ACDWL 121: Peaceful Days

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Eldred spoke for the first time when he was over one year old.


That was the first thing he said.

In this world, parents aren’t called “mama” or “papa”.

The one who gave birth is called “mother” and the other is called “father”. (T/N: Sorry guys, mama and papa are off. I thought they were cute though.)

That’s why I’m called mother.

Since then, El’s growth has been remarkable, and by the time he was two years old, he began to help with the household chores.

When I’m cleaning, he’ll move the chair away or carry a laundry basket.

…there were times when he knocked down the chairs and also dropped the laundry, but…he looked happy helping me, so I didn’t get angry.

Urgh…I can’t get angry at El.

El is a really good boy and didn’t do many bad things.

For me, El is a boy so he could be more lively.

He doesn’t need to help me, so I wish he could play more, but El helps me every day.

Apparently, Rodo also told him to protect me…

How would you feel being protected by your two year old child who could only speak one word?

Even if I say I don’t need him to protect me, I can’t say anything when I’m told, “fatha, promish”.

He’s sometimes scared but I’m glad he likes Rodo.

He’s more enthusiastic since he was asked by Rodo.

Just what did Rodo say?

…for El to be so happy at being given a role.


And then──


I woke up in the morning and noticed something wrong.

(My body felt tired.)

I was tired last night but not this tired.


When I examined my body…


(…sure enough.)

This time, I also examined my stomach.

──I’m pregnant.

El is only two and a half years old.

It’s rare in this world to get pregnant so quickly.

“Ko? What’s wrong?”

Rodo, who got up earlier and changed his clothes, came back to bed.

“It looks like I’m pregnant.”

When I replied so, he had a stern look for a moment then suddenly changed complexion.

“Do you feel sick? What do you need?”

He hugged me in a hurry and asked me about various things.

“Hmm…this time it seems like I’m just tired.”

There’s no discomfort like when I became pregnant with El.

Even though I’m in Rodo’s arms, I didn’t feel like running away.

As usual, I’m in a place where I can be relaxed.

…is this child someone who doesn’t care much about its surroundings?

Can it not feel an Akinist aura like me?


“I have to wake up El…”

“Let’s have my parents buy breakfast.”


I’m too lazy to make breakfast.

I also don’t want to bother the others around me again.

But this time, I’m not that worried and nervous, maybe Rodo can even go to work?

“Eldred will also wake up either way.”

“No, I promise to wake him up every day as much as possible.”

As expected, I wanted to at least keep my promise to my child as much as possible.

Until now, when I got a sudden job, there were times I couldn’t wake him up.

Sometimes, I couldn’t get up because I was flirting with Rodo at night.

But still, I want to prioritize the children.

Although most children in this world are self-reliant so it’s easy for them to get rid of their parents.


This time, I just felt tired so if Rodo takes me, I can wake up El.

Compared to before, it’s much better to be just tired.

…if Rodo carried me like this, would El be surprised?

Isn’t this the first time Rodo came with me to wake up El?

But El seems a little intimidated by Rodo, but he also seems to like him quite a bit as a father.

Sometimes, he looks at Rodo as if he wanted to be spoiled.

…and sometimes, he’s very cautious.

He’s not so wary of my two parents-in-law though.

As expected, is this the difference in their Akinist aura?


“El, it’s morning. Good morning.”

“Uu…motha, mornin. …uh, fatha!?”

When we entered the room and woke him up, El, who was still sleepy and rubbing his eyes, noticed Rodo and jumped up.

“Come on, El. Say good morning to dad?”

“…fatha, gud mornin.”

“…good morning.”


No no, smile a bit more…just a bit more.

Why is he so expressionless every time?

And why does El not greet Rodo without me urging him?

I feel like he’s scared to talk to Rodo.

It’s not like Rodo will get angry when he talks to him.


…well, should I tell him the news now?

“El, mom can’t cook because I’m too tired today. Grandfather and Grandmother will come so let’s eat together, okay?”

“…motha, fich it, right?” (T/N: I thought I’m over the lisping, didn’t know I’ll have to do this again with Kou’s kid.)


There’s not enough explanation.

He almost cried and his eyes were swimming.

“This isn’t a disease so it can’t be cured by healing.”


(Ah ah ah…)

He cried!

I just delayed the announcement a little to surprise him.


“El, you don’t have to cry, okay? There’s a child in mom’s stomach. …El will have a sibling, you know?”


“Yes. A baby will be born soon. El can have a younger brother or sister.”

“…El, bwig bwotha?”

“Yeah. El will be a big brother.”

He seemed to finally understand that I’m pregnant and stopped crying.

But how vulnerable does he think I am?

For him to always worry so.

Just saying “I’m a little tired” makes him hurry to bring me a chair.

…but I’m glad that he grew up to be a kind child.

“When the baby is born, you’ll play together, right?”


That’s a good reply.

I hope it’s not a human baby.

…I have a feeling that Rodo will go crazy again compared to El.


“I have to report to His Majesty again.”

“Just one will go. Ko, don’t overdo it, rest your body.”


They’re originally overprotective but I feel like they’ve become even more overprotective.

As expected, will they go crazy like last time?

“I’m just tired this time, okay? It’s definitely better than last time and the housework is…impossible right now, but there might be a day when I can do it.”

“Ko…you don’t have to overdo it.”

Their eyebrows rose anxiously.

Just for me, they’ve become so expressive.

“It’s not impossible. I like doing housework. I like to see Rodo deliciously eat the food I made like it’s the best food, you know?”

When he eats in the cafeteria or when he eats outside, he eats with no expression, but when he eats the food I cook, I like seeing his happy face.

“…I also like to eat the food that Ko makes. The only food that seems delicious is the food that Ko cooked.”

Rodo says that the dishes other than mine are only for satisfying hunger, not for tasting.

The food I cooked wasn’t that elaborate and the food cooked by the chef was actually better.

So I think my food is only delicious on a spiritual level.

──I think it’s because we’re mates.

Because, even when I make a few mistakes, he’d still say “delicious” and finish the meal.

“Fufu…when I see Rodo eating so deliciously, I think it’s good that I made it. That’s why cooking isn’t that tiring.”

I learned it since I would need it in the future but I never thought that I could make it for my beloved.

What’s more, he’d always say “delicious”…

Now El also says it’s delicious.

──how happy I am.

I feel bad for my family in Japan but I wouldn’t be so happy without coming to this world.

I’m grateful to them, but it’s not much.


“Rodo, El, I like you. I love you. Of course, father-in-law and mother-in-law too.”

Did my voice reach the two who aren’t in the room right now?

…did they already tell the market or the royal castle?

But it’s unquestionably true that I love the family that I have in this world.

I like everyone in it.

“For me, the most important thing is my family.”

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