TINA V7C214: That Person Can Still Be Rescued

TINA V7C213: Golden Throne
TINA V7C215: Away From Home

A huge chandelier ten meters high in the center of the ceiling fell heavily and the place where it’s about to fall was exactly where the huge black Kantas was lying!

At this moment, someone suddenly kicked the falling chandelier in another direction. Accompanying the sound of crystals shattering, a loud shout sounded in the huge Palace——

“Fatty chick! Haven’t you recognized reality yet? Your emperor is long gone! The cubs you cultivated are all flowers in a greenhouse and they can’t become the next emperor at all. If you die, don’t mention being an emperor, they might not even grow up!”

Hearing the familiar voice, the black behemoth weakly opened its eyes: “Roar…”

In this form, he could only utter a vague roar. If someone could understand the Kantas language, they would have heard it say a name: Rothsay.

The person who came was Rothsay, but the Empire habitually added the prefix “Lord Marshal” to the name, like how people habitually added the word “Lord” to Sithili’s name.

“Roar…” The behemoth that Sith turned into roared weakly.

“You’re asking why I’m here? Why did I come here?” Leaping quickly to Sithili’s side, Rothsay already swung away several portraits that had fallen from the ceiling——the roof of this Palace was inlaid with various jewels and famous paintings, each of which was priceless treasures: “If Ifadia is about to be destroyed, us soldiers are naturally obliged to escort all people of the Empire to evacuate safely. Although you’ve been unlovable since young, you’re still a member of the Empire after all…”

Rothsay said as he tried to move Sithili. Ignoring the sarcasm, he still moved very quickly.

But after a move, Rothsay couldn’t move at all. Only then did Rothsay see Sithili’s situation: A thin metal cylinder was faintly exposed on his back. This metal rod penetrated his body and nailed him to the floor!

His hands freezing, fine beads of sweat emerged on Rothsay’s forehead.

Things are worse than he imagined——

He is a Kantas, yes, but Sithili is also a Kantas with a weight not much lighter than him. Not to mention, he’s nailed to the ground so if he took this metal rod out, the consequences…

He was already yelling this is bad in his head but his tone was still relaxed: “Fatty chick, for so many years, you’re still so fat…”

“Fatty flower hair” was Sithili’s nickname when he was a child. At that time, he had a mess of flowers on his hair and was very fat.

The only people who knew this nickname were the cubs who grew up with him.

“Roar…” Angrily roaring, Sithili’s vision blurred a bit. He flapped his wings with his last strength, trying to drive Rothsay away from him.

Go, get out of here, leave this place before it’s completely destroyed.


Thank you for coming to me at the last moment, so that I will not die alone.

Thank you…

In the end, it turned out that only you could find me.

Sithili’s eyes can’t see clearly. Perhaps because of too much blood loss, vitality is gradually being withdrawn from his body.

He remembered a long, long time ago.

When he was a cub, he wasn’t popular.

The cubs are also color-matched and a fatty with flowers in his hair was often squeezed out, so instead of spending time with his companions, Sithili preferred to wander around the maze of Hogbysburg by himself.

There are many rooms here and each room is very beautiful with beautiful gems and beautiful paintings.

Sithili was a quiet cub.

Every time he enters a strange room, he will observe everything in the room curiously, guessing the history behind each thing and using his little paws to caress the beautiful pattern on it…it’s a happy game that he enjoyed.

Until he accidentally broke into this room, this room with a golden throne.

That chair is so beautiful!

This was the first thought of Fatty flower hair.

Then he saw the owner of the seat.

Powerful, cruel, and beautiful. That person has since become Sithili’s vision.

The gentleness of being moved will never be forgotten in his lifetime.

Then…the secret way to enter this room was discovered by another cub. As if specifically unable to leave him, every time Sithili found a secret base, Rothsay could always chase after him and find that place as well.

Now, Rothsay was indeed the only one to find him, however, the master of the throne was no longer…

Sithili’s eyes became duller and duller.

“Hey! Don’t close your eyes!”

Rothsay was not swayed by his flaps and to make it easier to focus, he even transformed. An equally huge adult Kantas instantly appeared next to the original Kantas and he kept using his mouth, claws, and wings to try and move Sithili, but Sithili looked even more pained so no progress has been made in the rescue work.

Just when the huge beast was at a loss, the ceiling fell——

Azure eyes stared at the ceiling that fell and the ceiling pattern in Rothsay’s eyes grew bigger and bigger. He was ready to cover Sithili with his body, but unexpectedly, there was no severe pain from being hit by a heavy object. Looking up in disbelief, he was surprised to find that the falling ceiling was missing! Instead, there was a misty cloud in the sky and after a short while, it suddenly fell, the black scales of the two beasts on the ground instantly turning white!

A photon cannon! Someone used a photon cannon!

The power of a photon cannon could not only blast the falling ceiling into dust! It also turned all objects within range into dust! The Palace that was still crumbling was destroyed in an instant!

Both Kantas raised their heads at the same time and looked at the young man doing bad things, especially Sithili. He obviously had no strength anymore but when he discovered his precious Hogbysburg destroyed, he raised his eyelids as hard as he could.


He saw the blond young man holding a huge cannon on the throne.

At this moment, the young man was very disrespectful and stepped directly on the golden throne inlaid with a ton of Trenmes diamonds with his boots, his expression relaxed and not caring where he’s stepping on or what he’s ruining.

Blond eyes, powerful, cruel, and beautiful. Sithili fell into a daze like he’d seen the Emperor who once sat there.

In front of the Emperor, all kinds of high-ranking adults would kneel.

At that time, he could only hide in the corner secretly, hoping that when he grew up, he could kneel under the throne of that Majesty.

