TINA V6C181: Robots Being Returned

TINA V6C180: Travel Separately
TINA V6C182: Statue of Miss Romrabiso

Mechanical City——Pendra, the gathering place of the most advanced technology in the universe.

90% of all mechanical and technological products used by people today are produced here. Almost all the best mechanical craftsmen, the richest mechanical consortium, and the most cutting-edge mechanical researchers are there.

It’s said that Pendra was originally just a small town named Pendra, and that town was filled with machine craftsmen. Later, this small city became more and more famous, so that later generations called the planet “Pendra”. At the same time, more and more people came to this small town to learn craftsmanship. The originally small town continued to expand and later, not just the name, but the entire planet became Pendra.

Pendra’s spacecraft was obviously much more advanced than the spacecraft that Mu Gen had been on, and it’s highly automated. Don’t know if it’s to highlight the characteristics of the Mechanical City, but Pendra’s spacecraft didn’t have any human staff.

This is the case from the ticket gate. Although the other routes also use robots, most of the robots are only used for labor while Pendra is different. From the beginning, the ticket checkpoint has a robot ticket checker, and then the baggage checkpoint and security checkpoint…all have robots. Even after boarding the spacecraft, the staff is all robots. It’s said that even the pilots are robots.

Such directional routes often have a tradition of “locals first” in staffing. That is to say, the local staff would be used first on the spacecraft, especially on planets with extremely high barriers to entry like Pendra.

Mu Gen once read a piece of news about a group of star thieves who tried to hijack the spacecraft heading to Pendra. They attempted to kidnap the residents of Pendra and then blackmail Pendra, only to enter the spacecraft and find that all service personnel are armed robots, so the gang of star thieves was captured.

The spacecraft was extremely quiet since no one spoke.

Of course, no one is talking——the passengers are all robots!

Because the seats were relatively backward, Mu Gen could see the identities of the other passengers in front of him when he entered the spacecraft early this morning.

“Is the salary for working here high?” With a shining screen, Sigma had already discovered that Pendra’s employees were all robots. Probably because Mu Gen and Olivia had to go to work one after another, Sigma calculated his own progress: he should go to work too!

Following Mu Gen’s resume, he also wrote one but couldn’t think of where to apply.

“There is no salary here.” Mu Gen naturally didn’t know the salary level here so the answer came from Alpha.

“Pendra’s labor costs are very high. Because the residents here are all excellent craftsmen, their time is very precious and at the same time, their labor value is more than one hundred times the value created by the crew members. Their hourly wages are also more than 100 times that of the industry average, therefore, all routes to Pendra use robots.” Alpha stiffly stated the facts he knew.

Only then did Mu Gen remember: Uncles and the others were born in Pendra.

Alpha didn’t talk much about their origins so Mu Gen almost forgot that his uncles lived in other places before living with him.

“The robots on the spacecraft are robots that go to Pendra for repair. Pendra imposes strict restrictions on human entry, however, there’s no such thing as locally produced mechanical products. All robots are produced in Pendra and any malfunctioning robots within five years will be returned and replaced. These robots had to go to Pendra for repair and return by themselves.” Alpha clearly knew Pendra very well.

Hearing what his First Uncle said and when Mu Gen looked at the surrounding robots, he found: Sure enough, these robots have various injuries. They have cards on their bodies which is the after-sales card from the manufacturer, stating the malfunction performance of the robot and the buyer’s wishes.

The robot sitting behind Mu Gen had no written reason for the failure on the card attached to it, only having the word “Return”.

Mu Gen went silent.

In the beginning, the appearance of the Alphabet Series Robots like Alpha was not common among robots. As the latest generation of robots, they’re at least 20 years more advanced than the same period robots. However, today, 20 years later, Alpha and the others have become the mainstream templates for robots. This robot that looks like Alpha and the others are in humanoid form and had a slender body like Beta. When he was sitting there, Mu Gen seemed to see Uncle Beta before he got dismantled.

However, at this time, the robot, which is very similar to Uncle Beta, has a card on his chest, and the word “Return” was written on the card.

The robot is literate.

The words on the card seemed to be completely printed, and this card might have even been written and pasted by itself.

“Hello.” Probably because Mu Gen had been watching for too long, the robot even called out to Mu Gen.

“Hello!” Startled, Mu Gen reflexively replied in a happy voice.

It’s best to greet people with a smile on your face. Only in this way can you express your kindness through both sound and vision——after carefully studying Earth textbooks, First Uncle taught Mu Gen in this way and Mu Gen did this for a long time, but…

This time, Mu Gen really couldn’t smile.

Does this robot know that he has been abandoned?

Robots are smart, smarter than humans, so he, he must know.

His interest in going to the new planet was wiped out and Mu Gen slumped his shoulders.

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TINA V6C180: Travel Separately
TINA V6C182: Statue of Miss Romrabiso

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