TINA V6C185: Destiny

TINA V6C184: Theft and Stone Gambling
TINA V6C186: Sigma Taking Out The Garbage

After recommending the following to each other, Tatarin and Prinst left the room, leaving the space to the owner and letting them communicate on their own.

Master Kenda is an old man who doesn’t speak much. He straightforwardly asked Mu Gen for the list of materials and then exploded at part of the drawing design.

“Naughty! Is this a camshaft? Is this a rocker arm? This is…which designer drew this? What nonsense——” Upon receiving the design drawings, Master Kendra frowned and patiently turned the design drawings page by page. As he turned it over, his brows furrowed tighter and he finally couldn’t help but scold.

He had been dealing with design drawings every day in his life and he’d seen countless drawings, but the design drawing he’s seeing now is too unprofessional in the eyes of Master Kenda!

Firstly, the drawing provided by Mu Gen doesn’t conform to the mainstream in terms of organization. To facilitate the handover of work between designers and craftsmen, the order of layout of the design drawings is very particular. What to draw on the first page, what to draw on the second page…all have a fixed order but the order of this design drawing was completely unorganized (← it’s like a paper, the first page is the conclusion while the last page is the opening)!

Secondly, there are too many “innovative designs” in the drawings!

Of course, they won’t refute these innovative designs since Pendra encourages new ideas. However, it would be wrong to change the structure that has been proven to be perfect!

Judging the value of these materials at a glance, Master Kenda couldn’t bear to waste these precious materials.

Master Kenda is a very rule-abiding craftsman. He was already dissatisfied when the original order in his schedule was replaced with this one. Now that the owner of this order actually tried to use such precious materials to make parts that would surely fail, he couldn’t bear it!

“The camshaft needs to be made like this. The previous camshaft used more than 20,000 times will not close tightly, so there will be air entering from the outside…” Seeing the other party pat the table again, Sigma also rushed over and patted the table with greater force: “Moreover, camshafts made into curved shapes are even more beautiful!”

He reasoned.

“How can a curved shape be better than a straight camshaft?” Without even noticing who the person who shook the table was, Master Kenda’s attention still remained on the terrible design drawings: “And why does a robot want to be so good-looking? Being easy to use is the ultimate goal of manufacturing robots!”

“According to Dolai’s 385th theorem, the tightest angle is the 35-degree turn of the closed smooth circle!” Sigma continued, not forgetting to add at the end: “Robots can be beautiful too!”

“The theorems invented by Miss Romrabiso has only 352. Where did these 385 come from? I have never heard of it——” Treating Miss Romrabiso as a god, Master Kenda has never heard of this before, so he’s furious!

“Written on the 4th line on page 375!” Sigma remembered it clearly.

“Nonsense! Miss Romrabiso’s book is out of print right now! If you have a book, show it to me!” Master Kenda’s beard is blowing.

“…” Sigma got stuck: Uh…that book was exchanged yesterday.

So he could only write the content of that page. The handwriting of robots is neat as if it were printed. Aside from the formulas and text explanations, Sigma even copied the pictures intact and even the punctuation was the same as the original. Finally, Sigma also wrote the number 375 on the bottom right as a page mark.

Master Kenda didn’t believe it, but when the content of this page suddenly appeared under his nose, his eyes looked straight at it and he threw himself on this page. He began to study it carefully, discussing it with Sigma from time to time, and finally…

“Okay, you’re right, just make a curve.” The master compromised.

Sigma made a scissor figure with his hand.

“After talking for a long time, I’m so thirsty, do you want a drink…huh?” Taking the teacup from the assistant robot next to him, Master Kenda subconsciously handed the other cup to the other side. Only at this time did he realize that it wasn’t a human being but a robot that had been discussing with him for a long time.

It’s even a robot with half its body missing.

“Thank you.” Although he couldn’t drink it, Sigma took the teacup and put the whole cup in his stomach.

The tea that Kenda gave to Sigma——When the cup entered Sigma’s small warehouse, Sigma automatically sorted a label for it.

 ̄▽ ̄

“This…this…” Master Kenda stayed still for a long time before finally taking a sip of tea. He swallowed in small mouthfuls, completely suppressing the surprise in his heart.

Could these drawings be made by a robot? Is it possible that all those innovations and modifications were made by it? Master Kenda was full of doubts, but he couldn’t help but affirm these questions in his heart. After all, it was this robot who had been arguing with him just now, and all the problems he raised were solved by this robot. Not only that, the robot even asked a lot of questions…

Is this still a robot?

Master Kenda subconsciously glanced at the assistant robot behind him, and then glanced at the opposite Sigma.

“Next, the rocker arm…” Without waiting for him to think deeply, Sigma immediately put the next questions in front of him and the two “people” immediately entered the second round of argument.

