TINA V7C223: Converge

TINA V7C222: White Cloud Duoduo
TINA V7C224: Mr. □□

None of the spacecraft’s scanners spotted the spacecraft in advance and it wasn’t until they approached that the behemoth was already in sight.

However, even when the other party is already so close to them, there’s still a strong sense of unreality in everyone who saw it: The scene before them was devastating, all the spacecrafts were destroyed and at this time, a complete, clean, and even tidy spacecraft suddenly sailed out of the ruins, which always made people feel that it’s abnormal.


With that looming figure so close, without paying attention, this spacecraft disappeared into the blind spot of human sight for an instant.

It’s weird!

The first thought in most people’s minds: Isn’t this the enemy’s battleship?

But this idea was fleeting because soon, they saw the Empire’s national emblem on the spacecraft. The moment they saw the national emblem, they first breathed a sigh of relief and then felt even more strange in their hearts:

The national emblem on the ship was not the national emblem of the Empire today (the center of the pattern is empty), but the national emblem of Louis I’s era (the center of the pattern is a golden Kantas with a crown and a scepter).

This national emblem appeared on spacecrafts a few hundred years ago so the situation in front of them was really weird.

This…could this be a ghost ship?

The people present thought so.


“Hello everyone, I am Robot Stone.” The sound of Robot Stone suddenly sounded from the communication platform of each spacecraft and battleship.

Before the humans could be surprised, images of Robot Stone immediately appeared on the video platforms of the spacecrafts and battleships. It’s that nanny robot they’re familiar with. His appearance have not changed and the sound was no different from before, but…behind him, people saw remains of robots’ bodies piled up on a hill.

Half a mechanical arm, a small section of a mechanical leg, a hairy tail, fingers…all kinds of fragments.

“We have completed the task.”

“But I was the only robot that survived in the end.”

Stone calmly narrated the completion of the mission and then paused. He added a sentence he had seen in a movie.

“Fortunately not losing my life.”

The expressionless robot standing with his broken companions looked dazed. At this point, these humans who rushed back to rescue could no longer bear it. Through the communicator, Stone heard the cries one after another.

This is the cry of human beings.

The sad cry after knowing that their robot no longer exists.

It’s great that human beings are crying for them!

Gently touching the tail and the mechanical arm in his hand, Stone’s screen turned into a deep blue for a moment.

Humans are one step late after all. Before they arrived, all robots except for Stone have been sacrificed, but even so, Stone is still full of gratitude.

The humans tried to enter the white foggy area to salvage but this proposal was rejected by Argos.

He was the first person who called everyone back to rescue the robots and now, he’s also the one who prevented everyone from entering the white foggy area to salvage. Many people couldn’t understand, but under the explanation of Robot Stone, they finally stopped this irrational thought.

“The pursuers used weapons of mass destruction which contained large amounts of radioactive materials harmful to humans; there are still a large number of high speed moving wreckage in the white fog area and any carelessness will cause a fatal blow to the salvaging spacecraft; In addition, due to the extremely dense dust, the light waves emitted by the pursuers are still constantly reflected around this area…”

Stone explained very seriously which prevented everyone.

“We are very happy that you all came back. Thank you, thank you all.”


Stone finally replaced all the robots and bowed to the human beings going to rescue them.

This white fog area caused by the enemy’s intensive and devastating strikes didn’t dissipate for a whole hundred years. After the war ended, the Empire spent decades of efforts to finally clear out the harmful substances in this area but the white mist was left behind for some inexplicable reason. This eventually became the Empire’s second tomb aside from the Dead Sea Emperor’s Tomb.

Although this area was also artificially formed due to a disaster, it’s different from the Dead Sea Emperor’s Tomb. No human beings died in this disaster, but no human death doesn’t mean that there’s no sacrifice since this is the resting place of 50 nanny robots.

In the long, long future when the Empire is no longer the only Empire in the universe and as their civilization level gets higher and higher, they’d gradually discover more and more parallel universes and communicate with others accompanied by large and small conflicts and battles. There’d always be unfriendly neighbors trying to peer into the Empire, that flourishing starfield, but this is extremely difficult. Looking at each other across a long star field, the two famous tombs of the Empire, the Dead Sea Emperor’s Tomb and the White Resting Ground (←the future name of this white fog area) have also become the tombs of the invaders. Like two natural barriers, they prevented a considerable number of intruders from coming.

So the humans gradually formed legends: This is the guardian power brought by Emperor Louis I and robots.

The guardian of the Dead Sea Emperor’s Tomb is the Emperor, domineering and powerful, this great emperor refused anyone who coveted his royal tomb, rejecting all invaders outside and within the empire.

