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At the end of 11th Month, Year 400 in the Starlight Calendar, Black Castle.

According to legend, 90% of the Empire’s privately manufactured arms trade was conducted here. Thousands of arms dealers live here and it’s said that if someone accidentally hit an arsenal here, the impact produced is enough to destroy the surrounding three galaxies!

This place existed as early as the reign of Emperor Louis I. It’s said that Louis I had reached a huge deal with them before the final battle, successfully taking enough munitions to suppress the disharmonious voices in the entire Empire.

Various legends shrouded the Black Castle with the same mystery as its name. In the minds of most people, the Black Castle must be a large warship, made of precious and strong metal, and all the stores have no store names, only ciphers. Everyone carried guns and ammunition of all kinds of advanced weapons and any disagreement will drag you to a dark alley to be killed.

Turns out that most people thought too much.

The Black Castle is a natural planet whose original name was “Black Star”. This name wasn’t because this is the largest black arms market, but because the soil of this planet is all black, looking like a black planet from space.

There’s no choice for the people here but to engage in arms trading: although the planet is black, it’s not suitable for growing crops. It’s been a long time since it was discovered that this kind of soil is very suitable for planting flowers and green grass, but since the ancestors here have been in the arms business for generations, many people here are black households.

Black Castle has a bad reputation outside so there are no decent schools on the planet….over time, the people on Black Star could only do the same business for generations and over time, they became even more shameless.

So although the craftsmanship has been passed down from generation to generation like Pendra, the inhabitants of Black Star are more unlucky. Their children can’t go to school and can only be arms dealers. Those who don’t want the business but like to fight can’t go to the Military and could only do the next best thing: becoming Star Pirates.

o(╯□╰)o Hey!

However, an aspiring young man finally appeared on Black Star. 50 years after becoming a star thief, he finally returned to his hometown after washing his hands clean. The name of this aspiring young man was “Roroya”.

Finding that the vegetables in their home planet grew very well, he decided to vigorously promote this plant from Black Star. It’s very difficult at first, but he found a stable sales channel on Bailu Star. After being introduced to the bosses of Bailu Star’s Idoli Commercial Street, his business stabilized.

Nowadays, the arms business is not easy to do, so Roroya mobilized many neighbors to do the vegetable business with him. Roroya even registered a special trademark for Black Star’s green dishes, and now, this “Black Castle Brand Green Dishes” became very famous in a small area.

When Black Star’s vegetable business was booming, the riots came.

Roroya’s vegetable delivery fleet was trapped in the universe. They’re all black households so after the disaster broke out, all planets had very strict access to refugees. In this case, no planet will naturally accept them. With no other way, with his men and a cabin full of vegetables, Roroya had to go back to his old business again——being a star thief.

Their way back home was particularly difficult. Fortunately, during their robbery, they robbed a special fleet and exchanged a few vegetables for a few spacecrafts from the other side. Not to mention, these spacecrafts are very powerful and look good. Finally, after all their ships were damaged, they relied on these spacecrafts to return to their hometown.

However, the situation in their hometown was even worse:

All contact with the outside world was interrupted. Except for the flowers and greens on the ground, they don’t have any supplies anymore. Other than that, there are also vagrants trying to enter their planet. These vagrants initially wanted to enter the planet and ask for asylum. After being refused, they actually tried to attack!

The location of Black Star has been exposed. If they continue to stay here, they’d either starve to death or be robbed. Even if they defend their territory and continue to consume it like this, sooner or later, their weapon reserves will be depleted.

They can’t live like this!

Gritting their teeth, Black Star decided to go out for refuge.

However, they are black households and no planet will accept their asylum request. This is expected, but they’re most afraid that the other party will not only refuse them but also arrest everyone on their side in the name of illegally possessing restricted weapons. Many businessmen are doing illegal business on Black Star and many of them had a bounty.

At this moment, Roroya proposed a location——Bailu Star.

Over the years, if you want to talk about communicating with the outside world, there’s no planet more connected to Black Star than Bailu Star: Many people have gone to Bailu Star to deliver vegetables and they have a good relationship with the owner of the biggest commercial street there. They even lead the way to the top prestigious school of the empire under the leadership of a small shopkeeper——they have strolled around the Imperial Comprehensive Academy and many looked forward to sending the next generation to study in this kind of place in the future.

