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Moving to Bailu Star’s direction, Pendra (←the name of the current battleship), not only tripled their number, but the fleet behind it also formed a very spectacular scale. Although there are more and more people, under Robot Stone’s scheduling, all tasks were in order and everyone has only one goal: To go to Bailu Star!

The supplies began to be severely strained but after they rescued a few spacecrafts of mobile restaurants three days ago, this problem was successfully resolved.

It’s the interstellar restaurant chain opened by three-headed people. Because of their need to travel between galaxies, their food reserves are quite sufficient but due to the damage to their spacecraft, the three-headed people had to be scattered into several spacecrafts. Unfortunately, they didn’t get along well with everyone. In the end, Stone had to vacate a spacecraft just for them.

But Stone was also rewarded: Among the human beings rescued with the three-headed people, Stone found Doug! According to him, when the disaster struck, he was in an exchange study in a three-headed person’s restaurant and was trapped there.

The thin young man now looked thinner, but he’s still in good spirits. He was relieved when he heard that the destination of this fleet was Bailu Star, then he stayed quietly in the space allocated to him.

With their relationship, Stone secretly took advantage of his privileges and arranged for Doug a place very close to the toilet. As more and more people were on board, you have to line up to go to the toilet nowadays. If he arranged a convenient position for Master’s classmate, he should be happy, right?

Stone’s screen gleamed with a gentle green light.

At the same time, Doug, who didn’t know he was taken care of: …a bit smelly.

Later, they also encountered an army!

It’s a real army! It has a full 134 “Pendra” and also a particularly huge supply ship!

In front of this army, the unnamed fleet led by Stone was simply too weak.

This army immediately took over the refugees and of course, also took over the battleship from Pendra. Stone’s driving rights were immediately taken away. Not only that, because of Argos’ previous actions against robots and intellectual brains, this army was very vigilant towards robots. At first, they even wanted to destroy all the robots on the spacecraft but the owners of these robots protested too much. To not cause unnecessary panic at this time, they stayed there temporarily. However, every robot was registered and the owners are ordered to strictly monitor their robots at all times. If the robot caused any accidents in the future, all responsibilities will be borne by its owner. After checking them one by one, only Stone, YuanYuan, Little Black, and No. 21 were left.

The four robots stood there blankly, explaining that they were not without masters and were on the way to their master’s side, but no one paid attention to their explanation. Stone once again remembered that day, the day when he handed out the metal card countless times but was ignored.

Now that metal plate is no longer on him.

When he handed out the metal card for the last time, someone took it away. Stone waited expectantly for that person to confirm the content on the metal plate and then send him home. However, that person obviously forgot about it.

Then, he was forced to leave Bailu Star.

There is no metal card and no system record to confirm who his owner is, so Stone became an ownerless robot again.

Robots with no owner on the spacecraft were judged to be dangerous goods by the army, not to mention that one of the robots also piloted the battleship privately. In this case, these robots are to be destroyed.

Standing helplessly in the cockpit, their screens flashed a little flusteredly.

But at this moment, the seriously injured Argos sitting in the passenger seat spoke up: “These four robots are all mine.”

“What? Do you use four nanny robots alone?” The officer in charge of registering the information of the people on board obviously didn’t believe it, but how could they beat the aura of Argos, who had always been in the top position?

Argos, whose face was wrapped in bandages, had cold eyes. Even if he couldn’t move, he still looked like he could kill them: “Can’t I have money?”

Officer in charge of recording: …

After looking at the four robots, his gaze immediately turned to Argos: “Okay, then, can you say the names of the four robots. Remember, whichever of these four robots cause trouble, you will be held accountable!”

Argos just hooked his mouth.

Even if he’s seriously injured, he must be the most arrogant and coolest injured person: “The tallest robot is Stone, the black cat is Little Black, the round one is called Yuanyuan, and the square one is No. 21.”

The recorder immediately wrote down these names and then casually asked Argos: “Talk about your personal information.”

“Ar, the Imperial Guard, Captain,” Argos lazily said.

“…the rest?” In an instant, the recorder immediately respected him a lot. The military rank on his epaulet was only First Lt which is the first rank that the severely wounded man opposite him had.

“No comment.” Argos closed his eyes as soon as he finished speaking as if he’s done.

Seeing this appearance, the recorder was a little angry but thinking of the other party’s identity——a member of the Imperial Guard, he quickly put away his dissatisfaction: “Okay, you robots, help your master rest over there.”

He pointed to a location on the internal structure of the battleship. Remembering that place firmly, Stone, Yuanyuan, and No. 21 immediately moved Argos. Little Black had nothing to do so after wandering around, he finally rolled up the electronic poster on the table and snatched it away for Argos.

