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When Robot Stone sat in the driver’s seat again and tried to resume operation, the buttons didn’t work anymore. He glanced at the energy box:

Sure enough, the energy ran out.

Then, he simply sat in the driver’s seat and watched the scene outside. The white smoke in the sky was the only scenery he could see. But after Stone sat there for five minutes, he always felt like he saw a spacecraft among the white smoke…

Is it an illusion?

But…robots won’t have illusions.

Tilting his head, Stone took out a handkerchief from the hidden compartment in his stomach. He rubbed hard on his screen and when he looked in that direction again, he got jammed:

There’s…actually a real spacecraft!

And it’s such a big spacecraft!

Almost blending with the surrounding white fog, the behemoth approached the battleship Stone was driving leisurely.

“Good afternoon.” There was a sound in the cockpit and Stone immediately realized that it came from the spacecraft. Uh…without the network, the communication method between spacecrafts is basically through signal lights. How could the other party talk inside his battleship?

The nanny robot Stone thought for a long time, but couldn’t figure it out.

“Excuse me, are you making these dust pollutants?” The pilot on the huge spacecraft asked again: “Article 301 stipulates: Dust covering an area of more than 1000 cubic meters is called dust pollution and those who are responsible for the pollution must be severely punished by the law. If the dust component is harmful to the human body, severe cases will be sentenced to death.”

Hearing that he was going to be sentenced to death, Stone hurriedly shook his head. Realizing that the other party couldn’t see, he said to the communication device: “Good afternoon, more than 80% of this dust was not made by me.”

But part of it was done by him.

After thinking about it, Stone honestly admitted the remaining mistake.

“20% is made by me.”

“I’m glad that you can recognize your mistake. I’m the spacecraft White Cloud Duoduo who’s going to Bailu Star’s Local Armed Security and Public Safety Management Department to take up my post.”

Stone was stunned.

Not a policeman or an officer, but a spacecraft? A spacecraft in the process of taking up an office?

“Excuse me, are you a spacecraft?”

“En, why, do I not look like a spacecraft?”

“No!” Aware of the possibility that he had offended the other party again, Stone immediately tried to make up for his mistake: “You look so majestic, you’re simply a battleship!”

“You have foresight! The parts of my body are all military standards and my master modified me according to battleship standards.” Although the other party’s tone was very flat, he sounded very happy from what he’s saying.

“But even so, I can’t become a battleship, so I can only join the military after I succeed in this post. I have to become a military-organized spacecraft before I could become a battleship.” The huge spacecraft told Stone about his prospects for promotion.


Is this the correct procedure?

Stone’s screen flickered. A so-called military-organized spacecraft…isn’t it a battleship built to serve the military from the beginning? Can ordinary spacecrafts become battleships?

“Of course, ordinary spacecrafts can’t but I know people in Bailu Star. My friend Mu Gen is already working in the Traffic Control Bureau of Bailu Star’s Local Armed Security and Public Safety Management Department. He currently doesn’t have a spacecraft so if I became his spacecraft, I can officially get a military-registered ship number.”

“It doesn’t matter if that didn’t work, my other friend Olivia is already an official solder. I think he shouldn’t mind arranging a ship number for a cute little spacecraft.” The “cute little spacecraft” said cheerfully.

Stone, on the other end of the communicator, was completely stuck.

After being jammed for a full minute, his program finally returned to normal. Countless programs were running at high speed at the same time and for the first time, Stone felt his core slightly get hot!

“I am Stone! I’m the nanny robot from Mu Gen and Olivia’s family!” He immediately reported his identity.

His inner core is getting hotter and hotter. Fortunately, his “heart’s” material is very advanced. Quickly cooling down the high heat caused by the high-speed operation of his core and touching the slightly trembling “heart” at work, Stone finally said what he had wanted to say for a long time:

“Please take me home!”

After speaking, he stopped in place, this time, waiting for the other party to answer. It’s actually just two seconds but it felt like two hours had passed.

This is what humans called anxiousness and uneasiness, right?

“Anxious and uneasy”, Stone heard the other party say two words:

“I can.”

No longer indifference nor neglect. This time, Robot Stone finally got the long-awaited affirmative answer from the other party.


“But I don’t know the way.” The “cute little spacecraft” immediately followed up. “The port of my mother planet has been abandoned for many years and the navigation system on my body is an old version 800 years ago. In addition, before obtaining a ship number, I also can’t get the registration code to connect to the central system.”

Stone: …so, your a little black ship? (TN: As in, a ship from a black household.)

“Excuse me, when did you leave your home planet?” Stoned asked the other person.

“Starlight Calendar Day 3, Month 7, Year 395. After receiving a letter from my friend Alpha, I set off immediately.” The little spacecraft immediately reported the date.

Stone: …

In other words, Mr. Spacecraft has been lost for five years?

For some reason, Robot Stone suddenly felt his way home become illusory again.

Even so, Stone took the helping hand from the other party. With the wreckage of his companions, he boarded the huge strange spacecraft through the docking port, and then——

“Welcome to White Cloud Duoduo.”