From beginning to end, Mu Gen looked at them with a smile.

The person who studied robots the most in the family is actually Sigma. After all, the whole family of robots is complete but he’s the only one who has no legs and b*tt. He pays attention to the problem of how to get a more beautiful b*tt and legs every day. Miss Dolai gave them a lot of books on mechanical manufacturing and all the books on robotics research have all been “read” by Sigma. Aside from this, Sigma is also keen to go to the Robot Manufacturing Department in the Imperial Comprehensive Academy to review. Of course, since he’s not a student of this major, he can’t ask questions. If he had a question, he could only self-study. If he really couldn’t get an answer, Sigma would ask online or go to the neighbors to ask. If that didn’t work, Mu Gen will go out and find the professor; Also, he can’t take the exam, so Mu Gen didn’t know what level he had studied for.

During this time, the robots in the family were worn out and needed to be replaced, so Sigma volunteered to draw the design and Mu Gen felt that he did well. Seeing how he was discussing with Master Kenda, Mu Gen was suddenly very grateful to Master Kenda.

Mu Gen might not even realize what this means: A robot, apart from the knowledge instilled by humans, has begun to learn other knowledge actively, and the content of his hard disk is actively growing…

Maybe he realized it, but Mu Gen didn’t think there was anything wrong with it.

The final result of the argument between Sigma and Kenda was half-half: On part of the changes, Sigma convinced Master Kenda, but some were rejected. There are many differences between actual operation and theory and Master Kenda used many examples to persuade Sigma.

Both parties are very satisfied, so the next step is the specific allocation.

Due to the difference between the two most precious metals, Sigma’s design drawings might have to be rearranged. However, to save time, Master Kenda said that he could first make the other parts that don’t require these two metals.

With all that done, Master Kenda invited them to eat.

For this, Mu Gen felt nothing. It wasn’t until they came out that Tatarin exhaled and exaggerated:

“The last person who was reserved by Masker Kenda was Lord Nashkiel! To even get a dinner invitation from Master Kenda, Mu Gen, you are so amazing!” Tatarin was very happy and said that he must show this off to his friends today.

“Haha.” Mu Gen could only laugh and then gently touched Sigma’s head: “It’s all thanks to Sigma.”

Until the dinner table, the Master was still discussing the revision of the design drawings with Sigma, so even though Sigma didn’t need to eat, the master also didn’t eat much.

The two sent him back to the hotel, then Tatarin and Prinst left with satisfaction.

Without enough Fabia and Mika, Mengmeng said that he could go cheaper.

Robot Xiao A also said that he shouldn’t use expensive materials since ordinary metal is already very good~

Just when the family decided to use lower grade materials on their bodies, Sigma suddenly took out a square piece of metal from his stomach and put it on the bed.

Mu Gen was shocked when he saw this piece of metal: Fabia?

With a second glance at this piece of metal, Mu Gen’s eyelids twitched: Wait——why does the shape of this metal look more and more like…a book?

Mu Gen hurriedly turned on the TV: “…part of the statue of Ms. Romrabiso is missing and the missing part is the wordless book in the hands of the statue…”

Both pictures and texts were shown on the news at this time. It’s the high-definition photo of the lost book of Fabia.

A quick comparison between the lost item in the photo and the metal block lying on his bed made Mu Gen dumbfounded: It’s the same!

“We lack Fabia and Miss Dolai had a lot of Fabia, so I exchanged with it last night.” Sigma briefly explained.

Since he was only half tall, Sigma looked up when he spoke to Mu Gen. His screen flickered regularly like a kid waiting to be praised.

“A total of 22 kg. It’s enough Fabia for both Mengmeng’s b*tt and Dad Xiao A’s chest.” Sigma was very happy. He turned his head and motioned Mu Gen to touch his head in praise.

However, what Sigma finally got was Alpha’s ruthless voice.

“Sigma, put out your a$$; Xiao A, spank his b*tt thirty times after that.”

Sigma was stunned——

“Why? Why do this to Sigma?” He tried to resist.

“Look at the news, in the news, what’s the human definition of this matter?” Alpha’s voice was as cold as ever.


“But I exchanged my own book.”

“Did anyone consent? Without the permission of the owner, a unilateral exchange is still theft.”

“Sigma just don’t want to use the Fabia in Kappa’s body…”

“However, what you did is not any different from a human who unilaterally took Kappa’s body without Kappa’s consent.”

“This is a crime.”

The cold mechanical sound emphasized every word.

Sigma was stunned.

He installed a b*tt without saying a word and then climbed into Xiao A’s thigh. Under the eyes of the family, Robot A hit Sigma’s b*tt 30 times.

After it was over, Sigma ran to the toilet.

Since there’s only one human being, only one big bedroom was arranged for them and Sigma, who had nowhere to hide, could only hide in the toilet.

