be another Kantas on board and Lt General Herorensa is a Kantas.

He was cautiously reminding him to try anyone or anything in a crisis. Based on his family background and identity alone, this is the only place he can do something about it.

Then he won the bet.

However, it was not the above two reasons that prompted Sithili to fully support the Star Gate development plan. It’s the third ultimate reason that few people know:

The mission that Tortland Haida performed when it disappeared was related to the royal family! They are escorting an egg of a royal family member to a designated location!

For Sith, who wanted to restore Kantas’ glory, this one was a temptation he couldn’t resist!

But in the end, he didn’t find what he wanted on the base. There was only one egg on that ship and that egg was a dead egg.

This was his thought before Olivia opened his eyes.

The moment Olivia opened his eyes, he was extremely thankful that he had agreed to the Star Gate development plan! The bloodline of the Kantas royal family he had been looking for turned out to have been within his reach!

“Thank you.” Sincerely, Mr. Sith thanked Mu Gen softly.

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TINA V6C176: Diplomacy Without Limits
TINA V6C178: Olivia's Secret

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