RTBAS 062: (Spoiler Title At The End)

RTBAS 061: Then Play Dead
RTBAS 064: Dispose of the Corpse

Seeing his good girl wake up with no injury on her body, Imperial Uncle Xiao said, “Your mother sent someone to tell me that you and Xin’er were kidnapped, so Dad went to Jiu Wangfu to look for you. They said that you were in the Palace, so Dad came here quickly. Dearest daughter, are you hurt?”

When Imperial Uncle Xiao spoke, Xiao Ting finally remembered what happened last night. She looked at the people around her, and said, “Huh? Why are there so many people? The Emperor is such a worrywart. Maybe he’s afraid that we’ll run away.”

“Good girl, my good girl…”

“Dad, I’m okay, don’t worry. I felt dizzy after drinking some wine yesterday, so I fell asleep here.” Xiao Ting got up and comforted her Dad, who had a few screws loose, and slowly said: “Did you see Xiao Shi?”

“Ah? No, where is he? As soon as I heard you had an accident, I ran to you.”

Everyone: “…” Sure enough, the Sixth Miss in Imperial Uncle Xiao’s family was the most precious. Even if the Sixth Girl was married, she’s still Imperial Uncle Xiao’s dearest daughter. Look, he even forgot about his son.

Xiao Ting patted his hand to comfort him, “Then let’s go back and see Xiao Shi. By the way, we need to find that bastard to settle the accounts.”

“Bastard? Which bastard dares to bully my daughter? I, your father, will beat him up for you.” Imperial Uncle Xiao viciously said.

“It’s Jiu Wangye. He sent me to the Palace and made me sleep here all night.”

“It doesn’t matter which wangye, I can’t beat them… uh, if it’s Jiu Wangye, then I should look for little sister Guifei!”

“No need, this daughter will go back and clean him up.”

“Ting’er.” Zhao Hua had also woken up. She rubbed her head and sat up, but still groggy. Xiao Ting quickly helped her and said: “Okay, it’s okay. The sun is out, so we can go back.”

“Oh, oh.”

As soon as the two got up, someone from over there announced, “The Emperor has arrived!”

“The Empress has arrived!”

“The Empress Dowager has arrived!”

“…” One after another, a series of announcements were made.

Then there’s a flurry of salutes.

Zhao Hua completely woke up, pulled Xiao Ting, and jumped off the roof.

The Empress Dowager walked behind the Emperor and asked: “I heard that those two girls were punished here. Where are they?”

Everyone was still kneeling on the ground. When they raised their heads, the two women had long since disappeared from the rooftop, and only Imperial Uncle Xiao was left there, stupidly dazed.

The servants next to him immediately replied, “Replying to the Emperor and Empress Dowager, the Princess, and Jiu Wangfei were here just now!”

Those with sharp eyes saw it and said, “Emperor, Empress Dowager, Princess, and the other one are over there.”

When everyone looked, they saw Zhao Hua and Xiao Ting climbing up a rockery while holding hands.

Anger appeared on the Empress Dowager’s face as the golden hairpins on her head shook a few times, “Emperor, this is what you said, since they knew they were wrong, they knelt here to reflect all night, is that correct?”

“Why look at bengong? Are you still dreaming?”

“Someone come, take them back.”

The Emperor looked at the Empress Dowager in a serene manner, implying that he acquiesced to it.

From the rooftop to the Imperial gardens, from the small bridge to the rockery cliffs, Xiao Ting and Princess Zhao Hua were chased and they ran here and there, even jumping up and down like monkeys.

“Ting’er, come up quickly.”

Xiao Ting yelled: “You pull, my foot is caught.” They’re on the rockery at the moment with Zhao Hua pulling her when her foot was caught by someone.

Aiya, they’re coming up.”

On the rockery, someone came after them again, so Xiao Ting hurriedly said: “Then, you let go and run.”