Mu Gen caught up with him and squeezed inside before Sigma could lock the door.

The brothers sat on the toilet lid for a long time, but Sigma never spoke. Mu Gen didn’t have any words to comfort him until Sigma gently grabbed the corner of his brother’s shirt with his robotic arm:

Mu Gen gently pulled him to his shoulder and then Sigma rolled his whole body over.

If Sigma were human, Mu Gen thought that his arms should be wet at this moment.

From Sigma’s tears.

However, Sigma is a robot so he can’t cry.

Just like when Dad A spanked him, he won’t be in pain.

There’s no pain, but he is crying;

No tears, but still so sad.

Mu Gen held Sigma in his arms tightly.

“Did you exchange it with Miss Dolai’s book?” Sigma won’t take other people’s things casually. He will buy things and if there’s no money, he’ll exchange. Hearing the word “exchange” just mentioned by Sigma, Mu Gen immediately knew that Sigma must have exchanged the piece of Fabia with his collection.

“En,” Sigma said.

“Isn’t that your favorite collection? It’s the first time you received a gift outside of family and it still has your name written on it.” Mu Gen asked him.

When they parted from Miss Dolai, she gave them many books. Basically, every book has an autograph and she told them very boldly that they could exchange this autographed book if they didn’t have any money. Even when they’re paid for helping White Cloud Duoduo, Sigma cherished these books very much, especially that book. At Sigma’s request, Miss Dolai also wrote the words For Sigma on it.

Sigma has always cherished this book very much.

To be precise, he cherished any collection in his stomach just like before when he cherished the tomatoes and rotten eggs that the humans smashed at him on their way to escape.

Things that have different values in the eyes of humans are all from human friendliness in Sigma’s eyes.

“En, Sigma likes it very much.” Sigma nodded.

“Then why exchange it?”

“Because Sigma was willful yesterday. Sigma didn’t want to use Kappa’s body. Sigma didn’t want everyone to downgrade their bodies just because Sigma didn’t want to use Kappa’s body.” After Sigma said that, he stopped talking. When it was time for him to shut down, he habitually shut down and went to sleep.

Mu Gen sat on the toilet seat blankly, hugging him for a while.

Robot A helped him lift Sigma on the bed and Mu Gen gently tucked Sigma in it.

Sigma can’t lie. Since he said it’s a trade, then there must be a corresponding item left in the same place, but the book had not been mentioned in the news from beginning to end, so Mu Gen felt it’s a little strange.

After thinking for a while, Mu Gen immediately dialed Mr. Sith’s communicator.

On the second day, there was new progress in the incident.

“…there has been new progress in the case of the theft on Ms. Romrabiso’s statute. This is not the theft that everyone has speculated before, but a great anonymous gift!”

“Not leaving a name and not doing it for profit, this mysterious person returned to Pendra a book that Pendra had been searching for for centuries! At this point, all the works of the mechanical master born in Pendra have finally been collected. The Pendra government will immediately prepare the engraving of this book and it’s expected that in 4 months, everyone can see the last book on the statute of Miss Romrabiso!”

Next came the overwhelming reports.

Since the value of this book was too high, no one believed that the ultimate goal of the bookholder was just a bit of Fabia.

The reporters defined this incident as a “selfless donation”.

As the only book signed by Miss Romrabiso, the title page of the newly prepared statue book was engraved with Miss Romrabiso’s signature. At the same time, the name of the person who gave the book was also preserved.

“To lovely Sigma, may the God of Wisdom bless you forever一一Dolai Z. Romrabiso.”

The mysterious name of Sigma was passed down forever as part of the statue.

Since then, people who have worshipped Miss Romrabiso, while benefiting from her wisdom, also thanked this mysterious man named Sigma countless times.

Since they didn’t know who returned the last book, the people generally thanked the book recipient, “Sigma”, on the title page as the donor, except for one person.

Sumei Ge’s face instantly paled when he saw the name Sigma.

Whenever he thought that the fate of the world has changed, God always let him discover that it’s established.

A certain thing happening at a certain time, people call it “destiny”.

The author has something to say:

Mu Gen and Sigma are brothers.

Being able to see White Cloud Duoduo, the lady who loved her child naturally treated Sigma as an equal.

So when it comes to donating books, Mu Gen used the term “sent to them”. In Mu Gen’s mind, “they” naturally include the robots.

Of course, Sigma did make mistakes but he’s constantly trying. He will naturally make mistakes in the future but the people around him will use their worldview to correct him.

Since he is surrounded by people like Mu Gen and Alpha, what he currently receives is a very “positive” view of the world.

He is groping his way.

Numb, ignorant, and completely confused.

TINA V6C184: Theft and Stone Gambling
TINA V6C186: Sigma Taking Out The Garbage

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