TINA V6C184: Theft and Stone Gambling

TINA V6C183: Forget Me Not
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It’s obviously the top technology capital in the universe, but Pendra is stingy in applying high technology to places other than the Institutes and Academies. There are top mechanical products made by Pendra in every corner of the universe and these products cover everything: As small as a hover car and as large as a mechanical base. From large-scale mechanical toys for civilians to top military weapons.

Sigma and his brother have been to many playgrounds. The most thrilling and fun amusement types of equipment are said to come from Pendra. In Sigma’s eyes, Pendra is probably the most magical place in the world!

However, the real Pendra didn’t have any entertainment equipment. Houses were built exactly as planned, with the same roof, the same exterior wall, with signs and advertisements of various manufacturers everywhere. Pendra was very quiet, especially at night.

Since there are no entertainment facilities, there are almost no humans on the streets of Pendra early in the morning, only the tireless robots still sticking to their posts, working day and night.

At this time, only robots are still walking on the street and there are a lot of them but they don’t greet each other or chat, nor use the communicator while walking. They’re extremely quiet.

Turns out there are no humans but there are robots in the streets——Sigma “thought”.

Mixed among a group of quiet robots, Sigma quickly approached his destination.

He is equipped with the most advanced scanning equipment (← Boss Booney upgraded him once before his death). From the moment he left the hotel, Sigma avoided all monitoring equipment.

He also held back the urge to “say hello” to the other robots as his screen flashed blue lights rhythmically. Inconspicuously mixing in with the footsteps of other robots, the color of the metal on his body would change color with the surrounding environment at any time, so the Sigma at this moment looks like a shadow.

This way of walking didn’t come from learning in human society but a skill “innate” to Sigma. This is a necessary skill for military robots instilled in their system by humans long before Sigma first went online.

The reason why he showed this ability now is that he is going, to, get, things.

As a robot that has grown up completely like a human, Sigma has his preferences. He has his favorite color, favorite energy oil, favorite location; he would also be “willful” at times. For example, he would beg his brother not to extract the remains of Kappa; At the same time, he also realized that this would be bad for the other robots, so he had to “make up for it”.

Isn’t there a lack of Fabia? Sigma knew where there are lots of Fabia! Isn’t Miss Dolai’s statute made of Fabia? With so many Fabias there, Sigma can take a little bit.

The statue of Ms. Romrabiso stood quietly under the stars. In this most technologically admired Mechanical City, her existence has been completely deified as her statue stood here for hundreds of years. No one dared to think about the metal on her body except that her toes were worn out from receiving too many kisses, so there are no other guards around the statue aside from the monitors.

In this situation, the half-body robot Sigma appeared in the statue of Ms. Romrabiso…’s foot.

His goal was never Miss Dolai’s statue herself, but the book that Miss Dolai held in her hands. According to Sigma’s calculations, this book is the thickest! It’s also the heaviest! 22kg, which happens to be the weight of Fabia that their family lacks!

Climbing up Miss Dolai’s thigh, Sigma quickly climbed into the statue’s hands. He thought it would take some effort to separate the book from the statue, but who knew that the book in Miss Dolai’s hand was simply placed in the palm of the statue. In fact, this can’t be helped. Of all the works of Miss Dolai throughout her life, only this one didn’t have the original. The Pendra government has been waiting for the original content to be reproduced intact when they received it and then fix it at that time. As a result, the book that was made using Fabia was successfully obtained by Sigma.

However, Sigma is a good boy. He knew that he had to pay for things, and he couldn’t take away other people’s things for no reason.

However, Sigma has no money /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

In fact, Sigma has pocket money, the same amount as his brother every month, but this pocket money is spent very quickly. It’s not yet time for next month’s pocket money, thought Sigma of the moonlight group (those who spend their monthly income even before they earn their next salary) /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

So Sigma remembered what Prinst said when he introduced the statue this morning, and then, taking out a book from his belly, Sigma put the book in the place where the Fabia book was originally placed, then slipped off Miss Dolai’s statue.

When he landed again, Sigma politely bowed to the statue of Miss Dolai. After expressing his gratitude, Sigma happily sneaked back to the hotel to sleep.

When Alpha asked him what he went out for, he also lied:

“I went out for a walk.” While talking, he wiped his body clean again, then Sigma pulled on the quilt, nestled next to his brother, and shut down.

