RTBAS 063: This Consort Won’t Give You A Green Hat

RTBAS 056: The Wangfu Was Attacked

Xiao Guifei also saw it. Pointing at the fresh-looking corpse, her lips trembled, but she couldn’t say a word. She finally fainted in anger.

Although Tao Zhi was only a small Palace servant, over the years, her name had always been a taboo in the Six Palaces.

The carriage stopped in front of the gate to the Mansion. Jiu Wangye snorted softly and the little hands that had been wrapped around his waist finally released.

Xiao Ting let go of the life-saving straw without blushing or panting. She swiftly jumped out of the carriage and then swaggered in.

Hmph, if you want to ask when she woke up, she could only tell you that this miss didn’t faint at all.

Wangfei, you’re back!” Hong Shao sent Xiao Ting to the Palace last night and began to worry about it. Seeing that her master returned intact, she almost cried in joy.

Xiao Ting walked over, poked her forehead, and said: “Where are Xiao Yun and Xiao Shi?”

She had already figured it out on the way. They had been cheated by that Jiu Wangye.

But she was rescued by that person just now. Moreover, she relied on the other person to get away, so it’s not good to turn her face now.

The most important thing was that she can’t beat that bastard at all.

“In the martial arts field.”

“Go get something to eat. I’ll go see them.”

When Xiao Ting arrived, Xiao Xin and Chu Yun were doing a horse stance in the distance. The little ones seemed to be doing well.


She greeted the two boys, but only Xiao Xin blinked at her, while Chu Yun deliberately turned her face to the other side.

Xiao Ting sat down in the pavilion next to it. After a while, Hong Shao brought the food over. Xiao Ting asked as she ate: “What happened last night?”

Although Hong Shao didn’t know much, she could still describe it to Xiao Ting.

As a result, Xiao Ting was dumbfounded, “He’s really black-hearted. He even used his son and threw him into the well. Grandma, this old lady will ask him to settle accounts.”

“Who are you going to settle the accounts with?” As he said that, Jiu Wangye arrived, his tone still calm. Hong Shao retreated.

Xiao Ting stared at him while fuming, then said: “Naturally, I’m looking for you.”

She walked around the stone table and stood opposite Jiu Wangye. Meow. She found that their heights were a bit unequal since it’s too far apart.

So she stood on the stone bench and asked: “Did you design everything last night?”

Jiu Wangye nodded and sat down on the other side, staring faintly at the two little ones on the martial arts field.

“You…” The advantage that Xiao Ting finally found became useless, so she jumped off the stone bench and turned to him again, blocking his vision with her hands on her hips.

“It’s fine for you to use me, but they’re still children. I heard that you threw them into a dry well.” She was very angry.

Jiu Wangye still just nodded. Although he’s looking at her, Xiao Ting always felt that this person was not looking at her.

“Do you just know how to nod? Will you die if you say something?”

Jiu Wangye finally withdrew his indifferent attitude. His gaze instantly became deep as he stared at her for a long while.

Xiao Ting felt a little guilty when he looked at her, so she unconsciously stepped back.

“W-what are you looking at? Is this consort wrong?”

“Will not.”

Xiao Ting was taken aback for a moment: “What will not?”

Jiu Wangye calmly said: “Me speaking. I won’t die if I speak a word.”

Xiao Ting went silent.

Forget it, discussing this with this bastard would definitely piss her off.

“Then tell me, why did you throw me into the Palace last night? And why did you bully those two?”

“Are you sure you want to listen?”

Xiao Ting nodded.

Jiu Wangye‘s gaze became indifferent again, “Sometimes, the more you know, the faster you die.”

His voice was obviously calm and without a trace of emotion, but Xiao Ting could hear a hint of death.

At this moment, she shrank her neck and said: “Forget it, this consort is very busy and I don’t have time to listen to your nonsense, but I warn you. You’re not allowed to use the children in the future. You should use, um, use this consort!”

Xiao Ting decided not to stay with this perverted person who’s neither human nor ghost. He’s very dangerous.

As for the two little imps, uh, she wished them luck!

Benwang has noted it down. Wangfei, please wait. Since we’re taking advantage of each other and now that we’ve cleared that up, there’s still another thing this one wanted to ask wangfei.”

Xiao Ting paused, pulled out an extremely reluctant smile, then asked: “This consort’s brain is rather stupid, what could I tell wangye?”

Jiu Wangye ignored her modesty and asked bluntly: “Have you really met mother concubine?”

Xiao Ting immediately knew that brainless YuChi XinHan told Jiu Wangye.

Didn’t he say he didn’t believe it? Meow, he really knew how to talk, so shameless.

Xiao Ting nodded, “Yes.”

“Then can you tell me about that night!”

Xiao Ting had to go back and sit opposite Jiu Wangye. She thought about it, then tried to restore the situation at that time.

“You mean, mother concubine died to save me. She had been by my side for so many years and is still in my body.”

Jiu Wangye‘s voice was slow and without emotion. When such a shocking thing came out of his mouth, it’s like saying that the weather was sunny today. It’s that casual.

Xiao Ting curled her lips and saw that everything on the stone table was stuffed into her belly. She began craving for grapes again.

“Hong Shao, I want to eat grapes.”

Then she faced him, “That’s all I know, but according to your mother concubine, someone instructed her to do this back then, and she didn’t know who that person was.”

