ACDWL 026: Sickly Sweet Rather Than Just Sweet

ACDWL 025: Unexpected Situation
ACDWL 027: A Cute Existence

Rodo probably didn’t understand.

I can see that by the way he looked.

Even without knowing anything, he still says he won’t get angry with me.

Or that he wouldn’t dislike me.

However, I’m saved by such a Rodo.

Rodo removed my anxiety and guilt.

I don’t hate spending time with Rodo.

Aside from getting married and having children, I don’t hate being embraced.

However, that doesn’t mean I have no desire to go home.

I will never lose that feeling.

It’s been over a month already, and I feel that my chances of returning are getting lower and lower.

Even so, I want to go home.

──no matter how much I love Rodo and even accept bearing his children.

Even as I grow older and on the verge of death.

I apologized for that, but Rodo probably didn’t understand.

He can’t control my will, and can’t help but say, “don’t go”.


I belong to a family of four with a father, a mother, and a younger brother.

My younger brother looks like my father and very manly, unlike me, who looked like my mother.

I’ve always wanted to be like him.

But that might be because I knew it’s impossible.

If they knew I like men, those three would distance themselves from me.

My parents now only have my younger brother, who’s five years younger than me, amid his rebellious period.

However, he used to hug me in the past.

Now my parents scold him more than me, his older brother.


The tears stopped, but I was still in Rodo’s arms.

Rodo, who’s stroking my head, should have skipped work, and he would have to go back if that was true.

I’ll have to go back on my own.

However, it’s hard to leave…

After all, Rodo is the only person I trust other than my family.

…no, even in my family, my younger brother would be the only one who’d miss me.

It wasn’t so after going into his rebellious period.


“Kou, all right. Like. *****.”


Rodo sweetly whispered while tapping my back.

I often hear the last word he said recently.

It’s a word I don’t understand yet, but I think it’s a word that conveys goodwill.

When I think of my family, I feel like I can go home.

However, even though I don’t understand why I look this, I have no reason to want to get away from Rodo, who kept saying he likes me…

I thought I would hide my homosexuality for the rest of my life.

If my family and surroundings caught wind of this, I’ll be isolated and suffer loneliness…


But Rodo is different.

Even if I say I like him as my guardian, he’d still happily smile.

Rodo acts a lot like my guardian, but if I return to my original form, it might change something.

I can’t even hear sexual desire from Rodo, probably because of this appearance.

If I realize that I’m being looked at sexually, maybe I’ll naturally see Rodo as a romantic partner.

I know Rodo is not looking at me “like a woman”, so I can honestly accept his feelings.


“Kou, Rodo, beastification.”

I think he’s trying to cheer me up.

Certainly, I’m happy to be with the Akinist Rodo, and the time I’m stroking him is blissful.

I think I can spend as much time as I like.



“No. Now, work, no good.” (No. Not working right now is no good.)

I don’t know the words for “like this”, so I said something with a similar meaning. (T/N: Kou meant to say, “it’s no good like this” which is referring to their situation.)

Even though I’m with you every day, I’m aware that you spoil me quite a lot for someone you’ve only been with a little over a month.

Rather than being pampered, it feels more like “because it’s Rodo”.

“Rodo, hug.”

Once you become an Akinist, you can’t pick me up.

…that’s only natural.

He can’t lift me because he’d have beast paws with extended claws.

It didn’t seem like he could retract it like a cat.

And although he has paws, there’s no squishy feeling on it.

“Kou. …okay. Hug.”

I heard his happy voice.

It might be that for Rodo, being pampered by me would make him spoil me more.


As I said, Rodo spoils me.

He’d always pick me up and rub my back.

──without saying anything, forever.


Being so spoiled, how long has it been?

Was it because I was patted on the back regularly that I fell asleep after that?

It’s not sweet time with me anymore, so you can let me go, however…

I can’t move because he firmly held me in his arms.

Even though I stopped crying, I told him to lift me, so it’s hard to say that I want to go down now.

Even if it’s not that, saying that would be selfish.

But I don’t want to run away from Rodo’s arms.

Whether I’m harassing him or not, I don’t mind getting on Ren’s belly and making fun of him, but when he tries to hug me, I’ll resist.

I know I can move with magic, so I have a way to escape and from now on, I can escape before I could even resist.

That’s why I wondered if I could marry Rodo if I couldn’t go home.



“What? Kou.”

When I called out, I immediately got a reply.

“Stomach, hungry.”

I think dinner time has already passed.

Rodo always eats so much compared to me, but isn’t he hungry?

…as expected, is he enduring it?

“Eat, go.”

When I nodded, he stood up with me in his arms.

Why is he always swayed by me? He’s allowed to get angry, but Rodo is in a good mood.

He smiled gently and stroked my head.

Rodo would only smile likes this to me.

But he’s sweet to me even before he said I’m his “mate”.

That doesn’t mean Rodo wouldn’t smile at others, but he wouldn’t look so sweet.

It seems that not only children but also adults are often scared by him. Is that why they’re always at a distance?


We arrived at the cafeteria while I was being held up.

It’s later than usual, but Ren was there too.

It seems that he was drinking alcohol since I could smell it from the approaching Ren.


And this stupid rabbit even deliberately exhaled his stinky breath in front of my face.


And with that, I quarantined him.

I took the vines from the cafeteria wall as they are and pulled him with it. As soon as his back was attached to the wall, his limbs, neck, and waist are fixed with vines.

You won’t be able to get away from the wall with this.

I need an image to activate my magic.

So if I imagine Ren being restrained and stuck to the wall, that would be the case.

If Ruu and the others do this, I somehow feel like they’d prepare various things first.

They’d also say something.

I think it’s the so-called chanting that I’ve seen in games.


“Kou, amazing.”



I just imagined it.

It seems like other people can’t imitate my way of doing magic.

I want to say you just have to “imagine” it, so why can’t they…

“Kou! ****!”

Ren’s loud voice echoed.

I don’t know what he said, but he probably said something like “release me”.

(I haven’t learned the word for “breath” yet.)

How should I tell him?

“Stinky, haa, no.” (Your breath stinks, don’t breathe in my face.)

He should understand it if I exhaled.

Ren nodded while frowning.

So I released the restraints.


Most people here have longevity and loves to drink.

It seems the same in every world as many people are drinking alcohol when they came to the cafeteria late at night like today.

I’m a minor and have never drunk alcohol.

Rodo also doesn’t drink, probably because he’s with me.

Seeing alcohol being passed around, it’s not like I can’t drink at all.

I don’t dislike alcohol itself, but I don’t like the breath of a person who drank it.

Because I squeezed my nose and made an unpleasant face, Rodo might just not drink anymore.

Will it change if I also drink?

…but I’m not going to drink for now.


“Kou, Captain*****? *******.”

Maybe because he’s drunk, he didn’t talk slowly like usual.

I know that Captain is Rodo, but…what did he want to say?



Rodo grabbed his arm with an angry look.

…he looked determined, is it because of me?

Ren screamed painfully.

What on earth did he say?

Is Rodo getting angry?

…he had never been angry, so I don’t know what to do to calm him down.

Author’s Note:

PV exceeded 1 million!

Thank you very much! (^^)/

ACDWL 025: Unexpected Situation
ACDWL 027: A Cute Existence

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