It suddenly occurred to him that his posture right now…is very close to his childhood dream.

“I’m sorry, Lord Marshal, I violated your order to evacuate immediately, but this was done following the instructions of Lt General Argos. While taking over the army under his command, as usual, I also took over his tasks.”

There’s still white light in the barrel, which had been used just now. The blond young man easily threw the cannon barrel to his back then lightly leaped off the throne and ran to the Kantas. Pushing Marshal Rothsay aside, he quickly took out another handle from the tool bag behind him and the moment he activated it, a golden beam of light suddenly appeared. Then, the young man neatly used the photon knife to cut off a whole piece of the floor under Sithili’s belly.

“Roar~~~~~” Marshal Rothsay roared in surprise.

“Why are you still worried about the floor? No matter how valuable the floor is, it’s not as valuable as Mr. Sith’s life okay?” After understanding what he meant, the youth immediately yelled at him in a louder voice.

After judging the length of the metal rod, he once again used a photon knife to cut the stone that was connected to Sithili into thin layers. Although they still can’t pull out the metal rod, at least Sithili was no longer in an immovable state.

“Come, let’s leave together.” After speaking, the young man also became a Kantas. His body was so strong and huge, even bigger than the other two Kantas on the ground!

Besides, he’s still so young——

The young Kantas gently waved his wings and motioned to Marshal Rothsay to grab Sithili with his paws together.

Then, both Kantas flew.

“Roar——” The roar of an indistinguishable beast spread in the sky.

Two huge beasts flew up in the sky of Ifadia under the flames of war, being chased by a group of mechanical enemies but their hard scales blocked all the attacks of their pursuers. Finally, before being overtaken, they successfully rushed out of the blind spot of the defensive net that was deliberately opened by Rothsay and the warship staying there immediately opened the deck to welcome the arrival of three Kantas.

The young Kantas immediately transformed after entering the warship. Seeing that their pursuers were about to follow them and fly out of the blind spot in the defensive net, he decisively waved his arm——


With just one order, thousands of warships, including the warship they’re on, immediately began to launch their strongest firepower toward that blind spot!

The offensive power was so intense that when you look at the window, it was almost like a beam of thick white light shooting straight at Ifadia.



It silently exploded.

The Kantas, who had not yet turned into their human forms, witnessed this unprecedented blasting, and just like when they first saw fireworks as a cub, they were stunned, just silently staring.

This is the firework that the Imperial Capital Ifadia has turned into!

Standing between the two adult Kantas, the young man was completely calm.

Then he laughed.

He’s laughing?

His golden eyes were like the Trenmes diamonds, his smile cruel and beautiful:

“Rather than let it be destroyed in the hands of the enemy, I prefer to destroy it with our own hands. Besides——”

Then he turned his head. Facing the other Kantas, whose eyes were still full of reluctance, the corners of his mouth bent again. The smile this time was no longer scary, but a sly smile, with the peculiar mischief of young people.

“If the Palace is gone, it can be rebuilt. Maybe the future emperor of the Empire doesn’t like this heavy style of antique architecture? Wouldn’t it be better if you think about it this way?”

He uniquely comforted the two elderly people.

The other two Kantas were stunned.

After a while, a strange expression suddenly appeared on the face of the dinosaur Sithili.


This time, the roar was no longer full of sadness and despair but a somewhat pleasant roar.

His big eyes had long lost sight of things, but he still tried to look at the youth around him, seemingly trying hard to memorize the youth’s appearance in his heart before closing his eyes.

He looked so hard that the young man’s expression couldn’t help but show a trace of panic.

“Mr. Sith, i-if you insist, we can rush to the next supply star and find a doctor and equipment for you to take out the metal rod from your body…”

Only at this time did the young man, who had been full of confidence, look like a young man of his age.

“Quick! Go and call the army doctor! The doctor died? Then call the soldier who had been injured the most! Then let Todd come over——” Though his eyes couldn’t see, Sithili could still hear the powerful voice of the young man.

He is so young, yet so majestic. With an order, the soldiers on the entire warship became busy. No one dared to act indiscriminately.

He is so powerful, cruel, and beautiful, just like that Majesty.

Moreover, he’s so young——

Sithili’s huge mouth suddenly opened.

Rothsay was right, he raised the Kantas too much in a greenhouse.

Flowers in the greenhouse cannot become the Emperor.

Just like him and Rothsay.

Although they have climbed to the top of their respective professional systems, they cannot become Emperors.

The real Emperor is the one who destiny favored!

Born in humbleness, but doesn’t form a narrow personality due to that environment. Strong, confident, determined, and able to convince everyone. Even in the face of power, he has no sense of fear, destroying old things, creating new things. He is young, strong, and ambitious——

He is destined to be the next Emperor.

At this moment, the last trace of strength disappeared from Sithili’s body, but his heart was full of strength. With his eyes dimming, he roared in a low voice before his eyelids slowly fell.

Except for Oli, I carried all the chicks born after the disaster on my back.

Accompanied by an incredibly deep roar, Mr. Sith slowly lowered his head.

I am old and can’t carry the cubs anymore.

I, it’s time to leave.

At this moment, he felt a very warm weight leaning on his back.

Then he heard a voice talk to him:

It’s okay now, he had memorized all the chicks born after the great disaster of the Empire.

So warm…this little chick..must be a very strong little guy, but he…is so heavy…

At this moment, Sithili wanted to laugh.

And then——

Sithili’s eyes finally closed completely.

His world was finally dark.

The author has something to say:

If I say that Mr. Sith is not dead yet, will you beat me?

TINA V7C213: Golden Throne
TINA V7C215: Away From Home

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