“Therefore, I’m a wretched person.” Jiu Wangye looked down at his hands. Xiao Ting craned her neck and found that his fingertips seemed to tremble uncontrollably, but his face was as calm as a pool of stagnant water.

What a strange person.

“So, do you want to die now?” She really couldn’t understand these hypocritical human beings.

Jiu Wangye sat for a while, then stood up and said: “Can you really see ghosts?”

Xiao Ting rolled her eyes at him, “Could this consort be so free to pretend and make up stories for you?”

“Mother concubine calls that woman Gu XiangYi, right?”

“Yes, didn’t you know her?”

Jiu Wangye didn’t answer her question. At this time, Hong Shao came over with the washed grapes, and Jiu Wangye was about to leave.

Xiao Ting was also used to his temperament, and she didn’t care about those things at all, so she rolled her eyes and said: “Wangye, wait a minute, this consort has something to ask you!”

After saying that, she whispered to Hong Shao, and Hong Shao quickly walked away.

After a while, Hong Shao came over with a small box, placed it respectfully on the stone table, and stepped back.

Xiao Ting’s eyes were full of little stars as she opened the box, grabbed the roll of paper, then said: “This is wangye‘s. You look at it!”

Seeing that she cherished this thing very much, Jiu Wangye held it suspiciously for the moment. After opening it and looking at it, when he looked up, his face was still flat, but his eyes had become a little uncertain.

Xiao Ting lost her smile and said: “Look carefully. These items have been approved by the Emperor. Yun’er also has no objection, so I signed this guarantee.”

“This is an exchange, don’t think it’s too harsh.”

For some reason, when Xiao Ting said the word ‘exchange’, he remembered the last time he fell asleep. When he woke up, he was being taken advantage of by this woman and didn’t know the general situation.

Seeing Jiu Wangye‘s ears redden, Xiao Ting thought he was angry, so she secretly muttered: This person’s mind is really deep. It’s obvious he’s angry, but it didn’t show on his face.

Taking a sneak peek again, Xiao Ting decided to pull her trump card, “That, of course, this consort will never give you a green hat.”

Without waiting for Jiu Wangye‘s opinion, Xiao Ting felt a little uneasy. Soon, Jiu Wangye got up, took the scroll, and walked away.

Xiao Ting was dumbfounded. Did he agree or not?

Or is he preparing to destroy the evidence?

Thinking of this, Xiao Ting directly stood on the railing, looked at Jiu Wangye‘s back, and shouted: “That, wangye, five of us has a copy each. Even if you destroy that one, it’s useless. Besides, it’s this miss who suffers!”

At first, she said it well, but when he heard her last sentence, Jiu Wangye suddenly turned around, tapped his toes, and with a few leaps, he arrived on the pavilion. He came face to face with Xiao Ting to the point that they’re almost touching.

Xiao Ting was so shocked that she didn’t pay attention. She slipped and fell down.

But she was caught by Jiu Wangye in mid-air.

He wrapped one hand around Xiao Ting’s waist and asked softly: “Why would wangfei suffer?”

As soon as Xiao Ting felt the ground, she pushed his arms away. Ready to battle, she said unconvincedly: “This consort threw away my first kiss in order to save you, okay?”

Jiu Wangye was smart and understood. Glancing at her movements, disdain appeared in the bottom of his eyes, and he immediately replied: “Isn’t it also benwang‘s first kiss?”


Xiao Ting felt like her outlook on life and the world had been refreshed.

How could Jiu Wangye say such a thing?

Jiu Wangye, that’s the person who looked like an immortal in the eyes of her friend, Zhao Hua.

Indifferent with effortless grace, and a face that hardly changed.

In Xiao Ting’s eyes, he’s also a person in a high position and someone not dyed by worldly affairs.

He’s not the type to talk about love at all.

Bah, he’s not suitable to talk about these mundane things at all.

Therefore, Xiao Ting’s mind was confused. As a result, she put away her attitude just now, oiled the soles of her feet, and skeptically slipped away.

Jiu Wangye didn’t stop her but looked at her back. His eyes were light, but upon closer inspection, one would find a hint of smile blooming.

Not far away, Chu Yun and Xiao Xin endured, but at the same time, they were looking over there.

“Xiao Shi, this prince is over.”

Xiao Xin is very serious. Everything was a new start since he followed Chu Yun. The same was true for martial arts. Although Chu Yun is very relaxed, it’s very difficult for him.

Therefore, he didn’t speak much.

“Xiao Shi, this prince just saw that your sister gave something to my father.”

Xiao Xin didn’t want to speak, but upon seeing Chu Yun so worried, he said, “Saving one life is better than building a seven-story Buddha statue. What you did is the right thing.”

“Huh? Who taught you this Buddha statue?”

“My sister said so.”

“Hmph, I don’t believe what that stinky woman said.”

“Don’t scold my sister.”

“So what if I scold her. I wouldn’t betray my father if it wasn’t for her, so I can scold her, stinky woman.”

“If you scold her again, I will ignore you.”

“Ignore, ignore. Who cares? Hmph.”

Chu Yun bent down, grabbed sand from the martial arts field, and threw it at Xiao Xin.

Xiao Xin wanted to move away, but the time spent on a horse stance was too long. His legs were stiff and he fell forward at that moment.

It’s like he threw himself into the sand.

RTBAS 056: The Wangfu Was Attacked

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