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“This fleet is from the Tenth Legion…it’s said that their battleships were attacked by invaders so they retreated here.” When he brought dinner to Argos, Robot Stone whispered to him.

His expression ← okay, the robot has no expression. Nevertheless, when he spoke to Argos as if answering the owner’s question, he was actually reporting the information he inquired.

“They wanted to go to Ifadia to ask for support, but according to them, Ifadia has been destroyed, and the enemy had taken over the galaxy where Ifadia is located.” Robot No. 21 gave Argos a cut…of an apple peel ← Nowadays, materials are in short supply and fruits are extremely scarce. Only 1/5 of the apple was obtained by No. 21 from a bunch of humans and robots by relying on long-term grocery shopping skills. There’s no other way, after this Legion took over the fleet, they tightened the material distribution. Though it’s still distributed equally, there are always some things that can’t be divided equally, such as some fruits and vegetables. Often, only the people who lined up early can get it and at this time, you can see the combat effectiveness of the nanny robots! These limited products are basically only available to nanny robots. There’s no helping it, they had to buy food every day! The most delicious fruits and vegetables are always in short supply. Don’t look down on these nanny robots just buying food every day. When it comes to grabbing food, they will still fight to the death without mercy.

“Stone is the one that grabs food the most. No. 21’s arm was removed by him.” ← Yuanyuan also revealed Stone’s dark history and then continued to narrate the gossip he had inquired: “The previous Legion Commander was seriously injured.”

As No. 21 stuffed one-fifth of the peeled apple into Argos’ mouth, Argos ate it. While chewing, he fell into thought.

Tenth Legion? The Commander should be Alruf Ivan Grigley, who graduated from Daolan School of Strategic Studies before the merger. At the beginning of the disaster, he was ordered to rescue teachers and students from three nearby Academies.

Like most officers of Daolan Aofa Military Academy, this officer prefers to use strategy and tactics and is also a fan of high technology. He has close contacts with many large consortia and his mother was the cousin of the Empire’s top tycoon Sumei. After his father died when he was young due to a mission, he was raised by his mother and this lady from the Sumei family fully demonstrated her tough side after her husband passed away. Taking advantage of the status of widows of military generals and being related to a top tycoon, she had contacts with many high-level military officers. Under her arrangement, Alruf gained a lot of resources from his father’s clan even after losing his father. He grew up like an excellent successor to a normal senior officer family, but when finally deciding on the Academy, he didn’t enter Horsey Military Academy, which the Grigley family normally entered, but entered the Daolan Aofa Military Academy, which is more “gentle”. It’s said that his mother wanted him to enter the Daolan School of Strategic Studies more, but due to the strong opposition of the Grigley family, the compromise was going to Aofa Military Academy. (T/N: I’m also a little lost at this. Eh, just gloss over it, it doesn’t have much bearing to the story.)

Argos’ evaluation of him is: He’s more like a politician than a soldier, lacks courage, is indecisive, and a mother’s good boy.

Unexpectedly, he got on the ship of the “good boy”. This isn’t good news.

No one knew Alruf’s abilities better than Argos. This man can play schemes, but he can’t fight at all!

But in this way, the changes in food supply after this takeover are very understandable: They must feel it’s a loss to feed so many refugees!

However, they wanted the supplies and spacecraft brought by the refugees and also wanted to maintain the reputation of being a gentleman. Maybe he wanted to take these refugees back to earn some military merit or something, but in this case, it’s better to give up some of the refugees but this proposal can’t be made by him. It’s best to let the refugees divide by themselves.

In the absence of materials and a long road ahead, there’s nothing more convenient than to start with the food supply.

Therefore, after the Legion took over the refugees, they immediately adjusted the food supply.

It’s still evenly distributed, but there are fewer things to distribute, and there’s even some food that needs to be fought over to get. In this case, there’s bound to be a conflict between the ones who can grab it and the ones who can’t. Like-minded people who originally wanted to share the same hatred and help each other will turn their heads around and become enemies at any time! In addition, many people sent nanny robots to collect food and the combat power of robots was definitely higher than that of ordinary people. It won’t be long before the humans who originally accepted these robots become disgusted with the robots who grabbed the precious food. At that time, when there are more voices of resistance, and when more and more humans propose to expel the robots and their owners, they can do more with one fell swoop…

However, this line of thinking didn’t feel like Alruf’s handwriting. Although he likes to scheme, he’s not this mean.

He’s a person who looks at the big picture. Although his mother’s request is more conservative, he will also proceed with the overall situation in mind, otherwise, the military would never send him to protect the precious next generation of the Empire.

He always feels like….this isn’t like Alruf.

Thinking so, Argos didn’t realize that he’d already eaten the apple in his mouth and still chewed until he bit his tongue, only then did he wake up from contemplation.

Feeling his leg sink, Argos saw Little Black lightly stepping on his leg with a paw. Immediately afterward, he saw a very horrifying scene:

Little Black looked around vigilantly, and then his mouth suddenly widened——in a huge way!

It’s like a snake! 囧! ← Argos thought.

He immediately saw an apple fall out of Little Black’s open mouth.