The guardians of the White Resting Ground are the nanny robots, which are very safe guardians.

Strangely enough, many people from the Empire have accidentally lost their way in the White Resting Place but though most people left smoothly, those offenders from outside the Empire didn’t receive such good treatment. Once they enter, they will basically become part of this area. Over time, the covered area of the White Resting Ground gradually expanded.

It’s dangerous, but in the eyes of the Empire, it’s safe and beautiful. People living on nearby planets could even see it in their sky, white, with warm light, like the gate of heaven.

Whenever they see that piece of white light, many people would point to it and tell their children: Look, it’s the White Resting Ground. Doesn’t it look like a door? That’s the gate of heaven! Below the door are us humans and inside the door are a group of cute nanny robots. Giving hope of survival to their masters, they sacrificed themselves heroically. After they died, they became part of the starry sky and lived in the starry sky of the Empire forever.

Well, that’s a story for a long, long, long time in the future.

At this moment, people gave a final glance at the white fog area behind them then drove away from this starfield——

Argos’ attention was all focused on White Cloud Duoduo.

“Although it’s printed with the national emblem of the Empire, it’s the national emblem hundreds of years ago. The most important point is that it doesn’t have a ship number yet. Is this a black ship? And——” Upon seeing the three enemy battleships trapped in the capture cabin through the monitoring equipment. Although he looks calm on the surface, Argos’ heart is actually full of ups and downs right now!

The first time! This is the first time the empire has captured an enemy in a frontal battle! And it’s the enemy’s battleship!

“And…this is a battleship, right? All battleships have a registration number inside the military, including the one we sailed from Pendra. Although there’s no time to list it, it’s actually been filed a long time ago. But this battleship has nothing. It’s illegal to build battleships privately.”

“Come down. Although this battleship saved you, it’s a suspicious person, and you’re not safe in it.” Argos waved to Robot Stone from the video.

Since meeting with humans, White Cloud Duoduo had been silent. Humans liked very honest spacecrafts so he didn’t say a word and had to let Stone explain for him.

“However, White Cloud Duoduo is my master’s spacecraft. He went to upgrade a few years ago. This, this…” Stone got stuck.

“Which unit does your master belong to? If you’re not a member of a unit affiliated with the military department, this is considered to be illegal possession of a large offensive battleship!” Argos quietly said: “I must remind you, don’t make trouble for your master. If it’s just me, I can help you cover it up, but the senior officers here are no longer just me. Another guy will come soon and he and I don’t get along well, he can’t see such a battleship without asking.”

Argos was referring to Olivia. They met with Olivia’s army on the way so he was able to bring people back to rescue these robots. Olivia himself neither supported nor opposed his move.

Olivia is no longer that little chick who couldn’t resist being brought to the Imperial Military Academy by him. At a young age, with witty calculations, Argos had long discovered that he couldn’t smoothly speculate the other party’s thoughts every time.

Unlike Argos in the dark, Olivia walked along the “high road” in the military system. Although they used to have a teacher-student relationship, now the two are not in the system. Due to slightly different political opinions, coupled with the incident of taking him away back then, the relationship between Olivia and Argos is not friendly. Now that Argos mobilized a rescue for robots which already made him lose face, it won’t be so good if he finds out about the private possession of a battleship…

Then Robot Stone became a little worried.

Going through the back door, knowing it is fine but saying it out loud is not good ← Although he’s a robot, Stone had also dabbled in human common sense. White Cloud Duoduo obviously knew this too so he didn’t say a word.

And as Mr. Ar said, White Cloud Duoduo doesn’t look like a spacecraft but more like a battleship! According to the Empire’s preparation law, private possession of battleships is indeed illegal, ah! White Cloud Duoduo has been lost for five years and he forgot to tell him just now:

Master Mu Gen reported wrong and didn’t get admitted to the Traffic Control Bureau of Bailu Star’s Local Armed Police and Public Safety Management Department under the Military but under the State Council. In this case, Master Mu Gen can’t arrange work for White Cloud Duoduo at all! In this situation——

Suddenly, a light bulb on Stone’s head lit up.

“Master Olivia! White Cloud Duoduo was a spacecraft owned by Master Olivia. It was upgraded and was about to go to the army to take up his post. As a result, the disaster broke out.”

Right! Master Olivia can legally own a battleship!

Argos was dumbfounded.

“Yo! Your Excellency, I heard that you went back this time to save your robot? I heard that there’s even an unregistered battleship?” At this moment, Olivia arrived.

The author has something to say:

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And then got slapped in return

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TINA V7C222: White Cloud Duoduo
TINA V7C224: Mr. □□

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