Have to say that the nanny robots are indeed very professional in taking care of people and Argos’ injuries are commonplace. In the past, every time he’s injured, his adjutant would always make it painful but when replaced with the few robots, he didn’t notice any bumps along the way and when his body sank, he opened his eyes after feeling the ground.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw three screens (←Stone, Yuanyuan, and No. 21) plus two small screens (←Little Black).

The four robots looking at him were touched.

Argos was stunned and stunned again: Since when…did he become able to judge the emotions of these robots through their screens? Wait——since when did he think that robots can also have emotions?

Just when Argos was stunned, Stone spoke: “Sir, you actually remembered our names.”

Argos just came back to his senses and became startled when he heard Stone’s words: Right, when did it start, he actually remember the names of these robots?

Then Robot Stone smiled again.


“Is it weird to remember your names?” Squinting his eyes, Argos looked at the smiling robot.

“En, because you obviously don’t like us. To be precise, you don’t like robots.” Robot Stone said very frankly.

Argos didn’t expect that his buried sentiments would be noticed by the robot.

“The human body is very wonderful. When they’re happy, sad, or angry…their heartbeat and pulse will change and their blood flow rate will also change. I used these to judge your emotions.” Stone was honest.

“…” Argos tilted his head: “Even knowing that I hate you, you continued to take care of me?”

Stone nodded: “There are indeed some humans who don’t like robots.”

“My Master said that robots are good but even among human beings, you can’t make everyone like you. Therefore, there’s no need to concern yourself about the emotions of others.” Stone continued.

Not everyone in this world liked robots and more people used robots as tools. There are even some people who hate robots. When Stone encountered this situation on Bailu Star for the first time, Sigma comforted him like this, and at the same time, told him that this was how Mu Gen had comforted him.

Because Mu Gen said it, Stone carefully recorded this on his hard drive, even including a piece of music and a photo.

This is his diary.

Seeing the robot’s natural attitude, Argos also nodded.

“Your Master is a good man.”

Only good people would have the time to instill chicken soup into a robot——Argos thought.


Robot Stone smiled: “Thank you for praising my Master. However, although I thank you very much for helping us avoid a terrible disaster, our master will not change. Please wait until we return to Bailu Star and I’ll use my savings to thank you.”

“I don’t have any savings, but I can help you mend clothes for a year.” Robot Yuanyuan also hurriedly said.

“I have money in my stomach but all of them belong to master, I, I can buy your favorite vegetables when I’m also buying vegetables.” This is No. 21.

The three robots all expressed their thanks to Argos in the way they could. But Little Black had nothing to add, besides, he can’t do anything.

“I…I can let you touch my belly.” After being jammed for a long time, Little Black finally can only come up with this method.

Argos: …

What a poor robot.

“When I wake up, remember to serve me food.” As soon as his eyes closed, Argos went to sleep.

But he didn’t sleep. From start to finish, his powerful senses let him know that the four robots are by his side at the moment and he could even hear their whispers as they chatted.

“Stone, do you have an account?” This is Yuanyuan’s voice.

“En.” Robot Stone said a number.

“More than the money in my stomach——” Hey! No. 21, you exposed the amount of your master’s small vault!

“Meow?” Don’t understand, pass.

“My Master will give me pocket money every month. When I go back, I’ll take out the deposit and give it to Mr. Ar. I have to make a new metal plate with the remaining money…” Stone talked about his plan.

The robots were whispering and since they can’t connect to the internet, their chats were finally known. Their lives are richer and purer than humans imagined.

“I really miss Master——” The chat of several robots finally ended with this sentence, just like every conversation before.

After listening, Argos finally fell asleep.

He thought that after this disaster, he should go back and ask the owner of Stone where he bought Stone. Perhaps he can also buy one.

Little Black’s kind is also pretty good.

Yuanyuan also looks very capable…

No. 21…

After he fell asleep for a long time, No. 21 suddenly asked a question: “Stone, is it true that Mr. Ar hates us?”

As an ancient robot, No. 21’s response had always been a bit slow. He didn’t have the high-end scanning equipment of Stone, so there’s no way to judge human emotions based on human body reaction.

Stone nodded. Seeing that No. 21 looked a little nervous, he immediately said: “However, he doesn’t hate us anymore.”

His heartbeat is very gentle and the blood flow is also very stable, which is its most normal state.

Raising a finger, Stone suddenly pointed to Little Black: “According to my judgment, Mr. Ar’s favorite robot is Little Black!”


Then, while Argos was asleep, several robots started a new round of chats.

The author has something to say:

Don’t forget Ode.

TINA V7C215: Away From Home
TINA V7C217: Persuasive Argos

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