He finally knew the name of this spacecraft.

Soon after Stone landed on White Cloud Duoduo, the chaser’s battleship also sailed into the misty area and Stone immediately tensed.

Perceiving the tension on Robot Stone, White Cloud Duoduo’s voice once again sounded in the control cabin: “Are they also people in need?”

“No.” With his screen looking at the opponent’s ship, Stone said word by word: “They are bad guys invading the empire. To cover the retreat of humans’ ships, except for me, a total of 50 robots were destroyed by them.”

“Roger that.” The icy voice of White Cloud Duoduo sounded in the control room.

“Invading the country and pursuing the common people of the Empire, destroying more than 50 spacecraft and robots, creating large scale dust pollution…determining opponent as a first-level arrest target.”

Not long after the decision was issued, the buttons on the console lighted up on their own. The second seat belt automatically popped out from under the seat and firmly fixed Robot Stone, then, Stone heard the alarm bell for weapons charging.

“Capture tool is ready for the capture operation. 3——2——1——” The white hull was perfectly hidden between the light and stardust. Like a hunter, White Cloud Duoduo silently lurked beside the battleship which Robot Stone had just left. As the enemy approached, he opened the huge capture pod!

“The arrest of three targets completed, and the remaining seven fled.” White Cloud Duoduo reported its progress while changing weapons.

Stone looked nervously at the monitor and was stunned when he saw that three of the enemies who had brutally destroyed many spacecrafts enter the capture cabin of White Cloud Duoduo: “Is this okay? The opponent’s weapons are very powerful.”

“Please rest assured, the situation is very safe now. While Cloud Duoduo has the empire’s sturdiest capture cabin. As long as any spacecraft or battleship enters the capture compartment, there’s no longer any possibility of escape.”

A battleship’s world is something a nanny robot won’t understand——after worrying for a while and looking at how confident White Cloud Duoduo is, Stone also turned his attention to the pursuers outside.

Don’t know why, although the other party fled, it’s obvious that they couldn’t confirm the location of the arrester, White Cloud Duoduo, and they’re obviously taken aback by the sudden attack just now. Soon after escaping, the remaining seven battleships simultaneously launched their strongest attack towards White Cloud Duoduo’s position——

Stone watched countless white lights hitting him! The white light intertwined into a huge web of light and hit them!

However, White Cloud Duoduo didn’t move at all, not even a tremble, and held against the wave of intensive attacks.

“The attack equivalent to 10000 watts of magnetism has exceeded the Empire’s warning line for each battleship to legally possess firepower. Conclusion: Illegal possession of military-grade weapons; There is no legal ship number on the target, conclusion: Illegal driving.” Countless white lights hit White Cloud Duoduo densely but he didn’t care and reported the various data that he received on his hull like it’s normal. Then, Stone felt a slight vibration under his feet.

Not the shock of being hit by an external weapon, but…the shock from the parts inside the hull moving by themselves!

“Target used violent means to resist police’s law enforcement, and cumulative attack reached the conventional equivalent of blasting one hundred general purpose police spacecrafts. It’s determined that the other party’s behavior constitutes a violent attack on the police, and White Cloud Duoduo is about to implement a destruction plan.”

Accompanied by the icy mechanical sound, White Cloud Duoduo used the weapon originally hidden inside the ship’s hull.

What his weapon looks like, Robot Stone naturally has no way of knowing, however——

Stone saw a red light.

The thin red light penetrated the white fog and hit the pursuers accurately!

The original pursuer immediately turned into the pursued one. Stone saw them fleeing frantically and then, got hit——

The red light enveloped everything.

After a while, the universe returned to peace again.

“Enforcement is over.” Stone heard the silent mechanical sound of White Cloud Duoduo.

After a while, confirming safety, White Cloud Duoduo automatically dropped the second seat belt, and Stone, which had been tied to the seat, could finally move freely.

“…before you succeed in taking up the post and getting the license of a police ship, you….this behavior is also illegal, right?” Sitting on the seat and shaking his head, Stone only said those words.

There was silence between the little spacecraft and the little robot for three seconds, and then——

“Let’s go to Bailu Star quickly.” White Cloud Duoduo made a happy decision.

And so, after Olivia, leading Argos’ army, came back to rescue the robots, what they saw is the white mist almost covering the entire starfield, as well as…

Shadowed in the white mist and slowly driving towards them was…

White Cloud Duoduo.

The author has something to say:

Trust me a little bit~

Because everyone has a love for robots, we can’t allow bad things to happen to them even if this is their own choice.

These robots are not treated as scrap, nor are they replaced due to aging parts.

They died as heroes.

More importantly, in this era of fierce disputes over concepts, they have changed a considerable number of people’s views on robots.

At the same time, humans also changed them.

When Stone clearly stated that “that is the enemy”, they formally became a complete empire.

No longer will they be shaken by the enemy because their life forms are similar, they’re also part of the empire.

PS: I kept it until this chapter, and finally let Stone say that sentence:

Please take me home.

In the next chapter, Stone’s ship will go home.

PPS: Have something today so I’ll update in advance during the morning.

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