Roroya’s proposal was passed unanimously.

As a result, the shopkeepers on Black Star moved their capital——the Empire’s second-best mobile battleship “Ares” while bringing as many vegetables as possible and their most valuable arms capital. The people of the entire planet advanced full speed to Bailu Star!

By the time Olivia led his troops to attack the Black Castle, the entire planet was already empty. Only the vegetables that have not been picked in the mountains and plains (they are in poor condition so it’s abandoned) remained, waiting for their arrival.

At the same time, the Ares, full of vegetables and restrictive weapons, finally entered Bailu Star’s atmosphere.

“Mu Gen, I’m here to send you vegetables!” Excited to send out a familiar signal, Uncle Roroya used a signal light to indicate his identity to Mu Gen!

The owners of the Black Castle not only brought vegetables but also brought high-end weapons that could shock the entire empire.

Bailu Star, a steel fortress that’s strictly guarded with the toughest shield, now possessed the sharpest weapon.

The young warrior had put on his armor and took up his weapon.


Starlight Calendar Month 11, Year 400, Ifadia, inside Hogbysburg

Here…is the eastern Palace of Emperor Louis I. The huge Palace of the emperor has 29 wings, 39 courtyards, and 3009 rooms, like a huge maze.

After the Emperor left his Palace, some rooms were used for the daily administration of the State Council, some became the nursery space for Kantas cubs, while more rooms have their doors closed and never opened again.

Like many Kantas cubs after the disaster, Sithili Rho Nashkiel was born in this Palace. This was once the place where he played and Sithili Rho Nashkiel knew the secrets of every room.

In his eyes, this Palace is the most magnificent building in the universe and no Palace could surpass it. Even a piece of wallpaper here is a cultural relic representing a period in history. This is the most precious heritage of the Empire. The full set of Louis I’s emperor clothes are still preserved here, even his crown, his scepter…all are properly kept in one of the rooms and even his throne was in the same place, waiting for the return of the master.

Sithili Rho Nashkiel is now kneeling on one knee under the golden throne with a calm expression.

Outside the room, you could faintly hear the terrible sound of heavy objects collapsing and find that a wall of soil was falling on the top of the Palace. The Palace is suffering a devastating blow!!!

Ifadia, this once most powerful and greatest planet in the entire Empire, is now quiet with the enemy raging.

A few days ago, under Sithili’s suggestion, Ifadia finally began to transfer refugees.

Yes, those who can live on this planet are distinguished people, and these big people and their descendants are now refugees.

The first to be transferred were the Kantas cubs who were still under Sithili’s custody. This move caused a large-scale panic among the officials of the State Council. They all knew what these cubs meant for Sithili, so in panic, many officials began preparing to abscond.

Sithili ordered the execution of the first batch of fleeing officials headed by the Finance Minister. He killed the first, then the second batch, but he couldn’t stop the others…as more and more people abandoned Ifadia, Sisithi simply arranged manpower to cover the transfer of these refugees.

When the last group of refugees, the largest one, moved, the enemy launched another attack. All displaced refugees as well as the military officers and soldiers who were covering them were killed in that attack.

Forcing the guards who stayed by his side to leave last, Sithili then launched Ifadia’s integrated defense system.

He directly activated the highest defense mode: At the cost of self-destruction, destroy all objects inside and outside the planet within its attack range. At this moment, he had just confirmed that most of the enemies were within this attack range!

Every year, Sithily spent a lot of energy repairing this gorgeous Palace, but he never dreamed that he would be the one who’d order its destruction.

The strong knees finally became unstable and Sithili fully knelt in front of the Emperor’s throne.

A large amount of blood ejected from the wound on his body due to this action, and the scarlet carpet became a more vivid red.

Sith could no longer control his body and his human face distorted into a huge dinosaur. The next second, he transformed and laid prostrate on the floor. Losing the cover of the human clothing, his body was particularly miserable due to his previous offensive behavior.

With both hands forcibly placed on the wall, Sithili suddenly raised his head. Finally unable to remain calm, he roared towards the throne: “Roar————”

The huge wail of a beast resounded throughout the Palace, and the shaking Palace became even shakier.

Looking at the golden throne obsessively, Sithili finally closed his big eyes.

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