TINA V6C180: Travel Separately

TINA V6C179: Graduation Ceremony
TINA V6C181: Robots Being Returned

After the graduation ceremony, the reward for the last mission was also handed out. The Military finally awarded Olivia the rank of Major and he was directly appointed as the Captain of a certain spacecraft under the First Regiment of the First Brigade of the First Division of the 17th Army!

At a time when wars are not frequent, it’s absolutely unique to become a Major just after graduation!

Mu Gen was shocked when he heard that there were 450 people under the command of a Major: This, this is more than their one-horned beasts! Can Oli do it?

But Olivia seemed to know it well.

“This is a brand new group in the army dedicated to the development of the new starfield. The designation and organization are all new so the troops and soldiers needed to be deployed from other places. I arrived just right at this time.”

Seeing Mu Gen still worried, Olivia said again: “I have Hansel and the others, at least most of them. Other than that, I also wrote an application to the Military to send Todd and Jopson to me. I had a lot of conversations with them during the graduation ceremony. It’s very difficult to get in a corps in their early years as they are now, so they all wanted to go to the new corps.”

Mu Gen nodded: “As long as you have arrangements in mind.”

“I’ll ask you to take care of Big Horn and Mengmeng,” Olivia then said.

The appointment letter required him to go to the legion “immediately” and the spacecraft tickets are even readied for him! While Mu Gen’s ticket and admission letter to Pendra also happened to arrive with his appointment letter. The admission letter said that it was issued to Mu Gen alone so Olivia couldn’t accompany him even if he wanted to go!

“Right, after Mengmeng’s body is repaired, I will send him to find you immediately.” Mu Gen continued to nod.

Immediately afterward, putting aside the question of his appointment, Olivia began to discuss the family affairs with Mu Gen in detail:

Big White’s behavior of snatching eggs is not good! It even pecked a newbie father among the Crescent Moon Emperor Dragons so they had to find a substitute, they can’t let it go on like this;

How is the family’s bun business? Without Uncle Alpha personally sitting in the store, the performance seemed to have declined. Although he and Mu Gen can now make money on their own, this steamed bun shop is the result of the uncles’ hard work and they can’t let the business continue to decline;

After Hansel and the others left, their family only has two big cubs who are the youngest and not old enough to join the army along with three small cubs. Although Boss Booney’s son generously gave them Boss Booney’s shop, they’re not familiar with the place so their life here is still very worrying…




“…we all left, so throwing everything here to Uncle Alpha and the others, I always feel very sorry…” After turning to the topic of Bailu Star’s relatives and friends, Olivia sighed.

Under Olivia’s intentional guidance, Mu Gen discovered that with so many things in his family, there’s no one at home! But to search Oli, he has now become a member of the military. He was promoted to Second Lt two days ago (along with Olivia’s promotion), and he can’t leave the military for a while. What should he do?!

Finding that his goal was achieved, Olivia started thinking with Mu Gen and finally gave him an idea: Civil service exam!

Nowadays, the only way that serving soldiers can freely change their garrison is through this.

That’s how Lord Sithili Rho Nashkiel changed his destiny back then. He successfully jumped from Dunpurin (the planet where the headquarters of the Military is located) to Ifadia (the Imperial Capital, the headquarters of the Council)!

The welfare for civil servants is good——there are many holidays and leaves available, especially maternity leave! Soldiers in the military can only rest for three days, while civil servants can rest for three months!

The high social status of civil servants is also good——civil servants and soldiers are both part of the government, and like soldiers, spacecraft tickets can be at half price!




Olivia ran out of fingers counting the n advantages of civil servants. These words finally moved Mu Gen and he decided to take it immediately. After returning from Pendra, he must continue to serve in the army while taking the civil servant exam in Bailu Star!

Olivia finally breathed a sigh of relief.

In his opinion, Mu Gen’s life trajectory has been disrupted because of him.

Mu Gen should have either stayed in school or became a chef, although he’s not good at it, it’s his dream!

But because of him, Mu Gen joined the military.

He’s great, but because of his greatness, he will be sent to more dangerous places.

Olivia didn’t want this.

He hopes that Mu Gen can do what he likes and it’s okay to be selfish. He hopes to see Mu Gen the first time when he comes back from a mission, rather than come back by himself and find that Mu Gen is still unable to return from an unknown place.

Olivia will not impose his will on Mu Gen, but he’s willing to intervene and guide him. Finding that his purpose is achieved, he stopped talking. The next day, he happily knocked down the remaining walnuts, cleaned up the residence of the Crescent Dragons, played with Big Horn for a while, and Olivia even sold buns in their bun shop all afternoon. After that, he left with the luggage that Mu Gen prepared for him.

With no worries and no nervousness, Olivia went to his job.

On the afternoon of Olivia’s departure, Mu Gen also took the family and left on the spacecraft on time. The Military allowed him to stay for 20 days and he can bring all the robots worn out from the Star Gate incident and a nanny robot, so Mu Gen didn’t waste this opportunity to take all the robots in the house.

There’s only one route to Pendra and there are very few spacecrafts. They needed to transfer three times before they can officially board the spacecraft to Pendra.

Even if the uncles are now only heads, Mu Gen is still reluctant to put them in the storage compartment. He’d rather get tired from holding them. In this way, Mu Gen and his party looked very weird.

However, this situation improved greatly when they boarded the spacecraft to Pendra.

No, it can’t be called “improved”, but rather a reversal——the spacecraft is full of robots! And instead, Mu Gen became the only living person on the spacecraft!

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TINA V6C179: Graduation Ceremony
TINA V6C181: Robots Being Returned

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