That’s right! Whole! Complete! Not peeled!

After spitting out the apple, Little Black immediately rolled the apple under Argos’ blanket.

After doing all this, he raised his little head, looked around again, then his screen flickered:

“I was seen by two soldiers while walking today. They said a rat had entered the storage room and they asked me to catch the rat. So Little Black went to catch the mouse but along the way…picked up the apple that fell on the ground.”

Little Black talked about his experience today, then turned his head and emphasized: “Not the apples in the storage cabinet, but the apple that fell on the ground. There’s a bug bite on it so they don’t want it.”

However, thinking that this is an apple that others don’t want, Little Black worried that Argos would look down at this “discarded” apple and quickly added: “Master said that the fruit that has been bitten by a bug is more delicious so this must be delicious. Mr. Ar, didn’t you say you wanted to eat apples yesterday?”

“Ah? When did I say that?” Argos frowned.

“When talking in your sleep.” Little Black honestly replied.

Then Argos became speechless.

No wonder today, No. 21 went to grab an apple, and then Little Black vomited another one for him.

He touched the apple under the blanket, moved, but finally resisted trying to touch Little Black.

“…while catching mice in the warehouse today, two soldiers said that Lt General Grigley was seriously injured and was about to die. Now the person who took over command is the highest-ranking person on the spacecraft, and his name is Lt General Pei Nan.” When Argos touched the apple, Little Black suddenly said something unexpected. This was simply too important! What he thought was confusing before was answered all of a sudden!

“It turned out to be that guy.” With the corners of his mouth curled up slightly, Argos gave a sarcastic smile.

With insufficient military service, Pei Nan was promoted to the rank of Lt General because he became the Dean of Daolan Aofa Military Academy. This guy has been a paper pusher all his life, and has researched a lot of theories about strategy and tactics but had no actual war experience. This guy doesn’t even have self-knowledge. In recent years, he frequently wanted to grasp some real power but though he didn’t get this opportunity when the Empire was peaceful, now…

“Are you that crazy to be in power?” Argos smiled contemptuously.

After smiling, when he looked at the four robots around him again, the emotions in his eyes became more complicated: It’s so easy to figure out the situation of the battleship to this point, this group of nanny robots really can’t be underestimated.


As Argos expected, the conflicts caused by the food supply began to erupt on a small circle——

The first to become violent were the three-headed people. They’re already grumpy and sensitive, so this conflict caused by their race exploded during a food grab.

The three-headed people were temporarily locked up, while the rest continued to live. However, the food supply policy was still the same and soon, the contradictions between robots and humans broke out!

The robot’s errors are borne by their owners and this contradiction immediately produced conflict between the humans in the fleet.

Argos didn’t expect: He actually became the protagonist of a conflict!

The apple Little Black brought him was discovered!

Someone even took a video of the scene where Little Black spat out an apple for him, and then accused the robot of theft!

With such a shortage of food, any small conflict involving food will evolve into a major conflict that cannot be avoided. But who is Argos? The current leader of the Imperial Guards is always dealing with all kinds of conspiracies. He was born amidst the State Council and immersed in the exchanges of various politicians, then joined the Military when he was a little older. Upon entering the Military, it’s the Imperial Guard that has the most complicated situation. This group has the highest average quality among Imperial soldiers and the most complicated private Legion! To climb quickly to this position and finally settle in the boss position, Argos, of course, is a very capable man.

He first denied that his robot’s behavior was theft, insisting that it was “picked up” by the robot on the floor.

Then, he quickly changed the people’s attention from “theft” to the action of “picking it up”: What’s the situation right now? Isn’t the Legion saying that there’s a shortage of food? In the case of shortage, can they be picky? Even throwing away worm-bitten apples?

The people’s attention instantly shifted from the robot to the “Military wasting food”.

Then, someone said that all the fruits they ate recently were what they brought and the people immediately started thinking. Is it possible that the food they’re eating now is not their own?

Then, as the previous material manager, Stone reported the reserves of all remaining materials before taking over.



As a severely wounded who’s still unable to move, Argos cleverly transmitted the current contradiction. The refugees who had signs of dividing not only united, but their relationship was even better than ever. They kept asking the administrators to announce the use of materials and those people who want to sit by and enjoy their achievements can’t sit still right now. Under these circumstances, the daily food supply unexpectedly returned to the way it used to be.

“Sure enough, he’s an idiot.” Argos, with a bandage on his face, smiled sarcastically.

“If you want a good reputation and want to do bad things, how can there be such a simple thing? It’s taboo to only do half the act…” Just like how he treated his assistant officers in the past, he casually said his analysis. In some respects, Argos considers himself qualified to be the Dean of an academy. See: How well-tempered and willing to guide he is!

He didn’t pay attention that unknowingly, he had treated the four robots as his closest subordinates.

Listening to his words, Robot Stone just tilted his head.

The author has something to say:

Doubting nothing, good student Stone has broken down

PS: Here is an explanation of the current situation in Ifadia from a side perspective.

TINA V7C216: Like and Hate
TINA V7C218: Obey

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