Please rest assured that everything happened without a trace. Sigma is a very cautious robot and all the surrounding monitors have been turned around by him in advance.

However, this didn’t mean that the incident was not discovered. When Doug arrived at the hotel on time to rendezvous with Mu Gen the next day, he mentioned the incident to Mu Gen:

“Someone stole from Ms. Romrabiso’s statue.” Doug didn’t come empty-handed and also brought his own snacks. After graduation, he successfully became a chef of a five-star restaurant…one of the apprentices. Doug is now working in a very distant galaxy and this time, he asked for leave especially for Mu Gen.

“Ah? Isn’t that statue very heavy?” Mu Gen stopped eating his snack.

Sigma’s screen flashed a green light very regularly, looking at Doug very innocently.

“It’s not that the entire statue was stolen, only a part of it, the one where there’s no original.” Doug further explained: “The other works are all carved and fixed on the statue, but only this one is blank because there’s no original copy. The Pendra government is still waiting to find the original book and engrave all the content on it, so they plan to fix it at that time.”

“Can they still get it back?”

“It should be possible. The Pendra police have a high level of technology and should be able to find clues soon.”

This matter didn’t occupy too much time among the two young people as they finished their breakfast. Under Doug’s leadership, Mu Gen and his party took public transportation to a remote town far away from the hotel. It’s completely different from the scenery of Pendra he’d seen before. There are people everywhere, yelling and talking, entwined with the sound of forging metal. Every family’s house is made of stones. If you look carefully, these stones have natural patterns and colors, and those who studied them would know that this is an ore containing metal.

Mu Gen was stunned to see that the main roads of the town were all made up of various small stalls, and all the stalls only had one kind of goods, stones, all kinds, big and small, in any shape. There’s also a decomposition device every few stalls, and Mu Gen knew it’s an instrument that specializes in refining metals.

“This is Pendra’s largest private metal ore market.” Doug introduced to Mu Gen: “If the military can’t collect all the metal you’re looking for, then it’s only possible that it will be here.

“This market has a history of a thousand years and the stall owners are all native Pendra. Compared with going to the factory to accept the employment of the tycoon, they prefer to guard their own workshops. Every year, Pendra would send mine ships to collect metal ore from other aliens. The workshop owners here will also send people. Although the amount of ore they brought back can’t be compared with the factories of the big tycoons, they had better diversity. Moreover, the way the ore is sold here is also very special.” Doug pushed his glasses: “The name and price of the item will not be indicated in advance. The ores here are all in their original form, not identified and sold in units of kilograms. Only after the payment is made will they be refined by the store. Before refining, few people could tell what the metal contained in the ore was based on just the appearance. Regardless of the purity, they used this sales method, but the business here has always been very good.”

“Isn’t this…stone gambling?” On ancient Earth, this kind of gambling method was once all the rage, but he didn’t expect it to appear here too.

But they’re not betting jade here, only a variety of metal ores.

“Stone gambling? I guess it’s the same.” Doug nodded, then said: “You can see if someone offers Mika or Fabia here, or if someone opens one, you can buy it. Besides that, you can also buy a few stones yourself to try your luck.”

Feeling that this is a good suggestion, Mu Gen decided to come here every day to try his luck these days. Even if nothing comes out, it’s good to learn more about ores. However, since he had an appointment with Tatarin in the afternoon, Mu Gen didn’t stay here for long. After watching the others gamble with a great interest for a while, he left early.

Yesterday, Prinst paid for the materials, so today, Tatarin is responsible for introducing Mu Gen to the mechanical master for refining and processing. Under Mr. Sith’s suggestion, Mu Gen finally chose to use Pendra’s traditional mechanical manufacturing workshop.

The mechanic was also recommended by Mr. Sith, a master mechanic named Kenda. It’s said that this master only takes five orders a year and this order from Mu Gen’s family was inserted under Mr. Sith’s manipulations.

This master is Pendra’s chief robot maker and also a metal artist. The statue of Miss Dolai that Mu Gen saw was made by this master himself.

The author has something to say:

Guess what the simple-minded Sigma is doing


Sigma is direct!

On QiXi yesterday, Jingyu Yu took a wedding photo for Oli and little Mu Gen ~\(≧▽≦)/~

TINA V6C183: Forget Me Not
TINA V6C185: Destiny

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