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My son, who left the house soon after he became able to humanize, rarely appears at his parents’ house.

Probably because of the nature of the Akinist race, they cannot stay in groups.

That’s because an Akinist would emit an aura.

Even though this aura is weaker when we’re humanized, it’s still emitting.

If there are three Akinists together, the people living around us would be intimidated, and sometimes, some would even get sick.

That’s why my son was obliged to leave the house as soon as he could humanize.

My wife and I can live in the same house because we’re a pair.

The number of Akinists, who already have difficulty giving birth, had decreased year by year until there’s only three of us.

──that’s fine with me.

Even though it’s through matchmaking, I was able to marry an Akinist.

However, my son has no Akinist who can marry him.

In other words, pure Akinists would no longer be born.

My son’s child would become a half-Akinist and mixed with other races.

The blood of a pure Akinist would die.

But still, half of my son’s children would be Akinists.

That’s why His Majesty is urging him.

I also heard that he refused to talk about matchmaking many times.

We’ve received many petition requests to persuade our son to get matched.

Since the power of an Akinist is so powerful, it’s probably the power that Marihect didn’t want to lose.

We’ve lived a long time, and Rodokiaus’ birth is miraculous with our fertility, so no more children will be born.

In other words, Rodokiaus is the only healthy young Akinist who can have children.

Therefore, even if it’s half, I’d like to think that the power of an Akinist would still be passed on to posterity.

Rumor has it that Rodokiaus had a lover, but it didn’t last long.

And now, most of the time, he wouldn’t go out with anyone and just work.

Akinists have low fertility overall, but it’s said that it’ll increase slightly due to their strong feelings towards their partner.

That’s why it’s said that even if married through matchmaking, it’s very unlikely to have children.

For the sake of the country, the last two got married and had children.

We are forced to have such an obligation and have children, which can only be described as a miracle.

──I don’t hate my wife.

However, when asked “do you love her?”, I couldn’t nod.

Now, after being with her for many years, I have some feelings but it’s more like towards a comrade.

I didn’t want my son to be like us, and although it’s a petition from His Majesty, I pretended not to see it.

Anyway, whether my son wants a child or not, I will respect his will.

I’ve been devoting myself to the country so far.

We, who are now in a decent position, will be allowed this level of selfishness.



One day, I heard a rumor about my son again.

I’ve heard rumors that he has guardianship over a child, but what surprised me was the existence of his “mate”.

That son found his mate.

I was wondering if he’d come to report his marriage soon, but there’s no sign of that.

I didn’t even hear any rumors of marriage.

The rumors might have been false.

However, I heard rumors again.

Apparently, the child he has guardianship over is his mate.

I think he intends to get married after the child can humanize.

…but isn’t it okay to just report it?

Why do we have to rely on rumors?

No one would speak casually to us Akinists, so that information came in later than anyone else.

Even though it’s about my son, I’m sure we heard it last.

Not only did he not show his face, but he’s also a son that rarely sends letters.

For my son, even us parents might be out of the scope of his interest.

Akinists don’t even look at things they aren’t interested in.

It’s the nature of an Akinist that both I and my wife have.



One day.

Suddenly, my son came home without any warning.

There are no reports or letters.

It feels like he came right away.

After a long time, my son seemed to be stronger as an Akinist and a soldier.


I stared at the child being held in his arms.

A child who seems humanized.

There was no indication of his race, and his black eyes appeared to shine.

…who is this?

“Nish tu mit you. Kou. Ryodo, togwether, wove. …fwather? Ryodo, mwother?” (Nice to meet you. I am Kou. I live together with Rodo. Are you Rodo’s father and mother?)

The awkward words were told while lisping.


When I repeated a word that’s difficult to understand, he nodded after thinking for a moment.

Was my pronunciation strange?

Apparently, this kid named Kou has round, hairless ears next to his face, and had no visible scales, wings, or tail.

Is it under his clothes?

Unfortunately, it’s a race that I’ve never seen in my long life.

And I’ve seen most races…

“I came to ask because Kou wanted to know how big an Akinist was when just born. That’s all there is to it.”

It’s not that he doesn’t laugh, but my son has a hard expression and gives a cold impression.

Has he not changed much from when he left home?

“Sure, it’s about this big.”

My wife shows the size by hand.

