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─Rodo’s side─


From the time I can remember, I knew what an “Akinist” was like from the people around me.

Everyone is afraid of me who is yet to humanize.

Even those who came to see my parents are afraid of us Akinists.

“Congratulations on the birth of the long-awaited child.”

“This has increased the number of Akinists.”

They’d smile even though they’re scared.

(If you’re so scared, you shouldn’t have come…)

Every time there’s a visitor, I thought so.

Cause they’d just have a cramped smile.

Apart from that, we had no other encounters. When I go outside and they saw me passing by, they’d even hurriedly jump away…

My interest in others was declining.

Originally, I wasn’t that interested in other people, but I became completely disinterested shortly before I humanized.

──even with my parents.

When I grew up to a certain extent, I was making money because I was subduing monsters, and I didn’t have to rely on my parents.

When I subdued monsters before I humanized, my father was quite angry, but when I said that I’m going to become a soldier when I humanized, I don’t understand why he’s still angry.

I was told that a child like me didn’t have to subdue monsters, but for me, who had decided to work as a soldier in a few years, it’s like practice.

During the day, I’m less likely to stay at home and talk to my annoying parents.

I will never meet my annoying parents once I humanized.

That’s what I thought.



I humanized and left home.

To celebrate my humanization, my parents gave me a house, but…I couldn’t do any housework, so I made arrangements to live in the barracks.

Only when I get promoted will I be able to leave the barracks.

It’s said that we’re only allowed to leave the barracks if I become a deputy captain or above.

I humanized myself at 17 years old.

It’s also the same year I became a soldier.

I was hoping for the Third Corps, but I was advised to join the First Corps, which I ignored.

In the end, I enlisted in the Third Corps.

It’s said to be the busiest corps.

Because I was riding my parents’ stuff and since I didn’t have that chance anymore, I immediately went to buy a Sekisva.

Since my parents’ Sekisva is already an old horse, I decided to buy a new one.

However, I heard that it’s difficult to find a Sekisva that wasn’t affected by an Akinist, and when I approached, they were terrified and tried to escape.

Even when I tried to ask if there are other Sekisvas, the shop owner also ran away.

(Do I have to do this again…)

Just when I was thinking of going to a horse dealer in a different town, I felt something pull my clothes.

I’ve never seen anyone do that to me.

A little surprised, I turned around and──

There was a Doniclon with dazzling silver hair.

It’s considerably larger, more powerful, and has higher endurance than Sekisvas.

I heard that it’s a race that chose its master because of its high intelligence.


I’ve only seen the Doniclon race a few times.

Because it’s a race that decides on its master, it wouldn’t listen to what I say even if I try to buy it.

I only had the impression of it rampaging at the horse sales floor…

Apparently, this Doniclon recognized me as its Lord.

It’d be more beneficial to buy this Doniclon rather than a Sekisva that’s terrified of me.

Doniclon, once they recognized a Lord, would pledge their alliance only to that person throughout their lives.

Although their number is small, Doniclons aren’t that expensive, probably because there’s little demand.

It was a good purchase.

When I took the Doniclon, whom I named “Sig”, to the barracks, I told him, “I’m an Akinist.”

It’s said that an Akinist’s aura is “intimidating” and awe-inspiring.

I have good physical abilities and when I participate in the training of the Third Corps, no one could follow me.

Even in a sword battle, if I just become a little serious, I’ll win.

Then I was told to become the Captain.

…it’s only been a few months.

Even when I said I wasn’t interested and that I can’t get close to others, I was told that it’s okay.

What’s required from the Captain of the Third Corps is a “strong force” and the “power to survive”.

But even with that said, I’m a just humanized kid.

No one came near just because I’m an “Akinist”.

In terms of age, I’m the youngest.



Like the former Captain told me, I soon became the Third Corps Captain.

The former Captain became my Deputy Captain, saying that he would assist me.

Even when I became the Captain, there’s no dissatisfaction, probably because I’m an Akinist.

However, I’m not interested in others, so I can’t care for the members.

All the follow-up was left to the Deputy Captain.

With the Deputy Captain in between, I was able to talk more with the members.

However, I left the barracks as soon as I became the Captain.

They couldn’t stand my Akinist aura and the members would often move from room to room.

Seems like they can’t get used to an Akinist’s aura.

Even the former Captain who’s now the Deputy Captain.

As for me, it should have decreased substantially once I humanized…but it’s incomplete.

It’s impossible to completely suppress it.

Since my parents can’t do it, there’s no way the just humanized me can do it.

…it’s highly possible that the reason I’m not interested in others was that I don’t want to affect them.

I don’t even know how to keep it down.

I’ve only heard my parents say that humanization can suppress it.

There’s no other Akinist, so I can’t ask someone else.


Since I became the Captain of the Third Corps, the members have changed many times, but I basically do the same thing.

Just go out before anyone else and subdue the monsters.

If there’s a support mission, only a small number is needed to complete the mission.

When His Majesty visited another country, I’d sometimes escort him.

There are no Akinists in other countries, so they’re either surprised or afraid upon seeing me…

It’s around that time that I became known as “Marihect’s treasure”.

Wanting my power, the other countries waged war on Marihect.

But it doesn’t matter to me where I live.

My parents just happened to live in Marihect so I joined the Third Corps there.

His Majesty seemed to understand my nature and raised my salary.

He even tried to give me a fine sword or a first-class cook only for the Third Corps barracks…


However, I have already bought the sword that suits me, and I’m not interested in food. For me who felt that it’s okay as long as it doesn’t taste bad, I don’t really need those.

Years and decades later, I have no object of interest.


Akinists are said to be adults at 100 years old.

…no, was it 120 years old?

Many races grow into adulthood when they’re over 100 years old, and upon reaching that age, they’d start looking for a marriage partner.

But I remained uninterested in others.

Those who approached me is only because I’m of a rare race called an Akinist.

I can see that they’re really scared.

And they just want the title “Akinist’s lover”.

There’s no reason to like such a partner.

As expected, it didn’t last long and we’d soon break up.

This repeated several times until I got tired and stopped having a lover.

I can’t be kind to the other person like a lover and I wasn’t really that interested, so I left after a few days.

I couldn’t even imagine getting married and since everyone was scared, I gave up on marriage early on.

No one is unafraid of Akinists.

My father said that I can’t get married without a mate, but even if I found one, there’s no certainty that they wouldn’t be afraid.

Even if they’re attracted, I can’t say for sure that they’d lose their fear.

Even so, His Majesty sent me a command to leave the blood of the Akinist, even if it’s half.

…of course, I threw that away.

I’m not going to have a child with an unwanted partner for the sake of the country.


I’ve been thinking that way for a long time, but──…


─Rodo’s side end─

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