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─Rodo’s side─


When we went to the castle, His Majesty also had a surprised expression.

Ko said he had something to talk about aside from the report, but what was it?

Didn’t they already talk when he brought the King to Aricalen?

I can’t even imagine talking again.

“Your Majesty, I have a request.”

“What is it? Tell me.”

(A request?)

Did the talk involve begging for something?

But…why to His Majesty?

Even I couldn’t get a request.

But Ko’s words were astonishing to everyone.


“Please show me the mechanism of a subordinate collar and the built-in magic.”

“Subordinate collar!?”

It was the Chancellor who raised his voice.

“Do you still want more power?”

Around me were faces that seemed to agree with the Chancellor’s words.

At this point, Ko is not an Akinist, the strongest tribe.

But I could imagine that it’d be easy for him to attack me with magic because he could use movement magic on me.

No other magician could do that.

In other words, Ko’s the most powerful on the continent and could even seize all the power he wanted.

So in terms of power, no one can go against Ko.

That’s why there’s such a reaction.

“What do you want with more power?” or something like that.


“I learned that there’s a [subordinate collar] in Aricalen. The current thing doesn’t work for Akinists. …but it might not be the same in the future. Even if it’s ineffective against Akinists, a semi-Akinist might be affected. I’d hate it if I can’t unlock it.”

Many people tilted their heads at Ko’s words.

There are no semi-Akinists in Marihect.

Is he planning on going to another country?

Rather, even for semi-Akinists, can they be subordinated with a subordinate collar?

You’re worried about the possibility that I might be affected in the future…?

…for what?

Ko soon realized that we didn’t understand.

“If I give birth to Rodokiaus’ child, that child will be a [half-Akinist].”

To those words, I──was shocked.

“Ko!? Isn’t it scary to have a child with me? I’m not going to force Ko.”

Akinist child-making can’t be done as a humanized figure.

The reason was not clear, but I have heard that fertility was weaker compared to doing it in our beast forms.

In other words, you have to have sexual intercourse in the form of an Akinist.

If the other party was also an Akinist, it’d be better to do it in their beast forms…but Ko’s beast form is younger than he is right now.

It’d be even more unacceptable.

I’m told I must have children, but I’m not going to force Ko.

As long as I have Ko, that’s fine.

The people around me looked like they’re blaming me, but so what!

If Ko’s scared, then we don’t have to.

I decided that before we got married.


“Yes. I’m scared and can’t do it now. …but I’ll probably want Rodo’s child in the future. …the conception rate between different races is low, so I might not be able to give it even if you want it.”

Originally, the fertility of Akinists is low.

This was probably because they have no interest in others.

Even a mate was originally someone else.

Seems like fertility was said to be low so if the other party is not a mate, sexual intercourse would be inconsistent.

…I have never been concerned about the frequency of sexual intercourse between my parents though.

Seems like I heard someone say that they’re more like comrades rather than partners…?

…but isn’t that unrelated to us?


How lovable that he wanted my child!

Since it’s what Ko said, there’s probably no calculation involved.

If he gave birth to a child who inherited the blood of an Akinist, he’d receive considerable preferential treatment in the future.

However, Ko did not say that he’d have a child for that reason.

“I want a child of me and Ko”, that’s all.

Ko wasn’t interested in status or honor, so I couldn’t help but be happy knowing that he really wanted a child.

To be honest, I don’t think I need a kid if I have Ko, but if Ko wanted it, it’s not a big deal.

…he said it was scary, so it’s still a long way off though.


“I see. Is Ko going to give birth to Captain Rodokiaus’ child? I’m happy.”

“I have to think of a name.”

His Majesty and the Chancellor started being rowdy.

Seems like His Majesty gave my name.

If you leave it to an Akinist, probably since they’re not interested, they might only give one letter.

I heard that “Rodokiaus” was the name of an Akinist who used to exist long ago.

He seemed to be one of the strongest Akinists on the battlefield.

Even my parents’ names seemed to have various meanings but I forgot since I wasn’t interested.

The name doesn’t matter.


“…I’m sorry to say this when you’re so happy, but I have no intention of giving birth for Marihect. As a [half-Akinist], they have no [Akinist duty] like Rodokiaus. …isn’t that right?”



Although a question, it’s the same as an affirmation.

Even though he’s smiling, the atmosphere was scary.

Why does Ko smile when he gets angry?

When I was young, I’m usually angry.

…these days, I still get angry sometimes.

But when I do, I’d have the corresponding expression.


“…is there a subordinate collar in Marihect?”

He didn’t seem to want to say anything extra, so he brought the topic back.

“N-no. I’ll bring you the materials, so please wait for a while.”

Even His Majesty was under pressure from Ko.

“Thank you very much.”

Ko now had his usual smile.

Since his attitude and facial expression towards His Majesty became softer, he might have made some compromise in this matter.

Sometimes, he seemed like two people.

…I wonder what happened.

Let’s ask after returning.



After waiting for a while, the document was handed over…by His Majesty.

──I think it was another person who searched for the documents.

“Is there a way to unlock it?”

“…it says here that it can only be removed by the Master who put the collar. The subordinate collar uses the magical power and blood of the Master as a medium to make the other person obey.”

“Can other people unlock it? What happens if the Master dies?”

“If the Master dies, the collar will not come off just because there are no more dependents. It’s not possible to forcibly remove it because there’s a regulation. …Marihect currently strictly forbids the use of subordinate collars.”

“…I see.”

I could only listen to the conversation between them.

“Is there a real thing?”

“It’s kept in a safe, but it takes a long time to take it out.”

“Is that so. …thank you very much.”

Seems like the talk was over.


I picked up Ko who’s still looking at the documents.

Ko raised his face, probably knowing that we’re going home.

“King, goodbye. See you again.”

Is it because there’s no one here other than us?

Ko familiarly called out to His Majesty like before.


I glared at His Majesty who looked happy.

Did he promise not to use honorifics only if there were no ministers around him?

I don’t like them getting close to each other without my knowledge.

He even started talking with the members of the Third Corps whom he stopped talking to before.

Is there a change in Ko’s mind?

I felt like he also became closer to the Sarez Representative compared to before…

I know I can’t monopolize him, but…I don’t have to like it.

──I’m aware that I’m narrow-minded.


─Rodo’s side end─

ACDWL 107: Everything Is Over
ACDWL 109: Being Spoiled Comes First ※

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