It was 156 years ago, so it can’t be helped if her memory fades.

“Shmall, huhー”

Hearing the information he wanted to hear, Kou smiled happily at us.

It looks like all his emotions are on his face and…I think he’s cute.

Seems like my wife was the same.

“How cute.”

With that said, she tried to stroke Kou’s head──

But her hand touched air.

Rodokiaus, holding Kou, turned his body so she couldn’t touch him.

Even though the other party is a child, he’s still a mate.

Given that, Rodokiaus’ behavior isn’t strange at all…

But it’s unthinkable from the past Rodokiaus.

He didn’t show any interest in anyone, even when he was in beast form.

I don’t even think he’s interested in us, his parents.

Even so──

Rodokiaus has a soft smile I’ve never seen before while stroking Kou’s head.

So he can show a face like this…

…I think the other person really is his mate.

“That’s all I need.”

After saying that, he turned on his heel.

It’s clear that he doesn’t even care about us.

…no, I feel like he wanted to go home early.

He didn’t even introduce us.

Does he have something to do from here?

“Ryodo, why don’t you talk? Akinicht…”

And Kou seems terribly disappointed.

…what, what?

Kou’s gaze is on us.

Did you still have something to ask?

“If you have no urgent business, why are you still here? Haven’t you heard that the Third Corps’ work is inefficient?”

Rodokiaus wanted to go home early, but Kou still wanted to stay.

That’s why I’d rather he leave, but──

Rodokiaus turned his eyes as if he was going to kill me.

Eyes with complete hostility.

When it’s a mate, is this the difference or…

But why?

I’m Rodokiaus’ parent and Kou will be my “son” in the future.

“Ryodo, busy? Return, no…not good?” (Is Rodo busy? If you don’t go back…is it no good?)

However, as soon as Kou said something like holding him back, he seemed to have given up.

That Rodokiaus is being swayed by a child, albeit a mate…

To Rodokiaus who shook his head and smiled at Kou──

“Waaa! Twank you. Ryodo, twank you!”

Kou smiled happily.

…well, if you’re so pleased, I’ll also listen to Kou’s request, even if you’re not my mate.

Kou, who looks young and has a lot of emotions, is smiling for all to see.

…but, don’t you have something to do?

Also, what was Rodokiaus hurrying for?

He took a seat because we’re going to talk.

Rodokiaus put Kou on his lap.

In the beginning, Rodokiaus talked about the time when he’s the guardian.

According to the story, Kou’s still from an unknown race.

And it’s surprising that he originally couldn’t speak the language.

Kou isn’t fluent yet, but he could speak in our language.

…did he learn all that?

Isn’t it just a little over a month since Rodokiaus picked him up?

Kou seemed to be very intelligent.

“I’m Salivatosda (saribatosuda), Rodokiaus’ father.”


He didn’t seem to catch that.

(It’s better to give a nickname.)

Even Rodokiaus was nicknamed since he couldn’t say it properly.



It’s the first time I had a nickname, but since he couldn’t speak our language yet, that’s fine with me.

“I’m the mother, Arteamia (aruteamiya). Just call me Al?”


When Rodokiaus was a child, I thought we lovingly treated him since it’s our child, but was he ever this cute?

We didn’t even try to spoil Rodokiaus since Akinists had been stronger than other races since childhood, and often went out alone.

However, in Kou’s case…for some reason, it makes me want to spoil him.

“Kou, bwig, become, magichan. Ryodo’s magichan. Ruu, good, excellent.” (When I become big and become a magician, I will be Rodo’s magician. Ruu said it’s okay.)


…did he mean magician?

It seemed like he nicknamed Rodokiaus with Rodo…

“Who is Ruu?”

“It’s Rudikda Richmoore, Trik’s representative.”

When asked, Rodokiaus supplemented.

Do they always talk like this?

However, becoming a magician can be understood from the power I felt from Kou.

That’s a lot of magical power.

It looks like he’ll become a big guy in the future.

That power meant he’d be representing the country, not the tower.

Surprisingly, he’s already learning magic.

“Are you going to be Rodokiaus’ magician? Are you not aiming to become Marihect’s magician?”

“? Ryodo, togwether.”

Is it because he’s still a child?

Or because they’re mates?

Are you unaware of the nature of your power?

Don’t you have any ambition?

