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Having staring contests with the documents every day…how many days have passed?

Just looking up the jargon took a lot of time.

In a word, the subordinate collar seemed to have been made by gaining knowledge from various fields, that’s why I ended up studying the technical terms in various fields.

I thought it would be easy because it’s something that can force people to obey, but…it seemed to be a more complicated item than I imagined.

In this world where there are many rough people, it’s surprising that a person who invented such a thing appeared.

[To prevent rebellion.]

[To control criminals.]

The reason for using the collar was written in the documents.

The subordinate collars in Marihect seemed mostly used in the castle, not for slaves.

The reason why people working in the castle wore it was to prevent rebellion.

It seemed to be set up so that you couldn’t tell a lie, and the main purpose was for the person to not use poison or take out confidential documents.

The rest is for criminal confessions.

After all, some would keep silent while some criminals would tell lies.

A subordinate collar doesn’t seem to force complete obedience, and only one condition could be set.

The only condition set for the collar in Marihect was [Tell the truth].

…but considering that, is Aricalen’s collar different?

Did they misunderstand the subordinate collar, or was there something that would bring absolute obedience…

I won’t know that though.

It seems that no country imports or exports subordinate collars, but there was no description of who made it or which country made it in the first place.

They don’t even know where it appeared.

But the people here are optimistic, wild, and simple-minded, not someone who would advocate the need for a subordinate collar.

…am I overthinking when I thought there’s another otherworlder like me?

Somehow, only those who have a different way of thinking would think of a subordinate collar.

And since there’s an existence that’s incongruent with this world, I wonder if it’s from an otherworlder.

In this world where people would easily get rid of criminals, I don’t think they’d come up with the idea of making a subordinate collar.

Besides, I can’t deny the possibility that there’s someone from another world since I’m also here.

…but I don’t know why I was called to this world, so I wonder if I have a role to play?

Is it giving birth to an extinct race, the Akinist?

Or healing a person who lost their limbs?

Will something big happen in the future?

I don’t think I did much since I came here.


“Ko. Let’s eat.”

I only noticed the time when I was called.

Recently, it’s been like this every day.

My job as a healer is to go when called.

If they called out to someone in the Third Corps, they would contact me.

That’s why I mostly stay home every day.

When it’s time to eat, Rodo will pick me up and we’ll eat with my parents-in-law.

Then I’d be sent home again and I’d start staring at the documents again.

Rinse and repeat.

Perhaps I’ve been facing documents and jargon books all the time so that’s all I have in my head.

If Rodo hadn’t come to call me, I might have even skipped a meal.

In the first place, I wasn’t that smart and I didn’t like studying.

I’m also bad at remembering things.

When I was in Japan, so many people were better than me.

For me, who always got only average scores, studying was a pain.

…but this has something to do with me, so I can’t get rid of it.

As long as it affects Rodo or my child with Rodo who might be born in the future, I will do all I can.

If it can be avoided, I can devote myself to studying something I’m not good at.


But to keep staring at the documents at night won’t do since there’s someone behind me.

Like a child who’d pout if I didn’t care, I laughed unintentionally.


(It will take more time…)

It’s more correct to say “for years and months”.

Can’t I get the documents from other countries?

Aricalen’s can be obtained with a little threat, but… I don’t want to do anything that isn’t very humane.

…should I choose the last resort?

If I really need it, I can just ask.

Some exchange conditions might be issued, but it’s okay to work for free as a healer for a limited time.

I’ll just ignore it if I’m being forced to stay or move countries.

This is my selfishness, so I’m not going to involve Rodo.

However, when it comes to emigration, Rodo would surely follow.

It’s not my problem alone anymore.

For Rodo, who had a stance of “I don’t care because I can’t be subordinated even if I wear a subordinate collar“, he didn’t understand my rushed behavior.

If there’s something in the present that can affect an Akinist, then he’ll understand.

…but this is about the “future”.

Why is no one looking out for future possibilities?


After eating, I went home again.

I feel like I haven’t walked on my feet lately…or is it just in my mind…?

At home, I’m always in front of the documents, and even if I’m called for a meal, I’m being held up by Rodo while on the move, and it’s up to Rodo to carry me to the bath or bedroom.


I’m becoming a hopeless case.

I haven’t cooked since I got the documents and I haven’t gone shopping.

…let’s take a rest tomorrow and walk a little.

It’s okay to run at the training center in the barracks, but I’d just get in everyone’s way.

And when I go, my parents-in-law would also go.

And as expected, when three Akinists gather, various problems occur.

The others would be intimidated by the Akinists’ aura and couldn’t train as usual.

Therefore, I often just look for a short time.

…I haven’t been to the training center lately.


“I’m going to the market tomorrow. I want to cook for the first time in a long while.”

I said while soaking in the tub with Rodo.

“Is the research going well?”

“Just having a little break. Looks like it will take more time.”

“Alright. Don’t overdo it, okay?”

“Yeah. I know.”

My head was stroked while being hugged from behind.

I’m always in this position when we’re soaking.

Sometimes, he’d get naughty and suck somewhere but I’m angry because the other party is Rodo.

It’s been over a year since we got married and I’m glad that his passion for me hasn’t diminished yet.


“Let’s get up soon.”


Immediately after replying, he put his hands to my armpits and lifted me.

Then he got me out of the bath like that and gently wiped me.

──I’m completely exhausted.

(By the way…wiping my body after taking a bath…when was the last time I did that?)

I now realized that I haven’t even done what I would normally do.

…seems like “hopeless cases” doesn’t look cute.

My pajamas were also worn through Rodo’s hands.


“I’ll wipe Rodo’s body.”

With a towel in hand, I wiped Rodo’s body.

Rodo stayed wet while he wiped my body and dressed me up.

I think he’ll catch a cold but it seems like Akinists won’t catch a cold unless they’re weakened just before the end of their lifespan.

That’s why he’s so careless.

Rodo, who says he’s happy to do something for me, has a loose smile on his face right now.

A brown, muscular body that’s different from mine.

His body is so thick that I’m fascinated by the arms that can lift me with just one arm, the strong legs, and the clearly defined abdominal muscles.

Water flowed along the dents of his muscles.

(I want to lick it…)

Suddenly, with the desire that went astray, I crawled my tongue over the bumpy abdominal muscles.


When I looked up at his surprised voice, I saw Rodo intensely staring at me.

But the next moment, Rodo had a bewitchingly smiling face.

I like this expression the most.

ACDWL 109: Being Spoiled Comes First ※
ACDWL 111: Return to everyday life...?

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