Zhao Hua let go and Xiao Ting was pulled down. Fortunately, she didn’t fall. Just as the man breathed a sigh of relief, he was kicked away. Xiao Ting then raised the hem of her skirt and ran.

Zhao Hua’s martial arts is good. In addition, the Palace Guards didn’t dare to really do anything to her, so they’re always punched and kicked by her. Many people fell into the lake, some were even stuck on tree branches and couldn’t move, so they were trampled by a few feet.

On the other hand, Xiao Ting was much more pitiful. Although she’s well-versed in martial arts, she’s not that skilled, so she was almost caught several times.

But Xiao Ting wouldn’t obediently be caught, even biting and cursing. She was so strange that everyone didn’t want to approach her.

When the Empress saw this, she fanned the flames, making the Empress Dowager really angry, “The opposite, this is truly the opposite. If you don’t try your best, just wait and you’ll be accomplices.”

When the chasing guards heard that, they wanted to cry without tears. You couldn’t discipline the children yourself, why take out your anger on them?

But this time, they became tougher.

Zhao Hua was quickly caught.

Xiao Ting crawled out of the dog hole under the rockery and saw Zhao Hua being arrested. She knew she was dead.

Many people rushed towards her, and Xiao Ting immediately rushed to the lake next to her and plunged straight down.

The surface of the lake was calm and clear. It’s a scenery in the Palace that was watched by the guards on normal days. The water was introduced from outside the Palace, and there are large groups of lotus leaves inside.

When Xiao Ting jumped, everyone also jumped down, but the lotus leaves were too dense that she couldn’t be found even after a while.

As time passed, the Emperor, who was watching the excitement at first, became a little anxious and glared at Zhao Hua, “Does she know how to swim?”

Zhao Hua was taken aback for a moment, then yelled loudly: “Father Emperor, save her. Ting’er doesn’t know how to swim!”

At this time, the Emperor was also impatient, not to mention that Xiao Ting is the Jiu Wangfei, a good friend of his daughter, and the niece of his beloved, so he couldn’t let her have an accident.

Since he punished Xiao Ting last night, he had to find another place to sleep. Now, the Emperor didn’t dare look back and see Xiao Guifei.

At this moment, Xiao Guifei had already waved her hand to let someone enter the water.

For a while, the lake was full of people, and everyone on the shore was whispering. Some just wanted to watch the excitement. The water in the lake roiled and there were so many people that it’s crowded. When their heads came up, it would very messy.

Xiao Ting hid under a dense canopy of lotus leaves, cautiously exposed her head, took a few breaths then hid again. The people around her kept calling out, but fortunately, there were plants. With so many people, the water became muddy and she couldn’t be seen clearly.

Hearing Zhao Hua’s call, she finally knew why. When she jumped down, her body was out of control. It turned out that the original owner didn’t know how to swim.

Fortunately, she did!

Just hide here and make them anxious to death. That old witch is too hateful. If she caught an evil spirit in the future, she must let it stay in her palace first, including the Empress, one for each person and scare them to death.

Thinking like this, a figure suddenly floated in front of Xiao Ting. She was just about to hide when she suddenly realized that it wasn’t a f***ing human being, but a corpse.


With a scream, Xiao Ting stepped back, but she forgot that she’s still under the water and holding her breath. The water immediately entered her mouth, her hands and feet became weak, and she became dizzy.

Everyone looked around but couldn’t find Xiao Ting. The Emperor ordered all the others to go down so that in the chaos, no one could see Xiao Ting.

At this moment, someone heard a shout, so the people in the water quickly swam towards it, looking for Xiao Ting.

“Ah, Ting’er, it’s Ting’er.”

Xiao Ting lost air and her body floated up, so Zhao Hua saw her.

That’s the deepest place in the center of the lake.

“Hurry up and save people.” The Emperor was also so anxious that his forehead was sweating. He even wanted to shake his guards.

As for the Empress Dowager and the Empress, they had long since lost their voice.

It’s one thing to cause trouble and be punished, but it’s another thing to lose one’s life over it.