“I don’t know why Kou was in that place. He suddenly got separated from his family and got there while still sleeping. …I haven’t told anyone yet, but it seems like Kou lived in a country called “Niho” located in a star called “Wearth”. I can’t imagine how he arrived at Marihect.”

Those indifferently said words surprised me.

I’ve never heard of such a star.

I’ve never even heard of such a country.

Is that why he couldn’t understand the language?

Is that why he has features I’ve never seen?

There are legends of land over the sea…but is it that?

“Kou looks like this and seems to be 18 years old. And this figure does not seem to be his original one. Kou says he’s an adult. …and he has a life expectancy of less than 100 years.”


I stood up unintentionally.

Kou turned a surprised face to me.

Perhaps he didn’t understand the conversation, so he’s tilting his head.

Rodokiaus is speaking quickly because he didn’t want Kou to hear.

Even though it’s Kou’s current situation…?

Is it because he cares about him?

“If he’s 18 and live less than 100, he won’t be able to stay with you for a long time!? What are you going to do after that?”

I know what he’ll look like after losing his mate.

He won’t feel like doing anything and would become a living corpse with no life, like someone devoid of a soul.

Some would die by themselves.

If you’ve lived for a long time, that might be fine, but Rodokiaus is still young.

Even if it was 100 years later, Rodokiaus would only be 256 years old at that time.

He can still work.

He’d only have lived less than half his life.

“…Kou said he came from another world. He also said he didn’t know when he would return to his original world. So if he’s at my side for the rest of his life, that’s all I need.”


I lost words at the current situation of my son.

It’s the same with my wife.

“Kou doesn’t want to return in front of me. He doesn’t want to see his family. He would even not show a sad face in front of me as much as possible. …I’m enduring it with his feelings for me.”

At those words, I turned my gaze to Kou, who was tilting his head on Rodokiaus’ lap.

Even though he looked so young, he cared more than an adult.

“Ryodo, whaat?”

“Work, talk.” (We’re talking about work.)

As expected, it seems this was something he didn’t want to tell Kou.

Mates might care about each other, but…can you be happy in such a state?

“…wurk.” (, huh?)

Kou directed an indescribable face at him.

He seemed unconvinced.

However, though dissatisfied, he didn’t say anything more and turned his eyes to us again.

But he began fidgeting after a while.

Showing shimmering eyes towards us.

On the contrary, Rodokiaus’ expression became harder.

It’s like he really wanted to go back.

“What’s up?”

When I called out, Kou looked up with his glittering eyes.

“Akinicht, turn?” (Can you turn into an Akinist?)

I heard unexpected words and ended up tilting my head.

Upon hearing that, Rodokiaus made a face that says, “as expected…”

That means…

“Can Kou endure an Akinist’s aura!?”

That surprised me.

I’ve never heard of such a child.

Even adults are pressured by a beastified Akinist.

“Kou’s isn’t overwhelmed by Akinists. On the contrary, he’d gladly stroke it. He’d say he “likes” it and that it’s “cute”. …but he’s mysteriously scared of His Majesty. He’s also got scared of Sig at first, but he seemed used to it now.”

I was so surprised at Rodokiaus’ words that I’m speechless.

His Majesty is from the Gatrea race.

A race with longevity and excellent governance.

Even so, scared…?

No matter how you think about it, most would be more afraid of Akinists.

…but if he likes it, I’m happy.

I took off my clothes and turned into a beast.

“Pyaaa! Akinicht!! Cuute, cuute.”

Kou put his hands on his cheeks and raised an excited voice.

“Stroke, do, good?” (Can I stroke you?)

He approached while reaching out.

I can’t say “no” when asked with such glittering eyes.


As soon as I uttered that word of permission, the little hand stroked my body.

It stroked with exquisite force. It feels so good that I purred.

“******! *****.”

Kou said something in a language I’ve never heard of.

Seeing us like this, Rodokiaus had an amazing stare.

Looks like he didn’t want it to end up like this.

However, being unafraid of Akinists is valuable.

When I licked his cheek, Kou laughed happily.

…Rodokiaus immediately separated him from me.

Even though they’re mates, how narrow-minded.


─?(Rodo’s Father)side end─

ACDWL 020: Apprentice Magician
ACDWL 022: Shocking Facts

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