At the moment, everyone was ordered to go and save her.

Suddenly, the water splashing in the lake became more and more chaotic, and Zhao Hua became anxious at the sight, so she jumped into the water and swam forward.

Xiao Ting’s figure disappeared in a flash as she sank to the bottom of the lake.

“Ting’er, Ting’er, you have to hold on!” Zhao Hua shouted, but no one responded.

At this moment, an astonishing figure stepped on everyone’s shoulders. It floated past them, plunged into the center of the lake, took out a person in the blink of an eye, and turned to the other side.

This figure came so suddenly and quickly with a light and agile posture that looked very elegant.

Everyone became dumbfounded before someone recognized it.

“It’s, Jiu Wangye...”

Xiao Guifei was the first to react. She pushed away the Emperor and stumbled to the other side of the lake.

“Imperial doctor, quickly call the Imperial doctor.” The Emperor also followed.

Xiao Ting was in a daze, feeling her cold body warm up which was very comfortable.

Especially since a faint scent of ink still lingered at the tip of her nose, which was different from other inks. It’s like the scent of bamboo ink.

It smelled good.

She liked it very much.

At this moment, Jiu Wangye was soaked and sitting under the willow tree by the lake. Xiao Ting was leaning on his arms and her pair of small hands tightly wrapped around his waist.

The maids were trying to pry her jade green fingers one by one, but they didn’t dare use force, so they couldn’t pull them apart after a while.

The Imperial doctors nearby were anxiously spinning around. They’d arrived a long while ago, but Jiu Wangfei didn’t let go of Jiu Wangye‘s waist. How could they diagnose the pulse?

Jiu Wangye faintly looked down at a certain national treasure that was sleeping soundly in his arms, then waved: “Retreat.”

Then he lifted Xiao Ting up and threw her over his shoulder. (T/N: I, I can’t…hahahaha.)

Everyone became dumbfounded. Is this Jiu Wangye‘s way of hugging people?

Looking at her who, even when carried like this, still didn’t let go of Jiu Wangye‘s waist, everyone thought that this was a quirk between husband and wife, so it’s not their business.

“Brother Emperor, this minister will take her back to rest first, and then go to the Palace to apologize on another day.”

Jiu Wangye stood there in his blue robe, carrying a person on his shoulders, but still calm and indifferent.

“Go!” The Emperor felt that in the future, Zhao Hua should try to minimize contact with this Jiu Wangfei.

Also, it’s best not to let her into the Palace.

The Emperor asked the Empress to accompany the Empress Dowager to go back to rest, and along the way, the Empress Dowager called out to Princess Zhao Hua, who had caused the disaster.

The Emperor ignored his daughter’s cry for help and asked Xiao Guifei to go back with him.

The most important thing was to be careful of their liver.

Just as the masters were splitting up and preparing to leave, there was another scream from the lake.

But it was from Imperial Uncle Xiao Zhan, who jumped from the center of the lake to the edge as if someone was chasing him from behind.


“Imperial Uncle-daren, what’s the matter?” Xiao Ting fell into the water just now, so Xiao Zhan naturally jumped down. However, he was unlucky that his cheap son-in-law saved her first, so he swam back slowly.

But he couldn’t find the right direction for a while and there were too many people in the confusion, so he swam to the center of the lake.

Unexpectedly, he saw a corpse lying quietly at the bottom of the lake. When he took a closer look, the corpse opened its eyes, and he was so scared that he jumped out and almost drowned.

After listening to him, the Emperor immediately ordered someone to check.

Sure enough, a female corpse was found at the bottom of the lake. The Emperor hadn’t sent anyone to check her identity when the court lady following Xiao Guifei suddenly yelled, “Tao Zhi, Noble Concubine, it’s Tao Zhi.”

Chapter 62: Dead Body In The Lake

RTBAS 061: Then Play Dead
RTBAS 064: Dispose of the Corpse

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